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  29. $300 reward stolen male mastiff: breed, ears, home, - Dogs
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  33. You had me at Woof by Julie Klam: terrier, ears - Dogs
  34. A happy doggie story: labrador, owner, stories - Dogs
  35. One Dane returned: poodles, vet, stomach, skin - Dogs
  36. Video, Would Dogs Look More Human If They Had Eyebrows?: pup, owner
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  38. How much $ to walk the dogs?: average, feeding, year, water
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  46. Share this and help animals in need: medium, Columbia - Dogs
  47. News, Euthanized Oklahoma puppy, Wall-E, rises from 'dead,' now looking to be adopted by loving family.: veterinarians, black - Dogs
  48. Does your ears hang low? - Dogs
  49. Athletes Helping Animals: boxer, vet, wound, rescue - Dogs
  50. For the fans of Pit Bulls & Parolees: problems, neighbors, cheap - Dogs
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  58. Nice Story: adopted, children - Dogs
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  61. A little dose of inspiration: rescue, humans - Dogs
  62. My neighbors dog: poodle, adopted, natural, puppy - Dogs
  63. near NJ that can help????: labrador, retriever, cross - Dogs
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  67. Remember Fiona, the formerly blind dog? s an update photo: best, home - Dogs
  68. Puppy Bowl Becomes Big Event: test, Maine, year, animal - Dogs
  69. Rescue vs the sheriff's department: vet, wound, food, shelters - Dogs
  70. New help with my 5 1/2 yr old chihuahua peeing in the house: clean, vet - Dogs
  71. Dog w/ASL Injury - Alternative Treatment?: vet, surgery, diet - Dogs
  72. What's the catch??: kennel, home, free, year - Dogs
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  76. Frost Bite, being aware!: lab, vet, skin, surgery - Dogs
  77. my favorite day of the week: clean, black, skin, keep - Dogs
  78. Doggie Dooley Septic System: poop, cost, kennels, best - Dogs
  79. Give your pets a hug!: poop, pups, canine, - Dogs
  80. As your dog gets older: adopted, stop, sleep - Dogs
  81. How to Pick a dog at a shelter: adoption - Dogs
  82. NOVA: How Smart are Dogs?: border collie, lab, clean, toy
  83. what % of dog litters are only one pup?: golden retriever, chihuahua, vet - Dogs
  84. He kidnapped ex-girlfriend tortured and killed 29-dogs forcing her to-watch: puppies, solution
  85. Jack Russel Terriers... Yes or No?: terrier, chihuahua, breeders, train - Dogs
  86. my pup got bitten by my pitt and has an open wound what do i do?: biting, clean - Dogs
  87. Should I get rid of my Dog (pit) because i'm pregnant?: bite, vet - Dogs
  88. How to teach dog to walk on a loose leash?: training, rescued - Dogs
  89. I'm in Vet School! A rant: prescription, science, teeth, treatment - Dogs
  90. Large dogs for Home Protection: lab, rottweiler, pinscher, bites
  91. Guilty dog -- you will not believe the expression on the second dog!: lab, kennel - Dogs
  92. What do you think about muzzling a dog when.......: lab, rescued, adopted - Dogs
  93. A Proud, Proud Day for Missouri: puppy, keep, stop - Dogs
  94. Convince me that a prong collar is OK?: poop, skin, training - Dogs
  95. Am I just being paranoid?: bite, vet, outside, eat - Dogs
  96. Successful weight loss program: vet, stomach, train, food - Dogs
  97. Always been a puller on leash: vet, breeding, skin, training - Dogs
  98. Poor Sammie: skin, rescue, ears, home - Dogs
  99. Coming Soon: black, training, rescue, adopted - Dogs
  100. ever have a Problem with their Dog's Anal Glands?: tumors, vet - Dogs
  101. New Rescue Nipping My Preschooler: vet, barking, aggressive, skin - Dogs
