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  1. Moving to Tosa and setting up utilities?: Wauwatosa: house, water - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  2. moving to WI Milwaukee or surrounding areas: Aurora: employment, living - Wisconsin
  3. where to watch the world cup?: Holland: showing, cafe, owner - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  4. Disruption to cell phone service: Milwaukee, Eagle: tornado, areas, providers - Wisconsin (WI)
  5. Glendale, WFB, Shorewood... help me choose!: Milwaukee, Mequon: apartments, rentals, house - Wisconsin (WI)
  6. California visitor - never been to Wisconsin......: Milwaukee, Shorewood: university, living in - (WI)
  7. moving vehicles into Wisconsin: Milwaukee, Madison: vehicle registration, transportation, car - (WI)
  8. St. Joseph's neighborhood.: Milwaukee: crime, houses, neighborhoods - Wisconsin (WI)
  9. Moving to Milwaukee: Waukesha, Wauwatosa, Reserve: to rent, public schools, budget - Wisconsin (WI)
  10. taking a cab from Summerfest to Wauwatosa .: Milwaukee, Green Bay: extended stay, crime - Wisconsin (WI)
  11. need to rent a car for weekend visit??: Milwaukee: airport, public transportation - Wisconsin (WI)
  12. What are poor/rough areas of Milwakuee: Milwaukee, King: crime, homes - Wisconsin (WI)
  13. Moving to UWM, housing help needed: Milwaukee, Shorewood: apartment, rentals, home - Wisconsin (WI)
  14. milwaukee area technical college: lofts, hotels, houses - Wisconsin (WI)
  15. Vincent park Brookfield: house, neighborhood, to buy - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  16. Third Ward or Eastside?: Milwaukee: apartments, condo, violent crime - Wisconsin (WI)
  17. Tree Trimming: Maple: power lines, home, contractor - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  18. Milwaukee suburbs vs Chicago suburbs: Waukesha, Wauwatosa: big home, gangs, wealthy - Wisconsin (WI)
  19. best answer needed: Milwaukee: rental, condo, live in - Wisconsin (WI)
  20. need help: Milwaukee: attorney, home, unemployment - Wisconsin (WI)
  21. Looking for area with racial/ethnic diversity and great schools. Where?: Milwaukee: rentals, middle school - Wisconsin (WI)
  22. News, Milwaukee gets 'tavern on wheels': live, pub, parties - Wisconsin (WI)
  23. Is Speed Queen still open: restaurant, best, business - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  24. Neighborhoods with LOTS of kids? Where should I look?: Wauwatosa: house, good schools - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  25. Frontier Airlines vs. Air Tran: Milwaukee: airport, business, traffic - Wisconsin (WI)
  26. Realtor for the Brookfield area: buying a home, buying, realty - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  27. New Berlin, Delafield, Germantown Subdivisions: houses, school district, live in - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  28. Describe Foxpoint: Milwaukee, Waukesha, Wauwatosa: real estate, crime, big home - Wisconsin (WI)
  29. Music Memories at The Alternate Site: Milwaukee: best time, pictures - Wisconsin (WI)
  30. DMV: live, moving to, drivers license - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  31. Real Estate - Does Sq Ft include basement?: Milwaukee: house, square footage - Wisconsin (WI)
  32. Tailor Recommendation?: Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, Wells: live, prices, park - Wisconsin (WI)
  33. Census Results: Milwaukee: deal, population, increase - Wisconsin (WI)
  34. Auto Shop - recommendations?: Whitefish Bay, Brown Deer: live in, cost, oil - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  35. Good restaurant??: Milwaukee, Appleton, Buffalo: price, food, parking - Wisconsin (WI)
  36. Good Antiques near Milwaukee?: house, shops, moving - Wisconsin (WI)
  37. Do you think Milwaukee/Wisconsin could support and NHL team?: Madison: lease, how much - (WI)
  38. have details about mall in oconomowoc?: Milwaukee, Waukesha: house, bankruptcy - Wisconsin (WI)
  39. Thank you, Wauwatosa!: Milwaukee, Waukesha, Brookfield: how much, houses, neighborhood - Wisconsin (WI)
  40. Quad Graphics Work Environment?: Milwaukee, Sussex: layoffs, college, station - Wisconsin (WI)
  41. No Breaking Engines in Milwaukee?: neighborhood, buses, car - Wisconsin (WI)
