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  1. Cops: Man cuffed behind back took off with squad car - Current Events
  2. Anonymous Hacker Who Exposed Rape Faces More Prison Time Than the Actual Rapists - Current Events
  3. 102-year-old woman gets arrested so she can cross it off her bucket list - Current Events
  4. A McDonald’s Opens in Paris That Doesn’t Serve Burgers or Fries - Current Events
  5. Facebook sorry for sex, drugs, gun on Marketplace - Current Events
  6. Snake River Jump.... - Current Events
  7. Video Captures Great White Shark Breaking Through a Cage With Diver Inside - Current Events
  8. Woman arrested after letting 7-year-old drive, posting video online - Current Events
  9. American Legislator Wants Canadians Banned From Driving in USA - Current Events
  10. USGS urges Kansans to prepare for earthquakes like Californians - Current Events
  11. North Carolina Couple of 59 Years Dies Holding Hands - Current Events
  12. NYC Museum Invites Viewers to Use 18-Karat Gold Toilet - Current Events
  13. A first for Belgium - Current Events
  14. Uber is Planning Self-Flying Drone Taxis - Current Events
  15. Man Assaulting with Crucifixes - Current Events
  16. Woman killed by lawnmower in Clearfield County - Current Events
  17. FEMA Unofficially Uses The Waffle House Index to measure hurricane severity - Current Events
  18. Indiana mom says she decided to kill kids after Amber Alert - Current Events
  19. Pope says journalism based on fear-mongering, gossip is form of 'terrorism' - Current Events
  20. New Breakfast Happy Meal.... - Current Events
  21. Really Disturbing - Children who kill/severely injure other children - Current Events
  22. Mom arrested for selling sons drugs to bail him out for drug charges. - Current Events
  23. Deadly pathogens repeatedly dispatched by U.S. labs to unsecure sites - Current Events
  24. Soda Companies Fund 96 Health Groups In the U.S. - Current Events
  25. Incomeless students spent $57-million on Vancouver homes in past two years - Current Events
  26. Ohio Mother Gives Teen Son Heroin - Current Events
  27. All Blacks Star Aaron Smith Apologizes For Airport Toilet Incident - Current Events
  28. Norway plans to cull more than two-thirds of its wolf population - Current Events
  29. Nestlé outbids small Ontario municipality to buy well for bottled water - Current Events
  30. He went to buy chicken, came home a millionaire - Current Events
  31. South Memphis woman tells story of walking in on burglars having sex on her couch - Current Events
  32. Adblock Plus now sells ads - Current Events
  33. Doctor saves plane passenger's life with spoon and toothpick - Current Events
  34. Woman seen walking Sacramento streets with skull on stick leads police to body - Current Events
  35. 9 states to vote soon on expanding legal access to marijuana - Current Events
  36. Four Students Found Dead from same HS - Current Events
  37. Skeleton found in old police headquarters. - Current Events
  38. Man asks cops if they found his briefcase full of cocaine - Current Events
  39. Chemical cloud fogs Kansas town.. - Current Events
  40. ATM at Xavier doles out next best thing to cash – pizza - Current Events
  41. For who think American kids lag in Math... - Current Events
  42. Wells Fargo Pays $4 million to Settle Claims on Auto Loan Abuses - Current Events
  43. Great North Run: Paralysed pregnant woman wearing bionic suit completes English half-marathon - Current Events
  44. Oxford English Dictionary Adds 'YOLO,' 'Moobs,' 'Splendiferous' - Current Events
  45. Indiana Dr. used his own sperm at fertility clinic - Current Events
  46. Amazon is doubling down on retail stores with plans to have up to 100 pop-up stores in US shopping malls - Current Events
  47. All the ads in this London subway station are gone ... and replaced with cats - Current Events
  48. Police: Warwick man attacks gazebo with samurai sword - Current Events
  49. Twin Cities Doctor Creates $50 EpiPen Alternative - Current Events
  50. Hate standing in line? Japan now has self-driving chairs - Current Events
  51. Woman in Italy Gets 30 Yrs Prison Time, For Killing Son Who Found She had an Affair With Grandpa - Current Events
