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  21. Microbe Wakes Up After 120,000 Years in Ice - Nature
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  25. Wolf Sanctuary (& Photos): dog, look, Colorado, Florida - Nature
  26. 53-million-year-old high Arctic mammals wintered in darkness: cold, pet, wild - Nature
  27. News, Homosexual behaviour widespread in animals according to new study.: evolution, pet - Nature
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  32. House Bill H.R. 1018: wild - Nature
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  41. Live Foaling Cams!: chicken, cam - Nature
  42. It's official: Neanderthal genes in Homo Sapiens Sapiens genome: evolution, look - Nature
  43. Ancient geography: look - Nature
  44. Nature By Numbers: look
  45. Scientists announce discovery of 3.6 million-year-old relative of 'Lucy': evolution - Nature
  46. Life on Earth evolved a lot sooner than first fossil 2.1 billion years old: cold, look - Nature
  47. News, Police: Man suspected of stealing swans from Lake Eola tried to sell 2 on Craigslist.: birds, geese - Nature
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  54. Antartic Ice Sheet Far Less Stable Than Previously: look, Florida, New Hampshire - Nature
  55. Icelandic volcano: eruption - Nature
  56. Jessica the Hippo...: wildlife, tame, pet, wild - Nature
  57. City of Concepcion Moves 10 Feet - Nature
  58. Is existence sentient?: dog - Nature
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  67. Volcano Erupts in Iceland: eruption - Nature
  68. Australopithecus sediba: evolution - Nature
  69. First Ever Multicellular Animals Found In Oxygen-Free Environment: pet - Nature
  70. New Branch of Human Family Tree?: Washington - Nature
  71. New Madrid Fault about to blow?: Mississippi, Missouri, South Carolina, Washington - Nature
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  74. Mule's Hooves Untrimmed For Nearly 10 Years.: look - Nature
  75. Brooklyn Welcomes Rare Red Panda Mao Mi: Michigan, New York - Nature
  76. Temple tigers live in harmony with monks, tourists (photos): pet - Nature
  77. Birth of a baby giraffe - awesome!: pet - Nature
  78. Wild California Quail Coop Construction: birds, windows, cold, wildlife - Nature
  79. Did diatoms cause a severe cooling event?: evolution - Nature
  80. Mutant Animals?: rabbit, look - Nature
  81. Bees Can Count To Four: insect - Nature
  82. Did you save a wolf today?: dog, pet, Alaska, Wisconsin - Nature
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  84. Good News, Girl, 6, Helps Save Deer From Well. - Nature
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  88. Jessica the Hippo: dog - Nature
  89. Otters Holding Hands - Nature
  90. Africam: wildlife, wild - Nature
  91. Jolly Ball: raccoon, dog, survive, pet - Nature
  92. Zombie Animals and Humans and the Parasites That Control Them: bug, insects - Nature
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  94. White Siberian Tiger vs Leopard: evolution, cold, survive - Nature
  95. Wild Bird Feeding Help: birds, look - Nature
  96. Falcon eggs hatching before our eyes.: bird, Georgia - Nature
  97. Geothermal lakes: Yellowstone, look, Montana - Nature
  98. Alternative Livestock (Exotic Animals) photos: raccoon, Angus, miniature, pet - Nature
  99. Alps-like mountains discovered under Anarctic ice - Nature
  100. Just discovered: A new psychodelic fish: look - Nature
  101. Odd fish with transparent head; mystery solved - Nature
  102. Humphrey, the camel: dog, wild, look - Nature
  103. like mules?: dog, wild - Nature
  104. Africam: birds, wild - Nature
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  107. animal planet: wild, look - Nature
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  109. Animal Planet's Planet Earth: look - Nature
  110. Dude...I just built a BETTER BETTER mouse trap! And it's completely humane.: birds, dog - Nature
  111. How mountain ranges were created...(for serious scientist only: cold, look - Nature
  112. News, How Fainting Goats Work.: dog, pet, look - Nature
  113. Check this live cam out of a humming bird. Its really cool!: birds, look - Nature
  114. Weird salamander type animal: dog, look, Florida - Nature
  115. Bah bah bah!: dog, cam, pet, wild - Nature
  116. Where are all the bees going?: insects, bird - Nature
  117. Evolution- Biology- Rate of Change: survive, pet, dinosaurs - Nature
  118. Terrifying Sea Critter Hauled from Ocean's Depths: flea, look, New York - Nature
  119. Eeewww What are Bugs?: beetle, look - Nature
  120. Mallard duck: birds, robin, robins, wildlife - Nature
  121. World Earthquakes: eruption, Yellowstone, look, Alaska - Nature
  122. Nature, How Important Is It To You?: rabbits, birds, coyote
  123. Your beaches! Your wildlife! Food, Fisherman, OIL!: birds, survive, look - Nature
  124. For who Love Birds: feathers, dog, parakeet, pet - Nature
  125. Can the Bed of the Gulf of Mexico Collapse?: pet, look - Nature
