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  1. White off-duty cop kills young black male who invaded his home after Facebook disagreement: controversial, county - Great Debates
  2. Why do men think its to beat other innocent men but not women?: soldier, racist - Great Debates
  3. Is it time for Blacks to leave the USA?: work, news, country - Great Debates
  4. America can follow other countries to stop decrease our prison population: accuse, death - Great Debates
  5. Double standards during WW2: Marines, soldiers, 2015, Army - Great Debates
  6. Why do conservatives blame a person's religion (non-Christian) for their crimes?: crime, great - Great Debates
  7. What can be done to reduce personal bias?: global warming, death, abortion - Great Debates
  8. Is it time for universal health care and female conscription?: generation, women - Great Debates
  9. What would happen if every western country refused to make deals with all the horrible countries?: generation, global warming - Great Debates
  10. Gun rights reasonable in unequal society: military, biased, economic, government - Great Debates
  11. What kind of new laws and other changes do the Black Lives Matter group want?: racism, KKK - Great Debates
  12. What Is A Reasonable Statute of Limitations For Sexual Abuse?: ethical, legal - Great Debates
  13. Is society a sham?: billion, bill, problem - Great Debates
  14. A Solution: Black Police Forces for Black Neighborhoods: enemy, illegal, weapon - Great Debates
  15. why a Muslim can never be a politician in the west: radical, death - Great Debates
  16. A note to liberals: Islam is cancer and the Arab world needs to level up: middle east, radical - Great Debates
  17. Are People more inclined to pull the trigger Now V. Then?: illegal, drugs - Great Debates
  18. Abortion is the worst option.: health care, Clinton, solution, speech - Great Debates
  19. Does the government have the right to regulate trade?: Congress, states, citizen - Great Debates
  20. Absence makes the heart grow fonder OR Out of sight, out of mind ?: great - Great Debates
  21. Why is skin lightening stigmatized so heavily?: attractive, European, jobs - Great Debates
  22. When Sex became Gender, or the redefining of basic human condition.: polls, activist - Great Debates
  23. Can a wife take legal action if husband rapes her?: illegal, attorney - Great Debates
  24. Transvestites in the Olympics: abuse, voted, advantages, female - Great Debates
  25. Brain Death is not determined before organ donation!: legal, laws - Great Debates
  26. Do you think for as long as humans are around evil will always triumph?: middle east, leader - Great Debates
  27. Bring Back The Lobotomy?: drug, biased, state, 2014 - Great Debates
  28. The unfair burden of women: examples, children, city, difference - Great Debates
  29. Law Enforcement Being Refused Service: unemployment, salaries, legal, boycott - Great Debates
  30. Will You Stand Or Grovel?: invasion, government, murder, constitutional - Great Debates
  31. Will Skype Closed Down?: companies, 2013, million, work - Great Debates
  32. Most will never accomplish their dreams: retirement, money, income, children - Great Debates
  33. Is empathy gap the biggest divide in America right now?: generation, wisdom - Great Debates
  34. Adherents and Apostasy: middle east, Taliban, illegal, suspect - Great Debates
  35. 9/11 Report - 28 Secret Pages: Kennedy, economy, government, citizen - Great Debates
  36. Should there be a Website and Database of Rude Drivers?: weapon, money - Great Debates
  37. The Latest Deception to Steal Your Money: drug, stats, weapon - Great Debates
  38. Pedophilia - Is It An Outdated Taboo or is it Simply Wrong?: illegal, drug - Great Debates
  39. Do you think a very significant percentage of Olympians are taking steroids or other drugs?: illegal, world - Great Debates
  40. Would you live in a virtual reality world?: permit, family, President - Great Debates
  41. What would happen if there was no income tax?: soldiers, state, federal - Great Debates
  42. Is it for a country to be 1st world while keeping the same replacement population?: generations, nativist - Great Debates
  43. Change My View: The 14th Amendment Implicitly Repealed the Natural-Born Citizen Requirement for the U.S. Presidency: legal, abortion - Great Debates
  44. are DNA testing kits reliable?--are most legit?: great - Great Debates
  45. Is fair government a myth?: Clinton, cost, dictators, leader - Great Debates
  46. I Donít Believe in Freedom, and You Shouldnít (well, not THAT much).: death, document - Great Debates
  47. Do you regard the life of one American being worth more than the lives of several foreigners?: Iran, Iraq - Great Debates
  48. Intelligence vs. wisdom: ethics, invasion, military, high school - Great Debates
  49. It's war on the 2nd amendment.: enemy, illegal, weapons, suspect - Great Debates
  50. did the riots between English and Russian hooligans reflect something deeper: Putin, soldiers - Great Debates
