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  9. Dog needs good vet for eye pop out: Indianapolis, Fishers: school, price - (IN)
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  11. Is Southport a good place to live while attending college?: Indianapolis: apartment complexes, rentals - (IN)
  12. Where to Live Single/Young Professional (Non-Broad Ripple Area): Indianapolis: college, price - (IN)
  13. arrest: Madison, Edgewood: shop, cars, time - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  14. Greek Cooking Classes in Indianapolis and Carmel: live, office - (IN)
  15. Homeschool: Indianapolis: co-ops, public school, cost - (IN)
  16. a move to Indy...: Kokomo, Lawrence: house, good schools, subdivisions - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  17. I'm need good Deli and offbeat Sunday Brunch: mover, hotel - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  18. Unique, eclectic furniture in Indianapolis area?: Carmel: furniture stores, station, money - (IN)
  19. Lawn mowing service?: live, prices, yard - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  20. Oak Lake at Crooked Creek Apartments - Indy: Bloomington: apartment complex, renters - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  21. Are there decent downtown apartments?: Indianapolis, Riley: leasing, condos, how much - (IN)
  22. Market Street ...: Washington: theatre, school, college - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  23. Relocating to Indianapolis: Lawrence, Fishers, Carmel: houses, neighborhoods, schools - (IN)
  24. Interning in Indy: Indianapolis, Carmel, Atlanta: apartments, neighborhood, to buy - (IN)
  25. Cable VS Dish: Bright: renting, hotel, house - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  27. Garfield Park-South: sale, houses, neighborhoods - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  31. We need a good dining guide!: Indianapolis, Lafayette: house, neighborhood, college - (IN)
  32. Paging all Plainfielders.. I have a .: Greenwood, Mooresville: home, to buy - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  33. Movers: Indianapolis: hardwood floors, floors, moving - (IN)
  34. Indy area homicide map: Indianapolis, Marion: crime rate, to live, stats - (IN)
  35. Doctors and Mechanics: Carmel, Greenwood, Washington: promotional, living in, shops - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  36. Ambassador Apts. Buckingham Properties: apartment, rent, appliances - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  37. Did you go to the State Fair? how was it?: live, building - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  38. Stone Key Apartments: neighborhood, moving, location - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  40. Geist Lake - Cambridge and Canal Place: house, neighborhoods - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  41. Dentist recommendations for Mooresville area?: friendly, offices, implants - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  42. Property Tax questions.: Indianapolis, Marion, Hope: credit, house, buying - (IN)
  43. New Market in Carmel Area?: college, live, company - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  47. Looking at LT homes moving soon: Indianapolis, Anderson: low crime, mortgage, house - (IN)
  48. Delaware Street Apartments Downtown: appliances, transfer, living - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  49. The usual relocator looking for advice :): Indianapolis, Fishers: where to stay, apartment complex, for rent - (IN)
  50. Relocation Lawrence Schools Review, Neighborhoods: Fishers, Carmel: houses, school rankings, live - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  51. What does know about McCordsville?: Indianapolis, Fishers: section 8, real estate, foreclosed - (IN)
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  53. 1% property tax cap?: Marion: comparable sales, sales, real estate - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  55. Camby ?: live, price, office - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  56. African American Family moving from TX need help with safe multicultural neighborhood: Indianapolis: apartment - (IN)
  57. looking for a gym in carmel: Monon: classes, offer, aerobic - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  58. Construction on 200S, inbetween 900 and Dan Jones: neighborhood, cars - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  59. Opinions on Westminster Village North for senior living?: apartment, condo - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  61. Affordable downtown living (that allows small dogs): Indianapolis, Riley: apartments, leasing - (IN)
  62. Touring in Indianapolis - Areas to Avoid: safe, garage - (IN)
  63. Westfield to McCordsville?: Fishers, Carmel, New Palestine: middle-class, section 8, real estate - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  64. Need Apartment suggestions for Indianapolis...Help!: Fishers, Carmel: apartments, lease, condo - (IN)
