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  1. Can I wear my army uniform to a Veterans Day assembly? If I’m currently in the reserves: school - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  2. Does have cheap auto insurance?: credit, broker, attorneys - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  3. Norman Downtown: Durant, Elk City: for sale, rental, home - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  4. Last day of mowing the lawn: warm, water, grass - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  5. Leasing a car in OKlahoma city: sales, insurance, to buy
  6. Estimated living expenses for a single person: apartment, insurance - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  7. A trip to see snow?: to rent, timeshares, car - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  8. Living in Edmond vs Choctaw: Oklahoma City, Midwest City: apartment, houses, neighborhoods - (OK)
  9. Relocating to Oklahoma City and need advice on Housing: Edmond: apartment complexes, for rent - (OK)
  10. Norman Pizza Place: Stillwater, Corn: dorms, law school, live - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  11. Tax preparer: income, price, cheapest - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  12. Twister Wireless Price Guarantee Cell Phones: Oklahoma City, Meridian: moving, health, building - (OK)
  13. Relocating from Southwest Louisiana to Moore area: Norman, Edmond: insurance, buying a home - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  14. Good family steakhouse in Lawton?: Tulsa, Stillwater: houses, construction, contractors - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  15. Driver License and Registration: insurance, house, living in - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  16. Carousel Slide Projector Trays: fit in, movers, associations - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  17. Community Bulletin Boards? OKC, Moore, Midwest City: colleges, incomes - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  18. Ex-San Franciscan asking Oklahoma classmate's forgiveness: Ryan, May: transplants, living in, retirement - Oklahoma City, (OK)
  19. Best fall foliage within an hour of Norman: Edmond, Stillwater: construction, trees - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  20. Earthquakes in Edmond: Oklahoma City, Stillwater, Cushing: rental, insurance, buying a home - (OK)
  21. Lincoln Terrace... Thoughts?: Mustang: neighborhoods, living in, safe - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  22. animal shelters: Oklahoma City, Moore, Guthrie: to live in, donate, money - (OK)
  23. Awesome okc!: Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Stillwater: apartments, how much, hotels - (OK)
  24. Is upset about the new Marketplace tax? Ebay, Etsy and others: sales - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  25. Relocating to Ardmore: crime, private schools, live - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  26. Relocating to Ada: Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Norman: theater, high school, university - (OK)
  27. Job near Penn Square - where to live - family-friendly community?: Oklahoma City: established neighborhood, catholic schools - (OK)
  28. cattleman steakhouse: restaurant, prices, safe - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  29. Suggestions on Where to Live: Norman, Midwest City: house, neighborhood, metro area - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  30. Oklahoma City #1 city to start a business.: medical, cities - (OK)
  31. On this date 5 years ago...: Moore, May: 2013, home, neighborhood - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  32. Looking for a golf community near Yukon-OKC: neighborhoods, move to - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  33. Bon Appetite names OKC Restaurant Best New Restaurant.: close to, trends - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  34. Safety OKC - Moving from out of state (Plaza District): Oklahoma City: homes, neighborhoods
  35. Cox v. ATT for fast internet?: home, costs, area - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  36. housing advice for single mom with toddler...OKC: Edmond, Arcadia: real estate, houses - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  37. Gang activity in OKC: Oklahoma City, Billings: violent crime, tornadoes, quality of life
  38. Commute to Norman: Edmond: best place, place, working - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  39. about auto insurance: rental car, rental, deductible - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  40. Body and Paint Shop: Oklahoma City, Edmond: live, cars, area - (OK)
  41. Romanian communities or groups in OKC?: Tulsa, Norman: live, restaurant - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  42. Looking at different areas to move: Howe, Washington: apartment, rental, car registration - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  43. Relocation questions:): Norman, Edmond, Moore: sales, insurance, credit - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  44. Relocation from Yukon Ok to Houston: apartment, lease, safe area - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  45. Greater OKC custom home builders: living, shop, garage - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  46. Tornado alley is moving east!: Piedmont, Kansas: 2015, live, dangerous - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  47. Best Swap Meets in OKC: houses, store, relocate to - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  48. OKC Area Schools (Moore, Norman, OKC, Del City, Edmond...): Oklahoma City: apartment complexes, best school districts
  49. Edmond or Deer Creek High School?: Stillwater, Howe: real estate, apartments, neighborhoods - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  50. Assisted living facilities in OKC area?: Moore: house, floors, safe - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  51. move to Edmond!!!! I want: Oklahoma City, Stillwater: appointed, rentals - (OK)
  52. Infant/Childcare NW OKC: Oklahoma City, Edmond: live in, baptist, area
