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  4. Underground Pet Fence: labradoodles, training, sheltie, pups - Dogs
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  9. vote against Michael Vick: work - Dogs
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  12. Animal Lovers disrupt the dog transports - China: best, food, breed - Dogs
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  14. Bichon Frise: Converted to Dog Lovers: barking, rescued, ears, Mobile - Dogs
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  20. FYI...Caddis dog beds...: pups, ears, year, owner - Dogs
  21. Resources for training a previously abused dog?: shaking, aggressive, train - Dogs
  22. News, Woman arrested, refused to clean dog mess.: canine, Prescott, Tennessee - Dogs
  23. Dog Waste Composte?: clean, poop, cleaning, diet - Dogs
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  26. The Victorious Victor Vets - Dogs
  27. Found the best pee smell removal product: clean, natural, store - Dogs
  28. Need uick help: vet, spaniel, skin, treatment - Dogs
  29. Mental Illness in Dogs?: labrador, vet, training, natural
  30. Bubbles - Dogs
  31. Bichon Freise Rescues in N.C.: rescue, shelters, breed, Charlotte - Dogs
  32. Pig ears recalled: chews, neighbors, treats, Indiana - Dogs
  33. Fabian's Law now LAW in AZ: aggressive, aggression, free, attack - Dogs
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  35. housetrained dog training me??: boxer, clean, poop, train - Dogs
  36. Grandpuppy visiting a while: boxer, terrier, best, Great Dane - Dogs
  37. News, Dog survives raging fire by hiding in bathtub,: rescued, breed, home - Dogs
  38. Pit Bull Heroine honored: breed, stories - Dogs
  39. Teasing the pup - youtube: shepherd, food, keep, Denver - Dogs
  40. Lhasa--trembling this AM: yorkie, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  41. Lost puppy mill dog - Aurora, IL: vet, train, rescue - Dogs
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  45. video - dog tries to play fetch with statue: kids, ears, year - Dogs
  46. Need a smile? - Dogs
  47. Spindle Cell Carcinoma of the Mandible: labrador, boxer, golden retriever, vet - Dogs
  48. what breeds are more susceptible to diabetes?: terrier, schnauzer, adopt - Dogs