  126. Do you think a TIGER should be caged at a truck stop?: wildlife, pet - Nature
  127. What's worse: snake or spider?: bugs, snakes, spiders, dog - Nature
  128. Injured Toad: bug, snakes, snake, dog - Nature
  129. fur***: dog, pet, look - Nature
  130. Deer in house: bird, dog, wildlife, pet - Nature
  131. What Kind Of Bird Is This?: bugs, insects, birds, spider - Nature
  132. How old is this pigeon?: birds, pigeons, survive, wild - Nature
  133. Chile Earthquake May Have Shortened Days on Earth: look - Nature
  134. Is the Earth striking back?: volcanoes, Iowa - Nature
  135. Are Jaguars Found In The United States?: coyote, survive, wild - Nature
  136. Are bulls pets?: snakes, snake, dog, wild - Nature
  137. raccoon: snakes, snake, dog, wildlife - Nature
  138. New Madrid Fault zone: eruption, supervolcano, Yellowstone, look - Nature
  139. Yellowstone is jostled by 250 small earthquakes in three days: supervolcano - Nature
  140. Mysterious Tremors Detected Along San Andreas Fault: California, Florida, Iowa - Nature
  141. The 10 Most Destructive Volcanic Eruptions In History: volcano, Yellowstone, Idaho - Nature
  142. All Life Evolved From Mother Organism: evolution, survive - Nature
  143. Feeding the Coons: raccoon, dog, wildlife, tame - Nature
  144. Fleas or something that looks like fleas: bugs, flea, insect - Nature
  145. Brown Recluse Spiders Pose Danger In Winter: bugs, insect, windows - Nature
  146. NEW lifeform found in North Carolina?: look - Nature
  147. Ducks - how to protect the babies: survive, wild - Nature
  148. I'm not calling animal control: cold, tame, wild - Nature
  149. Check out this bird (Heron)!: birds, wildlife, pet, wild - Nature
  150. Wildfires: look, Florida - Nature
  151. I don't know where to post this.: bird, turkey, dog - Nature
  152. Help - Control Geese: bird, dog, noise - Nature
  153. Top 10 Deadliest Animals: insects, snake, leopard - Nature
  154. Donkey or mule owners out there?: bug, coyote, miniature, look - Nature
  155. Yellowstone National Park: eruption, volcanoes, look, Montana - Nature
  156. What's the big deal about Dinosaurs?: bug, chicken, bunny, look - Nature
  157. What is the baddest animal on earth?: spider, spiders, dog - Nature
  158. San Francisco, few days before earthquke, 1906: look - Nature
  159. Get rid of raccoon, and being pet friendly?: bug, dog, chicken - Nature
  160. Identify this spider: bugs, spiders, look, Florida - Nature
  161. Warming Planet Can Mean More Snow: cold, dinosaurs, look, Alaska - Nature
  162. Bird Problems: insects, birds, feathers, robin - Nature
  163. Mockingbird is EVIL!: bug, birds, dog, robin - Nature
  164. wild bunnies?: wild rabbits, dog, eagle, cold - Nature
  165. Are you watching the bearcam?: noise, look, Minnesota - Nature
  166. Worms make me happy: birds, beetle, look - Nature
  167. House mice: mouse, pet, Vermont - Nature
  168. FIRE ANTS - Friend, Foe or Family Pets???: bugs, Alaska - Nature
  169. what animal is this ?: wildlife, pet, wild, look - Nature
  170. How should I have saved the pigeon?: birds, pigeons, feathers - Nature
  171. Ancient seaweed is living fossil - Nature
  172. shark attack: look - Nature
  173. Two new dinosaur species found in Utah: look - Nature
  174. Study shows how ancient plants and soil fungi turned the Earth green - Nature
  175. Amazing photo!: dog, pet - Nature
  176. Earth's climate change 20,000 years ago reversed the circulation of the Atlantic Ocean: cold - Nature
  177. Ants found to use multiple antibiotics as weed killers: bugs, insects - Nature
  178. Asian Fungus Spells Trouble for World's Oldest Trees: beetle, cold, survive - Nature
  179. The Orangutan and the Hound...: dog - Nature
  180. At 2,500 Pounds and 43 Feet Long Prehistoric Snake Largest Ever - Nature
  181. What the heck? Sewage-fertilizer helps fish: Rhode Island - Nature
  182. New kind of dinasaur discovered: look - Nature
  183. News, A Third of Dinosaur Species Never Existed?: dinosaurs - Nature
  184. Scientists Find Dinosaur That Lived 98M Years Ago in Australia - Nature
  185. Orangutans, Not Chimps, May Be Our Closest Relatives: evolution - Nature
  186. new link between nickel, methane and evolution - Nature
  187. Do Dinosaurs Still Exist?: bird, chicken, evolution, survive - Nature
  188. Scientists claim fish 'learn like humans' - Nature
  189. canine-human convergent evolution: dog - Nature
  190. Dinosaur mating rituals--BBC - Nature
  191. News and video, Peacock attacks blue cars. - Nature
  192. moon bears sign.: pet - Nature
  193. Which U.S. Volcanoes Are Most Dangerous Right Now?: eruption - Nature
  194. What kind of tree is this?: look - Nature
  195. News, Prince Harry Questioned in Hawk Killing.: birds - Nature
  196. Clash of the Titans, White Sharks vs. Giant Squids - Nature
  197. News video, Chimp Steals Gun at Zoo. - Nature
  198. Surprising Sea Slug Is Half-plant, Half-animal - Nature
  199. Raptor cam!!: eagle - Nature
  200. Asphalt Volcanism: volcanoes, California - Nature