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  2. This man has saved over 30,000 dogs: Texas, difference
  3. Anatolian Shepherd vs German Shepherd: rottweilers, shepherds, aggressive, train - Dogs
  4. Dog worth $10k was stolen and then found: costs, African, home - Dogs
  5. Jimmy Choo: keep - Dogs
  6. I think Obie is my dog... =): surgery, rescue, best, home - Dogs
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  8. Does know what this spot is on my dog?: bite, vet - Dogs
  9. Finding your dog dead at home: how much, terrier, poop, vet - Dogs
  10. Min-schnauzer with itching/bumps...: allergic, schnauzers, bite, vet - Dogs
  11. Boarding Home For Dogs: skin, infections, kennels, best
  12. Are you unintentionally breaking your dog's heart?: clean, surgery, walk - Dogs
  13. My Labrador is CONTINOUSLY jerking her head and upper body: vet, shaking - Dogs
  14. Found Dog! Chelwood Park BLVD NE and Constitution Area: chihuahua, vet, rescues - Dogs
  15. Planning for Success with Your Dog Training- Susan Garrett: border collie, collies, control - Dogs
  16. Cutting The Grass Makes It Rain: poop, training, puppy, spray - Dogs
  17. Commonalities in diagnosing and treating trauma in dogs and children: problems, leash
  18. Ginny- the dog who rescued cats: shelters, year - Dogs
  19. Dog and Job - Not sure what to do: clean, cleaning, training - Dogs
  20. Leg Prosthetic For My Dog: vet, surgery, pup, best - Dogs
  21. Dog chewing pad of foot and its bleeding: clean, vet, wound - Dogs
  22. Are canine DNA tests accurate?: shepherd, schnauzer, spaniel, breeder - Dogs
  23. Toy Breeds - inactive?: yorkie, clean, vet, breeder - Dogs
  24. Mushroom: shaking, diarrhea, symptoms, grass - Dogs
  25. New family member coming: rottweiler, vet, rescue, adopt - Dogs
  26. Poor Greyhounds in Australia: labrador, breeders, train, rescue - Dogs
  27. Legal rights of dogs: testing, free, New York, year
  28. When it's time...What they would say: vets, cats, animals - Dogs
  29. Engagement portrait photobombed by sillly dog - Dogs
  30. there was a lady at the animal shelter yesterday: rescued, adopted, ears - Dogs
  31. Mal-Shi baby puppy know about this breed?: shih tzu, spaniel, breeding - Dogs
  32. Warning! Dog Treats RECALL!: bites, clean, cleaning, skin - Dogs
  33. Old Dog, tuck him up: border collie, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  34. News Video,'Hugging Dogs' Saved From Euthanasia by Viral Photo Adopted by Best Friends in Georgia: boxer, rescue
  35. Flirt toy to exercise your dog in a small space: best, outside - Dogs
  36. Lymphoma Treatment with other health issues..: vet, pup, canine, ears - Dogs
  37. End of life care and the decision to euthanize: border collie, vet, skin - Dogs
  38. Nasal Tumor in Yorkie: how much, clean, vet, surgery - Dogs
  39. Need a wonderful gift idea for a dog lover?: year - Dogs
  40. Tillman the skateboarding and surfing bulldog died this week - Dogs
  41. Dog Kisses and Smell: terrier, yorkies, clean, vet - Dogs
  42. Shots for dogs that around other dogs: bite, vet, aggressive
  43. Living with an old dog: Washington, months - Dogs
  44. Dog Shelter Provides Day Time Dog Companions: Hawaii, animal, travel - Dogs
  45. WW1 Canine hero - Rags the dog (news story): Columbia, Canada, people - Dogs
  46. Where can I get a Standard Schnauzer (adoption preferred - San Diego): miniature, breeders - Dogs
  47. Need a Good Sedative: biting, skin, Benadryl, year - Dogs
  48. A Wonderful Foster Fail: food, owner, travel, stories - Dogs
  49. Joey is a metaphor - Dogs
  50. Help with post-surgery: vet, training, diet, best - Dogs
  51. Volunteer transporter disappears with rescue dog: bulldogs, adopted, home, Florida