  49. Diabetes in dogs: vet, science, treatment, cats
  50. My plan to get my dog to ignore neighbor's cat - what do you think?: aggressive, training - Dogs
  51. Traumatized Animals: vet, shaking, noise, puppy - Dogs
  52. Pro Meris Pulled by Mfg.: ears, medication, cancer, year - Dogs
  53. My Beagle Basset is such a TRIP! And looking into the future.....: labrador, vet - Dogs
  54. Nails: vet, natural, paws, puppy - Dogs
  55. Territorial dog triumph!: barking, training, puppy, outside - Dogs
  56. New try at Rip coming in house.: labs, poop, eating - Dogs
  57. Buying dogs from Pet stores: breeder, bird, puppy, foods
  58. How to adjust to new Dog neighbors on other side of Fence?: lab, bite - Dogs
  59. Favorite dog websites?: training, natural, vaccination, best - Dogs
  60. LA man bludgeons dog with hammer: eating, neighbors, California, Los Angeles - Dogs
  61. amazing dog rescue in Japan: cross, pups, owner, people - Dogs
  62. Vectra 3D: shih tzu, vet, fleas, reactions - Dogs
  63. Patrick starved dog thrown down garbage chute: New Jersey, year, animal - Dogs
  64. Gorgeous Mastiff mix looking for his forever home. share....: rescue, adoption - Dogs
  65. Ewwww!: vet, wound, skin, allergies - Dogs
  66. - good news (kind of) from Warren Co: vet, breeder, rescue - Dogs
  67. police dogs have bad days...: training
  68. alternative healing for dogs / forum?: work, garden, medicine, people
  69. Beagle Basset snubbing us: labrador, barking, puppy, walk - Dogs
  70. Frustrated with how family is training the dog!: barking, train, adopted - Dogs
  71. Best Bichon rescue near or in N.C.: adopt, paws, breed - Dogs
  72. People who look like their dogs to get web site.
  73. Natural Defense flea and tick prevention: cross, cheap, work, reviews - Dogs
  74. Happy Birthday, Buster!!: puppy, ears, home, treats - Dogs
  75. To the Person Who Recommended Full Life Rescue: adopt, outside, shelter - Dogs
  76. swollen snout with weird rash :/ help!: allergic, vet, infection, adopted - Dogs
  77. Which dog is guilty?: poodles - Dogs
  78. What dog is this?: breeding, husky, puppies, teacup - Dogs
  79. Family in Ireland fighting dog's death sentence for looking like a banned breed.: labrador, vet - Dogs
  80. Still has an upset stomach..what to do now..: how much, poop, vet - Dogs
  81. My new girl Holly: train, food, cats, home - Dogs
  82. consider NOT getting another dog?: shih tzu, terrier, spaniel, rescue - Dogs
  83. Oh, no. My old Lab. Panting and restless.: labs, shih tzu, tumors - Dogs
  84. Study shows that female dogs are smarted than male dogs: science, collie
  85. TOTW Wetlands formula = diarrhea: how much, lab, vet, diet - Dogs
  86. Long time lurker - feeling a little sad: how much, shepherd, vet - Dogs
  87. help for an anxious dog?: how much, vet, rescue, failure - Dogs
  88. I am the worst pet owner ever..advice??: pitbulls, rescue, adopt - Dogs
  89. Help! Nervous about Up Comming Interview & Home Visit!!: vet, breeder, training - Dogs
  90. How far is too far to run........: shih tzu, boxers, vet - Dogs
  91. Dog not receptive of new baby?: bite, poop, toy, barking - Dogs
  92. puppy transport: vet, rescue, adopted, kennels - Dogs
  93. How much has Buster cost you??: lab, chihuahua, clean - Dogs
  94. Rip's daily work out..six miles.: ears, difference - Dogs
  95. Another seeing eye dog attacked by unleashed dogs: training, puppies, ears
  96. Lab drinks too much water?: how much, labs, schnauzers, clean - Dogs
  97. When you can't afford treatment for your dog...: vet, surgery, costs - Dogs
  98. Quick help needed if you can: clean, vet, wound, cleaning - Dogs
  99. Barking: boxer, clean, adopted, noise - Dogs
  100. Anxiety wrap/shirts for dogs: schnauzer, shaking, stomach, training
  101. Bella's a big girl now...freedom: lab, poop, breeder, training - Dogs
  102. Young boy takes dog to police station: kids, puppies, adult - Dogs
  103. Anesthesia free teeth cleaning - had it done?: shepherd, chihuahuas, vet - Dogs
  104. Ticks I need a new preventative?: biting, vet, training - Dogs
  105. My dog attacked me and I'm pregnant. Now what?: how much, bite, vet - Dogs
  106. Breed mix guess?: pitbulls, labs, aggressive, rescue - Dogs
  107. Help with dog breed: shepherd, paws, shots, shelter - Dogs
  108. Has tried Pet Armor?: prescription, skin, fleas, effects - Dogs
  109. Indestructible dog toys?: toy, black, teeth, bones - Dogs
  110. How to get your dog to swim: bulldog, toy, wound - Dogs
  111. Aaaaaagh! So frustrated housetraining dog: vet, housebreak, symptoms, adopted - Dogs
  112. Recently passed dogs...: pitbull, lab, golden retriever, black
  113. Does have a 65 lb.+ lap dog?: lab, boxer, beagle - Dogs
  114. First time at dog this normal?: bulldog, yorkie, aggressive - Dogs
  115. Grapes are fatal?: lab, boxer, vet, breeder - Dogs
  116. Treats for allergic Boston Terrier?: bite, clean, vet, prescription - Dogs
  117. Protecting dog from coyotes: border collie, miniature, bite, vet - Dogs
  118. Warning: OCD Dog Owners: bite, skin, costs, kids - Dogs
  119. Sorry to bring this topic up by I need advice poop eating: shih tzu, clean - Dogs
  120. Need help with my beagle . . . (long): shepherd, barking, training, rescue - Dogs
  121. My dog is acting like!: poop, vet, barking - Dogs
  122. New shar-pei pups: black, adopted, cocker, breed - Dogs
  123. Halti-head lead..... experience/opinions?: border collie, toy, training, collies - Dogs
  124. Dogfighters Moved In The Neighborhood: toy, spaniel, legal, skin - Dogs
  125. - tick removal: bite, clean, vet, stomach - Dogs
