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  1. News, Unruly Dog Drags Owner To Tragic Train Death.: San Francisco - Dogs
  2. Sweet around people, aggressive with passing dogs....: border collie, how much, bulldog
  3. Dogs on the Train---Commuting: ears, year
  4. that time of year again...: how much, kids, dachshund, puppy - Dogs
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  10. Bad Behavior... What can I do?: terrier, poop, breeder, barking - Dogs
  11. Renting With Agressive Breeds: pitbulls, toy, apartments, Indiana - Dogs
  12. News, Gosselins Repond to Allegations They Mistreat Their Pups.: shepherd, shepherds, children - Dogs
  13. News, Paris Hilton's 13 Dogs Live In Their Own Miniature Mansion.: diet, puppy
  14. dog's eye is red!: vet, treatment, neutered, puppy - Dogs
  15. Dice 1 year old 11 month pit-bull: pitbull, tumors, bites, vet - Dogs
  16. She climbed the tree!: schnauzer, barking, rescued, paws - Dogs
  17. When is enough, enough America? **Vent**: vet, legal, stomach, puppies - Dogs
  18. Rudy's Photo Shoot (beach): boxer, test, attack, people - Dogs
  19. Free Royal Canin Puppy food.: rescue, shelter - Dogs
  20. Hope you all enjoy~~~~: keep - Dogs
  21. Pit wins Dog of Valor award!!: pitbull, shepherd, shepherds, wound - Dogs
  22. Hey, I have a: pitbulls, shepherd, lab, terriers - Dogs
  23. Best Buddies: pups, grass, size, trim - Dogs
  24. Pomeranian wont stop barking!!: pitbull, chihuahua, training, rescue - Dogs
  25. Potty Training a 2yr Old Dog: shepherd, train, puppy, outside - Dogs
  26. Bichon doesn't pee but twice a day: poodle, vet, surgery - Dogs
  27. Favorite foster dog came for a visit: husky, rescue, adopt - Dogs
  28. tick protection when hiking: shih tzu, vet, collars, spray - Dogs
  29. Raw Diet needed in Ten.: bones, cross, foods, store - Dogs
  30. How to stop dogs chasing me??: lab, costs, cross, shelter
  31. Old Dog Lupus/Bleeding (body details): border collie, how much, poop, vet - Dogs
  32. News: High tech devices for your pet: legs, test, size - Dogs
  33. Doggy stomach virus: border collie, terrier, poop, vet - Dogs
  34. Running with my Dog-How far is too far?: how much, shepherd, lab - Dogs
  35. Worlds oldest dog: poodles, golden retriever, miniature, toy - Dogs
  36. Pitbulls in Haskell County, KS?: Staffordshire Terriers, rottweilers, puppies, breeds - Dogs
  37. we all got groomed on the same day: rescue, breed - Dogs
  38. How to deal with chi bully: chihuahuas, bite, breeder, training - Dogs
  39. News, 16-year-old saves dog swimming down Intracoastal Waterway in Delray Beach. - Dogs
  40. News, Dying bulldog saves owner from blaze.: vet, barks, surgery - Dogs
  41. Texas Might Just Be Headed in the Right Direction: puppy, Arkansas, Kansas - Dogs
  42. Beautiful Story: best, ears, year, animal - Dogs
  43. Animal Shelter School Programs?: legal, skin, treatment, rescues - Dogs
  44. When dogs urinate: Looking for something to hose area down that gets rid of urine odor: clean, natural
  45. Need on Shelties: border collie, lab, barks, adopting - Dogs
  46. Veterinary Clinic closing.: labs, vet, shots, ears - Dogs
  47. Happy Mother's Day to all you Dog Moms!: golden retrievers, rottweilers, children - Dogs
  48. Dog Years Calculator: maltese, breeds, german, senior - Dogs
  49. World's Oldest Dog Celebrates 21st Birthday: puppy, cats, ears, New York - Dogs
  50. Feeback on pain meds for hip joints: vet, stomach, black - Dogs
  51. Teddie & Velma Galore: shih-tzu, clean, shots, outside - Dogs
  52. Do dogs have the only child syndrom ?: toy, spaniel, aggressive
  53. Air Collar: chews, collars, year, size - Dogs