  52. Where do dogs come from: science, breeds, ears, testing
  53. Obies surgery is scheduled.: patella, cross, puppy, legs - Dogs
  54. Large Senior Dog & Leather Seats: clean, cost, outside, ears - Dogs
  55. A Border Collie- of course: rescues, breed, mixes, Australian - Dogs
  56. Abuser admits he got dogs to kill from Craig's List: teeth, adopted
  57. potty traing disaster: poop, train, puppy, outside - Dogs
  58. reaction to anesthesia?: clean, vet, cleaning, surgery - Dogs
  59. love dogs, what a great story: rescued, free, animals
  60. Heartworm & Flea Contol In Winter?: veterinarian, treatment, fleas, outside - Dogs
  61. Abnormal Christmas Gifts For Dogs: toy, shaking, bones, chews
  62. What do you think of this method to get dog to take medicine?: lab, pups - Dogs
  63. How long do vaccines last?: lab, vet, paws, vaccinations - Dogs
  64. Using clippers or scissors: schnauzer, skin, hair, trim - Dogs
  65. Is this a real service dog?: vet, legal, training - Dogs
  66. Amazing Makeovers of Saved Dogs: clean, veterinary, treatment, rescue
  67. Booking kennel for Thanksgiving- when do they fill up?: kennels, pups, safe - Dogs
  68. Sad news from China - Dogs
  69. Where there are multiple animals: lab, bulldog, terriers, bite - Dogs
  70. Strange Looking Dog Food: diet, pups, humans - Dogs
  71. Food Eating Suggestions: how much, yorkies, adopting, puppies - Dogs
  72. My house trained dog has become un-house trained: allergy, poop, vet - Dogs
  73. I need help figuring out what breed my dog would be: terrier, chihuahua - Dogs
  74. Will my English Bulldog get along with a Tibetan Terrier?: adopted, noise - Dogs
  75. Help!: vet, treatment, diarrhea, puppy - Dogs
  76. do very old dogs tremble?: poodle, terrier, yorkie, vet
  77. Mrs. Leach: shepherd, best, ears, german - Dogs
  78. Your dog's food stuffed Kong doesn't last long enough?: natural, best, weight - Dogs
  79. International flight diverted to save life of dog in danger: rescue, noise - Dogs
  80. tried pet phamacies? - to buy heartgard, revolution, frontline and stuffs: clean, vet - Dogs
  81. Has Frontline lost it's Mojo against fleas?: bite, clean, vet - Dogs
  82. What supplies should I have ready for a new dog: stomach, training - Dogs
  83. Purina Acquires Merrick and Zuke's: tumors, vet, schnauzer, training - Dogs
  84. What antihistamine works for hives in your dog??: bulldog, allergy, biting - Dogs
  85. Peanut butter for my dog: boxer, natural, pup, food - Dogs
  86. Bretagne- the last living S/R dog hero from 9/11: rescue, best, work - Dogs
  87. 9/11: Salty: owner, floor, stories - Dogs
  88. Tough Love: A Meditation on Dominance & Dogs: bite, training, eating
  89. Dog Show today.: vet, treatment, cost, kennel - Dogs
  90. Obie starting to limp...: vet, surgery, best, Great Dane - Dogs
  91. Two Year Mandatory Prison Time For Animal Abuse Plus Fine: clean, wound - Dogs
  92. Pug issues, licking and smell: lab, allergic, clean, vet - Dogs
  93. Picking a Second Puppy - Yorkie: yorkies, breeder, breed, ears - Dogs
  94. Helping dogs get adopted by dog train HELP: rescues, adoption, kids
  95. Got Cats and I'm (Hopefully) getting a Pittie: poop, skin, diet - Dogs
  96. Have you ever heard of this or seen it?: clean, outside, medium - Dogs
  97. Are you my mother? - Dogs
  98. Dark Growth Near Dog's Nose: terrier, tumors, vet, skin - Dogs
  99. Companion Animals of the homeless are welcome: family - Dogs
  100. Nasal cancer in a Chihuahua help?: how much, lab, tumors - Dogs
  101. I want this guy to walk my dogs: teeth, humans, mouth
  102. Shi-tzu mixed with bichon: vet, breeder, neutering, children - Dogs
  103. My dog is limping: pitbull, vet, surgery, treatment - Dogs
  104. We live in Key West flying to Puerto Rico: lab, black, skin - Dogs