  102. Apt neighbors complaining/lying: lab, rottweiler, clean, poop - Dogs
  103. I.D. tags on your dogs - why don't people get it?: chihuahua, vet
  104. What Emergency Shelter supplies do you have for your dog: clean, vet - Dogs
  105. Is having a dog neutered safe?: vet, toy, breeding, wound - Dogs
  106. Taste of the Wild Causing Gas: ridgeback, shepherd, labs, poop - Dogs
  107. Need help with dog allergies: shepherd, shih tzu, allergic, poodles - Dogs
  108. Good grief...I feel like the pied piper: vet, diet, chewing - Dogs
  109. What Was It Like When You Added Your 2nd Dog?: how much, biting - Dogs
  110. my dog stinks! What does yeast smell like?: retrievers, poop, vet - Dogs
  111. Buying from breeder/adopting debate: shepherd, labrador, poodle, golden retriever - Dogs
  112. poor Phoenix: vet, surgery, eating, test - Dogs
  113. 2 1/2 y.o. Lab is limping: labs, vet, breeding, surgery - Dogs
  114. Looking for a help with Wiemeriner: vet, toy, breeding, skin - Dogs
  115. Surprise foster - guess the rescue's not closed after all!: vet, wound - Dogs
  116. What you do to annoy your dog...: boxer, clean, barking - Dogs
  117. Need about my danes..: bite, vet, toy, wound - Dogs
  118. Dogs loyalty to a friend in Japan: vet, aggressive, rescue
  119. Happy birthday, Bailey!!!! (LTTP told me!): paws, walk, work, family - Dogs
  120. Reunion photo from Japanese paper: ears, owner - Dogs
  121. Woman Tries to Mail Puppy in Box: children, home, Minnesota - Dogs
  122. Do you feel that animal shelters & rescues should be required to be inspected by the USDA like commericial kennels are?: clean, breeders - Dogs
  123. So you want a Siberian Husky!: huskies, shedding, kennel, shots - Dogs
  124. Positive Heartworms with monthly meds taken: shepherd, lab, vet, treatment - Dogs
  125. Excessive Shedding: border collie, allergy, terriers, golden retriever - Dogs
  126. My dog has no appetit...she doesn't smell the same: poop, vet - Dogs
  127. give salmon oil twice a day: terrier, chihuahua, skin - Dogs
  128. about Dog Walking Slings?: shepherd, vet, breeder, train - Dogs
  129. Breeding my mutt.: breeders, euthanize, puppies, best - Dogs
  130. Why do our dog smell like Fritos????: black, beagle, effects - Dogs
  131. Is growling around food a red flag of aggression issues?: poodle, bite - Dogs
  132. best dog and cat food you can buy at Sam's Club?: mice, diet - Dogs
  133. My neighbor just called the police....: shepherd, shepherds, barking, outside - Dogs
  134. I had to buy a shock collar.: lab, training, rescued - Dogs
  135. Artie is favoring his left front leg since yesterday afternoon: vet, cross - Dogs
  136. Most expensive dog in the world: kids, best, breed, eating - Dogs
  137. News, Tenn. lawmaker says dogs need seatbelts.: legal, train, neuter
  138. Brown rice o.k. for diarrhea???: border collie, poop, vet, barking - Dogs
  139. PETA: People Exterminating Thousands of Animals: pitbull, breeders, aggressive, treatment - Dogs
  140. Can Dogs Sense *cough cough* Adult Action?: barking, bones, kids
  141. Dogs and drywall: bite, vet, stomach, surgery
  142. Teaching dogs to walk on leash without pulling: shepherd, labrador, English Bulldog
  143. would you change vets ?: vet, treatment, bird, problems - Dogs
  144. Jobs for dogs: poodle, clean, kids, puppy
  145. getting a second dog..: Shar-Pei, shepherd, poodle, chihuahua - Dogs
  146. It's not the mange..: allergy, terrier, yorkie, vet - Dogs
  147. what do you think of someone who eat dogs?: legal, treatment, food
  148. My dog barks at us and we dont know why??: how much, lab - Dogs
  149. expetions for BSL banned dogs if you are a rescue?: pitbulls, lab
  150. Dogs and Movies: spaniel, barking, bird, noise
