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  27. Cds?: vet, year, animals - Dogs
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  30. own a Maltese?: shihtzu, poodles, yorkies, toy - Dogs
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  32. cody the brat! - Dogs
  33. bandages: vet, legs, claw, keep - Dogs
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  39. hypoallergenic dogs: shih-tzu, allergic, goldendoodle, poodles
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  48. Fever: infection, eating, fungus, Arizona - Dogs
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  53. Thank you note from gran-dog: yorkies, children, paws - Dogs
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  57. Helping Afghanistan Dogs: labrador, rescues, adopted, kids
  58. Doggie drool ?: shih tzu, vet, teeth, diet - Dogs
  59. One turned around .....: how much, breed, ears, licking - Dogs
  60. More Low Rider Lovin': retriever, clean, breeder, adopted - Dogs
  61. Groomer: poodle, bite, vet, black - Dogs
  62. Creative Splash Pool: lab, black, skin, cost - Dogs
  63. baby sling for a dog: shih tzu, kids, best, breed - Dogs
  64. how do you decide which dog?: border collie, shepherd, labrador, boxers - Dogs
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  66. Analytical dogs?: walk, grass, normal, yard
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  69. Michael Vick's Pitbulls: fight, pound - Dogs
  70. All dog owners can relate...: animal - Dogs
  71. my puppy eat plastic and he's sick now: biting, train, surgery - Dogs
  72. Smelly Couch: clean, cleaning, odor, natural - Dogs
  73. Dog Obedience Trainer?: chihuahuas, biting, vet, toy - Dogs
  74. Queen Roxanne: Needs help??: daschund, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  75. would you chance it: pitbulls, ridgeback, how much, lab - Dogs
  76. House broken to NOT: clean, vet, aggressive, cleaning - Dogs
  77. Water; Must Mean Pictures: how much, training, adopt, weight - Dogs
  78. lab/english pointer owners out -HELP!: labs, poodles, clean - Dogs
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  83. St. Francis Day: daschund, barks, cost, dachshund - Dogs
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  85. My separation anxious dog: poodle, vet, skin, train - Dogs
  86. My Jack Russell ate a bag of whole wheat hamburger buns and she's been sick all day...: lab, poop - Dogs
  87. Shih Tzu puppy agression problems: bite, vet, breeder, training - Dogs
  88. What do your dogs like to chew on/suggestions needed.: terriers, boerboel
  89. My dog thinks he is my boyfriend - Like the Family Guy dog: vet, husky - Dogs
  90. Home from Iraq after 14 my dogs: puppy, walk, ears
  91. New Dog owner - need help with food!: how much, boxers, breeder - Dogs
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  93. Crate training older dog: how much, lab, toy, train - Dogs
  94. Terrible dogs: border collie, toy, barking, training
  95. elizabethan collar causing aggression?: vet, barking, aggressive, training - Dogs
  96. Regular hiccups in puppy normal?: border collie, shepherd, labs, golden retriever - Dogs
  97. New puppy!Need help with a name!: pitbull, lab, rescue - Dogs
  98. cody loves our baby: terrier, adopted, pup, best - Dogs
  99. Did Someone Ask For More Britches?: adopted, shots, cross, ears - Dogs
  100. I think I have a puppy mill dog: shih tzu, breeders, stomach - Dogs
  101. Dog Food's Getting Too Expensive!: vet, prescription, science, diet - Dogs
  102. about leash training: poop, train, adopting, cross - Dogs
