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  1. Has heard of this brand?: allergic, vet, treatment, fleas - Dogs
  2. give their furball cod liver oil?: vet, breeder, skin - Dogs
  3. Pedigree Wet Dog Food Recall: weight, Tucson, plastic - Dogs
  4. Scratching door during time together: vet, barking, skin - Dogs
  5. 9 y.o. didn't understand the concept of a stray animal: collars, cats - Dogs
  6. What is the line? How much is too much?: bulldog, rottweiler, vet - Dogs
  7. Two tier dog food container: clean, cleaning, cats, ears - Dogs
  8. Golden Retriever finds lost autistic boy: ears, year - Dogs
  9. Severe separation anxiety just got worse: lab, vet, shaking, skin - Dogs
  10. Does My doggy lovfe me??: poodle, breeders, aggressive, training - Dogs
  11. Happy July 4th: cross, shelters, ears, home - Dogs
  12. Help identifying dog breed...: children, size, stop, control - Dogs
  13. No such thing as hypoallergenic dog?: allergic, terrier, spaniel, skin - Dogs
  14. Dachshund puppy and ghostcrab: mice, doxie, breed, months - Dogs
  15. Housebreaking Standard Poodle Puppy Need Help: clean, poop, vet, train - Dogs
  16. Issues with Acana Dog Food: yorkie, vet, science, stomach - Dogs
  17. Memorial erected for L.A. dog: allergic, outside, work - Dogs
  18. Dog diagnosed with Canine Lupus: poodle, toy, treatment, symptoms - Dogs
  19. Canine Lupus: surgery, effects, cancer - Dogs
  20. A crate, a blanket, a dog ...: doxie, work - Dogs
  21. Barking at thunderstorms: lab, toy, train, rescue - Dogs
  22. Puppy knows when she wants to take a bath: barks, dachshund, water - Dogs
  23. A touching story of a reunited dog and her family and the woman who made it happen: Savannah - Dogs
  24. Usda-aphis: veterinary, breeders, odor, kennels - Dogs
  25. How do you store your food?: clean, natural, eating, transfer - Dogs
  26. Help hope: how much, treatment, rescue, adopted - Dogs
  27. So Roscoe is growing up and showing his Aussiness. lol: shepherd, golden retriever - Dogs
  28. The brighter side of having a dog that won't stop barking and a crazy dog: teeth, drool - Dogs
  29. Dogs and Beach Condos: canine, popular, Delaware, people
  30. Worried about my doggie....: vet, diarrhea, infection, best - Dogs
  31. We all need to train our dogs to collect tips like this dog!
  32. Alfie has a forever home: rescue, vaccines, legs, canine - Dogs
  33. Loyal dog saves hiking woman from raccoon attack: walk, ears, feeding - Dogs
  34. Sick dog, may be food related: lab, allergic, vet, schnauzer - Dogs
  35. Charlie the master hoarder: border collie, labs, mice, rescue - Dogs
  36. 11 year old dog bite victim needs help: surgery, ears, home - Dogs
  37. Max is going on his first airplane ride!: English Bulldog, vet, rescue - Dogs
  38. Dog abuse.....: lab, animal, female, control - Dogs
  39. Emmylou Harris has Dog Rescue in Nashville: barking, causes, animal - Dogs
  40. Twitter helps reunite lost dog and owner: train, power - Dogs
  41. A Late Night Rescue!: puppy, shelter, home, - Dogs
  42. Puppies and panhandlers in San Frasncisco - Dogs
  43. Dog on Potty Schedule - How to Get Her to Alert Us in Emergency: train, noise - Dogs
  44. Seeking Hypoallergenic Female Small-Medium Dog: labs, allergic, poodles, boxer - Dogs
  45. Pet products made in America: training, cross, treats, animal - Dogs
  46. Dog Saves Toddler from Swimming Pool Drowning: rescues, Michigan, water - Dogs
  47. Girl Scouts take on AKC- we can help too: vet, breeders, treatment - Dogs
  48. 200 chihuahuas rescued in PA: breed, home - Dogs
  49. Potty Patch: poop, barking, train, noise - Dogs
  50. Help needed!!: food, legs, eating, treats - Dogs
  51. Man bites k-9 police dog: rabies, shots, normal, attacked - Dogs
