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  15. We can't really do ...'the work of the Lord': believe, scripture, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  16. Matthew 6-27: Lutheran, Bible, verse, Greek - Christianity
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  18. Reprobate Mind?: Gospel, hell, Revelation, belief - Christianity
  19. Ignorant Taught Faith vs. Bible Taught Faith: doctrine, belief, disciple - Christianity
  20. It is because of him that you are in Christ Jesus. i Corinthians 1:30: crucified, preach - Christianity
  21. Christian Playing Music as Musician: Gospel, church, believer, pray - Christianity
  22. early Gospels/NT translations: crucifixion, tradition, messages, woman - Christianity
  23. Rebound; The key to, and the first step toward spiritual growth.: doctrine, churches - Christianity
  24. Freely I receive, freely I give, In giving thanks and praise.: Gospel, doctrine - Christianity
  25. s something to take your mind of your old man(no not your Dad) sin and the sinner. Upon things think !!!!!!!!: church, scripture - Christianity
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  37. Harold Camping End Date May 21,2011?: crucifixion, Gospel, abomination, church - Christianity
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  42. predator priest appointed to the Sex Abuse Advisory Board.: spiritual, heaven, Earth - Christianity
  43. He give a new heart, to give His Words: prayers, Kingdom, Isaiah - Christianity
  44. Platitudes - Christianity
  45. Bible Perfection Gives You Grace & Eternal Life Only !!!: Gospel, doctrine, church - Christianity
  46. Polling Evangelicals: Cut Aid to World's Poor, Unemployed: church, believers, evolution - Christianity
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  49. We can Trust Gods Love for others.: doctrine, church, believe - Christianity
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  51. Mp3 recording (many years back) of UR preaching: preacher, Christ, faith - Christianity
  52. Without Grace: hell, church, pray, Jesus - Christianity
  53. First submit to the Lord, then resist Satan: believer, Moses, prayers - Christianity
  54. Pre-flood Research: hell, belief, evolution, creation - Christianity
  55. Test your eye sight: gnostic, Moses, prayer, sin - Christianity
  56. The Coming Theocracy- Are you ready? Have you Overcome?: Eden, incarnation, Jehovah - Christianity
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  59. Fundamentalism #1 problem in Catholic Church: churches, believers, priests, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  60. What God gave me..: hell, pray, Jesus, Kingdom - Christianity
  61. God the Word, Come In Flesh, Has No Beginning of Days, No Father, No Mother, No End Of Life: priest, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  62. Orthodox Liturgy is Preterist: Christ, Bible, Kingdom, heaven - Christianity
  63. Pope's organs Too Holy to donate: church, heaven, religion - Christianity
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  68. Shahbaz Batti RIP: minority, atheist, Jewish, Christians - Christianity
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  70. If I was Sin itself why should I fear Jesus?: myth, preach - Christianity
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  73. thoughts welcome: believe, scripture, prayer, Holy Spirit - Christianity
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  76. In the Beginning...: Revelation, believers, exodus, Holy Spirit - Christianity
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  78. Pink Smoke Over The Vatican: women, church, believe, priests - Christianity
  79. The Importance of becoming Child-like...: Gospel, women, churches, Revelation - Christianity
  80. I desire mercy, not sacrifice. For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners. Matthew 9:13: believe, scripture - Christianity
  81. Is the Old Testament for real?: doctrine, believe, exodus, scriptures - Christianity
  82. Faith Only or Obedient Faith?: Gospel, preach, believe - Christianity
  83. A: Christ, Kingdom, Almighty, spiritual - Christianity
  84. Calling all Christians!: traditions, Gospel, abominations, church - Christianity
  85. What has happened to me since I became a Preterist: myth, gnostic - Christianity
  86. Thoughts on & About BAPTISM: incarnation, testimony, doctrine, church - Christianity
  87. Faith cometh by hearing and reading the word of God: belief, scriptures - Christianity
  88. Three simple questions.: Gospel, church, preacher, believe - Christianity
  89. How do you read Titus 3?: Gospel, messages, church, believe - Christianity
  90. What Must I Do To Be Saved?: church, Messiah, preaching - Christianity
  91. Painting Heaven: Revelation, believe, exodus, Jesus - Christianity
  92. Does the bible say the earth is flat?: Gospels, testimonies, believe - Christianity
  93. Fear-based faith has damaged my faith: paradise, Gospels, hell, doctrine - Christianity