  51. Why didn't the SWAT teams run in during the Orlando shootings?: Denver, gun - Great Debates
  52. Why is the label coward so powerful in society?: generations, serial killers - Great Debates
  53. If we did turn the middle east into a glass crater what would that mean?: Iraq, impeachment - Great Debates
  54. Sports and Politics - Yea or Nay or: how much, state, gun - Great Debates
  55. Solution to ending homelessness: Reagan, drugs, Clinton, money - Great Debates
  56. Great debates: elections, governor, elect, state
  57. why does america only have two major political parties: house of Congress, Reagan - Great Debates
  58. Is it easier being a woman than a man?: school, party, carry - Great Debates
  59. What can be done to limit police shootings?: legal, drugs, suspect - Great Debates
  60. Licensing for having a child?: illegal, health care, deport, illegal immigration - Great Debates
  61. Why is it socially acceptable for someone to announce their dislike of children but not of other minority groups?: racist, school - Great Debates
  62. On the American Propensity for Violence: Iraq, enemy, legal - Great Debates
  63. Are we all defined and pigeon-holed by our socioeconomic status?: school, Chicago - Great Debates
  64. Why do otherwise intelligent people fall for pseudoscience?: global warming, bias, party - Great Debates
  65. Are BLM different then ISIS?: enemy, weapon, racism, Whitehouse - Great Debates
  66. Why are minorities more successful than others in America?: generations, Mexicans - Great Debates
  67. Can Passenger Rail Service Ever Become A Major Player Again?: Congress, March - Great Debates
  68. Have laws become revenue generators, rather than safety measures?: legal, heroin, drugs - Great Debates
  69. Is Sharia law incompatible with democracy?: Israel, conspiracy, death, Canada - Great Debates
  70. Why is it considered so wrong if people want to commit suicide?: illegal, death - Great Debates
  71. The media DOES NOT portray disabled people fairly: interviews, school, education - Great Debates
  72. Boomer record dealers gutted Black culture?: enemy, generation, drugs, death - Great Debates
  73. Why are single mothers considered heroes now?: solution, how much, compared - Great Debates
  74. Should women register for Selective Services like men do?: military, leader, votes - Great Debates
  75. Why is value of intimacy as a whole the ONE thing we can't: illegal, regular - Great Debates
  76. Expungement of criminal records - Good idea or a legal lie ?: how much, violent crime - Great Debates
  77. Why do people refuse to acknowledge Egypt as a civilization founded primarily by black Africans?: how much, school - Great Debates
  78. Should pedophilia and rape be automatic death sentences?: lawyers, crime, school - Great Debates
  79. Should Social Security Have A Means Test?: unemployment, legal, lawyers - Great Debates
  80. Should intersex athletes be allowed to compete in sports?: Amish, carry, female - Great Debates
  81. Will the High Tech and Emerging Technologies Workers Become the new Middle Class?: unemployed, wages - Great Debates
  82. about the O.J. Simpson conspiracy theories.: interview, attorney, regular - Great Debates
  83. What are your opinions about good manners?: money, world, kids - Great Debates
  84. Late vs Early: polls, vote, work, great - Great Debates
  85. How will the marijuana industry deal with tobacco industry style lawsuits?: legal, drugs - Great Debates
  86. What can be done to alleviate the affordable rent crisis going on in America?: minimum wage, generations - Great Debates
  87. Should door to door solicitation/telemarketers be illegal?: ethics, religion, workers - Great Debates
  88. Penn State to formally honor Joe Paterno on Sept. 17: generation, activist, Obama - Great Debates
  89. How is the Usa overpopulated?: unemployment, middle east, generations, illegal - Great Debates
  90. Income vs. Sales vs. Property Taxes: Congress, generation, illegal, death - Great Debates
  91. Is it always right never to negotiate with terrorists?: Congress, Iraq, Baghdad - Great Debates
  92. A Pragmatic Approach to Climate Change...: global warming, environmentalists, Minnesota, solutions - Great Debates
  93. Ok so what do you think about: Mexican, highway, Indiana - Great Debates
  94. Should Academic Freedom at Universities Trump Political Correctness and Safe Zones ?: attorney, activist - Great Debates
  95. Gun Laws and Crime/Mass shooting corrolation!, Do Countries with stricter gun control really have lower crime?: legal, drugs - Great Debates
  96. Should People Be More Questioning of Ridiculous Restrictions and Protest More?: employment, Congress - Great Debates
  97. What would the consequences be if America were to become isolationist?: Congress, Iraq - Great Debates
  98. Is it Common to Have Escaped Fighting in Vietnam?: soldiers, regular, Canada - Great Debates
  99. Obama on healthcare at the DNC: Congress, illegal, drugs, health care system - Great Debates