  42. The Turf skateboard park unearthed: Milwaukee, Greenfield: skateboarding, lease, skatepark - Wisconsin (WI)
  43. unethical employer: Milwaukee, Montana: how much, lawyer, home - Wisconsin (WI)
  44. Does have experience with Marshall Hall apts or Shoreline real estate?: apartment - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  45. relocating back home to WI................: Milwaukee, Menomonee Falls: apartment complexes, rental, employment - Wisconsin
  46. flooding: Shorewood, Oakland: neighborhoods, moving, estimated - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  47. Limiting Flooded basements...: insurance, house, neighborhood - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  48. News Video, Harley Davidson May Leave Milwaukee.: Tomah, Tomahawk: taxes, costs - Wisconsin (WI)
  49. relocating back to WI.....: Milwaukee, Wauwatosa: apartment complex, rental, hotels - Wisconsin
  50. relocating-school/suburb advice: Wauwatosa, Brookfield, Germantown: homes, neighborhoods, top school - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  51. well water: Milwaukee: how much, house, buying - Wisconsin (WI)
  52. Robbers hold up Milwaukee church bingo hall More than 100 players scramble as gunmen enter: Lincoln: robbery - Wisconsin (WI)
  53. Waukesha confuses me understand?: Milwaukee, Kenosha: houses, DMV, living in - Wisconsin (WI)
  54. Looking for a good place to buy good, affordable crab & lobster: Brookfield: live - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  55. Thoughts on Germantown?: Milwaukee, Mequon, Hartford: apartment, renting, low crime - Wisconsin (WI)
  56. Seasonal Worker's Unemployment Compensation: live, retired, best - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  57. Want to move back to Milwaukee: Mequon, Union: insurance, house, transfer - Wisconsin (WI)
  58. Lost City of Milwaukee: Fox Point, Oakland: insurance, high school, taxes - Wisconsin (WI)
  59. High Volume Car Dealers in the Milwaukee area: sales, buy - Wisconsin (WI)
  60. Help Find My Brother Larry DuFresne: Milwaukee: live, safety, health - Wisconsin (WI)
  61. Rental car options MKE: coupons, codes, prices - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  62. Young Married Couple Moving to Milwaukee: Oak Creek, St. Francis: apartments, rentals, condo - Wisconsin (WI)
  63. House Rentals - Brookfield area: Milwaukee, Wauwatosa: for sale, real estate, college - Wisconsin (WI)
  64. Urgently Need Advice in Landlord/Tenant Dispute: lease, tenants - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  65. Moving to Milwaukee with family of 4 small children: homes, neighborhoods - Wisconsin (WI)
  66. How cosmo is Milwaukee and how does its cultural amenities rank?: West Allis: consignment, home - Wisconsin (WI)
  67. Take Root Milwaukee: Bayside: low income, foreclosure, loans - Wisconsin (WI)
  68. City of West Milwaukee: Madison, West Allis: crime, homes, property taxes - Wisconsin (WI)
  69. Cool neighborhood in Milwaukee? Poss move from Seattle. Want 3BR house: apartment, condo - Wisconsin (WI)
  70. Apartment in Milwaukee: neighborhood, school, landlord - Wisconsin (WI)
  71. Italian Fest and parking: Milwaukee: bus, safe, car - Wisconsin (WI)
  72. is Milwaukee walkable?: Whitefish Bay, Shorewood, Glendale: car rental, rental, limo - Wisconsin (WI)
  73. know of good gay-oriented churches in the Milwaukee/Waukesha area?!: Wauwatosa: college - Wisconsin (WI)
  74. Enderis Park: Wauwatosa: home, safe neighborhood, safe - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  75. Moving to Milwaukee from Australia: to live in, club, shop - Wisconsin (WI)
  76. Sturtevant Amtrak: Milwaukee: purchase, airport, train - Wisconsin (WI)
  77. Commuting to West Allis from the north: Milwaukee, Wauwatosa: home, employment - Wisconsin (WI)
  78. New Berlin public school comparison: Elmwood, Poplar: how much, house, neighborhood - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  79. Young couple looking for nice but inexpensive area: Milwaukee, Waukesha: for sale, real estate - Wisconsin (WI)
  80. Looking for 250k home - commuting to UWM: Milwaukee, Madison: houses, neighborhood - Wisconsin (WI)
  81. (1)Leon's -vs- (2)Kopps: Milwaukee, Pulaski: high school, shops, bars - Wisconsin (WI)