  94. Repentance: where does it come from?: Deuteronomy, believe, exodus, scriptures - Christianity
  95. What Exactly Is A Relationship With Christ ??: hell, Revelation, preacher - Christianity
  96. Todd Bentley?: divorced, Articles, pentecostal, wife - Christianity
  97. The Commandments (Law) show us that we can't keep them!: abomination, Revelation - Christianity
  98. Ode to Satan - Anti-War Song: believe, scriptures, Jesus, creation - Christianity
  99. Dreams and Visions of UpComing End-time Events, LDS viewpoint: hell, doctrine, church - Christianity
  100. Are you Evil?: beliefs, sin, Jesus, Bible - Christianity
  101. Good video showing the salvation of the world: scripture, sin, Jesus - Christianity
  102. I think he said something different then what you think he said ...: Gospel, Revelation - Christianity
  103. For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye?: believe, pray - Christianity
  104. Natural talents & abilities are NOT Spiritual Gifts: woman, church, believe - Christianity
  105. News, Man tweets entire New Testament.: Lutheran, church, gnostic, Bible - Christianity
  106. John The Baptist: A model Vegetarian and why you should be!: incarnation, messages - Christianity
  107. Conservative Christians: Will God destroy America for legalizing same sex marriage?: punishment, church - Christianity
  108. Universalism to be the modern sy threatening traditional Christendom: crucified, tradition - Christianity
  109. Can O.C.D hurt your relationship with Jesus: punishment, church, believe - Christianity
  110. Losing My Religion/Ireland: birth control, Gospel, myth, church - Christianity
  111. Beam me up Scotty: traditions, church, rituals, prayers - Christianity
  112. Does the Bible say Jesus is God?: messages, churches, Revelation - Christianity
  113. Sometimes we forget...: Gospel, preaching, believe, disciples - Christianity
  114. Biblical prophesy and the Jews returning to Israel: Gospels, Epistles - Christianity
  115. Secrets To Answered Prayer: church, Revelation, believe, scriptures - Christianity
  116. Why Do So Many Christians Not Attend Worship Services?: churches, preach, prayer - Christianity
  117. about the feel gooders .. Does Jesus words mock them or a matter of not liking his message: women, believe - Christianity
  118. Noah's Ark was not meant for everyone. Ditto Salvation: crucified, Gospel, hell - Christianity
  119. Where was God?: believe, praying, Holy Spirit, mystic - Christianity
  120. Christianity and Islam: two of the same kind!: Gospel, hell, church
  121. How do I ask my church family for help with my wife's secret addiction problems?: believe, praying - Christianity
  122. do you beleive that Jesus visited other planets?: Gospel, preaching, believe - Christianity
  123. If You deny that Jesus Christ is God, then Answer this!!!: Gomorrah, Jehovah - Christianity
  124. Why did Jesus Christ come to Earth?: crucifixion, church, Revelation - Christianity
  125. Someone who has never heard.: Gospel, godless, beliefs, scriptures - Christianity
  126. can God be limited to having less than an unlimited amount of forms???: messages, doctrine - Christianity
  127. UNC professor says NT is all fraud- is this grieving the HS?: hell, testimony - Christianity
  128. IF YOU WERE TO CONVERT JUNE....: punishment, church, beliefs - Christianity
  129. The Great Tribulation and Rapture / Return of Yahushua: punishment, doctrine, women - Christianity
  130. Christian Behavior: Gospel, church, believe, scriptures - Christianity
  131. Picking and choosing the parts of the bible you like ????: doctrine, women - Christianity
  132. Scripture is a perfect balance of ..comforting the afflicted, and afflicting the comfortable: Revelation, believers - Christianity
  133. Theologians call for women priests: celibacy, churches, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  134. Let Us Exalt His Name Together: preaching, believers, scriptures, prayer - Christianity
  135. The New Testament Church - Does it still exist?: Latter Day Saints, Gospel, myth - Christianity
  136. Jesus is the only way to the Father--PERIOD!: churches, preaching, beliefs - Christianity
  137. President Obama to deliver major speech on personal faith: doctrine, church, believe - Christianity
  138. I just LOVE everybody!!: Gospel, hell, doctrine, churches - Christianity
  139. Dilution and Digression of the Christian Forum: doctrine, church, beliefs - Christianity
  140. How to Detect False Prophets: Gospel, testimonies, churches, preach - Christianity
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  142. Why are Christians not Looking for The Father before Jesus?: church, Messiah - Christianity
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  144. Faith or Love... which comes first?: paradise, believe, history, atheists - Christianity
  145. Forgiveness: essential to Life and Spiritual Freedom: pray, sin, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  146. Couple of ?'s about Revelation: traditions, dinosaur, scripture, ritual - Christianity