  52. Trainer says don't use laser light toys with dogs.: terrier, breeder, rescue
  53. healthy chews?: toy, teeth, odor, bones - Dogs
  54. Sleeping with Pets... expectations vs reality: shepherd, cats, test, solution - Dogs
  55. Dogs make a healthier you: cold
  56. Older dog being diapered. . .: poop, vets, maltese, outside - Dogs
  57. Great dane grabbing my sons arm: poodle, biting, training, teeth - Dogs
  58. GOOD Boy, Ruger!! Good Boy!!: pitbulls, home, Illinois, people - Dogs
  59. Blotchy moth eaten look: bites, vet, treatment, greyhound - Dogs
  60. Puppies need to cool down with ice too: bulldogs, clean, cough
  61. Aging shepherd mix having leg spasms: vet, ears, diabetic, year - Dogs
  62. Dog collar safety light suggestions: walk, plastic - Dogs
  63. pics of Willie and the gang: cross, pups, best, ears - Dogs
  64. Pain As Cause Of Aggression In Dogs: bite, rescue, cocker
  65. Nose Work for dogs: shih tzu, training, treats, owner
  66. What do I do: Food Recall: Changed Foods: chihuahua, yorkies, vet - Dogs
  67. Recent diarrhea problem!: shepherd, allergic, shepherds, clean - Dogs
  68. Old dog incontinence, anything I can do for him?: clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  69. Humorous video about spay and neuter efforts: cross, cats - Dogs
  70. This is the kind of Vet we all have nightmares about: clean, cleaning - Dogs
  71. Prednisone and peeing: vet, train, allergies, infection - Dogs
  72. Why does a dog shake so hard?: labs, shih-tzu, clean - Dogs
  73. Topical ointment against ticks?: lab, vet, treatment, diet - Dogs
  74. Hard time with potty training on adult dog.: poop, vet, barking - Dogs
  75. Wonderful story about a dog who saved a baby: rescues, ears, animal - Dogs
  76. Dry fur/skin on Fromm?: allergy, poop, vet, breeder - Dogs
  77. have prior experience with a deaf/partially blind dog training sites online: lab, rescue - Dogs
  78. Dogs allowed to visit their owners in the hospital: how much, legal, allergies
  79. Alaskan Klee Kai aka miniature huskies: labrador, shih tzu, retrievers - Dogs
  80. Dog Bed and Breakfast: clean, vet, rescue, allergies - Dogs
  81. Pig's Ear Shortage????: skin, ears, eat, normal - Dogs
  82. New addition to the family...: puppy, keep, chocolate, Denver - Dogs
  83. Green Dog Rescue is cageless: aggressive, kennel, shelters, aggression - Dogs
  84. Ideas for transporting rescue dog TX to upstate NY: adoption, paws, puppy - Dogs
  85. I really like Labs...but...: golden retriever, rescue, beagle, adopted - Dogs
  86. Service puppy cam: golden retriever, toy, wound, black - Dogs
  87. Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs: lab, English Mastiff, veterinarian, barking
  88. Dog Swallows Whole Chicken Wing Drummett..............: poop, vet, stomach, training - Dogs
  89. Sudden anxiety in the middle of the night, terrified of crate: clean, cleaning - Dogs
  90. Isn't saying a dog is fixed bad terminology?: breeders, neutered - Dogs
  91. 'Official' service dog training: train, costs, natural, outside - Dogs
  92. Michael Vick's new adventure....: how much, rescued, shelter, test - Dogs
  93. What would you do about neighbor's dogs killing your chickens?: cost, paws
  94. Moving Cross Country with Senior Dog: shepherd, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  95. is it for a dog to not have a type ?: labs, bulldogs
  96. People Walking Around With....: food, outside, walk, home - Dogs
  97. I don't want to, but I have to rehome my dog: breeder, huskies - Dogs
  98. Vacation angst - what to do with dogs: shih tzu, boxer, terrier
  99. Don't know if this has been visited before but...: shepherd, terrier - Dogs
  100. Woman mad at my dog, who was not doing anything: retreiver, aggressive - Dogs
