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  1. Bias -Is anything without it?: Barack Obama, politicians, biased, economic - Great Debates
  2. Is There Such a Thing As Overachieving?: kids, society, history - Great Debates
  3. Will AI really take over humanity?: generation, independent, elect, states - Great Debates
  4. Why do we argue?: Congress, Iraq, middle east, wisdom - Great Debates
  5. The Most Dangerous City in the World: middle east, murder, poverty - Great Debates
  6. Why is race and racial stereotypes such a big deal in American society: Iran, middle east - Great Debates
  7. Telemarketers and their Customers: school, state, support, employees - Great Debates
  8. Do you believe that a lack of a global unity march after 9/11...: Iraq, Palestinian - Great Debates
  9. In terms of the propaganda wars - best approach against so-called IS?: 9/11, alternatives - Great Debates
  10. Do Non-compete Agreements violate the spirit of the Free Market?: employment, minimum wage - Great Debates
  11. Bringing Greater Consistency to Manliness: leader, financial, vs - Great Debates
  12. What Would Be The Consequences Of Make Marriage Illegal?: generation, death, independence - Great Debates
  13. Ultra rich tax loop holes many don't know about: employment, fast food, Congress - Great Debates
  14. What will future civilizations think of people's obsession with a plant: generations, drugs - Great Debates
  15. Tolerance (excessive) may destroy this country: salaries, illegal aliens, drug, fence - Great Debates
  16. What is the real purpose of having professional cheerleaders ?: high school, great - Great Debates
  17. What would happen if the National Archives were released to the public?: cost, elect - Great Debates
  18. Swiss Bank Issues Warning about Global Financial Inequality: wage, generations, illegal - Great Debates
  19. ADT forcing customers to upgrade???: companies, cost, money, states - Great Debates
  20. Is Kwanzaa too long?: Christmas, ideology, support, african - Great Debates
  21. Toys R Us selling Breaking Bad action figures complete with meth: drugs, money - Great Debates
  22. Why do so many people start multiple threads of posted subjects?: healthcare, regular - Great Debates
  23. What is the purpose of NFL cheerleaders?: job, women, great - Great Debates
  24. Technology companies versus Traditional Business model companies: unemployed, military, insurance - Great Debates
  25. US congress notifies $532 million assistance package for Pakistan: salary, Canada, Obama - Great Debates
  26. Are people who post on Internet forums representative of people in general?: poll, elect - Great Debates
  27. Do people who think everything is a hoax or conspiracy, such as global warming deniers, have a legitimate point?: Al Gore, bias - Great Debates
  28. Why areas with good jobs have hard-to-afford homes: money, 2014, business - Great Debates
  29. Police officer deaths rise in 2014: illegal, stats, leader, carry - Great Debates
  30. What is the purpose of a sense of humor as it exists in nature?: state, races - Great Debates
  31. Bystanders of violent crime...: legal, death, leader, abuse - Great Debates
  32. CLOSED: No polls in Great Debates.: gay people, vote, homosexual, status
  33. What Does It Mean to Assimilate ?: Colin Powell, Michael Bloomberg, Chicago - Great Debates
  34. Why are topics locked?: single - Great Debates
  35. Should the government continue to discriminate based on marital status?: legal, polls - Great Debates
  36. A dangerous enviroment VS Nature VS Nurture?: 2014, attractive, women - Great Debates
  37. Mysterious Fake Cellphone Towers Are Intercepting Calls: regular, military, rating - Great Debates
  38. What Would Happen If We Told The Rich We Don't Want Your Charity More?: lawyer, cost - Great Debates
  39. Scrambled acronyms for climate deniers: global warming, great, - Great Debates
  40. Social income mobility video demonstrated using Lego: solution, how much, compare - Great Debates
  41. Conspiracy Theory? Are we being brainwashed? May I suggest more constructive ways to brainwash the masses?: generation, brainwashing - Great Debates
  42. Is ageism more justifiable than racism, sexism, or other types of prejudices: legal, crimes - Great Debates
  43. Is open immigration and a welfare state somewhat contrasting goals?: unemployment, illegal - Great Debates
  44. Should we spend so much money on preventing terror attacks?: deaths, borders - Great Debates
  45. Crimes against disabled; What if you didn't know they're disabled?: parade, accuse - Great Debates
  46. Should Michael Brown have lost his life?: examples, gun, 2014 - Great Debates
  47. MLK Day Thoughts on Black-Jewish Relations; One Way Support Should be Reciprocal: interstate, Palestinian - Great Debates
  48. Is Democracy Under Attack/Threatened? Where, How, and from Whom?: interstate, Congress - Great Debates
  49. Paternity Leave a Win-Win for Men's Rights'Activists (MRA) and Feminists?: employment, interview - Great Debates