  54. My Minpin AkC Reg....Needs Ears Cropped I can do the after care...$400+ is so High: how much, miniature - Dogs
  55. dogs roaming free like birds: cross, walk, ears, home
  56. Dog Friendly Community: shepherd, barking, breed, german - Dogs
  57. not getting along: border collie, English Bulldog, bite, collie - Dogs
  58. Has read this book?: canine, leash - Dogs
  59. Hunting dog commands!: training, kennel, bird, kids - Dogs
  60. Fence suggestions: clean, black, best, outside - Dogs
  61. Adopting Two Brothers (Labs): black, train, rescue, costs - Dogs
  62. Pet Boarding in the Tampa area: vet, kennels, keep, Tampa Bay - Dogs
  63. Need recommendations for book or DVD on positive training for dogs: terriers, train
  64. 6 mos update on Pepper my shih tzu: adopting, kennel, best - Dogs
  65. Dog walking in Manhattan: how much, barking, costs, walk - Dogs
  66. Mudslide at Pikeville, KY shelter: skin, rescue, collie, sheltie - Dogs
  67. Urination Accidents Following Neutering???: vet, infection, neutered, puppy - Dogs
  68. So Nervous!!: poop, vets, surgery, infection - Dogs
  69. How do I get my new lab into the car/truck willingly?: vet, adopted - Dogs
  70. Labrador's Legs Getting Weak: vet, black, treatment, puppy - Dogs
  71. WOOF from Dog Beach!: San Diego, Francisco, leash, water - Dogs
  72. Food guarding and aggression in young puppy: vet, breeder, rescue - Dogs
  73. Heartworm Test: vet, heartworms, treatment, beagle - Dogs
  74. big dogs traveling in the cabin: vet, cost, best, weight
  75. Making my dog young again: pitbull, shepherd, shih tzu, terrier - Dogs
  76. behavior following boarding: vet, adopted, kennels, noise - Dogs
  77. Underweight Dog: border collie, vet, prescription, stomach - Dogs
  78. Help, I have a puppy that is difficult to potty train!: lab, clean - Dogs
  79. Crate Training and Separation Anxiety.: border collie, vets, toy, barking - Dogs
  80. New dog is going potty less and less often..... it's been 15 hours: lab, poop - Dogs
  81. If you have a shelter dog, what about it do you wish they had told you?: shepherd, allergic - Dogs
  82. New Chug puppy!: boxer, adopted, best, breed - Dogs
  83. I found a sad little dog today: rescue, kids, shelter - Dogs
  84. What games do you play with your dog?: labs, terrier, toy - Dogs
  85. Molly's Last Days Coming Soon With Major Renal Failure: pitbull, shepherd, vet - Dogs
  86. Feeding: pitbull, bites, poop, vet - Dogs
  87. Pill Pockets - What a Great Idea!: vet, teeth, cats - Dogs
  88. Two Dogs....heartbreaking pics: aggressive, adopt, best, stop
  89. New Dog: labrador, terrier, veterinarian, training - Dogs
  90. Air Conditioning Condensation?: boxer, food, cats, problems - Dogs
  91. Suddenly fearful pup: shih tzu, bite, vet, barking - Dogs
  92. Puppy jumped the fence... while I was standing right next to her!: lab, barks - Dogs
  93. My apologies to a stray dog: shih tzu, vet, shaking, aggressive - Dogs
  94. Solutions for unwanted pets and shelters?: pitbulls, boxers, bites, veterinary - Dogs
  95. Adjusting heartworm meds. dosage?: border collie, vet, spaniel, treatment - Dogs
  96. St Bernard....what clipper blade size???: boxers, clean, poop, toy - Dogs
  97. Dirt Eating: lab, bites, poop, vet - Dogs
  98. Pittsburgh Tiny Dog/Puppy Play Dates: daschund, English Bulldog, poodle, yorkie - Dogs
  99. Separation Anxiety - Has beat it?: clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  100. Neighbor accused my dog of biting him: boxers, bite, best - Dogs
  101. Updated puppy photos - 2 weeks old and eyes opened!: black, paws, puppies - Dogs