  52. MMRV and another medicine linked to Stevens Johnson Syndrome! - Current Events
  53. Girl and boyfriend kill step mother and take her car, caught and father hates daughter. - Current Events
  54. Illinois to yank billions from Wells Fargo amid scandal - Current Events
  55. Kindergarten student brings 30 packs of heroin to school, police say - Current Events
  56. Mom booked on murder of two of her children - Current Events
  57. Bees placed on endangered species list -- a first in the US - Current Events
  58. Petition to publicly hang Benjamin Taylor - Current Events
  59. Leotards For Dogs Are Officially A Thing - Current Events
  60. Mother sues airline after staff fly 5-year-old boy to wrong city and present her with a different 'son' - Current Events
  61. Man Survives 2 Bear Attacks from Same Bear - Current Events
  62. Would you stick your arm in a hole to get a surprise tattoo? - Current Events
  63. Hurricane Matthew - Current Events
  64. Florida millionaire gets 'terrible shock' as he discovers he married his own granddaughter - Current Events
  65. Kim Kardashian Tied Up And Robbed At Gun Point - Current Events
  66. Seattle homeowners accused of felling 150 trees on public land for a better view - Current Events
  67. Man, 59, Arrested for Wearing Clear Plastic Wrap Swim Shorts to the Beach - Current Events
  68. 91-Year-Old Woman Who Skipped Cancer Treatment to Go RVing Across the Country Dies After Year-Long Adventure - Current Events
  69. Indian Police Bust IRS ‘Scam Center’ - Current Events
  70. Parents found dead due to heroin overdoes after 7 year old daughter phones school. - Current Events
  71. Doctors Perform First Successful Uterus Transplant - Current Events
  72. Older Americans Are Jeopardizing Their Retirement With Divorce - Current Events
  73. What generation are you? - Current Events
  74. Child allegedly set on fire by other kids - Current Events
  75. Wells Fargo versus - Current Events
  76. Bob Dylan Awarded Nobel Prize in Literature - Current Events
  77. The High School Graduation Rate Reaches A Record High — Again - Current Events
  78. Walking on sunshine: Idaho company debuts solar sidewalks - Current Events
  79. New Rules Would Require Airlines To Refund Baggage Fees For Delayed Luggage - Current Events
  80. Probation and four days in jail for texting driver who killed New Prague school bus driver - Current Events
  81. IKEA Quickly Pulls 'Offensive' Picture From Their Store - Current Events
  82. University of Florida offers counseling for students 'troubled' by Halloween costumes - Current Events
  83. University of Missouri fraternity accused of teaching pledges to use date rape drugs - Current Events
  84. Man arrested in 'horrific' San Diego crash; truck falls from bridge and crushes people below - Current Events
  85. another short rape sentence - Current Events
  86. Attempted suicide in California courtroom - Current Events
  87. Check your pennies. It could be worth $1000. FOR REALZ. - Current Events
  88. Firefighter responds to a fatal crash, finds his son’s body - Current Events
  89. 18 yo dies playing russian roulette at his birthday party - Current Events
  90. Airlines Permit Woman To Fly With Support Duck - Current Events
  91. Met Life Fires Snoopy - Current Events
  92. Death by Chiropractor - Current Events
  93. Man Allegedly Cons Women Into Buying Him Lamborghini, Corvette, Shelby Mustang - Current Events
  94. New Mexico Boy Asks Mother to Pack Extra Lunch for Student Who Had Hardly Food, Was Eating Alone - Current Events
  95. Boy playing Pokemon Go when fatally struck by motorcycle - Current Events
  96. Missing man’s Facebook account suddenly comes alive, terrifying family - Current Events
  97. It's a myth that baby boomers have a stronger work ethic than later generations - Current Events
  98. Tim Tebow Performs Miracle of Compassion - Current Events
  99. Samsung Estimates $2.3 Billion Loss Over Galaxy Note 7 Troubles - Current Events
  100. Nobody wants to host the Olympic Games - Current Events
  101. Wedding delayed when groom's mom gets lost in woods - Current Events
  102. The real cost of giving birth: '$40 to hold my newborn baby' - Current Events
