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  18. News, Dog Shoots Owner in the Back in Memphis, Tennessee.: clean, cleaning - Dogs
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  20. Pet stains on hardwood floor: clean, carpet, work, urine - Dogs
  21. News, Double-nosed dog.: breed, test, hair - Dogs
  22. Training rescue dogs, Video: best, test, work, humans
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  25. Vick's Jerseys put to good use: clean, cleaning, kennels, chew - Dogs
  26. Digestive aids for dogs?: poodle, rottweilers, vet, toy
  27. Moving with my 2 Goldens: lab, adopted, sheltie, best - Dogs
  28. Thank you!: home, treats, water, travel - Dogs
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  38. hey Katieo1...The most recent Vicks dogs
  39. News: Dog fighting in Norther Ireland: pitbulls, bulldog, wound, kennels - Dogs
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  50. VICK on the Radio Tomorrow!: black, outside, claw, home - Dogs
  51. Canine influenza outbreak confirmed in PA: vet, skin, train, treatment - Dogs
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  53. nail trimmers for big dogs: clean, vet, natural, paws
  54. Five dog training mistakes to avoid: bite, aggressive, skin, train - Dogs
  55. Super Adoption Event at PhillyPAWS! Tomorrow!: puppy, shelter, breed, cats - Dogs
  56. News Update, No criminal chages in death of baby.: children, outside, adult - Dogs
  57. News Dog Who Searched for 9/11 survivors dies: humans - Dogs
  58. Little Rock Ar Apbt Ban: pitbull, ridgeback, shepherd, labrador - Dogs
  59. Shadow's Birthday Pics: pitbull, best, ears, treats - Dogs
  60. neos vs. great danes: English Mastiff, aggressive, surgery, cost - Dogs
  61. Just got a new pup, need suggestions on breaking his bad habits: terrier, chihuahua - Dogs
  62. I HATE this! This proves that the media isn't always reliable!: Staffordshire Terrier, golden retriever - Dogs
  63. Grow Old With Dogs: hair, doggie
  64. News, Florida teen survives pit bull attack, receives 900 stiches.: pitbull, rottweilers, chihuahua - Dogs
  65. No dogs: Shar-Pei, how much, labs, black
  66. HELP!!! One of my dogs has fleas and the other has aggression issues: aggressive, training
  67. News, Helmsley will: $12M trust for dog, nothing for 2 grandkids.: how much, legal - Dogs
  68. New Puppy - Long Night: vet, barking, training, allergies - Dogs
  69. Mans best friend,how much do you grieve after ones death: poodle, vet - Dogs
  70. Overeating help: how much, labs, clean, vet - Dogs
  71. HELP....... has/ had a dog with allergies? Recommendations for treatment?: pitbull, shepherd - Dogs
  72. Meet Zoe!: Shar-Pei, shepherd, vet, housebreak - Dogs
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  74. Safely leaving a dog in the car in the summer: children, outside - Dogs
  75. Best lap dogs?: Shar-Pei, allergic, poodle, terriers
  76. Can You Help Me Figure Out What Kind of Mix My Dog Is?: vet, spaniel - Dogs
  77. Breeds of dogs you own or owned....: ridgeback, border collie, shepherd
  78. Need Opinions,: aggressive, black, skin, African - Dogs
  79. diarrhea---need remedy fast: labrador, vet, black, skin - Dogs
  80. Your Favorite Pet and You Pics: how much, children, puppy, best - Dogs
  81. Jamie Foxx defends Vick!!: black, training, best, animals - Dogs
  82. T3, T4 and cortisol: lab, vet, breeder, skin - Dogs
  83. For Ignorant People!!!watch This!!!: Staffordshire Terrier, aggressive, black, children - Dogs
  84. We are getting a dog: shepherd, lab, retriever, vet - Dogs
  85. Help: boxer, toy, husky, train - Dogs
  86. breeding my siberian husky: clean, vet, toy, breeders - Dogs
