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  1. Parking a semi-truck at a house: Phoenix: apartment complexes, HOA, neighborhoods - Arizona (AZ)
  2. What's the nicest area in the Phoenix suburb cities?: Mesa: for sale, real estate - Arizona (AZ)
  3. Best Gym in Central Phoenix: health club, health, parks - Arizona (AZ)
  4. Fatback: Phoenix: shop, place, grocery stores - Arizona (AZ)
  5. Non religious Charter school east valley: Mesa, Scottsdale: high school, campus, kids - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  6. White powdery substance all over the backyard: Peoria: softener, mold - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  7. which areas are safe along the light rail?: Phoenix, Tempe: living, residential - Arizona (AZ)
  8. From Chicago to Phoenix: Scottsdale, Tempe: 2014, apartment complexes, HOA - Arizona (AZ)
  9. Phoenix Move: Tucson, Tombstone: neighborhoods, living, suburban - Arizona (AZ)
  10. On Apartment Complexes?: Phoenix, Mesa: for rent, home, landscaping - Arizona (AZ)
  11. Higley Unified School District: Gilbert: neighborhoods, buying, to live in - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  12. Phoenix winter weather: new house, trees, summer - Arizona (AZ)
  13. The Meadows MHP on Southern in Tempe (85282): apartment, house - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  14. Home Alarm System for Phoenix: houses, purchasing, contractor - Arizona (AZ)
  15. House renters: how much do you spend a month?: Phoenix: 2013, neighborhood - Arizona (AZ)
  16. Snow bird help.: Phoenix, Scottsdale: condo, neighborhoods, purchase - Arizona (AZ)
  17. Price Corridor - pollution?: Phoenix, Chandler: to live in, move to, manufacturing - Arizona (AZ)
  18. fountain hills county: Maricopa: free, considered - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  19. Micro-climates in Phoenix area ? Californian(Fresno) moving to AZ: Tucson: transplants, job market - Arizona
  20. Estimate to extend wrought iron fence?: Chandler, Gilbert: HOA, new house, buying - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  21. Phoenix vs Austin heat: Miami: school, college, allergies - Arizona (AZ)
  22. PBS on immigration/Arizona: Maricopa: county, Hispanic, economy - Phoenix area, (AZ)
  23. What permits to get during remodel?: loan, house, heat pump - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  24. Russian restaurants or stores: Phoenix: construction, pierogi, live - Arizona (AZ)
  25. Fountain Hills Bound!!! Jan 28th!: moving, special needs, residency - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  26. Job for electrician?: Phoenix: 2013, new home, construction - Arizona (AZ)
  27. Is Mesa a good place to live with kids?: Phoenix: school districts, quality of life - Arizona (AZ)
  28. Auto requirements: Phoenix, Maricopa: insurance, how much, transfer - Arizona (AZ)
  29. Insurance Companies that Cover Rural Metro Cost?: broker, house - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  30. Reserve at Fulton Ranch in Chandler - Is it Good?: Gilbert: for sale, custom home - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  31. What do you think of the farmers markets in the phoenix metro area?: shop - Arizona (AZ)
  32. Colleges out in Phoenix: Glendale, Tempe: 2014, apartments, how much - Arizona (AZ)
  33. Moving to Phoenix area from Orlando - NEED HELP!!!: Scottsdale: sales, for rent - Arizona (AZ)
  34. Single mom with son ... Apartments within 20 of Tempe?: Mesa, Scottsdale: apartment complex, condo - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  35. fee-for-service real estate agent services - how to find?!: Chandler: flat fee, for sale - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  36. I can't wait!!: Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale: home, scorpion, place to live - Arizona (AZ)
  37. South Scottsdale: Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe: apartment complexes, rent, crime - Arizona (AZ)
  38. phoenix recent crime rate?: 2013, home, neighborhood - Arizona (AZ)
  39. Horse boarding for English eventer?: Cottonwood, Buckeye: lessons, place, AFB - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  40. Is there an app for that? Light Rail? Valley Metro?: Phoenix: buses, airport - Arizona (AZ)
  41. Central Phoenix Urban Infill and Development: 2013, apartments - Arizona (AZ)