  103. When she would start training (puppy) and what should we start with?: border collie, shepherd - Dogs
  104. Need advice - Dog with fixation: poodle, biting, laser, breeding - Dogs
  105. Behavior ?--My Dog Groans/Moans: how much, shih tzu, yorkie, clean - Dogs
  106. Need a Little Pink Pig to End Your Day?: shots, pup, best - Dogs
  107. Most Dangerous Dog Breeds: bullmastiff, rottweiler, vet, black - Dogs
  108. Flying dogs?: pitbull, shepherd, boxer, rescue
  109. Dog diet...: rottweilers, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  110. My dog won't eat her food!: shih tzu, vet, black, teeth - Dogs
  111. My 7 year old Cocker/peke attacked me last nite: barks, aggressive, skin - Dogs
  112. Toy dog suggestions: shihtzu, poodle, terriers, chihuahua - Dogs
  113. So sad.....: spaniel, rescue, adopt, cross - Dogs
  114. Cty Animal Shelter vs. Pvt. Rescue group: how much, vet, training - Dogs
  115. Bull Terrier Aggression Problem: how much, bite, vet, barking - Dogs
  116. Can't clip nails...HELP!: clean, vet, aggressive, rescue - Dogs
  117. Help with 11 week old Aussie/Border Collie: shepherd, clean, poop - Dogs
  118. crate a dog while working at home?: how much, biting, wound - Dogs
  119. How to house train puppies?: shih tzu, poodle, clean, poop - Dogs
  120. Removing Tree Sap from your Dog's Paws: clean, poop, chewing - Dogs
  121. *A Little of Everyone and A Britches Update*: stomach, tooth, cough - Dogs
  122. New Canidae Food: stomach, natural, pup, best - Dogs
  123. Saw a man giving his dog beer: lab, beagle, kids - Dogs
  124. Hurricane Ike's helpless victims-our fourlegged friends pray: black, rescue, kennels - Dogs
  125. Halloween time: Are you dressing your dog up this year?: how much, cost - Dogs
  126. Jenny just ate this!: lab, poop, vet, stomach - Dogs
  127. use Petco for vaccines?: vet, cost, cough, kennel - Dogs
  128. How did you find your rescue dog?: border collie, shepherd, clean - Dogs
  129. Dominance Issue?? Need advice Help!: shih tzu, bite, aggressive, train - Dogs
  130. Mars Pet Food Recall Announced Today: natural, paws, claw, test - Dogs
  131. Tear stains: allergic, clean, vet, breeders - Dogs
  132. HELP! Neighbors cat wont stay out of my yard: black, allergies, cost - Dogs
  133. Hematoma of the ear: labs, golden retrievers, clean, vet - Dogs
  134. FLEAS! Need help!: vet, treatment, best, outside - Dogs
  135. Play Tug???: bite, aggressive, training, rescue - Dogs
  136. Blaze orange for dogs: skin, cost, kennel, best
  137. I may to put up a dog fence alone-advice!: bite, costs - Dogs
  138. Single females! How many of yall will only consider dog lover men?: poop, vet - Dogs
  139. does it make a diff when puppy is taken from litter?: shih tzu, bite - Dogs
  140. Career Change: how much, vet, black, skin - Dogs
  141. dew claws: vet, surgery, collies, neutered - Dogs
  142. What CAN I use?? (harness/collar): yorkie, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  143. Pet Peeve: barking, stomach, black, train - Dogs
  144. A must need for Blind or Deaf Dogs!: spaniel, rescued, adopt
  145. Allergy test is in: how much, allergic, clean, vet - Dogs
  146. Dog Aggression on Leash...Sweetest Dog Ever Off Leash. Advice?: lab, toy - Dogs
  147. never left unsupervised in yard: barking, beagle, kennel, dachshund - Dogs
  148. have a dog who can NEVER be left alone?: how much, shih tzu - Dogs
  149. Australian Shepherd ? New dog questions: border collie, vet, breeding, black - Dogs
  150. Introducing Sr. Neville Licksalot: border collie, breeder, rescue, collies - Dogs
  151. aggresion confused: English Bulldog, clean, vet, toy - Dogs
