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  75. Happy Friday.... - Dogs
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  94. which breed?: shepherd, training, rescue, adopted - Dogs
  95. R.I.P. Beautiful Leo: rescued, medium, eating, animals - Dogs
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  103. Itchy, Scratching, Licking Incessantly: allergy, bite, vet, black - Dogs
  104. if money was no object, would you have your dog cloned?: science, natural - Dogs
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  107. had to put my dog down- worried about my other dog: shih tzu, terrier - Dogs
  108. Pitbull puppy: pitbulls, lab, bulldog, poodle - Dogs
  109. I'm so excited..........and I just can't hide it..... *dances*: clean, vet - Dogs
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  112. try Rachel Ray Dogfood?: skin, allergies, natural, best - Dogs
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  118. Leave your dog in the car alone, and you may never see it again.: bite, skin - Dogs
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  141. Thanks LTTP: breeders, rescue, adopted, breed - Dogs
  142. Glucosamine: shepherd, vet, breeder, surgery - Dogs
  143. looks like I have a new dog: vet, barks, puppy - Dogs
  144. Husky/Malamute or Pitbull: pitbulls, shepherd, breeding, huskies - Dogs
  145. my free dog: bulldog, tumors, vet, breeder - Dogs
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  152. opinions: adopt, kennel, vaccinations, puppy - Dogs
  153. People who dote on their dogs shouldn't own one: allergic, barking, train
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  155. Will I Have Problems Renting With Dogs?: bite, clean, vet
  156. why would putting out your own urine attract lost dog?: clean, barking - Dogs
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  158. We Know Companies Market Directly to Children (cereal, toys ) Did you know Purina Beneful has an AD Campaign that .: barking, food - Dogs
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  174. Shedding: clean, vet, barks, cleaning - Dogs
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  182. SPCA Advertisements: rescues, children, shelters, normal - Dogs
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  195. Therapy Dogs at Walter Reed
  196. Just in case you haven't seen this video - Dogs
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  198. SwayLove: man - Dogs
  199. delete - Dogs
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