  105. looking for someone to foster two dogs for 1 year: vet, barking, skin
  106. Should I raise my dog in my car: illegal, walk, weight - Dogs
  107. Need advice on how to deal with separation anxiety with 12 y/o dog.: clean, vet - Dogs
  108. Pup has forgotten his potty training....: clean, vet, train, surgery - Dogs
  109. My dogs... Borzoi style: clean, barks, cleaning, teeth
  110. why do people ask so much for pets on craigslist ?: shepherd, vet - Dogs
  111. Obie has surgery tomorrow morning: patella, best, canine, keep - Dogs
  112. Found a Wounded Little Dog (No idea what to do Help): bite, clean - Dogs
  113. Owning a dog - optional or a must have?: how much, vet, training - Dogs
  114. 13 weeks old puppy has been vomiting at least once a day: shepherd, clean - Dogs
  115. French bulldogs OK outside in winter?: breeding, skin, train, rescue
  116. Bulldog or Pug: What are the main differences?: boxer, terrier, chihuahuas - Dogs
  117. use invisible fence?: border collie, shepherd, shepherds, train - Dogs
  118. Over Protective, Leash Reactivity and more...: how much, vet, schnauzer, barking - Dogs
  119. Leash Aggression in Dogs: Are We Trying to Put Out a Fire with Gasoline?: bulldogs, barking
  120. Older dog, bad habits.: border collie, lab, miniature, vet - Dogs
  121. Obie saw the vet today: shelter, walk, weight, months - Dogs
  122. Need help housebreaking rescue dog - I've failed him: how much, clean, breeder - Dogs
  123. Where should I put a dog day bed in a small apt?: shepherd, yorkie - Dogs
  124. Looking for a canine (Aussie??): border collie, shepherd, allergy, miniature - Dogs
  125. Stray Dog Pulls Newborn from Garbage Dump: adopt, cats, ears - Dogs
  126. Obie is in good spirits today!: surgery, chew, outside, cats - Dogs
  127. I am about to lose it with my dogs! Advice: poop, train
  128. Dogs and Cancer: clean, veterinary, breeders, cleaning
  129. My dog is not adjusting to our move and has started bad behavior: terrier, yorkie - Dogs
  130. Best companion dog for an older female lab mix?: border collie, how much, boxers - Dogs
  131. GR stops on walks and lays down, tries to go his own way,: shepherd, golden retriever - Dogs
  132. Obie is doing well.: patella, vet, surgery, pups - Dogs
  133. Would you ever put your dog down for something other than behavior or health issues?: border collie, vet - Dogs
  134. Relationship Centered Training: how much, poodle, train, bones - Dogs
  135. People who give my dog treats without asking: allergic, terrier, vet - Dogs
  136. Neighbor thinks she can give my dog 'treats.': diet, children, food - Dogs
  137. Pinch Collar...when?: lab, poodle, terrier, biting - Dogs
  138. Old Dog Relocating Across Country?: vet, best, medium, eating - Dogs
  139. Help with training: yorkies, skin, rescue, bones - Dogs
  140. Did this vengeful person really neuter a champion dog without permission?: poop, vet - Dogs
  141. Obie hates the rain: labs, train, collies, pup - Dogs
  142. recommend a good grain free CANNED dog food: vet, skin, teeth - Dogs
  143. Just got back from the vet with Obie.: how much, patella, training - Dogs
  144. Groomer shaved our Miniature Schnauzer. Is that common?: schnauzers, poop, breeders - Dogs
  145. New Dog - Odd Problem: tumors, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  146. Having to put my 11 year old lab to sleep: labs, yorkie, vet - Dogs
  147. Need home for my dog: how much, veterinarian, aggressive, training - Dogs
  148. Techniques for reactive dogs: border collie, barking, training, rescue
  149. Does your dog poop in the pool?: clean, vet, kids - Dogs
  150. One Year Old Dog: Tell Me It Gets Better!: shepherd, labrador - Dogs