  100. Is it wrong to record a conversation without consent?: illegal, Jesus, Pennsylvania - Great Debates
  101. Do you like a group of people/culture other than your own?: generation, racism - Great Debates
  102. Why does society allow the NRA (gun manufacturers) do dictate?: employment, poll - Great Debates
  103. Do you think we would have had more terrorist attacks without the draconian security we have today?: enemy, Israeli - Great Debates
  104. Let's face it; the media controls most of us: healthcare, independent, myth - Great Debates
  105. Cancer cure?: statistics, conspiracy, deaths, solutions - Great Debates
  106. Do Milennials like old things because they fear a bleak Future: generations, world - Great Debates
  107. If there were a complete collapse of the U.S and law and order would warlords take over?: wages, enemies - Great Debates
  108. Letting your teens try weed/alcohol at home.: illegal, heroin, drugs - Great Debates
  109. Contaminating Trash To Deter Dumpster Divers - Wrong?: gallon, regular, solution - Great Debates
  110. Does a person's wealth reflect on his or her character?: ethical, illegal - Great Debates
  111. Excessive College Drinking: Rite of Passage or Pathology?: illegal, drugs, statistics - Great Debates
  112. Is the Cultural Paradigm Shifting Along with the Demographic Changes?: gasoline, Hispanics - Great Debates
  113. What If Polarization in America Continues to Intensify?: Congress, regular, radical - Great Debates
  114. Mother and Son Face Up to 18 Years in Prison for Incestuous Relationship, Report Says: crime, government - Great Debates
  115. is it right for Julian Assange to try to influence the US Election with his email leaks?: Putin, enemies - Great Debates
  116. Shooting sports in the Olympics: weapon, fence, guns, laws - Great Debates
  117. Why Does the Media Misrepresent Facts?: controversial, death, companies, cost - Great Debates
  118. Black Ghetto culture, engineered by the US Government?: unemployment rate, minimum wage, middle east - Great Debates
  119. Whites are considered the most beautiful because of media brainwashing - Truth or BS?: drugs, regular - Great Debates
  120. Twins identification?: terrorist, examples, programs, states - Great Debates
  121. Crime and Poverty: unemployment, interview, generation, illegal - Great Debates
  122. Would you vote for a Muslim politician: Congress, interview, death - Great Debates
  123. Should society force gender identities on people?: Amish, Clinton, school - Great Debates
  124. American Voters Anti-Intellectual?: McCain, generations, global warming, regular - Great Debates
  125. Parole: employment, wage, global warming, legal - Great Debates
  126. Faith based bussiness.: attorneys, accuse, Canada, violent crime - Great Debates
  127. Are All Men Pedophiles?: party, carry, propaganda, teenage - Great Debates
  128. Do you think women mature earlier than men?: Clinton, high school, economic - Great Debates
  129. Race vs Class: which is more important?: employment, interview, minimum wage - Great Debates
  130. times have changed saying: health care, highway, Canada, cost - Great Debates
  131. American Capitalism: statistics, weapons, solutions, companies - Great Debates
  132. Is it ethical to live forever?: Palestinian, generations, Israeli, global warming - Great Debates
  133. Is Gambling Harmless Fun Or Encouraging Addiction?: ethical, heroin, regular - Great Debates
  134. is the death penalty to severe for poachers?: ethic, highway, deaths - Great Debates
  135. What's wrong with saying that a girl is pretty?: crime, state, homosexual - Great Debates
  136. It is time for female conscription: Congress, CNN, Marines, military - Great Debates
  137. Do you think Martin Luther King, Jr. Would Be Disappointed?: drug, racism - Great Debates
  138. Why are so many people against suicide?: regular, death, solution - Great Debates
  139. Why is there so much concern with weed when prescription drugs have such bad side effects?: salaries, generations - Great Debates
  140. Are We (Through the Government) Overpricing Ourselves Out of the Job Market?: NAFTA, employment - Great Debates
  141. would it worry you to live near a cell phone tower?: suspected, elect - Great Debates
  142. Is Hollywood's feminism setting unrealistic expectations?: salaries, generation, weapons, compared - Great Debates
  143. Are anti-vaxxers liable if their children spread preventable diseases?: death, military, companies - Great Debates
  144. Gun Purchases Continue To Shatter Records!: Congress, legal, death, Clinton - Great Debates
  145. I have for you a hypothetical: ethic, millionaire, compare, money - Great Debates
  146. If you have a penis, shouldn't you have to use the men's bathroom?: legal, carry - Great Debates
  147. Does The American Dream Still Exist Today?: illegal, borders, illegals - Great Debates
  148. Should poor people own pets?: ethical, health care, how much, cost - Great Debates
  149. The free market destroys privilege, racism, and discrimination.: employment, minimum wage, legal - Great Debates