  50. Will spanish become an essential skill for americans (in the US)?: city, great - Great Debates
  51. Is referring to a person (child/adult) is it to call them deaf and dumb if they are deaf?: speech, employees - Great Debates
  52. I am sick of the Black in this country: accuse, controversial - Great Debates
  53. I Am Not a Dog - closed: radical, female, women - Great Debates
  54. Oil Shale is not Shale Oil: independence, compared, 2013, billion - Great Debates
  55. How did Christians evolve and not Muslims.: Taliban, legal, death - Great Debates
  56. Why isn't morbid obesity/obesity/overeating treated like other addictions?: drugs, health care - Great Debates
  57. White Privilege does not affect all White people: Putin, wage, statistics - Great Debates
  58. Is the U.S. president still the most powerful man in the world: Congress, enemies - Great Debates
  59. Is white America cruel to Black people: racism, 2014, California - Great Debates
  60. Why is you people or people offensive?: middle east, racism - Great Debates
  61. Would the world be better if everyone spoke the same language?: middle east, speeches - Great Debates
  62. Torture is it worth it?: Congress, interview, enemies, Taliban - Great Debates
  63. Is money or religion more destuctive?: weapon, county, abuse, state - Great Debates
  64. First city in America with no-gun carry police force: drugs, stats, weapons - Great Debates
  65. What will be the first modern day society to disappear?: multiculturalism, middle east - Great Debates
  66. God talent or psychological?: suspected, death, dollars - Great Debates
  67. Trying To Understand The Attraction To Pit Bulls: Brown, fence, taser - Great Debates
  68. can being GAY be considered an anomaly?: Denver, gay people, election - Great Debates
  69. Marriage: Emotionally-based or based on a monogamous, permanent union between two peopleof the opposite sex?: illegal, speech - Great Debates
  70. African-Americans & Geographical Biases: Brown, ideology, Denver, Hispanics - Great Debates
  71. Copyright - Is it only to protect rich people's profits?: legal, lawyer - Great Debates
  72. police brutality, racism or agressive attitude: activist, suspect, Brown, March - Great Debates
  73. Is it unethical to take advantage of a loophole?: legal, lawyers, companies - Great Debates
  74. What should society do with babies that have serious inborn issues?: minimum wage, enemies - Great Debates
  75. Do you think Religions should be allowed to be tax free?: Iraq, wages - Great Debates
  76. Bring back years at hard labor- crimes: regime, violent crime, cost - Great Debates
  77. Million Dollar Babies: generation, heroin, drugs, statistics - Great Debates
  78. Prison Nation, doing more harm than good.: unemployment, legal, drugs - Great Debates
  79. In the future, will we be able to ALTER (not cure) gays/lesbians?: independent, gay people - Great Debates
  80. Why is Polygamy illegal in The United States: generations, crimes, cost - Great Debates
  81. Should the federal government make contraceptive free?: Congress, drug, health care - Great Debates
  82. Jumping The Gun? Time To Liberalize Death With Dignity To Cover More?: legal, drugs - Great Debates
  83. Food Stamp Cover (right or wrong?): wage, legal, dollars, election - Great Debates
  84. First cousin marriage...: legal, lawyer, death, states - Great Debates
  85. Gambling with our Futures -- Lotteries, Employee Disempowerment , and Economic Ignorance: suspect, death - Great Debates
  86. Whites are the face of drug abuse and drug addiction, blacks are the losers of the war on drugs: generations, Mexican - Great Debates
  87. Should the welfare system assist college grads who are under-employed?: unemployed, minimum wage - Great Debates
  88. Should all land be unrestricted?: regular, cost, dollars, school - Great Debates
  89. Should welfare recipients be forced to be on Birth control and take drug test's: wages, illegal - Great Debates
  90. Profanity: ethical, regular, Denver, elect - Great Debates
  91. Can non-believers base a pure moral life on a rational foundation?: ethical, Canada - Great Debates
  92. Hawaii- Sovereign Nation or Tribal Status?: Congress, legal, independence, invasion - Great Debates
  93. There goes the neighborhood....: generation, ethic, drugs, soldiers - Great Debates
  94. Would it be more practical and logical if society eliminated gender based behaviors?: stereotypes, school - Great Debates
  95. Should pit bull owners be held fully responsible when they attack innocent people: weapon, deaths - Great Debates
  96. Pro life anti welfare and gvt. funded healthcare, and abstinence only education.: health care, statistics - Great Debates
  97. What should be the tip on a $100 meal with bad service?: how much, cost - Great Debates
  98. Why are preachy people annoying?: suspect, racist, how much, myths - Great Debates
  99. Should We Dismantle 75% Of Our Hydro Dams?: generation, environmentalists, solution - Great Debates
  100. Whites become 'minority' in 2044: middle east, suspect, revolution, independence - Great Debates