  103. Family trapped after car wash mop smashes through windshield - Current Events
  104. Fifth grader impaled on cafeteria seat - Current Events
  105. Teen playing 'jump the car' game dies after being hit by car, police say - Current Events
  106. Woman gives birth in Walmart checkout line... - Current Events
  107. New 'dwarf planet' found in the outer reaches of our solar system - Current Events
  108. Teen killed father, hid body before installing stripper pole and hosting parties in home - Current Events
  109. Aggravated judge tosses off robe, joins courtroom scuffle - Current Events
  110. Unvaccinated Adults Cost the U.S. More Than $7 Billion a Year - Current Events
  111. Baby dies when stroller plunges down NYC elevator shaft - Current Events
  112. Risk of big earthquake on San Andreas fault rises after quake swarm at Salton Sea - Current Events
  113. 911 operator has no time for 911 calls... - Current Events
  114. Comcast gets closer to nationwide data caps with expansion in 18 states - Current Events
  115. Shimon Peres, former president of Israel, passed away - Current Events
  116. Woman discovers male colleagues have been tracking her menstrual cycle 'so they can avoid her - Current Events
  117. Thief breaks into indio ymca, steals fake cash from toy register - Current Events
  118. Man gives phony $50 bill to girl's charity lemonade stand - Current Events
  119. Changes in the Cable TV Industry... - Current Events
  120. After Texas high school builds $60-million stadium, rival district plans one for nearly $70 million - Current Events
  121. 6 States Facing Gas Shortages After Colonial Pipeline Spill - Current Events
  122. Colleges Give Up On Bookstores, Just Send Students To Amazon - Current Events
  123. Chips So Good You'll Have to Go to Jail to Get Them - Current Events
  124. Knife attacker in MN - Current Events
  125. Five engineering students drown in reservoir while taking ‘selfies’ - Current Events
  126. Georgia Clowns Caught! - Current Events
  127. Taxidermy cat handbag sells at auction in New Zealand - Current Events
  128. Wells Fargo illegally siezes soldiers car - Current Events
  129. Mugging victim gets vengeance on mugger - Current Events
  130. 16 year old high school student boxes his teacher - Current Events
  131. Woman kills herself due to leaked sex tape. - Current Events
  132. Eggo waffles recalled amid listeria fears - Current Events
  133. 2 Missing toddlers found dead in neighbor's pool - Current Events
  134. Canadian Mint employee accused of smuggling $180K of gold in his rectum - Current Events
  135. New Zealand library uses 'mosquito' noise device to keep youths away - Current Events
  136. Brazil TV star Domingos Montagner drowns on set of soap opera - Current Events
  137. Ryan Lochte --protesters during DWTS - Current Events
  138. Dreams of Boston Marathon vanish for runners due to slow moving train - Current Events
  139. Russian Meteorologists Are Trapped By Polar Bears 2,800 Miles From Moscow - Current Events
  140. Woman hospitalized after eating Chipotle sues chain for free burritos - Current Events
  141. Boy, 2, found driving down street in battery-operated car early Sunday morning - Current Events
  142. Woman Accused of Drunkenly Crashing Funeral, Trying to Remove Body From Casket - Current Events
  143. Cousins decide to test out bullet proof vest, 1 dead - Current Events
  144. Thousands of naked bicyclists swarm City of Brotherly Love - Current Events
  145. Toddler suffocates under day care's beanbag chair - Current Events
  146. Brisbane woman pays $500 (~$375 USD) to save her $12 (~$9 USD) goldfish - Current Events
  147. Texas Walmart opening restaurant that will serve only State Fair foods - Current Events
  148. Bart the 'Zombie Cat' officially adopted nearly 2 years later - Current Events
  149. A woman returned a library book due in 1948 - Current Events
  150. 86-Year-Old Woman Gets Purse Stolen, Gives Best Interview Ever - Current Events
  151. Woman shot by oven while trying to cook waffles - Current Events
  152. UCLA freshman sends roommates list of demands before semester begins - Current Events
  153. E cigarette explodes on woman - Current Events
