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  21. Five-Star Restorations: church, preaching, prayer, Holy Spirit - Christianity
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  25. The Holy Spirit came upon me!: scripture, Bible, Earth, dragon - Christianity
  26. The Office of Firstborn of Earth, Jesus as Melche-Zedek. What It Means to Born Again Believers in Christ: woman, church - Christianity
  27. how ready are you!: Moses, pray, sinners, Jesus Christ - Christianity
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  29. love the love of god and the race he set before us: Gospel, Revelation - Christianity
  30. Prayer group on this board (has every had or to have a type of prayer group for the members on this board: believe, atheist - Christianity
  31. Thing well continue until they see the change in us!something in my mind: Gospel, evolve - Christianity
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  33. Why?do men like progress but no change: God, heaven, world - Christianity
  34. the little things :): Jesus Christ, Biblical, God, blessings - Christianity
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  54. Vatican Buries Mobsters in Basillicas: experience, America - Christianity
  55. News, Man plunges 39 stories from NYC skyscraper and lives.: miracle, witness, New York - Christianity
  56. The Glory of Men Versus The Glory of God: Leviticus, testimony, Moses - Christianity
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  58. All debates of doctrine aside...: hell, believe, scriptures, prayer - Christianity
  59. This is so cool! I want , to see it!: amazing - Christianity
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  61. prayers ..: God, blessings, Lord, mercy - Christianity
  62. The beginning of the Tribulation: abominations, believe, Christ, Israel - Christianity
  63. Relationships create church, not loyalty to the institution: Catholics, Article, conservative - Christianity
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  65. Most people who post are not Christians: believe, Jesus, God - Christianity
  66. No Shopping on Sundays.: belief, faith, Christian - Christianity
  67. News. Nuns host gnarly surfing contest in NJ.: service, blessings, Pennsylvania - Christianity
  68. Pakistan Floods, another Calamity: hell, believe, exodus, Moses - Christianity
  69. Video Sunday Morning - Christianity
  70. Full Preterist Christian Universalists ...: prophecy, history, salvation, universalism - Christianity
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  74. Meaning of Deut. 17: Torah, purification, messages, hell - Christianity
  75. The rapture obssesed, do they want others judged that bad?: paradise, hell - Christianity
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  78. pray for me: hell, doctrine, church, believe - Christianity
  79. When must we make the decision to follow Christ?: crucified, Gospel, church - Christianity
  80. No Second Chances From The Grave: paradise, Gospel, hell, zealous - Christianity
  81. Christ coming to The USA!: Gospel, believe, Solomon, Jesus - Christianity
  82. Can God really make us like Him?: abomination, agnostic, believe - Christianity
  83. Are you a friend of the World?: Gospel, doctrine, church - Christianity
  84. Are you a fundamentalist Christian?: Gospel, hell, punishment, doctrine - Christianity
  85. Newborn Baby Pronounced Dead, Comes Back To Life: church, believer, prayer - Christianity
  86. new God-inspired writings?: Epistles, doctrine, Revelation, scriptures - Christianity
  87. Why does God let the wicked feel at ease?: hell, godless, pray - Christianity
  88. God did not Create the Universe, says Hawking: Jehovah, godless, believe - Christianity
  89. How often do you pray?: prayers, worship, God, blessings - Christianity
  90. Learn to love :) ??: woman, pray, disciples, Jesus - Christianity
  91. Core Christian Beliefs: Lutheran, Mormons, hell, presbyterian - Christianity
  92. Atheist point of curiosity:: hell, testimony, doctrine, beliefs - Christianity
  93. Out of Order?: women, churches, preaching, prayer - Christianity
  94. Jesus Where Are You In This?: churches, preach, believe, prayers - Christianity
  95. Basic Christian teachings: crucified, Gospel, hell, testimony - Christianity
  96. The Face of Fear - Things that try my Faith...: hell, church - Christianity
  97. ET and the Dark ages ...: paradise, traditions, hell, doctrine - Christianity
  98. Does God, which created the heaven and the earth: Jehovah, believe, exodus - Christianity
  99. Why doesn't God just get rid of the devil?: hell, believe, scriptures - Christianity