  87. Great Dog vacations/travel destinations?: training, walk, ears, test - Dogs
  88. Hulk Dog: pitbull, Staffordshire Terriers, breeding, training - Dogs
  89. Police Raid Rapper's home - seize 12 pit bulls: kids, ears, year - Dogs
  90. Dogs scared of storms: daschund, lab, barks, shaking
  91. What brand of dog food do you feed & why?: allergy, skin - Dogs
  92. what do u fink my dog is: border collie, poodle, boxer - Dogs
  93. Will I go to hell for letting my dog lick my MIL in the face?: terrier, clean - Dogs
  94. Frustration with a friend about her dogs....: pitbull, how much, Staffordshire Terriers
  95. Tail Amputation: vet, outside, eating, normal - Dogs
  96. Miniature Pinschers: labrador, poodle, boxers, terrier - Dogs
  97. Know what you're talking about-Talk about what you know.: pitbull, shepherd, terrier - Dogs
  98. Shocked at my city...: pitbull, rottweilers, bites, black - Dogs
  99. Dogs dragged hubby down the street!: labrador, poodles, training, treatment
  100. Introducing Teddie Ruxpin: shih tzu, rescue, adoption, neutered - Dogs
  101. Welcome new shelter dog I adopted-black shar-pei: teeth, rescued, pup - Dogs
  102. Back From Best Friends Society in Utah: allergy, biting, rescued - Dogs
  103. With Winter Coming...: cost, pups, Great Dane, Florida - Dogs
  104. pit bull stray found/need advice: pitbulls, Staffordshire Terriers, rottweiler, bite - Dogs
  105. News, Pit bull attack in California.: pitbulls, bulldog, terriers, breeders - Dogs
  106. APBT Pictures?: pitbull, shepherd, lab, bulldog - Dogs
  107. My dog is scared of the stairs.: lab, barks, black - Dogs
  108. I'm torn and really need advice!: labrador, breeders, science - Dogs
  109. News, Another Police Dog dies in hot car.: training, children, ears - Dogs
  110. Does Show Their Dog?: retriever, spaniel, training, collie - Dogs
  111. CAn Dozer bE a D0Ck DoG?: pitbull, terriers, black - Dogs
  112. 's Dog have Separation Anxiety?: vet, toy, spaniel, barking - Dogs
  113. Peripherial Vestibular Syndrome?: shepherd, lab, poodle, vet - Dogs
  114. What Breed(s) is our dog a mix of?: shepherd, lab, skin - Dogs
  115. State of Virginia may charge Vick after Feds are done: legs, home - Dogs
  116. Can you tell me about a pug??: boxer, terrier, clean - Dogs
  117. Say hello to Levi!: labrador, retriever, adopted, puppy - Dogs
  118. Hair standing up when seeing other dogs, normal or not?: Shar-Pei, labs
  119. Cool Adopt Me Vests: pitbull, lab, shih tzu, black - Dogs
  120. Jealousy in the dog world: lab, terrier, chihuahua, vet - Dogs
  121. Is this: bite, shaking, aggressive, stomach - Dogs
  122. large dog has paw nail hanging off!!: vet, wound, infection - Dogs
  123. Need help with 1 year old golden retriever...: pitbull, shepherd, barks - Dogs
  124. What breed(s) do you think Charlie is?: pitbull, border collie, how much - Dogs
  125. What kind of puppy do i have?: shepherd, labs, vet - Dogs
  126. How much is too much?: rottweilers, rescues, kennel, cross - Dogs
  127. Michael Vick: Indited on Illegal Dog Fighting!!!: golden retrievers, training, neutered - Dogs
  128. Need advice cleaning my dog's ears...: shih tzu, golden retriever, vet, aggressive - Dogs
  129. Neighbor threatens to call police: yorkie, barking, cost, children - Dogs
  130. Invisible fence vs kennel?: golden retrievers, spaniel, aggressive, cost - Dogs
  131. We just got one of our little girls spayed, I have a few questions...: pitbull, biting - Dogs
  132. Dilemma: vet, cost, adopt, kennel - Dogs
  133. Which Bowls?: cost, food, outside, feeder - Dogs
  134. Need Help: vet, cost, failure, pup - Dogs
  135. Turning an outside dog into an inside dog: training, adopted, chewing - Dogs
