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  1. What are Your Thoughts on West Humboldt Park, West Logan Sqaure and Hermosa?: Chicago: low income - Illinois (IL)
  2. Moving to Chicago: Cleveland: movers, crime, how much - Illinois (IL)
  3. what's happening with Chicago's HSR terminal?: Washington, San Jose: sales, 2014, buying - Illinois (IL)
  4. Old Chicago Street maps: neighborhoods, construction, photos - Illinois (IL)
  5. What was this 4' door ?: Chicago, Berwyn: apartment, homes, live - Illinois (IL)
  6. Conference By O'Hare. Where to stay?: Chicago, Washington: hotels, restaurants, price - Illinois (IL)
  7. Chicago City Taxes Taken Out of Paycheck?: Lansing: home, income - Illinois (IL)
  8. Riverline: Chicago, Lincoln, Hudson: rentals, condo, townhomes - Illinois (IL)
  9. Groups/events where I can have open discussions about: religion/philosophy/life and race/gender/poverty/societial issues: university - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  10. Chicago peeps! This may seen like a crazy: Brookfield: loans, dangerous - Illinois (IL)
  11. Michael Reese Hospital... Sitting to rot?: Chicago, Atlanta: real estate, 2015, apartments - Illinois (IL)
  12. Largest residential buildings (by unit count): Chicago, Manhattan: apartment, rentals, to live - Illinois (IL)
  13. Thinking about relocating to Chicago this winter: rent, neighborhood - Illinois (IL)
  14. Tommrrow I have an interview for the following career:: school, live - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  15. Test - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  16. Does know anything about 3415 W. Arthington, Chicago, IL or: area, square - Illinois
  17. Best place to buy a suit..: Chicago, Niles: sales, credit card, wedding - Illinois (IL)
  18. How long does online contesting parking ticket take?: Chicago, Viola: law, safe - Illinois (IL)
  19. Holy Family Ministries/Homan Square: network, about, color - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  20. Wrigley rooftops: tickets, rating, difference - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  21. Cheap place to repair glasses: office, inexpensive, town - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  22. Chicago should make another bid for the Olympics: Paris, Avon: appointed, hotel - Illinois (IL)
  23. Commuting from downtown to Schaumburg - when to leave and how much time to allow?: Arlington Heights: 2013 - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  24. Planning a trip in a few months: Chicago: neighborhoods, vacation - Illinois (IL)
  25. LaSalle Properties: Chicago: rental, maintenance, reviews - Illinois (IL)
  26. Is it to swim across Lake Michigan?: Chester: 2015, swimming - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  27. Chicago Area New Construction Spending Surges in 2016: for sale, 2015 - Illinois (IL)
  28. How hard is it to get by in Chicago?: find a job, movies - Illinois (IL)
  29. Does this neighborhood exist? Moving to Chicago! Insiders Opinion Needed: Lincoln: violent crime, home - Illinois (IL)
  30. know what street this old pic was taken on in the Loop?: Tremont: 2015 - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  31. Can you tell me about this neighborhood? i just found a house there.: Bloomingdale: to buy - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  32. Crossrail Chicago and other efficient transit programs for Chicago: Campus: 2014, living - Illinois (IL)
  33. I'd like to work: Chicago, Lincoln: how much, find a job, neighborhoods - Illinois (IL)
  34. I am Chicago website: a neighborhood portrait project: Lincoln: neighborhoods, trendy - Illinois (IL)
  35. Can previous landlord ask for more money after returning security deposit?: Normal: apartment - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  36. Help me price my apartment search Rogers Park or Edgewater: how much, vs - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  37. Car Accident/ Both Parties Ticketed: insurance, lawyer, cost of - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  38. Move to Chicago from NYC - so many questions, hlp!: Lincoln: best neighborhoods - Illinois (IL)