  100. Why were early Christians persecuted?: crucified, tradition, Epistles, church - Christianity
  101. The Good News of the Salvation of all souls: Gospel, preach, scripture - Christianity
  102. Why are their: Epistles, rituals, Jesus, Bible - Christianity
  103. Believing the wrong things and not believing the right ones: Lutherans, Jehovah's Witnesses - Christianity
  104. A: church, beliefs, Jesus Christ, atheist - Christianity
  105. Questions for Catholics: tradition, birth control, Gospels, Lutherans - Christianity
  106. So I'm gay. Now what?: celibacy, messages, hell, abomination - Christianity
  107. Many Evangelicals are Turning Catholic: Gospel, woman, church, believe - Christianity
  108. Does know?: church, beliefs, prayer, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  109. Why can't Evangelicals adopt the Amish's attitude?: Gospel, Mormon, preach - Christianity
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  111. What do you do about the Christ Rejectors?: Gospel, myth, church - Christianity
  112. An Evangelical calls out his people!: Gospels, churches, zealous, preacher - Christianity
  113. Does on this board care....: Gospel, doctrine, church, believers - Christianity
  114. Crucifakers~~Martin Zender: crucifixion, doctrine, churches, believing - Christianity
  115. Love is a four letter word ...: crucified, hell, church, believe - Christianity
  116. for Universalists: Gospel, testimony, preacher, believe - Christianity
  117. UR - ET Needs Exegetical Rebuttal: tradition, hell, punishment, doctrine - Christianity
  118. your advice.: hell, beliefs, pray, Jesus - Christianity
  119. Southern Baptist Church vs American Baptist Church: Latter-Day Saints, Mormon, LDS - Christianity
  120. Teaching your kids about Hell....: testimony, church, preacher, believe - Christianity
  121. Don't eat the apple.: crucified, hell, church, pray - Christianity
  122. Adam and Eve: Eden, woman, preaching, believe - Christianity
  123. Actions speak louder..: messages, hell, doctrine, woman - Christianity
  124. The rise of Christian fundamentalism - a little history: traditions, Gospel, presbyterian - Christianity
  125. Did Christ fail in his mission?: crucified, Gospel, believe, prayer - Christianity
  126. Can we partake of forbidden fruit?: crucified, woman, believe, scripture - Christianity
  127. Believing ladies! Does this bother you as it does me?: women, Bible - Christianity
  128. Should a preacher/pastor say this?: Gospel, churches, believe, scripture - Christianity
  129. Talk about a gift from God...: hell, woman, Creator, atheists - Christianity
  130. What Protestants Are Like Catholics?: Lutherans, presbyterian, testimonies, doctrine - Christianity
  131. Which Adam has won out?: church, Jesus Christ, Bible, spiritual - Christianity
  132. Does God want me to turn my back on my daughter?: church, scriptures - Christianity
  133. Israel and the Church are two Separate and Distinct People: Leviticus, doctrine - Christianity
  134. Lutherans & Episcopalians: Bless Gay Marriages: birth control, Gospel, Mormons, hell - Christianity
  135. Mary Katherine Baxter's Heresies EXPOSED!: hell, testimonies, women, Revelation - Christianity
  136. To who focus on a few sins.: hell, preach, sin - Christianity
  137. How do you discern which prophets and visions are the right ones?: Revelation, worship - Christianity
  138. A Divine Revelation of Heaven & Hell: testimonies, woman, church - Christianity
  139. What to pray for: Gospel, Messiah, prayers, disciples - Christianity
  140. How new is the New Testament?: hell, Deuteronomy, Bible - Christianity
  141. Did God Create the Homosexuals?: Sodom, women, believe, scripture - Christianity
  142. Gospel of Christ hidden in The Wizard of Oz?: myths, church, believe - Christianity
  143. God as cloud man.: Eden, Gospel, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  144. How much of your Christianity is biblical?: Gospel, church, believe
  145. I asked the Lord, 'why me?': beliefs, prayers, verse - Christianity
  146. Philippians 2:10,11 Every Tongue Will Acknowledge That Jesus is Lord. But Many as His Defeated Enemy. Not out of Love.: hell, believe - Christianity
  147. I am losing hope that I will ever get out of this trial.: paradise, Gospel - Christianity
  148. Rapture poll, How long do you guess it will be?: hell, Antichrist - Christianity
  149. Could Somebody Tell Me What The Impliction Is: unpardonable, hell, woman - Christianity
  150. The Church will NOT escape tribulation and hardships:: Gospel, testimony, doctrine - Christianity
  151. Jesus said to Deny Self: Gospel, testimony, believe, sin - Christianity
  152. Why Lucifer? Why pride?: hell, myth, believe, sin - Christianity