  42. Moving to phoenix: Scottsdale, Chandler, Tempe: rental, mortgage, house prices - Arizona (AZ)
  43. Vistancia, Verrado: Air Quality and wind: Sun City, Surprise: to buy, live, car - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  44. chocolate marshmallow ice cream...does it exist in PHX?: live, store - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  45. Looking for about Arizona,: Phoenix, Scottsdale: live in, bus, moving to - (AZ)
  46. Pinnacle High School or Cactus Shadows: Phoenix, Mesa: neighborhoods, buy, school district - Arizona (AZ)
  47. Lyons Gate is it a good community: Gilbert: 2013, rental - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  48. WM Phoenix Open: Scottsdale: how much, live in, club - Arizona (AZ)
  49. Good Restaurants in the West Valley: Peoria, Avondale: wedding, live in, price - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  50. Area around Chandler-Gil Community College: Gilbert, Buckeye: rental, violent crime, safer - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  51. Drums in downtown Phoenix right now...: apartment, YMCA, floor - Arizona (AZ)
  52. -55 degrees...wind chills: Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale: how much, homes, to live - Arizona (AZ)
  53. 35 year old with two boys wants to move out of Philadelphia.: Phoenix: apartments, rent - Arizona (AZ)
  54. Job near Scottsdale Airpark, Home @ Thomas/Scottsdale. Commute?: Phoenix, Paradise Valley: rent, houses - Arizona (AZ)
  55. to find a 1 bedroom for $600 near downtown/Tempe/Scottsdale?: Phoenix: apartments, lease - Arizona (AZ)
  56. Moving to chandler or Gilbert: Phoenix, Mesa: best cities, house, neighborhoods - Arizona (AZ)
  57. Buckeye?: Goodyear: new home, school district, place to live - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  58. Renting RV for the first time: Phoenix, Flagstaff: RV parks, rentals, insurance - Arizona (AZ)
  59. Pet vaccination clinics?: Phoenix: stores, friendly, dog parks - Arizona (AZ)
  60. Pergola Permit: Phoenix, Goodyear: HOA, house, landscaping - Arizona (AZ)
  61. lived temporarily before but which areas in phx should I revisit ?: Phoenix: home, safe area - Arizona (AZ)
  62. Chronic Post Nasal Drip: Phoenix: allergies, live, health - Arizona (AZ)
  63. recommendations for cell phone repair?: live in, places, warranty - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  64. Moving from Minnesota to Phoenix area! (Tempe/Chandler/Gilbert/Mesa?): Scottsdale: 2014, apartment complexes - Arizona (AZ)
  65. Safe Deposit Box Rates in Metro PHX: mortgage, credit - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  66. Relocating to Phoenix - pre-school options: Peoria: preschools, to move - Arizona (AZ)
  67. looking to sell a hot tub: year, how to, good - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  68. Real Estate License in AZ: sales, lease, insurance - Phoenix area, Arizona
  69. City of Peoria getting rid of the awful artwork on Happy Valley Rd: Glendale: 2015 - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  70. US Pharmacy Discount Card: 2013, insurance, medical - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  71. ever file a dispute over house square footage?: Maricopa: for sale, real estate - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  72. City Franchise or Private Franchise Water: Phoenix, Scottsdale: houses, to buy, utilities - Arizona (AZ)
  73. Plane noise: Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler: 2013, apartments, lease - Arizona (AZ)
  74. My Mom and Stepdad are moving to Chandler: Sun Lakes: apartment complex, homes - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  75. Pool service shock every week?: how much, vacation home, store - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  76. Happenings at Southern and Mcclintock last night? (Tempe): gas, location - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  77. In Casa Grande for work. Where to watch the Superbowl?: Phoenix: mall, airport - Arizona (AZ)
  78. Has built their own pool?: Phoenix: how much, general contractor, stores - Arizona (AZ)
  79. Are there coed events/groups singles can join in the valley?: Phoenix: to live - Arizona (AZ)
  80. Scottsdale Mountain New Construction within 18 months!?!?!? :O: sales, townhomes - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  81. I need a Scottsdale Custom Home Builder: Phoenix, Paradise Valley: home builders, to buy - Arizona (AZ)