  39. Will Heather and Tommy be prosecuted upon their deportations from Indonesia?: Chicago: crime, house - Illinois (IL)
  40. Visiting Chicago For A Few Days: Calumet Park, Fairmont: fit in, rent, best hotels - Illinois (IL)
  41. McHenry County House Rentals: Chicago: relocating, agency, looking for - Illinois (IL)
  42. Young Professional moving to Chicago -- Need Recommendations: Lincoln: apartment complexes, to rent - Illinois (IL)
  43. Chicago area whitewater park.: Manchester: rent, construction, high school - Illinois (IL)
  44. Nursing salaries in Chicago: Golf: safe neighborhood, school, university - Illinois (IL)
  45. Moving to chicago: Cleveland: 2015, neighborhoods, centers - Illinois (IL)
  46. Move/Commuting Advice to Skokie: Chicago, Evanston: appointed, apartments, to rent - Illinois (IL)
  47. HOA problems, trying to sell: Chicago, Royal: for sale, foreclosure, condominium - Illinois (IL)
  48. Moving to Chicago (the Loop): Lincoln, Bridgeport: sales, for rent, loan - Illinois (IL)
  49. Monthly parking in Lakeview East: Chicago, Addison: apartment, for rent, condo - Illinois (IL)
  50. Does know anything about 3415 W. Arthington, Chicago, IL or Homan Square area of Chicaago, IL? Thank you. - Illinois
  51. stores in Vpchicago or suburbs that buy used appliances/parts?: to sell, washer - Illinois (IL)
  52. Questions about Brookfield Zoo and Surrounding Neighborhood: Riverside, Union: restaurants, safe - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  53. N. Lawndale?: Chicago, Fillmore: safe neighborhood, most dangerous, safe - Illinois (IL)
  54. Visiting neighborhoods recommendations: Chicago, Roscoe, Fulton: university, taxi, restaurants - Illinois (IL)
  55. Paperwork after buying a used car in Chicago: Normal, Huntley: sale, 2015 - Illinois (IL)
  56. The City of Neighborhoods Project - Greater Grand Crossing & Andersonville: Chicago: businesses, community - Illinois (IL)
  57. CUBS Game: gated, ticket, paid - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  58. Devon And Clark To Pratt - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  59. help! How to find an apartment?: Chicago: apartments, lease - Illinois (IL)
  60. Can you get Doug's new dogs without going to a Cubs game: Chicago: 2015 - Illinois (IL)
  61. (Hawaiian) Mochi?: Chicago, Arlington Heights, Golden: buy, shop, food - Illinois (IL)
  62. Moving to Albany Park: Springfield, Pulaski: condo, home, neighborhood - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  63. Looking for Apartment in Hyde Park: apartments, lease, home - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  64. Poll: how well do you know your neighbors?: Chicago: apartment, renters - Illinois (IL)
  65. Fullerton and Kimball safe?: Lincoln: real estate, crime, neighborhood - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  66. Beverly: salon, safe neighborhood, schools - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  67. Pros and Cons of Metered Water: Chicago: how much, home, live in - Illinois (IL)
  68. Looking for Pros & Cons of Buying a Townhouse vs a Condo: Chicago: rentals - Illinois (IL)
  69. Open House Chicago October 15 - 16: design, architecture, properties - Illinois (IL)
  70. 1144 W Madison St, Chicago, IL 60607 is what neighborhood in Chicago? What would the rent run around there? kn: Ashland: high school - Illinois
  71. Housekeeper or maid service?: Chicago: condo, new home, neighborhood - Illinois (IL)
  72. Relocating to Chicago - One Detroit Dude, One South African Dude: Schaumburg: apartment, for rent - Illinois (IL)
  73. Looking for location central to Chicago mid-to-large businesses: Lincoln: apartments, rent - Illinois (IL)
  74. For the realty gurus, how to look up how much a property was sold?: Worth: sales - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  75. Old and New photos of Chicago - with old cars on the streets: neighborhood - Illinois (IL)
  76. Chicago night life young crowd: Evanston, Roscoe: loft, hotel, neighborhoods - Illinois (IL)