  102. Help! Dogs encounter Skunk: clean, vet, skin, odor
  103. Raw diet: English Bulldog, stomach, bones, natural - Dogs
  104. Surgery today!: clean, vet, teeth, cross - Dogs
  105. Puppy cuts: poodles, golden retriever, skin, outside - Dogs
  106. Horners Syndrome??? How Long?: English Bulldog, golden retrievers, clean, vet - Dogs
  107. dog causing problem: breeders, aggressive, legal, children - Dogs
  108. Could be reverse sneezing, but... ???: shepherd, vet, heartworms, teeth - Dogs
  109. Puppies for Sale Sign on the Road: labs, vet, breeders - Dogs
  110. Help! My dog is licking herself to death!: lab, allergic, vet - Dogs
  111. have a Velcro (clingy) dog?: bites, barking, training - Dogs
  112. Ear infection: allergy, clean, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  113. Where does your dog sleep at night?: labs, toy, skin - Dogs
  114. ideas?: tumors, vet, black, surgery - Dogs
  115. Rocky gets fixed!!! Poor guy..............: ridgeback, lab, vet, surgery - Dogs
  116. Major Flea Problem (Version 2.0) s?: allergic, bite, vet, prescription - Dogs
  117. Adventures in dog sitting: ridgeback, lab, puppy, best - Dogs
  118. Our sweet new Lab/Pitbull bite husband last night! Oh oh...: pitbulls, labs - Dogs
  119. Problems With Spouse's Dog: clean, vet, barks, aggressive - Dogs
  120. Do pitbulls tend to be one-person dogs?: shepherd, lab, bite
  121. Skin issues...: allergy, bites, vet, black - Dogs
  122. Unspeakable act by humane society: boxer, vet, aggressive, train - Dogs
  123. to all doberman pinscher lovers:): chihuahua, breeding, black, rescue - Dogs
  124. Found a dog. guesses on the breed?: poodle, vet, maltese - Dogs
  125. My sick animals!: poop, vet, cost, fleas - Dogs
  126. Dog Problem: boxers, clean, poop, rescued - Dogs
  127. Dogs new habit.. Help!: lab, bones, adopted, paws
  128. Doggie door good idea or not?: pitbull, border collie, lab, yorkie - Dogs
  129. Rescue dog is scared - hides all day: how much, boxer, bites - Dogs
  130. Coach Dog Collars and Leashes: black, ears, home, cheap - Dogs
  131. about neutering prices..: lab, bulldog, vet, surgery - Dogs
  132. I have to get rid of my dog :o(: Shar-Pei, how much, barking - Dogs
  133. wow....venting!: shepherd, shepherds, barks, skin - Dogs
  134. Digging: poodle, terriers, poop, black - Dogs
  135. Introducing Dogs to other Dogs Advice Needed!: shepherd, lab, shepherds
  136. Dog groomers............ a: border collie, shepherd, shedding, collie - Dogs
  137. Help! :) Leaving my dog out at night.: training, neutered, outside - Dogs
  138. My female puppy wants sex with my other female puppy! Help!: pitbull, shih tzu - Dogs
  139. Adopting from a Shelter/Rescue: shepherd, lab, boxers, chihuahuas - Dogs
  140. Dog suddenly lame--ideas?: terrier, patella, vet, skin - Dogs
  141. Need your help with puppy!: bite, vet, aggressive, train - Dogs
  142. When can Bassett traits be discovered in Puppy (Basset-corgi mix): border collie, how much - Dogs
  143. Can you train a dog to be more affectionate?: schnauzer, natural, best - Dogs
  144. Adopting a lab (my first big dog) tips and advice welcome: labs, poodle - Dogs
  145. Runt of the litter: labs, chihuahua, vet, toy - Dogs
  146. What (hard) pet food do you recommend?: terrier, clean, poop - Dogs
  147. What can I do?: poop, barks, training, treatment - Dogs
  148. running with your 4 legged friend: lab, boxer, vet, toy - Dogs
  149. A wonderfully effective way to get dogs to stop barking..: poop, black
  150. Will puppies love you more than adult dogs?: how much, skin, train
  151. Are dog lovers generally nicer people than cat lovers?: vet, surgery, adopted - Dogs