  152. Does your dog wag his/her tail a lot?: breeder, barks, infections - Dogs
  153. How would you handle this dog owner?: sheltie, outside, shelter - Dogs
  154. My puppy won't eat!: lab, English Mastiff, vet, stomach - Dogs
  155. You ever get mad at your dogs or just don't like them?: labs, barking
  156. Does your dog feel the need to pee on every vertical structure in the neighborhood?: neutered, pup - Dogs
  157. Do I need a crate?: lab, breeders, training, surgery - Dogs
  158. Itchy Ears: shepherd, allergy, boxer, clean - Dogs
  159. Artificial Grass for Dogs: clean, poop, breeder, breed
  160. Uh Oh..: how much, vet, black, treatment - Dogs
  161. Allowing dog-aggressive dogs to roam?: barking, training, pup, cats
  162. Walking Dogs: how much, lab, English Mastiff, vet
  163. I don't know if my dog is sick, has heard of similar symptoms?: allergy, bites - Dogs
  164. What does this puppy look like to you ?: terrier, chihuahua, miniature - Dogs
  165. Legislation that could eventually affect every dog owner: cost, kennel, canine - Dogs
  166. Neoplasene: golden retriever, tumors, vet, wound - Dogs
  167. Micro Chips in Dogs-information needed!!: vet, rescue, cost, adoption
  168. What games do you play with your dogs?: laser, clean, train
  169. Welcome Back Britches: adopted, children, puppy, eating - Dogs
  170. My ex has a Chihuahua that is pregnant: lab, poodle, vet - Dogs
  171. Sigh, another pitbull: bite, barking, train, cost - Dogs
  172. Dog food 4 large breeds: labs, boxers, chihuahuas, yorkie - Dogs
  173. What do you do for your dog's birthday?: toy, rescue, cost - Dogs
  174. my female dog is in heat, and our male dog is going nuts, what do we do with him???: pitbull, breeders - Dogs
  175. my dog just suffered a stroke i need advice quickly: chihuahua, clean - Dogs
  176. Dog keeps humping hubby :(: English Bulldog, boxer, chihuahua, toy - Dogs
  177. Once and for all...Should a dog lick.....: clean, skin, costs - Dogs
  178. Why is this happening?: pitbull, clean, cleaning, skin - Dogs
  179. My dog ate an ear of corn..: poop, vet, stomach - Dogs
  180. Boarding a dog for a year: labrador, rottweilers, clean, vet - Dogs
  181. Gross habit my dog has developed! *warning*: clean, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  182. breeds you are opposed to owning or would only own: border collie, shepherd - Dogs
  183. Breeding Problem, Can someone Help: shepherd, shepherds, breeders, black - Dogs
  184. Lost Dog With Diabetes: vet, best, cats, ears - Dogs
  185. Help! What kind of puppy is this?: border collie, lab, black - Dogs
  186. Another Pedigree recall: allergy, terriers, diarrhea, odor - Dogs
  187. help with about my Golden Retriever...: how much, lab, vet - Dogs
  188. outdoor temps for dogs?: bulldogs, terriers, golden retriever, pugs
  189. Leaving your dog in the car: clean, black, children, outside - Dogs
  190. Sheltie personalities: yorkie, poop, breeders, barking - Dogs
  191. bit by my puppy!: terrier, bite, clean, vet - Dogs
  192. Has ever used VetCentric?: vet - Dogs
  193. News, Pooch Dials 911 When Owner Has Seizure.: shepherd, symptoms, adopted - Dogs
  194. News Video, Owner Outraged After Dogs are Fed Meat Stuffed With Nails and Glass.: animal, sick
  195. Great funny dog pictures - Dogs
  196. Video of dog riding a skate board. - Dogs
  197. Shiba Inu pet owners in Missouri? - Dogs
  198. pass this along to all your friends!: rescued, beagles, puppy - Dogs
  199. News, Doggie ‘doctors’ diagnose their owners’ ills.: pound - Dogs
  200. Dog Fighting, Cesar Millon, and Bones: pitbulls, attacked, sleep - Dogs