  82. Federal and state government grants for retro-fit homes to use solar energy: sales - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  83. Best High School Girls Basketball Programs: Phoenix, Scottsdale: moving to, suburbs, rankings - Arizona (AZ)
  84. Apartment complex was bought out and won't refund security deposit.: foreclosure, leases - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  85. wicked stepchild tenant: Phoenix, Tucson: rental, crime, evictions - Arizona (AZ)
  86. Native Indian presence in Phoenix & places to visit?: Tucson: for sale, casinos - Arizona (AZ)
  87. PHX employment agencies: Phoenix: 2015, price, warehouse - Arizona (AZ)
  88. Recommendations For Reasonably Priced AWD Transmission Shops?: Phoenix, Peoria: 2013, cars - Arizona (AZ)
  89. Realtor Recommendation - East Valley: Phoenix, Gilbert: real estate, renter, HOA - Arizona (AZ)
  90. Month to month Rentals: Phoenix, Scottsdale: extended stay, eviction, hotels - Arizona (AZ)
  91. young 60s gals looking for business clubs, sociables litchfield: Peoria: houses, professionals - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  92. Gynecologist Recommendation: Phoenix: retiring, health, best - Arizona (AZ)
  93. Ideas For Moving...: Phoenix: mover, buy, price - Arizona (AZ)
  94. 25 year old single guy, job in anthem what are good areas?: Avondale: for rent - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  95. moving from nj to scottsdale area: Phoenix, Mesa: apartments, crime, community college - Arizona (AZ)
  96. Agritopia... what's going on there now?: rentals, homes, neighborhood - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  97. Free pallets in Phoenix: Peoria, Buckeye: houses, neighborhood, cost - Arizona (AZ)
  98. They're baaaack!! Amy and Samy - Kitchen Nightmares: Apache Junction: 2014, lawyer - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  99. Proof that Joe Arpaio believes in Equal Rights: crime, best - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  100. nocturnal lifestyle in Phoenix?: Tucson, Scottsdale: home, casino, to live - Arizona (AZ)
  101. Gilbert Services: Chandler, Page, Williams: salon, house, buying - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  102. Coldwell Banker Mortgage vs Chase: real estate, mortgage broker, refinance - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  103. How bad is the heat?: Phoenix: 2013, hotels, school - Arizona (AZ)
  104. Exterior painting - tips, recommendations?: Williams: rent, HOA, townhouse - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  105. moving to chandler, az: Phoenix, Gilbert: mall, housing, suburban - Arizona (AZ)
  106. Trouble in Gilbert Schools: Phoenix, Chandler: fit in, 2014, homes - Arizona (AZ)
  107. Am I looking in the right place?: Mesa, Scottsdale: 2013, home builders - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  108. What to look for in investment home?: Phoenix, Mesa: section 8, 2013 - Arizona (AZ)
  109. Backyard Irrigation Help: landscaping, school, shop - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  110. Moving to Phoenix Area....Where would be the best place for us to live?: Glendale: home, neighborhoods - Arizona (AZ)
  111. Job searching in Phoenix: insurance, credit card, loans - Arizona (AZ)
  112. Need Urgent Help on Move Decision!!! (Chicago to Phoenix): Glendale: apartments, rentals - Arizona (AZ)
  113. TV on the patio: to buy, moving, farm - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  114. OK Tell me about south tempe and chandler.: Phoenix, Scottsdale: real estate, townhomes - Arizona (AZ)
  115. Scottsdale..??: Phoenix, Chandler, Tempe: Valentine's day, condos, how much - Arizona (AZ)
  116. Urgent Help Needed: hotel room: Phoenix, Tempe: credit card, hotels, college - Arizona (AZ)
  117. Extending gas pipeline in backyard...who to call?: Gilbert: house, landscaping - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  118. House issues: Phoenix: buying a house, buying, luxury - Arizona (AZ)
  119. Questions for parrot/conure owners: Sun City, Sun City West: house, scorpions, live - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  120. Weed control: Scottsdale: rental, landscaping, price - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  121. Help Settle Worries: Phoenix, Scottsdale: rentals, hotels, house - Arizona (AZ)
