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  2. Remember that BLIND stray dog? s a happy update: rescued, work, people - Dogs
  3. My dog was spayed a week ago, but something wasnt right: terrier, vet - Dogs
  4. Sydney may have a pimple?: vet, black, skin, cross - Dogs
  5. Poor Jack: vet, training, surgery, kennel - Dogs
  6. Peach (Momo) the police dog.: chihuahua, skin, training, rescue - Dogs
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  8. Diabetic dog.: vet, shots, food, seizures - Dogs
  9. Dog Bite?: clean, vet, cleaning, surgery - Dogs
  10. News, Deliveryman bit in the butt by 2 St. Bernards.: clean, stop, owner - Dogs
  11. Dog squabble or fight?: chihuahuas, bite, barking, huskies - Dogs
  12. Dog Toy: Cary, floor - Dogs
  13. is doing a happy dance: vet, skin, training, rescues - Dogs
  14. Getting dogs from LAX to Colorado Springs - drive?: black, best, Denver
  15. the loyalty of a dog!: kids, outside, home, Georgia - Dogs
  16. Teeth Chattering: labrador, retrievers, clean, vet - Dogs
  17. Is there etiquette to follow in dog runs?: bulldog, skin, rescue - Dogs
  18. Puppies Behind Bars: train, canines, elderly, Missouri - Dogs
  19. Prepare to melt...: barking, puppy, breed, sleep - Dogs
  20. Oh my gosh, this poor dog...but she now has a second chance!: vet, surgery - Dogs
  21. Dalmatian: vet, surgery, symptoms, dalmations - Dogs
  22. Dogs Uncoded: best
  23. crate trained dog peeing in crate: lab, clean, vet, training - Dogs
  24. throwing up while still eating?!: chew, food, bassett, protein - Dogs
  25. Emergency Kit for my dog?: vet, rabies, children, eating - Dogs
  26. News, Shanghai One-Dog-Per-Family Policy.: kids, best, ears, free - Dogs
  27. bump under skin: pitbull, lab, bite, clean - Dogs
  28. Merry Christmas!!: bought - Dogs
  29. Wart On Head Bleeding: vet, black, skin, ears - Dogs
  30. More Rescue Humor - Dogs
  31. Where's waldo: shots, test, hair, bought - Dogs
  32. I Need a Keeper/Minder: lab, terrier, wound, aggressive - Dogs
  33. News, Brandie the Death Row Husky Gets To Go Home.: poodle, leash - Dogs
  34. Christmas Doggie Humor: clean, puppy, eat, year - Dogs
  35. Are treats made in Brazil OK for my dog?: food, eat, Canada - Dogs
  36. Dog jacket to make from old denim jeans: free - Dogs
  37. Kroger dog food recall: yeast, test, supplement, animal - Dogs
  38. bonding: lab, boxer, train, adopted - Dogs
  39. Britains ugliest dog adopted: clean, breeding, teeth, kids - Dogs
  40. Stepped on Shih Tzu's tail and dislocated it: chihuahua, vet, surgery - Dogs
  41. One UT County Votes to Protect Dogs: puppy, ears, normal
  42. Death of a Newfoundland **Sad**: English Bulldog, vet, aggressive, rescue - Dogs
  43. Can dogs be carb addicts?: lab, bulldog, allergic, black
  44. Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety Act (S 3424/HR 5434): clean, veterinarian, breeder - Dogs
  45. Sheltie Talent!: food, Miami, beach - Dogs
  46. Five month old puppy and binge-barking at night: miniature, toy, bones - Dogs
  47. adorable dog falls for an older woman who is a cat: shih tzu, vet - Dogs
  48. Sample letter for banning dog auctions: how much, animals, mean, work - Dogs
  49. Dogs are awesome TOO
  50. Merry Christmas from your dog.: leash, animals - Dogs
  51. can dogs hear a fetal heartbeat?: odor, legs, sleep, licking
  52. To Get A Pug...: breeders, rescue, adopt, euthanize - Dogs
  53. EPI/bladder stones diet: food, shelter, seizures, test - Dogs
  54. I'm unsure what to do at this point.: poodle, bite, vet - Dogs