  53. Businesses requiring customers to buy face masks on entry: Tulsa: home, school - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  54. NW OKC Neighborhood: lease, house, living - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  55. Meat Markets in OKC: home, restaurants, military - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  56. Shopping in Yukon: Stillwater, Perkins: crime, home, unemployment - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  57. Moving from DFW to Norman area - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  58. manitory HOA?: homeowners association, houses, association - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  59. The Village, to live or no?: Stillwater, Valley Brook: rental homes, crime - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  60. On Business to OKC for a month, questions: Oklahoma City, Stillwater: 2013, neighborhoods
  61. [Oklahoma] Questions about filing for UI with exhausted benefits.: home, health - Oklahoma City, (OK)
  62. What's that tower going up in downtown OKC?: Oklahoma City: hotel, home
  63. Can explain property taxes in Oklahoma?: Oklahoma City, Yukon: mobile home, exemption - (OK)
  64. adoptee born 1951 OKC: Mutual: best, working, birth certificate - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  65. Moving to OKC and need advice: Oklahoma City, Norman: rental, house, neighborhood
  66. Where are the Hummingbirds?: Cardin, Strang: weather, increase, pattern - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  67. Where to live close to the VA hospital: loan, home - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  68. are there hostels in Oklahoma City area: Tulsa: homes, YMCA - (OK)
  69. OKC Streetcar: live, delivery, rail - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  70. Good auto mechanic OKC area?: Mustang: car, metro area, mechanics - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  71. Shoemaker: Newcastle: great, time, recommend - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  72. How close can I live to the OKC VA Hospital: for sale by owner, loan - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  73. Hotel without train noise: Meridian: hotels, airport, deal - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  74. Car sharing services in the OKC area?: Norman: rent, purchase - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  75. OKC Animal Control should be charged with MURDER: Davis: school, university - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  76. Looking For Reasonably Priced Lawyer for a Criminal Case: Oklahoma City: legal, license - (OK)
  77. Just If I am The Only One...:): May: health, weather - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  78. Looking for a reasonable home remodeler/handyman to fix my trailer: mobile home, contractors - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  79. OKC Working Moms: Howe: fit in, renting, credit card - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  80. NICE Garden Center/ Nursery?: Norman, Bethany: houses, landscaping, shop - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  81. Want to Compliment OKC and Citizens: Bell: live, dinners, places - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  82. First Move From TX: apartments, leasing, neighborhoods - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  83. Connecticut transplant to Oklahoma friendly?: rentals, house - (OK)
  84. How do you buy existing business in Norman?: for sale, to rent - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  85. Best areas of Edmond?: Deer Creek: homes, neighborhoods, buying - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  86. Where to live: house, neighborhood, to buy - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  87. Upholstery Work: purchase, shop, quality - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  88. Retiring in OKC: Oklahoma City, Yukon, Sequoyah: neighborhood, university, live in
  89. Free Visa Card from Cox Cable: money, companies, party - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  90. Oklahoma City Oklahoma Ranking According To GMP Gross Metropolitan Product: Tulsa: area, cities - (OK)
  91. Apartment complex in OKC: Yukon, Mustang: rent, gated, utilities - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  92. Toll Roads in OKC?: charge, county, place - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  93. Tell me why I should be excited about moving to OKC - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  94. Thinking about hitch-hiking to central Oklahoma next spring... advice?: Moore: camping, eat - Oklahoma City, (OK)
  95. Oklahoma City Poverty: Tulsa: low income, high crime, house - (OK)
  96. First date ideas for College Age Kid: Norman, Choctaw: amusement park, house - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  97. Perform a complete exhaustive evaluation\research on my top 10 most liveable locations for the state of Oklahoma: Oklahoma City: rental, loan - (OK)
  98. 70% of Oklahoma City Voters City Sale Tax Cut: Stillwater: transfer, to buy - (OK)
  99. Native American jewelry sources?: Tulsa, Lawton: home, to buy, college - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  100. Winter driving/living in OKC?: Stillwater, Yukon: ski resorts, how much, buy - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  101. Why are the people who run Oklahoma so stupid?: Poteau: homes, new construction - Oklahoma City, (OK)
  102. OKC drivers: Oklahoma City, Edmond, Stillwater: construction, tax, live
  103. From dfw to OKC area, need all kinds of help and advice!?: Norman: mortgage, house - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  104. move to OKC in 2019 - Best areas for us?: Oklahoma City: homes, neighborhoods
  105. First Edmund visit in 25 years: Norman, Edmond: for sale, HOA, high crime - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  106. NYC to OKC - move: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: fit in, transplants, insurance
  107. Another Californian moves to Oklahoma!: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: apartments, lease, houses - (OK)
  108. OKC for a young family? move): Oklahoma City, Norman: real estate, 2015
  109. Challenge: No AC this entire summer!: Mustang: apartment, house, employment - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  110. Thinking about relocating from Daytona Beach,Fl back to Midwest City, Ok: Oklahoma City: spring break, crime - (OK)
  111. Sabbatical in OKC?: Nichols Hills: rental, house, schools - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  112. Moving Back- Job Market?: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: 2015, insurance, how much - (OK)