  122. New Build with Western Exposure: house, purchase, living - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  123. Power Road Knowledge Corridor street signs - speculation on color: Mesa: 2013, construction - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  124. Exposed Aggregate for Backyard: Phoenix: buyer, live, price - Arizona (AZ)
  125. Restaurants: Phoenix, Chandler, Tempe: school, floor, mall - Arizona (AZ)
  126. Questions about Maricopa County Sheriffs Department: Phoenix, Sun City: transferring to, high school, law - Arizona (AZ)
  127. Advice on renting a furnished home in Phoenix area for 4 months (winter): Mesa: appointed, real estate - Arizona (AZ)
  128. Best LDS (Mormon) Wards in Mesa/Gilbert: Phoenix, Scottsdale: rental homes, condos - Arizona (AZ)
  129. about dust storms: Phoenix, Scottsdale: 2014, rentals, house - Arizona (AZ)
  130. Moving Emotions Up and Down: Phoenix, Mesa: rent, how much, buying a house - Arizona (AZ)
  131. What airline has cheapest tickets to phoenix from Oakland ?: 2013, credit card - Arizona (AZ)
  132. The Phoenix Dialect: transplants, 2013, house - Arizona (AZ)
  133. Couple questions about Fountain Hills: Scottsdale, Chandler: for sale, crime, houses - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  134. canta mia residents: Mesa, Goodyear: HOA fees, new home, homebuyer - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  135. Arpaio asking for...$39million?: Phoenix, Maricopa: 2014, attorney, costs - Arizona (AZ)
  136. My turn....pool build: HOA, houses, tile - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  137. Can you get pulled over by the police on private property?: Avondale: insurance, crime - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  138. Coming to town for vacation at the end of Feb, need car rental advice!!!: Phoenix: rentals, school - Arizona (AZ)
  139. SWIMMING POOL ADVICE: If you knew then what you know now....: Kingman: real estate, rentals - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  140. May in Phoenix: 2013, pool, yard - Arizona (AZ)
  141. Visiting the area - need suggestions for a day/night out!: Phoenix: hotels, theater - Arizona (AZ)
  142. What happened to our neighborhoods: Phoenix, Surprise: HOA, houses, income - Arizona (AZ)
  143. Pros/cons about apartments: Chandler, Tempe: lease, crime, townhomes - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  144. New grad rn & cdl a truck driver from chicago: Phoenix: rent, how much - Arizona (AZ)
  145. Relocating to Goodyear from Sacramento, CA: Phoenix, Peoria: house, neighborhoods, scorpion - Arizona (AZ)
  146. What is with the weirdos on the light rail after dark?: Phoenix: university, live - Arizona (AZ)
  147. Best area of Phoenix (or suburbs) for outdoor recreation?: Scottsdale: rent, house - Arizona (AZ)
  148. What's the Major League Sports fan base like in Phoenix?: appointed, transplants - Arizona (AZ)
  149. Has been diagnosed with a lung nodule?: Phoenix: health insurance, live - Arizona (AZ)
  150. Phoenix for 6 days: Scottsdale, Apache Junction, Sedona: real estate, school, tax - Arizona (AZ)
  151. OK - I ll jinx it - but what an awesome winter!: home, live in - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  152. Avondale Areas?: Phoenix, Glendale, Surprise: best city, house, school district - Arizona (AZ)
  153. Private well vs. shared well vs. pvt. water co. vs. city water: Phoenix: mortgage, lenders - Arizona (AZ)
  154. Phoenix is such a great place to live!: city hall, crime - Arizona (AZ)
  155. Scottsdale One of The Best Run Cities In USA: Phoenix: real estate, 2014 - Arizona (AZ)
  156. Is it worth leaving the house in this town...: Phoenix: to buy, school - Arizona (AZ)
  157. Home location dilemma: Phoenix, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills: middle-class, homes, neighborhoods - Arizona (AZ)
  158. live right on a canal?: Phoenix: section 8, apartment, townhouses - Arizona (AZ)
  159. Arizona jobs, neighborhoods.: Phoenix: sales, 2013, renters - (AZ)
  160. Job First or Relocate First - Or A Little of Each?: Phoenix: fit in, rental - Arizona (AZ)
  161. pool type? salt water or chlorinated?: condo, home, new construction - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  162. Popularity of Wildcats vs. Sun Devils in Phoenix?: Tucson: home, schools - Arizona (AZ)