  65. Carmel, IN Taxes: Zionsville, Hamilton: sales, how much, house - Indianapolis, Indiana
  66. In Brown County are...: Nashville: apartments, rentals, house - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  67. Flooding in Hamilton county: Fishers, Carmel: houses, living, housing - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  68. Zionsville area hairdresser recommendations: Gary: salons, designs, working - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  69. moving to IN for a job in Muncie: Indianapolis, Fishers: apartments, rentals
  70. Looking for Young, Progressive, Church: Indianapolis, Advance: buy, school, college - (IN)
  71. I-69???: Indianapolis, Fishers, Hope: law, cities, limits - (IN)
  72. Do I need winter tires in Indy: Indianapolis, Hope: live, safe - (IN)
  73. All of you who live (or have lived) downtown: Indianapolis: apartments, car insurance - (IN)
  74. Thinking of moving to Indianapolis, IN: Columbus, Carmel: crime, job market, neighborhoods
  75. Moving to IN: Indianapolis, Fishers, Carmel: homes, neighborhoods, purchase
  76. Rock In Corner of Yard: Indianapolis: houses, neighborhood, to buy - (IN)
  77. Northeast Suburb Schools: Indianapolis, Lawrence, Fishers: house, best schools, bus - (IN)
  78. weekend visit: Indianapolis: hotel, live, law - (IN)
  79. Carmel parks?: Lawrence, Fishers, Monon: school, live in, move - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  80. Lawrence Cop Creates Stir Over 'Jackie Chan' Label: Indianapolis: famous, top - (IN)
  81. Spanish & Portuguese Tutors/Schools for Adults: Indianapolis: credit, college - (IN)
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  83. Need Corporate Housing...: Fishers, Carmel, Noblesville: apartments, rent, appliances - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  84. on Housing in Indianapolis: Carmel: apartments, lease, house - (IN)
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  86. Best restaurant for out of towner to visit: Indianapolis, Lafayette: restaurants, price - (IN)
  87. I need BBQ ribs!: Plainfield, Mooresville: restaurants, station, slabs - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  88. abbey coffee house closed: Austin, Hope: apartment, lease, houses - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  89. New to Indy south east: Indianapolis, Fishers: fit in, neighborhood, live - (IN)
  90. High speed Internet in New Whiteland area help: Bright: house, cost - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  91. House Across from North Central High School: Washington: sale, real estate - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  92. Downtown and Noblesville Area Help: Fishers, Carmel: extended stay, apartment, lease - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  93. Good fruit market in carmel: Columbus: college, bills, Whole Foods - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  94. GYM or fitness center near downtown: apartment, living in, professionals - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  95. Can we make a living in the winter months....: Carmel: flat fee, how much - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  96. broad ripple apartments? gay town? help?????: Indianapolis, Carmel: best neighborhoods, apartment complex, lease - (IN)
  97. Has seen Crime 360 (A&E)?: location, good - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  98. changing my kids mame: lawyer, married, about - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  99. Information on Teaching: Indianapolis, Carmel, Marion: how much, job market, school district - (IN)
  100. Apartments in Pike Township: Georgetown: apartment complexes, school, live in - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  101. looking for physician close to downtown: Plainfield, Brownsburg: daycare, health, place - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  102. Looking for Safe/Family Friendly Suburbs: Indianapolis, Fishers: low crime, house prices, schools - (IN)
  103. Great neighborhood?: Indianapolis, Laurel: apartments, renting, condos - (IN)
  104. job marketing for new business grads in Indiana (marketing): Indianapolis: sales, insurance - (IN)
  105. Old INDY Airport Sale or Huge Garage Sale ?: Avon: houses, subdivision - Indianapolis, Indiana
  106. Avon Subdivisions- with young couples: upper-class, house, neighborhoods - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  107. LOTS of cops in Plainfield: high crime, money, area - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  108. Relocating to Indy: Indianapolis, Greenwood, Avon: homes, neighborhoods, school districts - (IN)
  109. Westside Indianapolis: Plainfield, Brownsburg, Washington: lower-class, crime, new home - (IN)