  101. Taking a Step Backwards: generation, illegal, drugs, CNN - Great Debates
  102. Is it time for Blacks to leave America?: employment, enemies, Israeli - Great Debates
  103. Do you think the US will remain the world's strongest superpower in 40 yrs? state reasons(POV is included this time): gas price, wage - Great Debates
  104. Should the penny be phased out?: Congress, March, dollars, carry - Great Debates
  105. Should prostitution be legalized in the States?: unemployed, illegal, regular - Great Debates
  106. Should We Retest People with Drivers Licenses?: highway, deaths, Canada - Great Debates
  107. Has Fat Acceptance Gone Too Far?: racist, rating, carry, state - Great Debates
  108. Inciting a riot is illegal: Israel, extremist, conspiracy, death - Great Debates
  109. concept of tipping in restaurants: unemployed, minimum wage, salary, Christmas - Great Debates
  110. People who choose not to have kids should get a tax credit: generations, global warming - Great Debates
  111. Trust in the present time: parade, soldiers, controversial, deaths - Great Debates
  112. Greatest country on earth ..... or not?: fast food, Iraq, Reagan - Great Debates
  113. Now this just isn't right.: employment, minimum wage, healthcare, gasoline - Great Debates
  114. What are the necessary ingredients for enlightened discourse on race?: Reagan, statistics - Great Debates
  115. Is the white race going extinct?: Mexican, racism, Brown, Hispanics - Great Debates
  116. How do you define Smart ?: generations, Obama, millionaires, how much - Great Debates
  117. Has America reached a point of cultural stagnation?: generation, Reaganomics, Simpson - Great Debates
  118. Do you provide a real service to society?: independent, school, leader - Great Debates
  119. Should bad parenting be against the law?: legal, crime, school - Great Debates
  120. Embargo and Cuba: Congressmen, enemy, legal, regime - Great Debates
  121. Curing Aids: drugs, healthcare, suspect, death - Great Debates
  122. Almost one-quarter of Americans want to leave the US: Iraq, middle east, Israel - Great Debates
  123. Why have the poor traditionally had more children? Does that still hold true today?: generation, Mexican - Great Debates
  124. Is feminism the reason why more American men travel to South America for wives: salary, independent - Great Debates
  125. Closed: Is feminism the reason why more American men travel to South America for wives: generations, parties - Great Debates
  126. Which is worse, Rape or being accused of Rape?: legal, suspect, crime - Great Debates
  127. Ebola: Quarantine Africa to save the rest of the world: death, borders - Great Debates
  128. Should gender matter in dealing with teachers who have sex with students who consent?: illegal, crime - Great Debates
  129. 9/11... How did it really go down?: Iraq, conspiracy, death, racist - Great Debates
  130. Why do American homeless people still raise the American flag?: wage, politicians - Great Debates
  131. Violent Protests vs. Nonviolent Protests: interviews, soldier, nationalist, revolution - Great Debates
  132. Would You Live in a City Near Fracking?: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, state - Great Debates
  133. Police/Black community relations in Ferguson and: interview, Mexican, illegal - Great Debates
  134. Will/should we have one government for the whole world?: Putin, Iran - Great Debates
  135. Will the US become post-racial, muti-racial, white/non-white, black/non-black?: middle east, generation - Great Debates
  136. If women ruled the world would we have peace?: generation, Obama - Great Debates
  137. Why do Indians and middle easterns still stick to their own race?: Iraq, generations - Great Debates
  138. Why do most people only have friends of their ethnic group?: generation, statistics - Great Debates
  139. A problem with officer involved shootings/use of force: stats, weapon, suspected - Great Debates
  140. Should the jewish people just forget about the holocaust & other atrocities committed against them?: Congressmen, Palestinian - Great Debates
  141. Why toddlers and restaurants don't mix: regular, terror, carry, parenting - Great Debates
  142. Why with rioting and looting?: Putin, racist, Brown, Minnesota - Great Debates
  143. Cops Killed In The US in 2014~ Where is the outrage over deaths?: employment, accuse - Great Debates
  144. Why do people swear so much?: drug, economic, education, suburban - Great Debates
  145. Giving Homeless a Home: health care, crimes, military, cost - Great Debates
  146. In retrospect, was creating Israel a bad idea?: Palestinians, middle east, enemies - Great Debates
  147. Entitlement and the decline in general civility - driving as a proxy: interstate, legal - Great Debates
  148. Why do people complain about the President now a days?: Congress, Iraq - Great Debates
  149. Are Americans just very hardworking people with excellent work ethics or sadists?: minimum wage, death - Great Debates