  55. News Video, Hunt County dog defines the word 'loyalty': Dallas, Fort Worth, animals - Dogs
  56. Old dog with arthritis & eating his flesh: bite, vet, CA - Dogs
  57. Raw Food Diet for Dogs: clean, poop, vet, toy
  58. dog with back pain: shih tzu, vet, hernia, legs - Dogs
  59. Shadow Doing What She Does Best.....: clean, black, animal, coat - Dogs
  60. Urinary Incontence In Older Dog: shepherd, vet, prescription, treatment - Dogs
  61. Phoenix: bulldogs, barking, wound, diet
  62. Boo - Dogs
  63. How do you teach a dog to find ?: labs, toy - Dogs
  64. Venting about irresponsible dog owners!: lab, poodle, boxer, skin - Dogs
  65. Update: Dog peeing & diabetes: how much, clean, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  66. News, Dog is the oldest mutt in the world this lady says.: shepherd, adopt - Dogs
  67. Worried! White bump/warts/growth on my dog's gum!: clean, vet, skin - Dogs
  68. have animals (dogs that are outside pets 24/7?: lab, chihuahua
  69. Happy Halloween All: cost, collars, year, bought - Dogs
  70. advice about my future new pup: shih tzu, breeders, skin, training - Dogs
  71. ideas about why my dog did this?: terrier, golden retriever, bite - Dogs
  72. Where can one buy this type of stuffed toy?: lab, chewing, puppy - Dogs
  73. A GREAT video... - Dogs
  74. News, Dog Eats 31 Nails, Rabies Tag, House Siding.: poop, stomach, puppy - Dogs
  75. Another car restraint - what am I doing wrong? Need remedial help ;): test, safe - Dogs
  76. check out this dog!: terriers, keep - Dogs
  77. General about panting and open mouth: lab, golden retriever, outside - Dogs
  78. How much do you feed your dog?: vet, food, outside - Dogs
  79. who to call about suspected animal abuse??: lab, clean, huskies - Dogs
  80. Dogo Argentino?: ridgeback, bulldogs, terriers, yorkie
  81. Post- Neutering Infection?: chihuahua, vet, skin, training - Dogs
  82. I said yes......: poodle, chihuahua, vet, toy - Dogs
  83. The New Phoenix: bite, barking, aggressive, skin - Dogs
  84. Report abandonded dogs?: poop, barking, skin, kids
  85. Just A Dog: costs, animals, mean, man - Dogs
  86. News, Australian Guy Marries His Dog.: labrador, problems, Australia, year - Dogs
  87. Which vehicle restraint best for large dog?: lab, legs, ears - Dogs
  88. dog just urinated on new microfiber couch?: vet, treatment, odor - Dogs
  89. Sudden aggression in english bull terrier: bite, vet, prescription, train - Dogs
  90. How to handle the death of a dog----the logistics, not the emotional aspect. This isn't a rainbow bridge: labrador, vet - Dogs
  91. does your dog ride in a booster car seat?: shih tzu, cost, weight - Dogs
  92. Fate of dogs uncertain after boy is attacked: bite, aggressive, teeth
  93. Show off your spoiled fur kids: clean, toy, children, Denver - Dogs
  94. Artie's a happy furry man: Our reunion after a 2-week vacation: black, home - Dogs
  95. How many times a day should my 8-month-old puppy poop?: vet, adopted - Dogs
  96. Freaking out: Foster dog, heartworms: vet, skin, treatment, rescue - Dogs
  97. Dog Massage: Experiences?: ears, year, animal, stop - Dogs
  98. Transport Indy to Deerfield, IL: vet, rescue, beagles, costs - Dogs
  99. advice for me?: bite, vet, husky, black - Dogs
  100. Home Inspection for Westie Adoption?: lab, clean, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  101. Meeting MAthebanker, Beasley, MAK802, PC & MB!: bulldog, drool, best - Dogs
  102. My dog has learned to tell time: vet, black, surgery - Dogs
