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  13. dental in puppies - tooth erupting before baby tooth is loose: vet, breeders - Dogs
  14. Where to buy an Airedale? Where to find a good breeder?: terrier, breeders - Dogs
  15. Top Ten Vacation Tips For Dogs.: noise, food, eating, keep
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  17. To my fellow pet lovers....: problems, free, animal, people - Dogs
  18. dog cancer: vet, surgery, best, normal - Dogs
  19. News, Cops: Georgia Man Fed Cats to His Pit Bulls.: lab, Staffordshire Terriers - Dogs
  20. Winter prep for dog...: natural, Florida, Georgia, Wisconsin - Dogs
  21. Perfect example of irresponsible owners and the laws not being properly enforced!: legal, teeth - Dogs
  22. BSL in Denver *sigh*: pitbulls, border collie, collie, best - Dogs
  23. Great Jumping Jehosaphat: border collie, biscuits, shots, legs - Dogs
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  27. A Teddie Photo Shoot: shih tzu, best, treats, - Dogs
  28. News, Web Site Saves Death Row Dogs.: adopt, shelter, euthanasia
  29. Defenseless beagle puppy burned and tortured :(: how much, lab, vets, breeder - Dogs
  30. Dogs killed in Puerto Rico: science, euthanize, children, puppies
  31. Potty Time: Outside for a dog. Where?: poop, neighbors, leash - Dogs
  32. Poor P.R. for P.R. (Puerto Rico): Animal cruelty: breeding, black - Dogs
  33. Aggressive Dogs Lack Omega-3's...: shepherd, shepherds, veterinarians, breeding
  34. Dogs and spirits: reactions, kennel, children, pups
  35. pet transporters in california: rabies, shots, cross, puppies - Dogs
  36. Puppy first?: daschund, shepherd, yorkies, breeders - Dogs
  37. whats the best wormer product: treatment, chews, medication, Australia - Dogs
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  53. News, Michigan, Pit bulls, Companions or killers.: pitbulls, terriers, breeding - Dogs
  54. city starting to act: clean, breeders, neutered, euthanize - Dogs
  55. Forced Breed Extinction: science, natural, best, breeds - Dogs
  56. How Many Dogs Does It Take...........: border collie, shepherd, labs, poodle
  57. News, Man Drags Pit Bull To Death After Chihuahua Killed.: pitbull, collins - Dogs
  58. Bullmastiff attack equals Pit Bull attack?: pitbull, pugs, breeds, walk - Dogs
  59. we found a lost dog...advice?: terrier, clean, vet, rescue - Dogs
  60. Beware of Hammocks: lab, puppies, yellow - Dogs
  61. German Shepard licking his leg: allergic, bite, clean, vet - Dogs
  62. Open letter to the dogs: bite, toy, barking, skin
  63. Need advice from a Vet: how much, lab, heartworms, black - Dogs
  64. Bladder stones: vets, surgery, diet, food - Dogs
  65. How can I get my new puppy to sleep inside?: Shar-Pei, rescues - Dogs
  66. Does have a Tibetan Terrier?: fleas, adopt, puppy, breed - Dogs
  67. dog with seperation anxiety: vet, spaniel, barking, rescue - Dogs
  68. My MinPin needs to drink more water: vet, infections, food - Dogs
  69. Treat Alert/Recall: poodle, vet, train, symptoms - Dogs
  70. Pit Bull Awareness Day: breeds, walk, Florida - Dogs
  71. Help Stop The Dog Meat Trade! send this e-mail! This is horrible, but there are no graphic pictures.: animals, people - Dogs
  72. Nail Caps?: vet, skin, training, infections - Dogs
  73. APBT Club Newsletter: breed, owner, work, fight - Dogs
  74. New Adoption Clothes: black, paws, store, home - Dogs
  75. A letter from Irresponsible Dog Owners Inc.: how much, boxers, Staffordshire Terrier - Dogs
  76. News, Pit Bull Enters Home Attacking Teen, Dogs.: shih tzu, bite, aggressive
  77. Pictures of My New Puppy: bite, black, training, best - Dogs
  78. Large Dog Breed Advice: shepherd, labs, golden retriever, tumors - Dogs
  79. Do you walk your dog though you have a fenced in yard?: training, best - Dogs
  80. How do you get a dog to drink water?: veterinary, sheltie, noise - Dogs
  81. Do Westies make good family dogs?: shih tzu, allergic, terriers, breeders
  82. It's a boy!!!: shepherd, shepherds, breeder, pups - Dogs
  83. Beagle?: border collie, shepherd, barking, huskies - Dogs
  84. Potty time: Inclement weather: clean, toy, adopted, paws - Dogs
  85. Help!! Is there I can tell if Jayda is pregnant and..: pitbull, how much - Dogs