  126. Dog Won't Stay Outside without a Human!!: lab, bulldogs, boxer
  127. Pit Bull...: terriers, bite, vet, breeding - Dogs
  128. What do you wish they'd invent for dogs/owners: poop, fleas, walk
  129. Counter Surfers: bulldogs, shaking, chewing, noise
  130. How to get the medicine to go down: vet, chewing - Dogs
  131. Barking Dogs: legal, humping, children, noise
  132. Akita: shepherd, shepherds, breeders, aggressive - Dogs
  133. Dog saves dog hit by car...: labrador, canine, ears, animals - Dogs
  134. Experience with Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler: border collie, shepherd, clean - Dogs
  135. canine cognitive dysfunction (doggy dementia): vet, barking, housebreak, training - Dogs
  136. Maltese/ ShihTzu acting strange after being sent to the groomers: allergy, vet - Dogs
  137. English bulldog and housetraining: bite, clean, poop, breeders - Dogs
  138. Happy birthday, Sillypups!: best, canine, test, free - Dogs
  139. My dog coughing and choking sounds: how much, yorkie, vet, treatment - Dogs
  140. Should this dog be put down?: clean, vet, skin, symptoms - Dogs
  141. The SHADOW knows...: mice, chew, biscuits, noise - Dogs
  142. Our new dog: lab, toy, barking, husky - Dogs
  143. Another foster: vet, breeders, aggressive, training - Dogs
  144. Breed Suggestions - Novice Owner - Outdoor Dog: lab, terrier, retreiver - Dogs
  145. Grooming Your Dog Yourself: shih tzu, poodles, terrier, yorkies - Dogs
  146. My GSD pup had diarrhea: shepherd, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  147. Owners of Senior dogs- Do you take Phydeaux in for yearly tests and checkup?: how much, labs
  148. almost wart like growth on my dog's eye lid: vet, spaniel, black - Dogs
  149. Adequan for Doggie Arthritis: lab, vet, costs, shots - Dogs
  150. The incredible force of the animal community: neuter, vaccinations, cats - Dogs
  151. 3 weeks at sea with no water: rescued, pups, stop, owner - Dogs
  152. speaking of dog food.....: skin, diet, allergies, cost - Dogs
  153. coughing sounds help us!: how much, vet, surgery, kennel - Dogs
  154. have success using an in-home sitter?: English Bulldog, clean, poop - Dogs
  155. Why did Sasha King?: rescue, adopt, kids, noise - Dogs
  156. Leather couches and dogs: shepherd, shepherds, clean, train
  157. Another Missouri Deputy shoots a dog.....: chihuahua, barks, aggressive, training - Dogs
  158. Another canine hero!: best, food, ears, safe - Dogs
  159. People down on Mini Aussies ?: border collie, shepherd, labs - Dogs
  160. How do you give a dog his medicine with a syringe?: vet, teeth - Dogs
  161. Best pit bull defense: shepherd, bite, kids, breed - Dogs
  162. Doggy door with timer: mice, outside, ears, home - Dogs
  163. Do dogs have seasonal allergies?: how much, lab, allergic, retriever
  164. Getting an Apartment impossible with pit mix?: pitbull, boxer, vet - Dogs
  165. Is crate training really necessary?: lab, clean, vet, breeder - Dogs
  166. News, Home Depot Canada bans pets.: shih tzu, cross, best, breeds - Dogs
  167. Help in choosing small/med size dog/small haired: labs, bulldog, terrier - Dogs
  168. My dog sits next to walls.....What is happening?: chihuahuas, pup, carpet - Dogs
  169. It's Getting Warm Now, Leave Your Dogs At Home: barking, prescription, adopt
  170. Dogs and other cultures: bulldog, clean, cost, food
  171. Greenies Joint Care Large Dogs: lab, vet, prescription, black
  172. moving with animals: vet, training, rescue, cost - Dogs
  173. Pray for This Poor Dog: vet, rescues, pup, home - Dogs
  174. Is it wrong to refer to the dog as the kids' Sister?: poop, bird - Dogs
  175. Peeing in the house - help!: clean, poop, vet, breeders - Dogs
  176. Shocking dog fighting 'game' realeased by Android (Google) !!!: aggressive, kids, eating - Dogs
  177. Spay/neuter clinic or vet's office?: bulldog, poodle, boxers, spaniel - Dogs
  178. unleashed dog bites leashed dog and unleashed dog owner gets bitten: bite, legal - Dogs
  179. Dog with chest lump - help!: lab, shih tzu, tumors - Dogs
  180. Benefits of having my dog fixed: pitbulls, tumors, vet - Dogs
  181. adopted from Small Paws or used Last Chance Highway for transportation?: skin, rescue - Dogs
  182. Added a new family member: lab, kids, greyhound, ears - Dogs
  183. News, Why are devoted to grandpuppies.: bulldog, boxer, toy - Dogs
  184. Yellow labs shed more than the other 2 colors?: shepherd, shepherds, breeders - Dogs
  185. Milo's Kitchen dog treats: black, food, greyhound, illegal - Dogs
  186. Jack Russell: cat poo connoisseur: clean, vet, skin, diet - Dogs
  187. Shelter dog hates daycare (help!): vet, training, rescue, cost - Dogs
  188. Aggressive 12 week Maltioo bite, vet, toy, training - Dogs
  189. Dogs in public parks: pitbull, bites, clean, poop
  190. flea killer that actually works?: allergic, bite, vet, prescription - Dogs
  191. News, Activists save dogs destined for Chinese dinner tables.: skin, rescued, puppy
  192. Picky Eater: What to do: poodle, terriers, yorkies, clean - Dogs
  193. English Toy Spaniels?: breeder, kennel, natural, pugs - Dogs
  194. News Video, Recycling Rottweiler Cleaning Up the Neighborhood.: stories - Dogs
  195. priciest dog in the world: best, allowed, sold, pound - Dogs
  196. Parotid Duct Transduction Surgery *sigh*: yorkie, vet, ears, year - Dogs
  197. Dog and the ducking...: Tampa Bay - Dogs
  198. News, Dog jumps through window of Regina residence to chase letter carrier: year, hair - Dogs
  199. SE US - thinking of adopting?: clean, rescue, shelters, Miami - Dogs
  200. Eyebrows - Dogs