  103. Suddenly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( Something is wrong with my basset! :(: poop, vet, stomach - Dogs
  104. Dogs' Health Getting Worse?: how much, lab, bulldogs, allergic
  105. Christmas Cookies for Dogs: bite, black, teeth, allergies
  106. large breed puppies, when to switch to adult formulas?: lab, boxer, vet - Dogs
  107. How to help young adult children accept euthenasia.....: labrador, vet, euthanize - Dogs
  108. Pitbull Issues: pitbulls, labs, vet, breeder - Dogs
  109. Wiggles the Mighty Hunter: terrier, barking, mice, bird - Dogs
  110. Prescription Dog Food vs Other Dog Food: allergy, poop, vet - Dogs
  111. chewing puppy: toy, black, train, bones - Dogs
  112. The Horrific Truth About Dog Food: Is Your Dog Food Killing Your Dog: vet, breeders - Dogs
  113. Update on pregnant HW positive foster dog: vet, black, adopt - Dogs
  114. Venting Rant: poodle, clean, poop, aggressive - Dogs
  115. Vick wants a dog.....: training, ears, test, allowed - Dogs
  116. Dog's Rules for Christmas: labrador, bite, chew, children - Dogs
  117. Beach fun with the swamp hounds: clean, Phoenix, feeding, leash - Dogs
  118. Gave my dog to my mother, now having regrets: bite, clean, poop - Dogs
  119. How to Fatten up a Malnourished Pup: border collie, poop, vet - Dogs
  120. Heartsick (was I Need a Keeper/Minder: bite, vet, stomach - Dogs
  121. Family dispute: What would you do?: bite, clean, wound, aggressive - Dogs
  122. WORMS! What are the chances my dogs catch them from dog I babysat tonight?: labrador, clean
  123. Puppy suddenly barking at me for no reason?: lab, aggressive, treatment - Dogs
  124. Chronic anal glands: vet, stomach, surgery, diet - Dogs
  125. My pitbull is dog aggressive: pitbulls, poodle, terrier, breeders - Dogs
  126. can sick dog walk into the wood and disappear: vet, skin, cost - Dogs
  127. Update on Hobbs the shelter dog we adopted last year...: pitbull, bite - Dogs
  128. How do I know that its time ?: lab, poop, vet - Dogs
  129. ACANA vs. ORIJEN: diet, cost, food, protein - Dogs
  130. know about rescue groups in Texas?? URGENT: lab, adopt, puppy - Dogs
  131. Orijen price increase: bulldog, poop, skin, costs - Dogs
  132. Stinky Dog: bulldogs, chihuahua, clean, vet
  133. Miss Jai, ears and Oogy!: rescued, Texas, sick, fight - Dogs
  134. today i proved that dogs are more important to me than friendships...: vet, breeder
  135. strangest/funniest thing your dog has done: toy, chew, kids - Dogs
  136. What To Do With Dog Poo and Where Do You Have Them Go?: poop, black - Dogs
  137. Lab puppy with diarrhea: schnauzers, poop, vet, schnauzer - Dogs
  138. Dealing with discomfort after neuter: how much, vet, rescue, cost - Dogs
  139. Is it to teach basic commands to a Chihuahua?: breeder, train - Dogs
  140. helping my dogs adjust to a new house ...: toy, barking, husky
  141. Dog problems: shepherd, clean, poop, barking - Dogs
  142. Dog needs surjury-Mom decides not to...=[: how much, vet, surgery, rescue - Dogs
  143. pleasee helpp with my puppy!: pitbulls, bite, vet, breeders - Dogs
  144. Latest update on the fight with animal control: vet, legal, black - Dogs
  145. What words does your dog know?: labs, clean, westie, paws - Dogs
  146. Toys for Heavy Chewers: labs, toy, stomach, black - Dogs
  147. Hero dog mistakenly PTS by Arizona Shelter: kennel, rabies, collars - Dogs
  148. dog, loss of appetite: vet, skin, diarrhea, rescue - Dogs
  149. Dog arthritis: vet, skin, diet, cost - Dogs
  150. Wolf Problems, Again: skin, kennel, rabies, children - Dogs
  151. Dog steals kleenex right from the box: shepherd, poop, husky - Dogs