  77. so how many worker does it take to rerail a metra car???: how to - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  78. How well do you know your neighbours?: landlord, move - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  79. Condo Vs Apartment Plus another: Columbus: apartments, leasing, condos - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  80. Chicago Cultural Center- Bronze Bull: Washington: 2013, maintenance, fence - Illinois (IL)
  81. Condo Levy $100/mo fee on renting unit: Chicago: renter, condominium - Illinois (IL)
  82. moving to chicago to attending rush university: Fulton, Mark: real estate, 2015 - Illinois (IL)
  83. Which weather station best represents Chicago for temperature reading?: gardens, suburbs - Illinois (IL)
  84. Family friendly place to watch world series: Chicago, Evanston: hotel, home - Illinois (IL)
  85. How is the Jobs Market in Chicago [Summer 2016]?: Marshall, Bush: 2015, mortgage - Illinois (IL)
  86. Midway Airport Pet Relief Area Without Going Back Thru Security: Chicago: dog, showing - Illinois (IL)
  87. What makes Chicago better than Indianapolis?: Muncie: living, restaurants, low cost - Illinois (IL)
  88. In your personal opinion, how good or bad of a value would you consider this condo to be?: Chicago: for sale, real estate - Illinois (IL)
  89. I want to invest into property for the first time. What's your advice?: Chicago: real estate, condo - Illinois (IL)
  90. Purchasing a house in McKinley Park, a good idea?: Chicago: rental, condo - Illinois (IL)
  91. Looking to move to Canaryville in Chicago.: Normal, Brookfield: transfer, neighborhoods - Illinois (IL)
  92. Apartments that allow up to 3-4 cats: Chicago: real estate, townhouse - Illinois (IL)
  93. Where to rent?: Chicago, Oak Park, Elmhurst: apartments, rental, house - Illinois (IL)
  94. Visiting a client right by Division and Pulaski...: Chicago, Addison: home, neighborhood - Illinois (IL)
  95. Can the Sox make Chicago a competitive 2 team city?: Mark: live, move - Illinois (IL)
  96. Developer planning to build ugly building in our neighborhood, what can we do as a community to stop this?: Chicago: apartment, condos - Illinois (IL)
  97. Cities similar to Chicago?: neighborhoods, university, centers - Illinois (IL)
  98. Visiting Chicago. Restaurant ideas?: houses, restaurants, prices - Illinois (IL)
  99. Should I be worried?: Chicago, Manhattan: crime, neighborhoods, to live in - Illinois (IL)
  100. A Chicago casino: off the radar screen?: Aurora, Joliet: 2015, hotels - Illinois (IL)
  101. know of large abandoned buildings?: Chicago, Ashland: for sale, 2015 - Illinois (IL)
  102. Can The L.A Model Help Chicago?: crime, brokers - Illinois (IL)
  103. Chicago more like 3 biggest East Coast cities OR 3 biggest Midwest cities: Kansas: 2015, activity - Illinois (IL)
  104. Moving to Chicago and looking for places to rent: Lincoln: apartments, homes - Illinois (IL)
  105. Moving to Beverly: Chicago, Rock Island, Lincoln: apartment complex, crime rate, home - Illinois (IL)
  106. dream CTA: Chicago, Blue Island, Madison: power lines, house, live - Illinois (IL)
  107. White Chicagonians: Ohio: minimum wage, suburbs, catholics - Illinois (IL)
  108. Rent Increases West Loop: Chicago: apartment, renters, condo - Illinois (IL)
  109. Moving to Chicago from outside America: Lincoln, San Jose: apartments, rent, violent crime - Illinois (IL)
  110. Perceptions of Chicago teachers constantly going on strike.: high school, living in - Illinois (IL)
  111. Horrible Parking Up North by Uptown to Evanston: Chicago, Sheridan: skatepark, crime - Illinois (IL)
  112. Chicagoland Housing Prices: Virginia, San Jose: sales, real estate, 2013 - Illinois (IL)
  113. For who rent, does your landlord increase your rent every year?: Chicago: apartment, rental - Illinois (IL)
  114. Traveling to Chicago for the first time and need help: Morton: hotels, house - Illinois (IL)
  115. Fall/Winter Move?: Chicago: apartments, rentals, how much - Illinois (IL)
  116. How do you say the name of this city?: Chicago: cities, county - Illinois (IL)
  117. Fly the W ..: Chicago: home, live, move - Illinois (IL)
  118. Is area around O'Hare airport safe to stay overnight: Chicago: hotels, neighborhoods - Illinois (IL)
  119. Devon Avenue (little india): Chicago: 2013, neighborhoods, shop - Illinois (IL)
  120. What do you consider Downtown?: Chicago, Wilmette: city hall, homes, neighborhood - Illinois (IL)