  163. Is Phoenix paradise? Is it better than back east?: apartment, rent - Arizona (AZ)
  164. Where in Sun City to register & get tabs for newly purchased golf car?: Glendale: transfer, live - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  165. Scottsdale, Az.: Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale: neighborhoods, to live in, buses - Arizona (AZ)
  166. dumb but I'll ask: Cave Creek, Maricopa: bank owned, sale, renters - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  167. Polar Vortex Leads to Increased Home Searches in Phoenix - Shocker?: Flagstaff: 2014, house - Arizona (AZ)
  168. Phx relocation (Opinions sought on Mold health issues, Neighborhood specifics,: Phoenix: apartment, homes - Arizona (AZ)
  169. Best pet-safe options for weed control for someone new to the climate...: house, live - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  170. Relocating to Scottsdale area with family: Phoenix, Cave Creek: apartment, for rent, homes - Arizona (AZ)
  171. Speaking of Scorpions...: Goodyear: houses, neighborhood, scorpion - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  172. Glendale losing money on deal.: 2013, schools - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  173. Would I like living in the Phoenix area?: Scottsdale: how much, buying a home - Arizona (AZ)
  174. How often do you trim your trees? Neighbor complains all the time about our trees!: Phoenix: foreclosed, house - Arizona (AZ)
  175. Drought Lake Mead drying up: Phoenix, Flagstaff: 2013, how much, neighborhoods - Arizona (AZ)
  176. Mercury Sable Brake Cylinder: Tempe: coupon, price, shop - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  177. How Bible-Minded is Phoenix?: Tucson, Gilbert: 2014, to buy, statistics - Arizona (AZ)
  178. Moving to Phoenix: transplants, sales, apartments - Arizona (AZ)
  179. Where should I live with a job in Scottsdale?: Phoenix: apartments, renters - Arizona (AZ)
  180. Moving to Phoenix area from VT for 6 year old daughter who uses wheelchair: Scottsdale: apartment, to rent - Arizona (AZ)
  181. Front yard landscaping completed *Pictures and lessons learned*: Home Depot, store - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  182. affordable areas near the light rail?: Tempe: apartment complexes, to rent - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  183. IT job market in Phoenix: 2013, how much, transfer - Arizona (AZ)
  184. Arizona Property Wars TV show cancelled...: Phoenix: real estate, 2014, loan - (AZ)
  185. Move to Phoenix?: Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler: movies, live in, shop - Arizona (AZ)
  186. Need your opinion: Job offer in Phoenix and Job offer in the Bay Area: for rent, house - Arizona (AZ)
  187. Scorpions in Gilbert?: Queen Creek: homes, established neighborhood, scorpion - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  188. Anthem water tastes awful! Taste and fluoride filter options?: Phoenix: renting, how much - Arizona (AZ)
  189. Neighborhoods to Avoid: Phoenix and Surrounding Area: Glendale, Scottsdale: renting, crime - Arizona (AZ)
  190. Arapio feeds bread and water to inmates: Maricopa: 2014, crime - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  191. How kids deal with moving?: Phoenix, Casa Grande: apartment, renting, neighborhood - Arizona (AZ)
  192. Parents of Kindergarten kids: school, live in, activities - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  193. Valley Young Professionals?: pay, interest, sound - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  194. Community Supported Agriculture - East Valley: co-ops, organic, food - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  195. Scottsdale Crossfit gyms: live, moving to, rain - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  196. Coyote Warning (small dogs/cats): home, neighborhood, subdivision - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  197. Vistancia: Community Entertainment, Theatre, Auditorium: Surprise: center, year, trails - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  198. Where to Watch AUSTRALIAN OPEN ?: Phoenix, Scottsdale: food, places, resorts - Arizona (AZ)
  199. Pool re-model Phoenix area: companies, interest, recent - Arizona (AZ)
  200. Recommendations; Orthodondist and Vet in Maricopa: dentists, orthodontist, year - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)