  153. Free will: Lutheran, presbyterian, church, believe - Christianity
  154. Settling the Eisegesis: Gospel, hell, Sodom, churches - Christianity
  155. Big Bang Theory may be a Big Cover Up...: women, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  156. Jesus warns: watch out for false prophets .... they target weak willed women: traditions, hell - Christianity
  157. Fixing the Catholic Church: Lutheran, hell, doctrine, churches - Christianity
  158. seek god?: church, preacher, believe, prayers - Christianity
  159. Whats the difference?: Jehovah, Mormonism, hell, women - Christianity
  160. Jesus: the Adam who didn't fall: procreation, incarnation, doctrine, churches - Christianity
  161. What is more powerful? (God's awesome saving power): Gospel, preach, believe - Christianity
  162. J Preston Eby's Testimony on how he came to believe in the Victorious Gospel of Jesus Christ: hell, doctrine - Christianity
  163. Baptisms for the Dead: Latter-Day Saints, paradise, tradition, Gospel - Christianity
  164. For What Purpose Were The Election Predestinated For Salvation?: scripture, Jesus, repentance - Christianity
  165. Perspectives on the Holy Spirit: believe, scriptures, prayer, disciples - Christianity
  166. Jesus Christ, Melchizedek, our Intercessor: Tanakh, tradition, church, believe - Christianity
  167. News, Priest May Be Disciplined For Video Against Catholic Teachings.: celibacy, birth control - Christianity
  168. What if I challenged God?: people, food - Christianity
  169. If Satan Knows His Fate Then Why Does He Continue?: scripture, Jesus - Christianity
  170. Hebrews 9:27 And It is Appointed Unto Men Once to Die, but After this the Judgment: paradise, Eden - Christianity
  171. Sharing music I wrote: God, bless, Koran, Easter - Christianity
  172. +_+_+_+ Is God Angry with Mankind? +_+_+_+: Revelation, believers, sinners, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  173. What really matters to be right with God. The Right Church: Lutheran, hell - Christianity
  174. Confession and Apology: crucified, Gospel, prayer, disciples - Christianity
  175. 3 months to live...: hell, church, agnostic, believe - Christianity
  176. Which denomination is closest to my beliefs?: Gospel, Jehovah's Witness, Mormons - Christianity
  177. Animal Cruelty: Do Christians care? Should we?: believe, scripture, sinned - Christianity
  178. Is your Earthly Father more Loving than your Heavenly?: hell, punishment, doctrine - Christianity
  179. Veganism: What is it? Is it unChristian to be a vegan?: beliefs, Jesus - Christianity
  180. You are NOT God:: Gospel, hell, preach, believe - Christianity
  181. What I am most thankful to God for as a 71 year old pilgrim: hell, doctrine - Christianity
  182. The valley of churches, My vision of Jaco ladder Gen 28:10 (KJV): Satan, heaven - Christianity
  183. Sodom and Gomorrrah in German's Salzkotten: Christian fathers put in jail for shunning explicit sex ed!: church, believe - Christianity
  184. Unskilled formers, something in my mind: Isaiah, soul, witness, people - Christianity
  185. Why Judgment Will Fall On The House of God First: woman, believer - Christianity
  186. The Key to Study the Bible: Gospel, Revelation, Deuteronomy, preaching - Christianity
  187. Seek and you find: Jesus, people - Christianity
  188. Why Would Believer Say This to God?: women, believe, prayer - Christianity
  189. Is 2 Peter 1:20-21 A Control Freak Doctrine Ever ?: Gospel, testimony, church - Christianity
  190. News, Wisconsin 'God Squad' gets cease-and-desist letter.: priest - Christianity
  191. Why are people seeking wisdom of man for spiritual problems today?: Lutheran, presbyterian - Christianity
  192. What Relationship In God Is The Father Talking About ?: testimony, believer, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  193. News, Martin Luther has Wittenberg in a stir 500 years on.: church, creation - Christianity
  194. Do you believe that good deed's goes unoticed when something bad happens?: sin, Jesus - Christianity
  195. You A Professional Salesmen or Errand Boy in God ??: Gospel, church, believe - Christianity
  196. Danger In Labels To Say What We Believe ?: doctrine, church, preaching - Christianity
  197. The Great Event! The Sign! The Watchman!: believe, sinners, Christ - Christianity
  198. News, Couples Who Pray Together Really Do Stay Together, Study Finds.: church, religion - Christianity
  199. Verses that are mini creeds of scripture: Tanakh, Gospels, Revelation - Christianity
  200. The divine providence is to be observed,To every purpose there is time and judgment!: verse, Almighty - Christianity