  110. Need insight to Indiana Beach: Monticello, Santa Claus: appointed, amusement park, hairstyles - Indianapolis, (IN)
  111. Things to do in Indy (for a couple that's on a budget)?: Indianapolis: house - (IN)
  112. Best places to work in Carmel, IN area: theatre, living in - Indianapolis, Indiana
  113. Places to live close to Lilly: Greenwood: apartments, leasing, house - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  114. Good Vegetable Market: Indianapolis, Kokomo, Columbus: house, live, price - (IN)
  115. Moving to Indy area from WA state.....: Brownsburg, Speedway: buying a house, job market - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  116. need help: house, ratings, best - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  117. Billiards and neighborhood: hotel, restaurants, bars - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  118. Plainfield and Greenwood: Avon, Hope: extended stay, apartments, rentals - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  119. Need help from people good with research of demographics: Indianapolis: crime, homes - (IN)
  120. Water Fountains: utilities, zip code, costs - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  121. Need help on Pulte Home's Promotion: new home, neighborhood, buying - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  122. Moving to Indy Area from B-town, Suggestions?: Bloomington, Greenwood: house, to buy - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  123. Restaurants: Lafayette, West Lafayette: floor, move, food - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  124. Good place to refill a propane tank on eastside Indy?: Lawrence: coupons, camp - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  125. Income Taxes: Gary, Fishers, New Albany: sale, renting, credit - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  126. Highrises buildings in Indi.: Indianapolis: apartments, condos, hotel - (IN)
  127. Crime in Area?: Indianapolis: house, safe area, shops - (IN)
  128. Freecycle or place to sell things: Indianapolis: to buy, local, groups - (IN)
  129. Temporary housing in Carmel: lease, how much, to buy - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  130. Does an additional guest bedroom upgrade on first floor add the value to a SFH?: Carmel: how much - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  131. Is Indianapolis Gay Friendly?: Fort Wayne, Bloomington: apartment complex, crime, homes - (IN)
  132. Downtown Indianapolis: Riley: apartment complex, rentals, new home - (IN)
  133. Indianapolis weather: Fort Wayne, South Bend: tornado, living in, average - (IN)
  134. Moving to the Carmel Area: Westfield, Monon: cheap apartments, rental, condos - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  135. Where do the single sophisticated professionals go in Indy/Carmel/Zionsville?: Indianapolis: neighborhoods, college - (IN)
  136. Moving to Indianapolis Suburb from Maine??: Bloomington, Fishers: renting, how much, house prices - (IN)
  137. What's your favorite; Kroger, Wal-Mart, Marsh or Meijer?: Indianapolis: home, to buy - (IN)
  138. Californians that have moved to Indy.....: Indianapolis: transplants, insurance - (IN)
  139. Doughnut Syndrom: Indianapolis, Carmel, Marion: credit, house, landscaping - (IN)
  140. Lawrence Township vs. Zionsville: Indianapolis, Fishers: job market, magnet schools, college - (IN)
  141. revitalized neighborhoods?: Indianapolis, Speedway, Butler: houses, landscaping, buyers - (IN)
  142. Indianapolis shopping malls: Lafayette, Greenwood, Washington: hotel, movie theater, living in - (IN)
  143. Highland Park area: Indianapolis: apartments, to live, stores - (IN)
  144. LUCAS Oil Stadium (nickname) ?: 2014, crime, tax - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  145. How to meet people: Carmel: college, live in, young professionals - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  146. Choosing bet. Indianapolis and Omaha, Neb for pharm school: Bloomington: fit in, apartments - (IN)
  147. Multi-Racial Family Moving from Colorado In April: Indianapolis, Fishers: crime, houses - (IN)
  148. Town centres immediately outside Indianapolis...?: Carmel, Noblesville: neighborhoods, private school, live - (IN)
  149. 46th and Arlington?: Franklin: apartment complex, foreclosures, high crime - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  150. It gets dark late in Indy: Indianapolis, Terre Haute: areas, summer, kids - (IN)
  151. Questions about Indy that have been talked about 1 million times but am too lazy to search for.: Indianapolis: apartment, hotels - (IN)
  152. Help me pick a neighborhood: Indianapolis, Lawrence: real estate, renting, condo - (IN)
  153. I-465 tanker incident brings back idea of Commerce Connector--opinions?: Indianapolis: how much, construction - (IN)
  154. Tell me about Plainfield, IN: Bloomington, Lawrence: apartment complexes, rentals, low crime - Indianapolis, Indiana