  113. Car insurance for new arrivals: Yukon: rent, credit card, broker - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  114. Thinking of moving to Ada, OKC or Tulsa from Tacoma WA: Oklahoma City: house, neighborhoods
  115. Commute from Edmond, OK to Vance AFB: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: amusement park, home
  116. Edmond is moving up.: Choctaw, Beaver: renting, mortgage, house - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  117. Moving to OKC from Hawaii: Oklahoma City, Edmond: house, employment, university
  118. Moving to OKC from Phoenix metro and traffic/crowds: Oklahoma City: crime, hotel
  119. SO what is going on in OKC lately ?: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: 2014, apartment complex
  120. Diversity in OKC Metro: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: credit, house, schools
  121. Sorry To Break This To All Of You Oklahoma City Oklahoma Haters..... But OKC Is One Of AMERICA'S TOP TEN BOOM CITIES: Tulsa: 2013, job market
  122. Dallas vs OKC: Tulsa, Edmond, Allen: real estate, 2013, crime - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  123. OKC | Metro Development: Oklahoma City, Stillwater, Sycamore: apartments, coop, how much
  124. Yukon,Ok for neighboorhood: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: apartments, rental, crime rates - (OK)
  125. Help! Need romantic restaurant OKC for first date: Stillwater, Castle: house, restaurants - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  126. Transfer to Oklahoma City?: Edmond, Yukon: to rent, homeowners insurance, crime - (OK)
  127. Edmund: Oklahoma City, Edmond, Moore: hazard insurance, house, purchasing - (OK)
  128. Moving to the west side of OKC...: Yukon, Bethany: for sale, HOA - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  129. Is Norman a good place to live for a family? Advantages and disadvantages?: Lawton: rentals, college - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  130. Relocation to Shawnee area, wanting on Harrah/Choctaw/Dale: Stillwater: mortgage, lender - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  131. Best small town in OK? Moving soon.: Enid, Stillwater: apartment, rent - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  132. Neighbor dog attacked my dog: Bell, May: neighborhood, live, safety - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  133. Relocating to OKC - Apartment Recommendations?: Oklahoma City, Ames: extended stay, apartments, rent
  134. private school parents?: Edmond, The Village: homes, private schools, live - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  135. most beautiful hiking within 3 hours of OKC: Tulsa, Stillwater: live in, military - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  136. okc TOP tourist destination: Money Mag: Oklahoma City, Stillwater: hotel, living, price - (OK)
  137. Current OKC residents from the Northwest (or Northeast): Oklahoma City, Tulsa: transplants, neighborhoods
  138. Home for young family 15 min from OU Med Ctr?: Oklahoma City: apartments, rentals - (OK)
  139. The REAL DEAL with OKC weather: Tulsa, Nowata: power lines, house, purchasing - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  140. Visiting OKC - Thunder Basketball Game: Oklahoma City, Colcord: best hotel, layoffs, safe area
  141. Is OKC becoming like an SLC?: Tulsa, Kansas: maintenance, tax, low cost - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  142. Edmond vs. Moore vs. Norman: Oklahoma City, Midwest City: to rent, lofts, condos - (OK)
  143. oracle jobs in Oklahoma city??: offer, developers, demand - (OK)
  144. Good dentist in Norman?: insurance, price, reviews - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  145. A Perfect Circle (Tulsa): McAlester: live, music, about - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  146. Mayfield vs Earlywine neighborhood in OKC?: rental, houses, neighborhoods - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  147. Fall Colors: drive, great, scenic - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  148. VaRita: Chandler, Long: family, information, friend - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  149. Selling handcrafted goods (e.g furniture) in OKC: income, prices - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  150. In search of Tanners near Spiro: Bokoshe: living, children, time - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  151. hoa manditory in Tulsa?: real estate, home, established neighborhood - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  152. Old business in NW OKC: Enid, May: closing, store, car - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  153. Night clubs, lounges, bars for ages 40's and up?: club, mall - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  154. VO After Hours Club 1960’s - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  155. MWC/OKC Amount of dog: Spencer: live in, dogs, state - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  156. OKC Residents: Is this Your money?: May: property, state, family - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  157. Recommended Travel Agency Companies: outside, local - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  158. looking for apartment in safe area of OK City: Oklahoma City: condominiums, live
  159. Private Preschools in OKC: Deer Creek: salary, tuition, relocate - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  160. Silvermoon Fire: legal, moving, activities - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  161. if your interested in buying my bar business.: for sale, club - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  162. Rug Repair: area, work, oriental - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)
  163. Delaware County Oklahoma, State Capitol for Missing People and Suspicious / Unsolved Deaths & Murders: Howe: 2014 - Oklahoma City, (OK)
  164. Is attending the YEStival concert?: Oklahoma City - (OK)
  165. This is the official MOTHER DAY EVE OKLAHOMA CITY OKLAHOMA Internet Forum: state
  166. OKC streetcar debuts (free rides thru 1/5): taxi, brick, water - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  167. Safe neighborhood in North Moore?: to live in, area, between - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)