  82. indoor malls besides Grand Ave. and Mayfair: Milwaukee, Racine: shop, area - Wisconsin (WI)
  83. Zip Code: Milwaukee: renters, crime, neighborhood - Wisconsin (WI)
  84. furniture store: Milwaukee, Bradley: new home, buying, cabinet - Wisconsin (WI)
  85. Moving to Glendale: Milwaukee, Whitefish Bay, Brown Deer: to rent, mover, house - Wisconsin (WI)
  86. Does know how to contact owners of this site: Milwaukee: appointed, cities - Wisconsin (WI)
  87. West Suburbs: Milwaukee, Waukesha, West Allis: apartments, to rent, homes - Wisconsin (WI)
  88. Things to do at UWM?: Milwaukee, Oakland: neighborhood, buy, theater - Wisconsin (WI)
  89. Compare and Contrast Whitefish Bay and Shorewood: Milwaukee, Wilson: apartments, renters - Wisconsin (WI)
  90. Banking: credit, loan, home - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  91. Grede foundry pollution in Tosa?: Milwaukee, Waukesha: to rent, houses, to buy - Wisconsin (WI)
  92. Does know where the Dahmer apartments were?: West Allis, Oxford: house, live - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  93. Disc golfing with dogs?: parks, county, leash - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  94. Best place/s to live around the new Columbia St. Mary's Hospital: Milwaukee: apartments - Wisconsin (WI)
  95. Rents in Waukesha (moving for out of state): Milwaukee: apartment, to rent - Wisconsin (WI)
  96. Visiting Milwaukee, help on safe hotels, things to do!?!: Price: best hotels, hotel - Wisconsin (WI)
  97. Milwaukee's Safest Neighborhood: Jackson, Cleveland: insurance, crime, homes - Wisconsin (WI)
  98. Commuting from Kenosha to Milwaukee?: Green Bay, Racine: transfer to, restaurant, buses - Wisconsin (WI)
  99. Italian neighborhoods in Milwaukee?: construction, pharmacy, restaurant - Wisconsin (WI)
  100. Can tell me what the difference is between AT&T U-verse & Time Warner Cable?: home - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  101. Gyms in Milwaukee Suburbs: New Berlin, Oconomowoc: YMCA, living in, price - Wisconsin (WI)
  102. Looking for smaller bars, restaraunts, or fight studios to watch the ufc fights.: gym - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  103. Milwaukee Suburbs vs. Chicago Suburbs: live, metropolitan area, areas - Wisconsin (WI)
  104. Milwaukee = Earthquake Zone?!: house, living, to move - Wisconsin (WI)
  105. Areas with decent commute to wauwatosa: Waukesha, West Allis: apartments, rent, condos - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  106. homebuilders: King: custom home, price, best - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  107. Renting ideas for apartment/home: Waukesha, Brookfield: apartments, rentals, townhomes - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  108. Mortgage: renters, bad credit, loan - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  109. Apartments Near UWM - Average Rent/Utilities, Advice: Milwaukee, Pewaukee: for rent, how much - Wisconsin (WI)
  110. moving to milwaukee. best place to raise kids and great school?: Wauwatosa: apartments, rentals - Wisconsin (WI)
  111. Brats ??: Milwaukee: restaurant, versus, shop - Wisconsin (WI)
  112. Moving to Milwaukee, WI: Racine, Brookfield: house, public schools, live - Wisconsin
  113. Gyms: Shorewood, Princeton: how much, YMCA, live - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  114. Hegarty's closed tonight :o(: Milwaukee, Marquette: college, pubs, place - Wisconsin (WI)
  115. Ducks Orphaned By Motorist: Milwaukee: restaurant, car, murders - Wisconsin (WI)
  116. how is apartment living in downtown Milwaukee?: cheap apartments, how much - Wisconsin (WI)
  117. First Visit To Miller Park: Milwaukee, Reserve: appointed, houses, beach - Wisconsin (WI)
  118. Concordia and surrounding area safe?: renting, homes, safe neighborhood - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  119. This would be good for Milwaukee: bikes, community - Wisconsin (WI)
  120. Driving to Milwaukee from Cleveland (best route to take): Superior: home, construction - Wisconsin (WI)
  121. Air Conditioning Needed in Whitefish Bay? (Or similar): Milwaukee: houses, live - Wisconsin (WI)
  122. Looking for full time music teaching job: Milwaukee, New Berlin: teaching jobs, school district - Wisconsin (WI)