  121. Thinking of moving to Chicago from Texas---I need advice.: Naperville: fit in, apartment - Illinois (IL)
  122. Replacing Chicago L colors with letters...: Cicero, Skokie: train, design - Illinois (IL)
  123. Chicago - The Most Bike Friendly City In The U.S.: best city, law - Illinois (IL)
  124. Leaving Chicago...: Evanston, Wheaton, Oak Park: rent, crime rates, chapel - Illinois (IL)
  125. Leaving Chicago for....: Oak Park, Nashville, Atlanta: transplants, real estate, crime rates - Illinois (IL)
  126. Evanston vs. Champaign: IL's best college town?: Chicago, Bloomington: 2015, home - Illinois
  127. Buying A Multi-Family Unit: Chicago, Brighton: 2014, apartment, rental - Illinois (IL)
  128. Architectural tours: Chicago, Normal, Ashland: appointed, taxi, rooftop - Illinois (IL)
  129. Visiting Chicago next week... about riding the El: Oak Park: how much, hotels - Illinois (IL)
  130. Hyde Park/U of C - safe?: Chicago, Washington: crime, loan - Illinois (IL)
  131. Portage Park - rising or falling?: Chicago, Springfield: rentals, crime, home search - Illinois (IL)
  132. You LAST MEAL (in Chicago): moving, food, best - Illinois (IL)
  133. What do Chicagoans think of Minneapolis and its people?: Cleveland: 2015, schools - Illinois (IL)
  134. Does Greater Chicago becoming a megacity concern of you?: Atlanta: 2015, public school - Illinois (IL)
  135. Used book stores in Chicago, suggestions solicited.: Evanston, Forest Park: thrift stores, retired - Illinois (IL)
  136. Future Of, Chicago's neighborhoods, is it getting worse, North Side, South Side, West Side, and Central: Bridgeport: crime, houses - Illinois (IL)
  137. Noisy Neighbors-HELP!!!: Joy: apartments, lease, condo - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  138. How hard is the RMV written test for out state license holders?: Ohio: high school, DMV - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  139. Must-see Chicago attractions?: Lincoln, Grant Park, Industry: buying, university, price - Illinois (IL)
  140. West Town: Chicago, Ashland, Humboldt: to rent, neighborhoods, buying - Illinois (IL)
  141. Chicago Gangs..Latin Kings?: Cicero, Berwyn: transfer, neighborhood, live - Illinois (IL)
  142. Would you consider Chicago to be slow paced or country?: Virginia: move, suburbs - Illinois (IL)
  143. Short visit near Loop: Chicago: crime, safe area, living - Illinois (IL)
  144. Safe place to live within a budget of ~$800: Chicago, Washington: how much, homes - Illinois (IL)
  145. One day one night in Chicago ?: Ohio: rent, neighborhood, wedding - Illinois (IL)
  146. Whatever happened to Rogers Park?: Chicago, Evanston: low income, section 8, transplants - Illinois (IL)
  147. Does know of blue collar jobs that have no education requirement that a person could do in downtown chicago?: Joliet: hotel, buying a house - Illinois (IL)
  148. Ravenswood/Lincoln Square for first time buyers: Chicago: rent, condos - Illinois (IL)
  149. Can I move to Chicago without a lot of money?: apartment, rent - Illinois (IL)
  150. Finding An Apartment Without A Job: Chicago: apartments, leasing, evictions - Illinois (IL)
  151. Chgo/Milw: is it something?: Chicago, Rockford: neighborhoods, gated, gangs - Illinois (IL)
  152. Used Cars Dealerships in Chicago: Cicero, Chicago Ridge: to rent, buy, prices - Illinois (IL)
  153. A few questions about North Side diversity: Chicago, Lincoln: condos, crime - Illinois (IL)
  154. Weird Building Downtown: Chicago, Riverside, North Riverside: 2015, floors, metra - Illinois (IL)
  155. Thinking about moving to Chicago from NYC: Evanston, Addison: best city, condo - Illinois (IL)
  156. Heat wave to hit Chicago, Midwest..: beach, swimming, humidity - Illinois (IL)
  157. Is Pokemon Go going real big in Chicago?: Time: home, neighborhood - Illinois (IL)
  158. Lincoln Park or Lakeview?: Chicago, Washington: home, neighborhoods, school - Illinois (IL)
  159. Mugging at North Ave: moving, beach, designs - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  160. Living in Chicago/Evanston on $60,000/yr -- realistic?: Skokie, Park Ridge: rentals, home - Illinois (IL)
