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  128. Why are most USB Flash drives FAT32 format?: Linux, transfer, Windows - Computers
  129. I fixed my computer with a hairdryer...: desktops, flash, motherboard - Computers
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  132. What about using a Hosting Company to store files?: hd, server, sounds - Computers
  133. how to make a partinioned drive a single drive?: 1GB, Windows 98, right click - Computers
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  136. Wired Router: laptop, Ubuntu, mouse, graphics - Computers
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  147. Judge: Americans can be forced to decrypt their laptops: hard drive, monitor, sounds - Computers
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  149. Logitech will disappear?: operating system, keyboard, mouse, wireless - Computers
  150. Best computer: laptops, desktop, RAM, hd - Computers
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  165. Processor: DVD, RAM, hard drive, operating system - Computers
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  167. Now this is support!: working, hardware, pc, program - Computers
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  170. Laptops V. Desktops *Banter*: desktop, RAM, hard drive, games - Computers
  171. dialup: laptops, modem, email, screen - Computers
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  182. Backup DVDs: DVD, desktop, hard drive, transferring - Computers
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  184. Serviio Console <<<check it out: wireless, stream, software - Computers
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  196. Can you relate?: working - Computers
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