  101. When something is wrong with your dog...: shih tzu, vet, wound - Dogs
  102. best glucosamine/chondroitin for dogs?: lab, shih tzu, allergy, vet
  103. Does 's dog have a total personality change in Petsmart?: training, drool - Dogs
  104. How do you train a dog to retrieve (for play only)?: lab, toy - Dogs
  105. Oddest dog I have ever seen....: breeder, rescue, kennel, puppy - Dogs
  106. What Dog Color is Your Favorite???: shepherd, pomeranian, black, rescue - Dogs
  107. Found a bug on dog: beagle, best, collars, walk - Dogs
  108. Apalling treatment of disabled vet and service dog: paws, best, test - Dogs
  109. Issue with dog going bathroom outside.: bite, clean, shaking, housebreak - Dogs
  110. that SKUNK smell...just won't leave!!!: lab, clean, vet - Dogs
  111. PETA fights program to have public housing people foster dogs: veterinarian, training
  112. Help! My German Shepherd bite my lawn man this morning. :(: shepherds, clean - Dogs
  113. Which shots are REQUIRED for puppies....: vet, wound, treatment, infection - Dogs
  114. Surgery for an aural hematoma?: how much, English Mastiff, vet, shaking - Dogs
  115. a woman walking a golden this morning and the golden had very wobbly rear legs.: labs, shih tzu - Dogs
  116. Cop saves an 'aggressive' dog: bite, adopt, children, best - Dogs
  117. Are Dog Food Sold at Wal-Mart...: how much, allergic, clean, poop - Dogs
  118. Can dogs UNlearn a bad habit (that is MY fault)?: clean, poop
  119. Remedy for Itching Dog: shepherd, allergic, golden retriever, bites - Dogs
  120. Are Most Pet Dogs Over-Fed?: how much, bulldog, vet, skin
  121. My dog does not like her teeth brushed: clean, vets, training - Dogs
  122. ACE or Acepromazine: how much, rottweiler, poop, vet - Dogs
  123. My Boxer has Predatory Aggression: labrador, boxers, vet, barking - Dogs
  124. Monthly pet budget: how much, shih tzu, bite, vet - Dogs
  125. Found out the other day one of our dogs has cancer :(: poodle, terrier
  126. Running with my dog in the heat?: how much, shepherd, black - Dogs
  127. Newfoundland: breeder, training, adopted, drool - Dogs
  128. Help! Dog continues to eat her poop: border collie, shih tzu, terrier - Dogs
  129. News, Meet the World's Ugliest Dog.: terrier, clean, toy, black - Dogs
  130. Getting a puppy: labrador, retriever, housebreak, train - Dogs
  131. Life changes/Breed changes: shih tzu, terriers, rottweiler, breeder - Dogs
  132. A tax on pets: terrier, clean, cost, shelter - Dogs
  133. I want to travel with my dog this summer: clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  134. Medication deals for pets: poodle, rottweiler, vet, breeder - Dogs
  135. Woman smashes window to save dog from hot car, owner thanks her: skin, pups - Dogs
  136. Doing what your bred to do: border collie, terrier, chihuahuas, barking - Dogs
  137. What kind of toys are good for dogs?: poodle, bites, clean
  138. Gassy dog: English Bulldog, poop, vet, skin - Dogs
  139. Your dog and fireworks: noise, outside, shelters, adult - Dogs
  140. Leaving a Dog Outside: clean, poop, kennel, chewing - Dogs
  141. Are Petsmart and Petco to blame?: shepherd, clean, toy, aggressive - Dogs
  142. Jealous Shih tzu: breeders, aggressive, train, shots - Dogs
  143. Need ideas to entice seniors to rescue or foster dogs: border collie, shepherd
  144. Annoying Neighborhood Kids: bite, aggressive, legal, children - Dogs
  145. What movie could your dog be in?: shepherd, sheltie, pups - Dogs
  146. Behavior medications for dogs: border collie, lab, bite, vet
  147. We need sleep: clean, poop, barking, stomach - Dogs
  148. Neighbors dogs won't shut up.: barking, legal, skin, noise
  149. Help! My dogs got into a fight and I need advice: boxer, bite
  150. Help with territorial/aggressive barking: Shar-Pei, boxer, skin, best - Dogs