  154. Police: Teen arrested after putting soda in water cup at McDonald’s - Current Events
  155. Lawyer: School district must allow after-school Satan club - Current Events
  156. Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan announce $3 billion initiative to ‘cure all diseases’ - Current Events
  157. Arnold Palmer, the Magnetic Face of Golf in the ’60s, Dies at 87 - Current Events
  158. Ex-actor sentenced in double murder over wedding money - Current Events
  159. 'I'm not dead,' Central Florida man says - Current Events
  160. FL man, high on meth, cuts off genitals and feeds them to an alligator. - Current Events
  161. Friends, you make this crap up (pardon the pun) California regulates cow farts - Current Events
  162. 5 years after being stolen, therapy dog is coming home to her owner - Current Events
  163. Cake-kicking Kroger customer gets probation - Current Events
  164. A diabetic gets fired over a $1.69 (plus tax) drink and Dollar General must now pay her $277,656 - Current Events
  165. Suspects, victims in California killings were 'furries' - Current Events
  166. Washington Monument closed indefinitely - Current Events
  167. Train Crashes Into Hoboken Terminal - massive damage and many injuries - Current Events
  168. Reporter who quit on air to fight for pot legalization faces decades in prison - Current Events
  169. Teenager walks hours to and from work, impresses local police - Current Events
  170. Doctor Concocts His Own Vaccines With Cat Saliva, State Says - Current Events
  171. knotts berry farm pulls halloween attraction due to complaints for mental health advocates - Current Events
  172. Home Depot pulling 'Peeper Creeper' from shelves after complaint - Current Events
  173. the most unlucky guy in the country bitten on penis by spider for second time in 5 months - Current Events
  174. Former employees file class action against Wells Fargo - Current Events
  175. Seven dead from heroin, fentanyl overdoses in one day in Cuyahoga County - Current Events
  176. Clown Sightings (all news stories - Current Events
  177. Airport Vacation... - Current Events
  178. Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez killed in boating crash - Current Events
  179. Dog stabs owner with knife in Hudson, family in disbelief - Current Events
  180. Lawyer sues Emirates airline after 'enduring' nine-hour flight seated next to an obese man - Current Events
  181. Autistic Peoria boy tested for AIDS after chewing used condoms at Trewyn School - Current Events
  182. Man Threatened to 'Kill Everyone' After Mexican Eatery Had No Ketchup - Current Events
  183. High School Principal Cancels Homecoming Dance After Rowdy Game - Current Events
  184. Robots to Deliver Groceries... - Current Events
  185. 25 years after killing first wife, U.S. man allegedly shoots second wife, kills 4 kids - Current Events
  186. Va. woman riding on mattress on top of van dies after fall - Current Events
  187. This Asian city was just crowned the most popular tourist destination in the world - Current Events
  188. Teacher beats up student who owed him money for weed - Current Events
  189. News, Toyota relies on NAFTA, too, same as Ford and GM. - Current Events
  190. US strikes Yemen sites - Current Events
  191. Four visually impaired Paralympians beat Olympic gold time in 1,500 - Current Events
  192. Cleaner Air: Atmospheric Acidity Has Returned to Pre-Industrial Levels - Current Events
  193. Disney Is Working With an Adviser on Twitter Bid - Current Events
  194. New life, apart: Rare surgery to separate brothers conjoined at head - Current Events
  195. Technology helps schools like Madison cope with shortage of foreign language teachers - Current Events
  196. North America’s First “Surf Park” Will Open Friday - Current Events
  197. Cookie Dough Recall Hits Ice Cream, Diet Bars - Current Events
  198. On Induction Night, Phi Delt Pledges Served 'Copious' Amounts of Everclear Then Held in Basement Room - Current Events
  199. Feds Charge NSA Contractor with Taking Top Secret Documents - Current Events
  200. Air Traffic Controllers And Pilots Can Now Communicate Electronically - Current Events