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  9. Paradise Isle, Gulf Shores, Alabama: coupons, lease, clubhouse (AL)
  10. For the beauty of the state and the people , which state?: Birmingham: appointed, home - Alabama (AL)
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  12. Public Transportation: Birmingham: live, versus, buses - Alabama (AL)
  13. Tuskegee Airman Museum (in Detroit?): theater, casinos, restaurants - Alabama (AL)
  14. Hunting In North Alabama: Decatur: leases, how much, buy (AL)
  15. Gulf Shores questions: sales, insurance, how much - Alabama (AL)
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  17. Dave and Buster's in last: Huntsville: location (AL)
  18. Poop being hauled to Alabama: transporting, live, move (AL)
  19. CD Alabama stats for discussion & reference: title, today (AL)
  20. Gulf shores Alabama.....liberal: living, beach, buffet (AL)
  21. Nocalula (sp?) Falls: Black: best time, waterfall, photographs - Alabama (AL)
  22. Birmingham and Huntsville news: Montgomery, Hoover: to live in, station, radio - Alabama (AL)
  23. Fort Payne questions: Birmingham, Huntsville, Gadsden: insurance, low crime, houses - Alabama (AL)
  24. Alabama power and utilities.: Huntsville, Atmore: apartment, house, living in (AL)
  25. Towns to Visit: Mobile, Huntsville, Selma: best cities, homes, live - Alabama (AL)
  26. Random Statistics (in regards to Alabama): living, low cost, jobs (AL)
  27. Dothan, Al rentals: extended stay, apartment, condo - Alabama (AL)
  28. Debating on leaving WV or AL s?: Bay Minette: rent, construction - Alabama
  29. So Much for The Beautiful Alabama Coast: Mobile, Orange Beach: beach, deal (AL)
  30. Retiring soon: Mobile, Auburn, Fairhope: living in, place, summer - Alabama (AL)
  31. New York Times: For Roy Wood Jr., Alabama Is Painful History, New Hope and Home (AL)
  32. Madison Vs Fairhope Vs Homewood: Huntsville, Vestavia Hills: best towns, real estate, live in - Alabama (AL)
  33. Whitewater Village to bring new housing, businesses to downtown Phenix City: low income, credit - Alabama (AL)
  34. Promenade Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama: Birmingham, Huntsville: bankruptcy, construction, pharmacy (AL)
  35. Unemployment benefit appeal questions: unemployment benefits, closing, law - Alabama (AL)
  36. Spying: legal, backyard, privacy - Alabama (AL)
  37. Need A/C installed in my 1969 Camaro in Dothan, Al, suggestions: zip code - Alabama (AL)
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  39. An Idea For The State's Homeless: York: houses, tornado, live in - Alabama (AL)
  40. Riviera Sqaure, Foley, Alabama: Huntsville, Madison: construction, pharmacies, income (AL)
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  45. Moving out south want 1-2 acres for working dog and horse farm: Birmingham: home, employment - Alabama (AL)
  46. Is Alabama a hybrid of sorts between Georgia and Mississippi?: Birmingham: 2015, how much (AL)
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  48. How is it living in Huntsville or Birmingham?: Hoover, Madison: transplants, high crime - Alabama (AL)
  49. How accurate do you in AL think people are of AL in general?: Birmingham: bankrupt, college - Alabama
  50. Sell me on Alabama vs Tennessee: Birmingham, Mobile: top neighborhoods, sales (AL)
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  52. Favorite Alabama City: Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile: 2015, restaurants, move to (AL)
  53. Religion And Alabama Politics: Montgomery, Louisville: how much, buy, luxury (AL)
  54. on Roy: crimes, live in, estimated - Alabama (AL)
  55. The one Roy Moore: law, office, place - Alabama (AL)
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  59. National Champs Rolltide Does it Again: gated, cost, yard - Alabama (AL)
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  61. To The Politicians Who Lost Their Primary: highways, concert - Alabama (AL)
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  63. Tuscumbia- For Living There: living in, area, growing - Alabama (AL)
  64. Need insurance: low income, school, income - Alabama (AL)
  65. Gulf Shores schools: moving to, teachers, children - Alabama (AL)
  66. Gadsden neighborhood with this area?: houses, road - Alabama (AL)
  67. Looking for land to hunt: Huntsville, Clay: live in, clubs, counties - Alabama (AL)
  68. Talladega new Georgia Pacific: transferring to, schools, special education - Alabama (AL)
  69. Jazz Man: locations, places, haunted - Alabama (AL)
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