  147. The Plurality of God is easily seen in the Scriptures: doctrine, church - Christianity
  148. .......: Gospel, preaching, experience, Christian - Christianity
  149. Mormons: Where is their authority from?: Latter-Day Saints, Gospel, LDS, doctrine - Christianity
  150. Gentiles, Who are they?: Epistles, Revelation, believe, disciples - Christianity
  151. News, Pastor Won't Baptize Unwed Moms' Babies in Church: Gospel, women, believers - Christianity
  152. Jesus and the Poor?: church, believe, scripture, disciples - Christianity
  153. My Testimony I cry out to God, & I cry out to Jesus and one found me.: crucify, Gospel - Christianity
  154. to ponder: Tanakh, tradition, beliefs, scripture - Christianity
  155. First U.S. apparition found to be valid by church: woman, churches - Christianity
  156. All different beliefs on Christianity listen!!: hell, punishment, church, sin
  157. Rooted and Established in Love: Revelation, Deuteronomy, preach, exodus - Christianity
  158. Want to know who is going to be saved....then do not go beyond what is written : the answer John 11:25: believe, scriptures - Christianity
  159. Prove to me that the Early Christians believed in salvation by grace: doctrine, church - Christianity
  160. Will sex exist in Heaven? I'm it doesn't but would like to know.: procreation, church - Christianity
  161. A Valentine's Day Blessing to all people of faith: church, Jesus, pope - Christianity
  162. Advice I Once Heard Churches....: Gospel, doctrine, Jesus, worship - Christianity
  163. Do you think the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is the next decade?: believe, Bible - Christianity
  164. What do you think about this quote?: believe, prayer, Bible - Christianity
  165. Isaiah 53 explain: the passion, belief, scripture, sinners - Christianity
  166. The Book Of Revelation - God's Word: Gospels, messages, woman - Christianity
  167. Christian Detox and Health = Clear Mind: church, believe, scripture, prayer - Christianity
  168. Can Nonbiblical Help A Christian Spiritually ??: doctrine, churches, believer - Christianity
  169. When is the second coming of Jesus the Christ.: tradition, Gospel, church - Christianity
  170. The Greatest Virtue in the Christian life is knowledge of Bible Doctrine: church, believe - Christianity
  171. Christian Songs that move my soul. Post yours as well!!: crucifixion, blood - Christianity
  172. The Mystery of Death: incarnation, hell, woman, Revelation - Christianity
  173. Something everyone MUST see!: Revelation, believe, Jesus Christ, Bible - Christianity
  174. Workers Of The Harvest: testimony, punishment, doctrine, church - Christianity
  175. Are you into sewing?: crucified, hell, testimony, doctrine - Christianity
  176. Spoke with the Local Baptist Pastor on 1 Timothy 2:4-6 yesterday: hell, church - Christianity
  177. No End In Sight for Sex Abuse in Church: traditions, testimony, Revelation - Christianity
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  179. Can someone explain.........: belief, Moses, sin, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  180. Wife checked herself into hospital-mental reasons: women, church, believe, praying - Christianity
  181. not sure about something ..... is advice from God: hell, believe - Christianity
  182. Why Do You Exist?: believe, experience, God, Christian - Christianity
  183. how did Christianity spread after the Apostles?: crucified, tradition, Gospels
  184. What was the threat of early Christianity?: Gospel, hell, church
  185. Nathan Leal - The Time of Sorrows -.. Recent events...: Israel, Earth - Christianity
  186. 2 Peter 3:4-9 For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation.: church, believe - Christianity
  187. God and rejection: creation, blessings, Savior, Romans - Christianity
  188. Eleven Year Old Swept Into Drain by Flash Flood, Cried to Jesus, And Was Saved From Drowning - Christianity
  189. remember to pray for Christians who are persecuted for their faith: prayers - Christianity
  190. Faith you have to choose to have is no faith at all.: Buddhism, believe - Christianity
  191. Traveling Doomsday Ministry: believe, mission, saved, people - Christianity
  192. News, After 75 years, Winterville Church's key player stepping down.: worship, Mary, Methodist - Christianity
  193. Can You Be A Christian All By Yourself ???: Gospel, doctrine, women - Christianity
  194. What Do You Want To Grow!!!: Revelation, believe, praying, sin - Christianity
  195. we shall lay low: blessings, eternal - Christianity
  196. What Is So Evil About Perfection In God ???: testimony, church, preacher - Christianity
  197. Hope :): prayer, sin, Holy Spirit, Jesus - Christianity
  198. They are monsters. They are dangerous and they are organized.: Catholic, conservative - Christianity
  199. Reconciliation, but a problem to overcome first. To inherit the new world we must several differences.: believe, sin - Christianity
  200. Spiritual Gifts are God telling us, 'This is my plan for you ... Do this!': church, believer - Christianity