  150. Another American civil war?: CNN, polls, activist, Clinton - Great Debates
  151. White slavery was a fabrication, to undermine the atrocities suffered by African slaves.: Minnesota, myths - Great Debates
  152. Should America have capsule hotels?: unemployed, generations, Miami, cost - Great Debates
  153. Would you take someone s life?: ethical, soldiers, death, cost - Great Debates
  154. LGB....&T? Why is that last letter grouped in?: votes, percentage - Great Debates
  155. How does American global power benefit the average American?: Iran, legal, weapons - Great Debates
  156. New laws we need: ethical, accuse, death, crime - Great Debates
  157. should we make changing rooms in pools/gyms unisex with private stalls?: health care, vs - Great Debates
  158. Why $15 an hour minimum wage may not be good.: fast food, salaries, illegal - Great Debates
  159. Could the US beat iran: Iraq, Afghanistan, weapons, regime - Great Debates
  160. Can a state become almost completely free of illegal drugs?: generation, heroin - Great Debates
  161. Westoboro Baptist to protest at Orlando funerals: enemies, illegal, regular - Great Debates
  162. The ever-expanding, all-encompassing, permanent and generational welfare class.: Congress, illegal aliens, health care - Great Debates
  163. The saying i worked hard for what i have: wages, holidays - Great Debates
  164. Why is being the better man always seen as the best course of action when dealing with evil?: Palestinians, enemies - Great Debates
  165. Have We Lost Our Republic?: drug, regime, racism, Clinton - Great Debates
  166. The gun debate after orlando: enemies, illegal, drugs, weapons - Great Debates
  167. Should 11 million illegal immigrants be amnesty: racist, border, Obama - Great Debates
  168. orlando blame game: Iran, Iraq, illegal, lawyers - Great Debates
  169. Is racism taught by parents?: generations, illegal, illegals, high school - Great Debates
  170. What does the EU do after Brexit?: legal, nationalist, Canada - Great Debates
  171. Has Information Technology Put A Damper On Fun?: generations, stats, myths - Great Debates
  172. Why is white nationalism considered right wing, but black nationalism considered left wing?: nationalist, racism - Great Debates
  173. Africans are not black: racism, Brown, government, state - Great Debates
  174. Can the propensity toward violence be removed from the human design?: CNN, regular - Great Debates
  175. Tort Reform- Needed or Not?: legal, attorney, statistics, suspect - Great Debates
  176. The support in this country towards people with certain occupations but not others: deaths, Brown - Great Debates
  177. Do you feel that living standards are unfairly forced on us in first world countries?: illegal, Obama - Great Debates
  178. Aaron Hernandez Murder Trial: legal, weapon, O.J. Simpson, millionaire - Great Debates
  179. Is being wealthy immoral?: ethical, death, dollars, rating - Great Debates
  180. Why is rape not seen as such a horrible crime in the U.S?: legal, drugs - Great Debates
  181. Can child molesters ever be cured?: injection, death, deported, crime - Great Debates
  182. Sugar Daddies: employment, legal, regular, parties - Great Debates
  183. Why do people become mass murderers?: serial killers, weapon, death, Missouri - Great Debates
  184. Should non-handicapped use the doors?: school, carry, support, assistance - Great Debates
  185. Can liberalism ever be defeated?: Ron Paul, NAFTA, Congress, Glenn Beck - Great Debates
  186. Is societies attitude towards Crime and Punishment flawed?: Congress, ethics, cocaine - Great Debates
  187. Why are Asians left out?: employment, statistics, regular, Hispanics - Great Debates
  188. Why does society pressure men to be manly as opposed to women being womanly ?: generations, fence - Great Debates
  189. Should the highest leveled face the death penalty when they choose actions that kill citizens for no reason?: Congress, interview - Great Debates
  190. Should People require a Child Certificate in order to have and keep their children ?: ethical, health care - Great Debates
  191. should someone who killed a pregnant women be charged with two murders: ethics, legal - Great Debates
  192. Is it worth a few more years of life?: regular, regime, border - Great Debates
  193. The Taliban is back in force what can be done?: Putin, Iran - Great Debates
  194. Are strippers/prostitutes victims?: employment, interview, Mexican, legal - Great Debates
  195. Act of Terror or Act or Hate: Obama, military, dollars - Great Debates
  196. Pit bulls: a sign that our society is finished: legal, drug, regular - Great Debates
  197. Should Police Stings Be Allowed?: illegal, drugs, crime, carry - Great Debates
  198. 5 factors that could turn America into another collapsed empire: enemies, ethic, suspect - Great Debates
  199. When will Georgia legalize marijuana? - Great Debates
  200. What Happened to the US?: doctor, prison, world, country - Great Debates