  86. Do you talk to your dog? About what?: poop, kids, outside - Dogs
  87. take their dog roller blading?: how much, bites, barks, training - Dogs
  88. Dogs who hate puppies?: how much, lab, poodle, English Mastiff
  89. Complaint from Neighbor about my dogs: barking, aggressive, train, chews
  90. What's more dangerous than a vicious pit bull ?: aggressive, train - Dogs
  91. Dog has heartworms, advice?: vet, wound, treatment, rescues - Dogs
  92. Biting Dog: poodle, bite, wound, science - Dogs
  93. Taking your pet out in town: pitbull, vet, shots, puppies - Dogs
  94. Family Dogs Being Hunted And Killed...: pitbull, ridgeback, how much, rottweiler
  95. Do passengers get mad at you for taking dog on plane?: lab, shih tzu - Dogs
  96. Adopting a pet: Would you change the name?: rescue, beagle, adopted - Dogs
  97. Have you ever ate dog food?: allergies, bones, adoption, natural - Dogs
  98. Bulldog: English Bulldog, terrier, toy, breeders - Dogs
  99. What dog breed are you?: golden retriever, pup, Great Dane, test - Dogs
  100. Adopting from a Pet Rescue: allergic, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  101. Dog Meeting on Neutral Ground...who goes first?: bites, vet, breeder - Dogs
  102. The right puppy for me ?: breeder, barking, train, rescue - Dogs
  103. Animal shelter workers are on a power trip..: pitbull, poodle, vet - Dogs
  104. My poor baby......: gagging, allergic, vet, pomeranian - Dogs
  105. I need suggestions on good small dogs.: how much, shih tzu, poodles
  106. Recommendations for a mild natured dog for a 6 year old?: how much, poodle - Dogs
  107. Fellow APBT owners I'm torn, help!: pitbull, vet, aggressive - Dogs
  108. my poor baby is sick again: shih tzu, poop, vet, breeding - Dogs
  109. Free dog if you buy the Everything package???: poodle, bites, schnauzer - Dogs
  110. Subforum for Dogs - Competition Events?: training, rescue, illegal, breeds
  111. Need help identifying breed/introducing dog to the family: border collie, lab, retriever - Dogs
  112. Expressing Anal Glands: daschund, how much, vet, diet - Dogs
  113. sunny my sha-pei Jackie is shivering!: Shar-Pei, vet, shaking - Dogs
  114. Samara and Vipette playing: vet, breeding, puppies, breed - Dogs
  115. How did you get your dog?: border collie, bulldog, golden retriever, rottweiler - Dogs
  116. Frosty Paws: diarrhea, chew, pups, food - Dogs
  117. Animal control: vet, barking, shaking, aggressive - Dogs
  118. when: pitbull, terriers, skin, train - Dogs
  119. Do you think your dog would protect you?: pitbulls, ridgeback, shepherd - Dogs
  120. Minnesota lawmaker to propose banning 5 breeds in 2008: pitbull, golden retrievers, bite - Dogs
  121. Puppy mill bust, progress report: terrier, vets, toy, breeder - Dogs
  122. Somebody give Ellen Degeneres back her dog!!!: training, rescue, cost - Dogs
  123. How soon is too soon?: lab, vet, spaniel, adopt - Dogs
  124. Dog breed biting pressure: pitbulls, how much, shepherd, labs - Dogs
  125. URGENT DOG SITUATION going on in my house right now as I type! help!: clean, vet - Dogs
  126. Jayda's not really gaining weight??: how much, vet, skin, diet - Dogs
  127. My Dog Did Something Horrible!!!: rottweilers, beagle, chew, cats - Dogs
  128. Weiner Dog?: spaniel, breeders, pomeranian, rescue - Dogs
  129. Legislative Reports Across The States 10-17-07: how much, Staffordshire Terrier, rottweilers - Dogs
  130. Name that dog!: terrier, vet, bones, kennel - Dogs
  131. bossy Mr. Cody: barking, kids, ears, german - Dogs
  132. Am I Being Overly Sensitive?: poodle, breeding, barking, shaking - Dogs
  133. My baby Samara: vet, toy, chewing, puppy - Dogs
  134. Urinating with blood: vet, infection, symptoms, cats - Dogs
  135. Do your dogs sleep in your bed?: lab, terrier, sheltie
  136. Our fur baby is finaly home!!: terrier, clean, vet, surgery - Dogs
  137. recommend a Dog Breed ( Non Sheddding ): allergy, boxers, terrier - Dogs
  138. Are you a breedist?: pitbull, ridgeback, border collie, shepherd - Dogs
  139. Help me name my new puppy: clean, science, sheltie, year - Dogs
  140. Pinknose In Pit Bulls (or other breeds): pitbulls, boxers, pinscher - Dogs
  141. What would you do? (dealing with a dog hater): terrier, poop, legal - Dogs