  152. Neutered on Tuesday... TODAY I WAKE UP TO THIS!! HELP!!: terrier, biting - Dogs
  153. What is appropriate when dog bites hand that feeds it?: bite, clean - Dogs
  154. Dog doing his business on property: kennel, natural, children, best - Dogs
  155. Dog ice-cream for summer: clean, natural, paws, food - Dogs
  156. Today is Storm's Birthday!: ears, year, yard, owner - Dogs
  157. Help -What breed is this?: shepherd, husky, adopt, greyhound - Dogs
  158. Different dog training: terrier, train, natural, chew - Dogs
  159. standard poodle jumps on visitors, still mouthy too: bite, training, neutered - Dogs
  160. Too close to the situation, need objective opinions [Dog + Child Situation]: pitbull, shepherd - Dogs
  161. Types of kongs and what you stuff them with...: shepherd, shepherds, clean - Dogs
  162. Invisible fence up to river???: labs, training, cross, puppy - Dogs
  163. selling a house with multiple pets!!!: terrier, rottweilers, clean, vet - Dogs
  164. Totw?: boxers, husky, skin, rescue - Dogs
  165. Mars dna test accuracy????: terrier, yorkie, vet, breeders - Dogs
  166. Vet fees: labs, allergic, clean, prescription - Dogs
  167. My dog is famous: pitbulls, labs, black, training - Dogs
  168. House break a 4 yr old male GSD?: lab, clean, poop - Dogs
  169. ? About Tapeworm Meds....: poop, vet, treatment, cost - Dogs
  170. Heartless Owners...: aggressive, surgery, collie, adopted - Dogs
  171. Brand new puppies: vet, black, adoption, neutered - Dogs
  172. s on bark collar....: barking, train, rescue, sheltie - Dogs
  173. Can a dog be taught to bark when someone comes to the door?: pitbull, boxer - Dogs
  174. Say a Prayer for My Layla: vet, stomach, surgery, cross - Dogs
  175. elongated soft palate -- ?: shih tzu, laser, vet, shaking - Dogs
  176. Artie's been eating from street vendors: poop, vet, stomach - Dogs
  177. Bladder stones/Bad Vet/Help!: shepherd, breeding, surgery, treatment - Dogs
  178. Dog trembling, panting and won't leave my side: clean, vet, shaking - Dogs
  179. Ticks- Best way to get rid of them?: vet, natural, kids - Dogs
  180. How to introduce a new adult dog to the family cat?: labrador, Staffordshire Terrier - Dogs
  181. for that have boarded their dogs: clean, vet, cleaning
  182. New foster puppy! Advice needed: shepherd, boxer, shepherds, clean - Dogs
  183. What's the best way to obedience train?: pitbulls, lab, vet - Dogs
  184. Comfortis: yorkie, bite, vet, allergies - Dogs
  185. Ringo's best hole! Pix: natural, grass, home, sleep - Dogs
  186. selling dogs out of back of truck: poodle, yorkie, poop
  187. should I let my dog lick his wound?: clean, cleaning, natural - Dogs
  188. Are many dogs weird like mine?: chihuahua, stomach, skin, natural
  189. rescue groups: clean, vet, cleaning, training - Dogs
  190. Help! My shiba is driving me nuts.: vet, breeders, aggressive - Dogs
  191. Should i get a new dog?: labs, vet, train, adopted - Dogs
  192. Need words of encouragement with this new dog: how much, labrador, Staffordshire Terrier - Dogs
  193. Lab/Sharpei mix with entropic eye surgery: how much, vet, skin - Dogs
  194. Vick Community Service: clean, poop, legal, cleaning - Dogs
  195. Black Lab/ Yellow Lab retriever: labs, vet, breeding, rescue - Dogs
  196. Now whats wrong!!? :(: vet, breeder, surgery, allergies - Dogs
  197. Docking an adult dog's tail?: boxers, vet, surgery, rescued - Dogs
  198. A beautiful story!: best, safe - Dogs
  199. Western Mass: Dakin is buying former MSPCA building in Springfield: Massachusetts, animals - Dogs
  200. News, Athletic Animals: Dog That Jumps Rope, and More.: people - Dogs