  161. All of a Sudden the Rents in Chicago are Too Expensive!: Knoxville: apartment, to rent - Illinois (IL)
  162. Is the national and international perception of Chicago's crime a necessary evil in order effectuate positive changes?: Bloomington: section 8, apartment complexes - Illinois (IL)
  163. Spouse works in Maywood, I work in Hyde Park or Orland Park...where to live?: Chicago: crime, custom home - Illinois (IL)
  164. Moving to Chicago from NYC - so many questions, help!: Lincoln: best neighborhoods, 2013 - Illinois (IL)
  165. Moving to Chicago with Nowhere to Stay and No Proof of Income?: apartments, rent - Illinois (IL)
  166. Where Do You Live?: Chicago, Champaign: best neighborhood, condo, neighborhood - Illinois (IL)
  167. What will happen to the North Side if the Cubs win the World Series?: Chicago: safer, title - Illinois (IL)
  168. Chicagoland has nothing outdoor adventure. It's good for art fans and fans of lame music.: Des Plaines: violent crime, tax return - Illinois (IL)
  169. HH Holms: Chicago, Irving, Gilman: crimes, hotel, house - Illinois (IL)
  170. Do of you bike as your main form of transportation?: Chicago: apartment, school - Illinois (IL)
  171. Moving just west of Kimball in Logan Square - safety?: Chicago: apartment, high crime - Illinois (IL)
  172. Chicago Magazine List of Best Chicago Public Schools: Troy: house, neighborhood - Illinois (IL)
  173. Dwayne Wade's Cousin Killed: Chicago: crime, felons, construction - Illinois (IL)
  174. Will Milwaukee Ave. become the next Michigan Ave. and State St.?: Chicago: apartment, hotels - Illinois (IL)
  175. Guaranteed Rate Field? Seriously?: Chicago: home, stadium, best deal - Illinois (IL)
  176. jaelin and brianna: Chicago, Phoenix: houses, school, to live in - Illinois (IL)
  177. Would Legal Marijuana Reduce Gang Violence?: Chicago: violent crime, homes, neighborhoods - Illinois (IL)
  178. Do you consider West Town the North Side or West Side?: Madison: live, park - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  179. Does Chicago slow down in the winter?: Lincoln, Irving: hotels, home - Illinois (IL)
  180. What's that chorus of insects in the evenings?: house, tree - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  181. Korean Culture in Chicago?: Waukegan, Skokie: school, restaurants, club - Illinois (IL)
  182. Visiting Chicago..: rent, neighborhood, live - Illinois (IL)
  183. Where to live in Chicago ? Buy or rent?: Naperville, Arlington Heights: real estate, apartments - Illinois (IL)
  184. Landlord asking me to sign lease after starting date... Illegal???: Chicago: rentals, condo - Illinois (IL)
  185. Chicago for single black professionals, or nah? What say you?: Lincoln: fit in, rent - Illinois (IL)
  186. Commuting to work in Chicago: Normal, Sheridan: home, taxi, living in - Illinois (IL)
  187. Visiting home again / what do you think of my itinerary?: Chicago: how much, university - Illinois (IL)
  188. Nightlife Hot Spot, where next?: Chicago, Addison: transplants, crime, big house - Illinois (IL)
  189. Chicago Rent Bargains Are On the South Side: Berwyn, Chatham: 2015, apartments - Illinois (IL)
  190. Middle income people have been caught in a sham investing in Bronzeville property.: Chicago: section 8, sales - Illinois (IL)
  191. Transferring from Union Station to CTA: Chicago, Oak Park: taxis, cost, buses - Illinois (IL)
  192. Rents Increasing in Chicago: Evanston, Skokie: apartments, rent, lofts - Illinois (IL)
  193. Shops, restaurants, bars, on the lower levels of streets: Chicago: buildings, place - Illinois (IL)
  194. Asian/Korean bars: Chicago: restaurant, Koreans, places - Illinois (IL)
  195. Hard tickets for Cubs game.: vs, ticket, map - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  196. Apartment Realtor?: Chicago: appliances, budget, relocating - Illinois (IL)
  197. tennis in the Gold Coast: distance, clinics, visiting - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  198. BEST Seats at PrivateBank Theatre?: Chicago, Hamilton: to buy, tickets - Illinois (IL)
  199. Affordable Temp. Housing?: Chicago: rental, moving to, vehicle - Illinois (IL)
  200. Safest neighborhoods close to Milwaukee District West?: metra, village - Chicago, Illinois (IL)