  142. Dog Teeth Cleaning by Vet?: how much, yorkie, prescription, cataracts - Dogs
  143. dogs swallowing insects: food, protein, walk, grass
  144. Pickin' up dog poop in the backyard: clean, black, skin - Dogs
  145. How do you know when it is time?: how much, lab, retreiver - Dogs
  146. Do you have goofy nick names for your dog(s)?: pitbull, terriers - Dogs
  147. Trouble finding real APBTs!!!: pitbull, labradors, Staffordshire Terrier, rottweilers - Dogs
  148. the nasty violent dog stories: clean, vet, barking, prescription - Dogs
  149. Eukanuba: allergic, boxers, vet, breeder - Dogs
  150. ACL Surgery: vet, best, ears, eating - Dogs
  151. How many of yall have arrangements for your dogs in case you die: shih tzu, terriers
  152. hacking? not really a me figure out how to describe my dog's symptom: labrador, vet - Dogs
  153. Help-dog flea allergies!!: Shar-Pei, allergic, vet, stomach - Dogs
  154. My dogs had me going crazy trying to figure this one out!: clean, poop
  155. Chewing up stuff!: labrador, poodle, terrier, toy - Dogs
  156. Pit Bull people, can't believe it. Rare curvenose or what?: pitbull, shepherd - Dogs
  157. strangest foods your dogs love: labrador, clean, stomach, allergies
  158. Trimming Nails: how much, labradors, vet, black - Dogs
  159. Does Know about Rage Syndrome?: bite, spaniel, breeding, train - Dogs
  160. What is the best therapy for sore hips?: lab, English Bulldog, vet - Dogs
  161. How long can your dog 'hold' him/herself: lab, neutered, maltese - Dogs
  162. How can you tell if your dog has food allergies?: labrador, allergic - Dogs
  163. How do you bathe your dog?: shih tzu, clean, vet, breeders - Dogs
  164. about a Shih Tzu's reproductive cycle: clean, vet, pomeranian - Dogs
  165. pit bulls: pitbulls, ridgeback, shepherd, labs - Dogs
  166. !Rescue Raffle!: pitbull, vet, training, cost - Dogs
  167. An inocent citizen not doing anything, but loving his dogs??: pitbull, how much
  168. Motley: shepherd, English Mastiff, breeder, diet - Dogs
  169. Dogs & Trick or Treaters: poodle, poop, barking, aggressive
  170. Coton Tulear: shih tzu, breeders, rescue, adoption - Dogs
  171. Best dog for toddlers, and for alergy suffers, and so much more - HELP!: shepherd, labs - Dogs
  172. Bichon Questions: labs, breeder, rescue, paws - Dogs
  173. knowing when to run to the vet: clean, poop, wound - Dogs
  174. Shiba Inu growls when you get near his food: shepherd, shepherds, biting - Dogs
  175. How many phrases do your dogs know?: pitbull, poodle, clean
  176. Both dogs drink from one bowl: border collie, terriers, collie, food
  177. Laid To Rest RIP: terrier, boerboel, African, chew - Dogs
  178. Dog Breed Selector: border collie, lab, bulldog, boxer - Dogs
  179. Paws ???: clean, vet, wound, skin - Dogs
  180. what is this thing called the trash can: lab, clean, husky - Dogs
  181. Dog Hair: border collie, how much, clean, shedding - Dogs
  182. OFRN Pictures!!!: breeders, black, skin, kennel - Dogs
  183. Cold Weather People: flea preventative in winter?: labrador, allergy, vet - Dogs
  184. Hey Breeders: train, rescue, kennels, neutered - Dogs
  185. Dog Magazines: vet, breeds, cats, ears - Dogs
  186. Pit Bull Attack Tearing Limb From Limb: safe, sick, hurt - Dogs
  187. Hybrids: poodles, labradoodle, yorkie, breeders - Dogs
  188. Pros and cons of dog/cat foods: clean, vet, breeder - Dogs
  189. PetSmart Hotel in Peoria, AZ: shepherd, schnauzers, clean, schnauzer - Dogs
  190. Do Dogs have taste buds like people have?: food, walk, eating
  191. Basset Hound found!: vet, train, rescued, infections - Dogs
  192. Vick backlash more BS for associated with Pits: clean, vet, breeder - Dogs
  193. Eating When You're Not Home: labrador, yorkies, clean, barking - Dogs
  194. Vet bill: black, surgery, treatment, rescue - Dogs
  195. something to help my dog calm down?: boxer, terrier, clean - Dogs
  196. My dog got bitten by another dog!: shepherd, bite, clean - Dogs
  197. Corgi: border collie, outside, breeds, legs - Dogs
  198. Boxers: bulldogs, allergic, tumors, breeders
  199. what is with his ear....: infections, licking, sensitive - Dogs
  200. MUTTS & DNA Testing: skin, cost, breeds, months - Dogs