  151. Dog peeing when I put his leash on?: poodle, clean, toy - Dogs
  152. for posters: pitbull, shepherd, poodle, boxer - Dogs
  153. Puppy problems...: labs, vet, toy, barking - Dogs
  154. Dog wont stop peeing/pooping in the house- complicated situation: clean, vet - Dogs
  155. Can dogs eat the fruit in summer?: terrier, black, diet
  156. Does your dog wake you in the middle of the night: barking, skin - Dogs
  157. I this Spray on Grass Safe for Dogs??: skin, beagle, natural
  158. Dog eats man's big toe and ends up saving his life: black, chew - Dogs
  159. need help selecting dry dog food: vet, science, stomach, diet - Dogs
  160. Puppy Food Aggression?: breeders, aggressive, training, natural - Dogs
  161. Service dog certification/training: shepherd, poodle, chihuahua, aggressive - Dogs
  162. chances of medium size dog surviving head being run over.: biting, vet - Dogs
  163. Kennel Cough: gagging, vet, breeding, wound - Dogs
  164. getting a puppy - need advice on training: shepherd, clean, train - Dogs
  165. Large Breed dog that is good with cats: shepherd, terrier, shepherds - Dogs
  166. Pets and Heat.: retriever, vet, barking, treatment - Dogs
  167. When do I say good bye to an old dog?: shepherd, shih-tzu - Dogs
  168. They are driving me crazy with their toys: shih tzu, yorkie, toy - Dogs
  169. Boarding and kenneling: vets, cost, kennels, kids - Dogs
  170. Another family dog murdered by a cop: barking, wound, aggressive - Dogs
  171. Excessive thirst and urination with my lab mix...advice: rottweiler, clean - Dogs
  172. Horrible Dog Breath: clean, poop, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  173. Papillon with back injury: clean, poop, vet, science - Dogs
  174. Introducting Foster Dog to 2 senior dogs: border collie, shepherd, barking, aggressive
  175. is 1K+ for a purebred puppy insane?: border collie, vet, breeder - Dogs
  176. Are breeds more sensitive to thunder/fireworks?: border collie, shepherd, lab - Dogs
  177. Treats: What do you feed your dog: vet, stomach, training - Dogs
  178. Fire Works: clean, poop, legal, cleaning - Dogs
  179. What breeds of dog are popular in the USA: shepherd, labrador, shih tzu - Dogs
  180. about anti-tethering laws: lab, vet, legal, training - Dogs
  181. What can I do about fleas on my dog?: vet, prescription, cost - Dogs
  182. News, Fulfills Months-Old Contest Promise.: skin, rescue, bones - Dogs
  183. Dog Parks- South Jersey: months, county, park - Dogs
  184. Nationwide limited Recall: Natures Variety brand Prairie Beef Meal & Barley Medley Kibble for Dogs: odor, food
  185. Dolphin kisses dog: normal - Dogs
  186. Boxer's Morning Ritual - Dogs
  187. Dogs caught in house fire saved by special camera: animals, sensitive
  188. Humane Society receives surveillance equipment donation: vet, costs, adopted, neuter - Dogs
  189. A Dog on His Master- a Poem: cross, collins, grass - Dogs
  190. News, Dog survives 5-story fall from Miami drawbridge: breed, cats, mixed - Dogs
  191. Dog Saves Toddler: rescues, swimming, Michigan - Dogs
  192. Limited voluntary recall Pedigree canned dog food: plastic - Dogs
  193. Father-Son team invent better pooper scooper: clean, walk - Dogs
  194. Woman Loses One Dog, Finds Another - Dogs
  195. Another Option for Dog Sitting/boarding: cost, Denver, months, family - Dogs
  196. k9 Cancers: black, treatment, canine, disease - Dogs
  197. 2 Basset Hounds reunited with owners after 5.5 years due to MICROCHIP: work, people - Dogs
  198. Smelly T-shirt saves dog in deep quarry rescue: food, owner, fight - Dogs
  199. Sammy the dog in middle of expensive custody dispute: pomeranian, popular - Dogs
  200. Adorable puppy photo shoot not what it (sad): shelters, canines, ears - Dogs