  123. Milwaukee Night Life: Franklin, Jefferson, Juneau: college, nightlife, business - Wisconsin (WI)
  124. Can someone tell me nicest/prettiest parts of Waukesha & Brookfield?: Watertown: renting, how much - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  125. Can suggest a personal trainer that will come to your house?: gyms - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  126. HELP! Halls for Rent?: people, looking for, about - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  127. buying a house on 91st and burleigh..Yes or No: Milwaukee: neighborhood, school - Wisconsin (WI)
  128. Don't move to the SouthSide, it's filled with scouse ???: Milwaukee: low crime, homes - Wisconsin (WI)
  129. Best Day Care in Milwaukee?: Wauwatosa, Glendale: day cares, house, school - Wisconsin (WI)
  130. know where all the action if is in Brown Deer or places in which young adults commonly frequent?: Milwaukee: middle-class, homes - Wisconsin (WI)
  131. Irish student summer internship in Milwaukee or Cincinnati?!: Wauwatosa, Shorewood: sublets, rent - Wisconsin (WI)
  132. Houses to rent: Milwaukee, West Allis, Wauwatosa: apartment, rental, low crime - Wisconsin (WI)
  133. Timmerman Field Area: Milwaukee, Appleton, Wauwatosa: for sale, renters, crime - Wisconsin (WI)
  134. Why Milwaukee?: Waukesha, Menomonee Falls, Oconomowoc: rent, low crime, home - Wisconsin (WI)
  135. Milwaukee's new Chinatown!: Brown Deer: condo, live, price - Wisconsin (WI)
  136. Are roaches a big problem in milwaukee?: Newark, Cleveland: apartments, houses - Wisconsin (WI)
  137. Manhattan to Milwaukee?: Wauwatosa, Shorewood, Oakland: cul-de-sac, to rent, loft - Wisconsin (WI)
  138. Are the apartments Jeffrey Dahmer committed his murders still up?: for rent, college - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  139. Is Milwaukee THAT Bad?: Winter, King: crime rate, neighborhoods, school - Wisconsin (WI)
  140. moving to milwaukee: Brookfield, Greendale, Whitefish Bay: apartments, rentals, condo - Wisconsin (WI)
  141. Areas to avoid in Mil town?: Milwaukee: best neighborhood, foreclosures, neighborhoods - Wisconsin (WI)
  142. how Milwaukee screwed up the lake scene: Fox Point, Lincoln: appointed, restaurants - Wisconsin (WI)
  143. Marquette vs UWM culture?: Milwaukee, Madison: to rent, houses, law school - Wisconsin (WI)
  144. MIL or MKE?: Milwaukee: living, airport, cities - Wisconsin (WI)
  145. Very upset over the $95 fee for license plate renewal. Does in the country pay so much?: Milwaukee: vehicle registration, income - Wisconsin (WI)
  146. Does know of fancy, out-of-the-ordinary clothing stores in the Milwaukee area?: Madison: storage, shop - Wisconsin (WI)
  147. Bob Donovan is a JOKE!: Milwaukee, Brookfield: rent, crime, houses - Wisconsin (WI)
  148. Shorewood High School student arrested for stealing chicken nuggets!: house, school district - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  149. why are people leaving wauwatosa?!: Milwaukee, Waukesha: crime, house, prices - Wisconsin (WI)
  150. Columbus,Ohio better the Milwaukee,Wisconsin: Wauwatosa, Greendale: insurance, crime rate, how much - (WI)
  151. I sincerely hope that this does not happen to Milwaukee Harley-Davidson.: Clinton: home, unemployment rate - Wisconsin (WI)
  152. 76th and Good Hope: Milwaukee, Appleton: apartments, renters, crime - Wisconsin (WI)
  153. work for Kohl's Co.? What is their work environment like?: Johnson: sales, buying - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  154. Things You Love About M'waukee?: Milwaukee, Madison: middle-class, house, neighborhoods - Wisconsin (WI)
  155. Best place to live Greater MKE: Milwaukee, Whitefish Bay: apartments, rentals, townhouses - Wisconsin (WI)
  156. Milwaukee.. a city on the rise or not?: Waukesha, Washington: crime, neighborhoods - Wisconsin (WI)
  157. Waukesha, Brookfield, Pewaukee, Wauwatosa schools?: Milwaukee, New Berlin: appointed, violent crime, credit - Wisconsin (WI)
  158. Let's work together to fix the segregation problem: Milwaukee, Waukesha: for sale, houses - Wisconsin (WI)
  159. Why is downtown so lame?: Milwaukee, Madison: condo, how much, hotels - Wisconsin (WI)