  150. In America, the purpose of life is to make money?: unemployed, Congress - Great Debates
  151. Accepting transgenderism: Enabling a delusion or compassionate tolerance?: activist, death, solutions - Great Debates
  152. Uber vs. Taxis: legal, drug, regular, radical - Great Debates
  153. Your predictions on the future of Chinese: generations, legal, statistics - Great Debates
  154. Why is government responsible supporting for having kids?: generations, military, Hispanic - Great Debates
  155. Do you see a conflict or Solution in this Conservative/Religious Ideology?: Congress, minimum wage - Great Debates
  156. Do people of different races have different VOICES?: military, Hispanics, insurance - Great Debates
  157. Is it their 'right' to choose and hire based on whatever reason they want to give?: employment, legal - Great Debates
  158. The real cost of High Speed Rail.: interstate, highway, deaths - Great Debates
  159. Why has Thug become a racist term?: suspect, Brown, speech - Great Debates
  160. Are police officers constitutional?: illegal, soldiers, border, military - Great Debates
  161. If you fall, whose fault is it?: lawyers, wisdom, fence - Great Debates
  162. why do we place higher value on human life over other form of life?: illegal, injection - Great Debates
  163. Is there reason to fear population growth?: Iran, generations, Israeli - Great Debates
  164. Christmas season starts too early!!!!!: drugs, borders, rating, economy - Great Debates
  165. Who or what is the to blame for the rise in heroin addiction: unemployment, drugs - Great Debates
  166. What difference does it make if someone's a veteran or not: Iraq, Marines - Great Debates
  167. Will Thanksgiving Dinner become a thing of the past?: generation, Christmas, money - Great Debates
  168. Why are titles used to refer to teachers?: independent, school, education - Great Debates
  169. Will Spanish become an essential skill for Americans: generations, legal, lawyers - Great Debates
  170. Are 20-24 year olds not true adults?: legal, drugs, marijuana - Great Debates
  171. How much is a life worth?: crimes, school, terrorists, party - Great Debates
  172. Species Dysphoria: similar or different than transgender?: independent, stereotypes, compare - Great Debates
  173. How Much Is A Life Worth?: polls, crimes, school, terrorists - Great Debates
  174. Do you think the United States of America is really United ?: enemies, racism - Great Debates
  175. If there were no law against murder, under what authority would we prosecute murder?: Congress, illegal - Great Debates
  176. Why Are Atheists So Confrontational?: racist, brainwashing, Pittsburgh, school - Great Debates
  177. Is ebola the new v scare?: Reagan, drug, healthcare - Great Debates
  178. Civil Liberties and Ebola: CNN, healthcare, radical, deaths - Great Debates
  179. The way to end the drug war.: arsenal, Mexican, legal - Great Debates
  180. Why are Scandinavians so much more compassionate than Americans?: unemployment rate, interview, wages - Great Debates
  181. Do You Think Near Death Experiences are real?: parade, lobby, myths - Great Debates
  182. Should We Abolish The State (and Federal) Government?: wages, salary, generation - Great Debates
  183. Chinese Authoritarian vs Indian Democratic system, which one works better?: rating, leader - Great Debates
  184. Is America too strict with it's assault laws?: generation, arsenal, legal - Great Debates
  185. Are people becoming too entitled days?: generations, holidays, how much - Great Debates
  186. Is the federal government being inconsistent in how it approaches religious holidays and symbols?: house of employment - Great Debates
  187. Why I Can't Take Modern Feminism Seriously: enemies, Israel, legal - Great Debates
  188. Is America to over reactive to attacks?: Iraq, middle east - Great Debates
  189. Obama's Gonna Change The World: insurance, economy, carry, elections - Great Debates
  190. If Radical Terrorist Want to Take Over the World...: wage, middle east, Afghanistan - Great Debates
  191. Are people in the US really hungry?: illegal, drugs, death - Great Debates
  192. Is there a disproportionate focus on Africa?: middle east, Afghanistan, deaths - Great Debates
  193. Comfort level differences between walking by groups of youths of different races: legal, death - Great Debates
  194. What's with this treating dogs so poorly?: Huckabee, Canada, family - Great Debates
  195. Documentary: DamNation. Dismantling Our Dams Nationwide: elect, percentage, country, advocate - Great Debates
  196. The More It Changes, the More it Stays the Same: employment, regular - Great Debates
  197. Does Media Coverage Of Celebrities Increase Illegal File Sharing?: money, pay, TV - Great Debates
  198. Who or what is to blame most for the rise in heroin addiction?: polls - Great Debates
  199. Referenced Race Definition: generations, problems, world, issues - Great Debates
  200. Is Speed The Only 20th/21st Century Pleasure? Shall We Slow It Down? - Great Debates