  152. A Boy and His Dog: lab, kids, test, family - Dogs
  153. HALO brand food seasoning: natural, chew, best, protein - Dogs
  154. ChurpiChews: bites, bones, natural, pups - Dogs
  155. dog food: allergic, chihuahua, bites, vet - Dogs
  156. nail clipping: vet, black, natural, pup - Dogs
  157. help me determine what breed my dog is: ridgeback, shepherd, husky - Dogs
  158. Comparison of Dog DNA Tests?: border collie, labs, poodle, vet - Dogs
  159. Positive thoughts: how much, vet, bird, biscuits - Dogs
  160. Swollen lymph nodes - no other symptoms: vet, allergies, infection - Dogs
  161. Food Issue again: he's tired of the food: terrier, bites, vet - Dogs
  162. my dog is a grumbler: shepherd, labs, poodles, bite - Dogs
  163. What kinda dog is this?: lab, beagle, adopting, children - Dogs
  164. Does your dog have a hunting instinct?: gagging, golden retriever, poop - Dogs
  165. I made a mistake: shepherd, black, skin, rescued - Dogs
  166. stats pitbulls: rescue, kids, year, people - Dogs
  167. Recipes for dogs with Pancreatitis: allergy, vet, skin, diet
  168. Purina made in China?: how much, labs, clean, breeders - Dogs
  169. Can dogs tell time?: kids, paws, pup, outside
  170. Split Toenail --- separated from the entire quick --- not sure what to do: labrador, vet - Dogs
  171. Puppy and electrical cords: labs, bite, clean, poop - Dogs
  172. how do you keep outside dogs from chewing everything?: shepherd, lab, boxer
  173. What do you want in a dog walker?: poop, skin, natural - Dogs
  174. Jazz's visit at the eye clinic: lab, boxer, vet, aggressive - Dogs
  175. What kind of pup am I?: how much, shepherd, boxer, black - Dogs
  176. Best training tools: shepherd, labradoodle, shepherds, bites - Dogs
  177. s the video of the formerly BLIND dog who can now SEE!: surgery, rescue - Dogs
  178. Boarding: How long is too long?: kennel, kids, pups, best - Dogs
  179. Behavior Problem: Does Your Dog Have: golden retriever, biting, barking - Dogs
  180. Dogs, puppies, and hardwood floors: clean, housebreak, allergies, odor
  181. Trying to do the right thing for abandoned dogs: vet, rescue, adoption
  182. Dog Stories: best, cats, eating, free - Dogs
  183. Three weeks later, my rescued Schnoodle is no closer to being housebroken: poodles, schnauzers - Dogs
  184. My westie has a strange attachment to a stuffed animal: yorkie, toy - Dogs
  185. shih tzu advice: vet, stomach, black, surgery - Dogs
  186. Have you ever done what I did yesterday?: clean, poop, kids - Dogs
  187. Does your dog ENJOY getting brushed?: lab, stomach, westie, puppy - Dogs
  188. about deafness and barking: pitbull, chihuahua, vet, training - Dogs
  189. Ticks all over my dogs, my house and myself--what should I do?: poodle, bite
  190. Peeing in the house: clean, vet, wound, cleaning - Dogs
  191. Can dogs (or do they) catch colds?: vet, rescue, allergies
  192. Bella is in heat again so I made the appointment: lab, clean - Dogs
  193. Is it a full moon or something?: clean, barking, chew - Dogs
  194. News, Hero dog has a ruff life.: home, Chicago, owner - Dogs
  195. Opening a Dog Training Business in Orlando, FL?: Colorado, work - Dogs
  196. Scruffy , too, deserved, Christmas Cheer....: clean, toy, black - Dogs
  197. Kroger Pet Food Recall: veterinarian, diarrhea, symptoms, natural - Dogs
  198. Do a mixed breed dog's eyes give clues to his ancestry?: pitbull, labrador - Dogs
  199. Detangler: yorkie, eating, Hawaii, Seattle - Dogs
  200. Rosie the Newfoundland: necessary - Dogs