  151. My Dachshund keeps shaking her head: lab, poodle, miniature, clean - Dogs
  152. Manage an old dog!: lab, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  153. Arizona Rules All Dogs Sold In Pet Stores To Come From Shelters: breeders, rescues
  154. Realistically how much would one expect to make from doing dog daycare (DogVacay, labs, barking - Dogs
  155. Might be forced to give away dog due to allergies. I'm a wreck...: allergic, goldendoodle - Dogs
  156. Mail-order meds?: chihuahua, vet, prescription, stomach - Dogs
  157. Serious Adoption frustration!: shih tzu, breeders, skin, rescue - Dogs
  158. Sit Means Sit training: barking, aggressive, train, cross - Dogs
  159. 5 years....: allergic, bite, clean, vet - Dogs
  160. Loose stools.: allergic, vet, train, diarrhea - Dogs
  161. My dog is refusing to take his medication.: pitbull, yorkie, vet - Dogs
  162. Raccoon raised with dogs: surgery, rabies, outside, claw
  163. our first dog - now need to travel: allergic, beagle, adopted - Dogs
  164. Hunters DO love their dogs.......: bulldog, bites, wound, rescues
  165. My dog ate a whole pumpkin: poop, diarrhea, food, cats - Dogs
  166. Why do dogs jump on and lick strangers?: shepherd, shepherds, bite
  167. Dog First Aid (and kits): how much, bite, clean, vet - Dogs
  168. poopie bag fails: failure, store, weight, ears - Dogs
  169. Adoption Frustration-Update: terrier, clean, cleaning, stomach - Dogs
  170. Joint supplements for dogs: cost, natural, best, Great Dane
  171. dog swallowed chicken bone: lab, poop, vet, treatment - Dogs
  172. Jake had a really good day today!: shepherd, poop, vet - Dogs
  173. Ever have a dog who never outgrew chewing?: how much, labradors, retriever - Dogs
  174. Doctor told me get a dog, but not a small dog: shepherd, lab - Dogs
  175. Puppy mill owner fined BIG BUCKS: clean, breeder, aggressive, skin - Dogs
  176. ideas? Mad dog: shepherd, poodle, shepherds, poop - Dogs
  177. xray or mri for dog with back/neck episodes?: yorkie, vet, train - Dogs
  178. Fearful Dog - what to try!?!: terrier, tumors, bite - Dogs
  179. When should I get Obie out walking again?: patella, vet, surgery - Dogs
  180. Play, Fear or Aggression???: yorkies, barks, aggressive, spray - Dogs
  181. The secret to getting dogs to eat....: shepherd, chihuahua, toy
  182. Can an older large dog adjust to a small apartment?: labs, barking - Dogs
  183. reactive Dog: yorkies, barks, aggressive, train - Dogs
  184. So confused on what to do with my dog.: border collie, vet, treatment - Dogs
  185. Have a very happy doggie Thanksgiving - Dogs
  186. Did you know acorns and chestnuts can make your dog sick?: veterinary, diarrhea - Dogs
  187. Forget Dominance: Fear Based Aggression in Dogs: veterinary, medium, behavior
  188. Black and Tan coonhound rescue. Looking for an awesome home.: year, yard - Dogs
  189. Madrid becomes No-Kill: euthanasia, family - Dogs
  190. Deputy rescues champion puppy from burning car. - Dogs
  191. Seeing Eye Running Dog: outside, man, people - Dogs
  192. Salix Animal Health Voluntary Recall: One Lot of Good 'N' Fun Beefhide Chicken Sticks: medium, treats - Dogs
  193. Using Facebook to find bait dogs: home, keep, owner, man
  194. How to take a perfect selfie with your dog - Dogs
  195. Holidays and dogs- tips from the pros: train, normal, treats
  196. When the dog is the wedding videographer: medium - Dogs
  197. An alternate way to teach a drop on cue to help prevent food issues: training, rescue - Dogs
  198. Jean Dodds- Medical Cannabis for nausea, appetite, anxiety, protects immune system: prescription, mice - Dogs
  199. Dog Train- I want to ride on this too: rescued, animals, man - Dogs
  200. True or Fake? Pug driving a speed Boat.: stop - Dogs