  155. Warning: Indy politicans conspiring for another regional tax grab.: Indianapolis: sales, insurance - (IN)
  156. Tell me about Indy!: Indianapolis, Columbus: violent crime, townhouse, neighborhoods - (IN)
  157. Indianapolis twin: Columbus, Francisco: job market, neighborhoods, universities - (IN)
  158. What area would you buy in Indy if office downtown?: for sale, real estate - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  159. Carmel vs Zionsville vs Westfield vs Noblesville: Indianapolis, Fishers: houses, neighborhood - (IN)
  160. does in indy remember...........: tax, shop, refund - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  161. what does adding reputation mean?: retired, how to, good - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  162. Desirable Area near Wishard Health System...HELP!: Fishers, Greenwood: real estate, insurance - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  163. Living in Indy: Indianapolis, Greenwood, Crawfordsville: apartments, crime, roughest - (IN)
  164. IMPD what's your opinion on this Police Department?: Hope: home, transfer - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  165. yes, another californian moving to indy: Indianapolis, Washington: apartment complexes, unemployment, neighborhood - (IN)
  166. Open Carry Gun Walk in downtown Indy yesterday: Fishers, Carmel: crime, home - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  167. 465 eastbound and westbound above 69 will be closed for weeks: Indianapolis: buyer, closing - (IN)
  168. Where Are the TREES In Indy Suburbs?: Brook: how much, cheap house - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  169. Michigan to Indy: Indianapolis, Columbus, Lawrence: transplants, condos, crime - (IN)
  170. Moving from TX-Never dealt with cold: Indianapolis: buy, live, dangerous - (IN)
  171. African American Friendly Areas in Hamilton County: Indianapolis, Fishers: homes, to buy - (IN)
  172. Best places to eat in the area: Fishers, Marion: new home, college - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  173. Allstate 400 shuttles???: Indianapolis: bus, yard, shuttle - (IN)
  174. Gay or Gay Friendly Doctor: Indianapolis, Bloomington: health insurance, safe, gay-friendly - (IN)
  175. Where to meet decent black women in Indianapolis?: Wynnedale: middle-class, live - (IN)
  176. Escaping atlanta: Indianapolis, Columbus, Lawrence: apartment, lofts, condos - (IN)
  177. washington township: Lawrence, Fishers, Carmel: for rent, mortgage, houses - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  178. New Colts Stadium; Worth it?: Indianapolis: house, taxes, costs - (IN)
  179. Moving to Indy---Castleton, Keystone or Fishers?: Indianapolis, Carmel: apartment complexes, leasing, house - (IN)
  180. Looking at moving to Indy from Philly, advice: Indianapolis: real estate, apartment - (IN)
  181. davis homes contractors: vinyl siding, business, used - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  182. Need help: Carmel: live, military, looking for - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  183. Christmas Tree Shopping - Places and Prices: how much, farm - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  184. Grant County, Indiana: jobs, to stay, available - Indianapolis, (IN)
  185. In Home Computer Repair: business, used - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  186. A Shop That Re-chromes Car Bumpers?: reasonable - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  187. looking for snail mail pen pals: Indianapolis, Orleans: homes, movies, homeschooling - (IN)
  188. work in sales? (how to get entry level position!): school, company - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  189. Is townhome good for resale at West Carmel?: comparing - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  190. Work for Spanish Speakers in Indianapolis: school, money, market - (IN)
  191. knows about the quality of homes built by M/I: compared - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  192. dominican salons: Indianapolis: good - (IN)
  193. looking for a chiroptractor on southside: Greenwood: drive, visit, good - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  194. Man's Inhumanity to Man, and to the Eastside: Indianapolis: violent crime, house - (IN)
  195. How's the job market in Indy?: Indianapolis: college, moving, pay - (IN)
  196. House cleaning: income, expenses, business - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  197. Indianapolis Officially Designated a Bicycle Friendly Community: Marion: county, American - (IN)
  198. Investment Locations in Indianapolis: Rocky Ripple: to rent, neighborhoods, purchase - (IN)
  199. Professional Female Dress for Indianapolis Cold?: moving, office, clothes - (IN)
  200. Help me to find Used free or Cheap Tires (Jean-Pierre, Indianapolis): small business - (IN)