  151. New Kensie pics!: rescue, chews, children, cats - Dogs
  152. Incontenence in older dogs...: clean, vet, symptoms, odor
  153. questions about small dogs: how much, chihuahua, poop, toy
  154. Michael Vick to appear on Oprah: legal, black, teeth, ears - Dogs
  155. Son Has Asthma & Allergies...Get Rid of Dogs??: allergic, clean, cleaning
  156. looking for a crate mat my puppy can't destroy: lab, collie, bones - Dogs
  157. Been a bad day: how much, vet, stomach, rescue - Dogs
  158. we are moving again: best, walk, ears, home - Dogs
  159. Westminster Dog Show begins tonight (2/14-2/15/2011): miniature, pinscher, toy, kennel - Dogs
  160. Invisible Fence (or the generic equivalent...)???: how much, labs, terrier, bite - Dogs
  161. Have searched the forum, looking 4 f/u on tracheal collapse: shih tzu, vet - Dogs
  162. Dog attacks, Pit bulls, and the one bite rule.: pitbulls, terrier - Dogs
  163. Annoying new barking behavior: science, training, kennel, cross - Dogs
  164. Girl Scouts Speak Out Against Puppy Mills: rescue, children, shots - Dogs
  165. Poodle pup won't eat dog food and is driving me nuts: clean, vet - Dogs
  166. Alpha Dogs: pitbulls, bite, barking, neutered
  167. Very frequent heavy urination?: vet, rescue, adoption, puppy - Dogs
  168. Seizures: shepherd, bite, clean, poop - Dogs
  169. German Shepherd Hair Loss: shepherds, clean, shedding, normal - Dogs
  170. New chihuahua fosters: terrier, breeders, aggressive, surgery - Dogs
  171. Papillon Owner/Breeder Tell me the Pros & Cons!: train, puppies, problems - Dogs
  172. Tips on feeding neglected dogs!: vets, barks, husky, skin
  173. Annoyed with myself and annoyed with my dog - mostly with myself: vet, diarrhea - Dogs
  174. Poodles Rock: goldendoodle, labradoodles, miniature, retreiver - Dogs
  175. We found a rental, that's excepting our 3 dogs!: how much, clean, aggressive
  176. why do my dogs do this?!: pitbull, bulldog, rottweiler, clean
  177. Dog Transport Services.....Need Advice!: vet, breeder, rescue, cost - Dogs
  178. Playfighting: terriers, barks, teeth, natural - Dogs
  179. does my new neighbor have a dog?: poodle, poop, barking - Dogs
  180. Starved dogs, case dropped by ADA: vet, wound, legal, stomach
  181. Unsure of dog's breed: vet, puppy, best, breeds - Dogs
  182. Australian Shepherd and Collies (exercise): border collie, breeder, aggressive, training - Dogs
  183. Schnauzer Questions.: terrier, schnauzers, skin, cost - Dogs
  184. Dogs peeing on yard: clean, poop, natural, cats
  185. Who should cross the street...: bite, aggressive, teeth, kids - Dogs
  186. can tell me what kind of dog this is?: poodle, breeders - Dogs
  187. United Kennel Club: boxer, Staffordshire Terriers, labradoodle, breeders - Dogs
  188. Blindness in dogs: shih tzu, vet, cataracts, surgery
  189. Do you sleep with your dog?: lab, barking, training, allergies - Dogs
  190. From AKC: New Texas Bills Unfair to Responsible Owners and Breeders: clean, kennel - Dogs
  191. My dog made my entire week yesterday!!!!!: labrador, barking, training - Dogs
  192. Need a good name.: labs, retreiver, vet, heartworms - Dogs
  193. Know What Type Of Dog This Is??: pitbull, lab, bulldog - Dogs
  194. Who has a VELCRO dog?: terrier, outside, eat, home - Dogs
  195. Home vaccinations: vet, toy, breeders, rescue - Dogs
  196. Ideas for Dog Group Name: barking, paws, cross, puppies - Dogs
  197. My dog was expelled from doggy daycare...: lab, Staffordshire Terrier, bite - Dogs
  198. You see the HEART on this puppy's forehead!: rescue, chocolate - Dogs
  199. News Video, Blind man and dog get guide dog.: labrador, cataracts, ears - Dogs
  200. ultrasonice training devices...: barking, train, cross, collars - Dogs