  160. Inexpensive apartments west of Milwaukee: Waukesha, West Allis: rentals, homes, new construction - Wisconsin (WI)
  161. Relocating from Florida to Brown Deer area: Milwaukee, Green Bay: apartment complexes, rental - Wisconsin (WI)
  162. Fond du Lac and 51st: for sale, home, neighborhoods - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  163. Woah--who elected this woman???: Milwaukee: tax, living in, law - Wisconsin (WI)
  164. cute small town within commuting distance of Brookfield?: Milwaukee, Racine: real estate, renting - Wisconsin (WI)
  165. GOing to be in Milwaukee for 3 days: Clinton, Marquette: rentals, houses - Wisconsin (WI)
  166. Is Milwaukee's Lake Michigan as clean & nice as Chicago's?: York: beach, swimming - Wisconsin (WI)
  167. Will Milwaukee ever get an NHL team?: Madison, Racine: home, layoffs - Wisconsin (WI)
  168. Best Brewery Tour: Milwaukee, Glendale: food, vehicle, parking - Wisconsin (WI)
  169. Milwaukee to Madison high speed rail?: Kenosha, Luck: how much, hotel, costs - Wisconsin (WI)
  170. First time visit to Milwaukee and uestions: Cedarburg, Port Washington: rent, how much - Wisconsin (WI)
  171. Historic Mitchell ST / Schusters lofts: Milwaukee, River Falls: crime, houses, neighborhood - Wisconsin (WI)
  172. Things to do in Milwaukee for weekend visitors: Racine, Cedarburg: chapel, neighborhoods - Wisconsin (WI)
  173. Mayfair history: Milwaukee: appointed, gated, living - Wisconsin (WI)
  174. Moving to Milwaukee - Renting with 3 large dogs (Boxers & Rottweiler): Humboldt: apartments, rentals - Wisconsin (WI)
  175. a move to Milwaukee.: New Berlin, Greenfield: apartments, lofts, crime - Wisconsin (WI)
  176. Harkey Davidson's Future in MKE: Milwaukee, Franklin: good credit, to buy, luxury - Wisconsin (WI)
  177. does Brookfield have a downtown area?: Milwaukee, Waukesha: live in, restaurants, shops - Wisconsin (WI)
  178. Fishing in Milwaukee?: Thiensville, Washington, McKinley: to buy, live, shop - Wisconsin (WI)
  179. High unemployment rates are believed to be an exaggeration according to Milwuakee Magazine.: Milwaukee: fit in, college - Wisconsin (WI)
  180. I've lived a sheltered life?: Milwaukee, Madison: condos, houses, neighborhoods - Wisconsin (WI)
  181. Ufc 110: bars, showing, avoid - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  182. relocating to milwaukee area......: rent, motels, living - Wisconsin (WI)
  183. Select Specialty Hospital: RN, job, apply - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  184. good bars for tues and wed night?: places, job - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  185. cream city music featival 2010: event - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  186. Do you have Neighborhood Recommendations for the City of Waukesha?: Milwaukee: house, neighborhoods - Wisconsin (WI)
  187. Used car: safe, summer, mileage - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  188. Wisconomy: Milwaukee, Madison, Washington: internship, manufacturing, activities - Wisconsin (WI)
  189. Milwaukee nostalgia questions: Washington: how much, high school, cost of - Wisconsin (WI)
  190. Experience with Time Warner digital phone?: home, phone service, cheaper - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  191. Does know about the Title V Senior Community Services Program: rain, adults - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  192. Looking: Taycheedah: live, property, county - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  193. Does know of majority black-oriented gay bars or dance clubs in the area?: Milwaukee: middle-class - Wisconsin (WI)
  194. Need on >$1000 decent apartment with amenities?: Milwaukee: neighborhood, safe - Wisconsin (WI)
  195. Good Temp Work Agencies in Milwaukee?: manufacturing, office, factory - Wisconsin (WI)
  196. Kenosha Daycare: area, moved, used - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  197. HOUSEKEEPER for hire: home, clean, looking for - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  198. Where in Wisconsin should I move...: Ripon, Berlin: pros and cons, around - Milwaukee, (WI)
  199. storage: Milwaukee: building, compare, used - Wisconsin (WI)
  200. Occupational Outlook for a Self Employed flooring Contractor in Milwaukee?: wood floors, live in - Wisconsin (WI)