  136. I am grateful to my dogs!!...: Shar-Pei, adopted, best, keep
  137. Traveling with my Dog for the first time and have questions!: poodle, bites - Dogs
  138. help for a dog afraid of thunderstorms?: pitbull, vet, breeding - Dogs
  139. rhodesian ridgebacks (sp?): terriers, rottweiler, bite, breeders - Dogs
  140. Corgidor: labs, terrier, labradoodle, golden retriever - Dogs
  141. News, Police Dog Left In Hot Car Dies.: shepherd, children, canine - Dogs
  142. Raw food: how much, yorkies, clean, poop - Dogs
  143. My dog just had brain surgery ....: laser, vet, breeding, aggressive - Dogs
  144. Shiba Inu's: lab, clean, breeding, barks - Dogs
  145. HELP:need a puppy!!!!: boxer, vet, breeders, rescue - Dogs
  146. Dachshund owners on: poodle, biting, vet, barking - Dogs
  147. about dogs and the hot summer...: Shar-Pei, breed, problems
  148. Lazy doggies: kids, walk, year, sleep - Dogs
  149. What is she doing?!?!: how much, vet, toy, spaniel - Dogs
  150. Kids and Dogs !! Pictures Overload (Dial-Up Beware): shepherd, shepherds, children
  151. bullies: pitbull, terriers, vet, black - Dogs
  152. Lick Granuloma: border collie, allergic, clean, vet - Dogs
  153. Animal Fighting video, makes me sick: pitbull, skin, training, rescued - Dogs
  154. Pit bulls are born inheritly mean?...: pitbull, labs, retrievers - Dogs
  155. Man Killed in Dog Attack at Actor's Home: black, training, puppy - Dogs
  156. The APBT that made me want a pit bull got shot!: pitbull, terrier - Dogs
  157. READ THIS... very imporant if you own a dog: shih-tzu, vet, children - Dogs
  158. Do you trust your vet?: Shar-Pei, allergy, clean, prescription - Dogs
  159. Pit bull killed in Palm Coast!: pitbull, barking, children - Dogs
  160. News, Colorado Man Accused of Killing Pit Bull in Dog Park Scuffle.: pitbull, shepherd - Dogs
  161. What the......????: how much, shepherd, goldendoodle, poodles - Dogs
  162. Has owned a bulldog?: pitbull, shih tzu, English Bulldog, boxers - Dogs
  163. How to find a certain dog to adopt?: border collie, poodle, schnauzer - Dogs
  164. Airline Pet Carrier Requirements: vet, problems, ears, American - Dogs
  165. Post a Photo of Your Pampered Pooch!: border collie, terrier, spaniel - Dogs
  166. What is your favorite thing about your dog?: pitbull, how much, terriers - Dogs
  167. Flying with your dog?: how much, shih tzu, rottweiler, yorkies - Dogs
  168. The *downside* of owning a Staff ...: pitbulls, how much, vet, surgery - Dogs
  169. How well-behaved is your dog?: how much, shepherd, terriers, rottweiler - Dogs
  170. Tell me about your favorite breed/mix: pitbull, labs, Staffordshire Terrier - Dogs
  171. Spoiled: pitbull, clean, toy, barks - Dogs
  172. have parvo experience?: daschund, vet, aggressive, skin - Dogs
  173. CH 4 news: science, outside, breeds, walk - Dogs
  174. Dedicated to the 11 pit bulls named in Vick's indictment.. watch!: lab, Staffordshire Terriers - Dogs
  175. What do you think: how much, training, adopt, puppy - Dogs
  176. Questions for people that own or have owned 2 or more dogs at once!: pitbull, how much
  177. Atlanta NAACP: After Sentence, Let Quarterback Michael Vick Return to NFL: rescue, illegal - Dogs
  178. Need fast help for my dog: lab, allergic, yorkie - Dogs
  179. News, States Crack Down on Dangerous Dogs.: pitbull, shepherd, labrador
  180. Shame on Wal-Mart!: how much, clean, train, kids - Dogs
  181. Homemade Dog Food: how much, lab, allergic, rottweilers - Dogs
  182. Pitbulls need help!: legal, rescue, adopt, cross - Dogs
  183. Help- my shar-pei is sluggish...he was: poodle, clean, vet - Dogs
  184. Mastiff Owners....english or neopolitan: boxers, bullmastiff, English Mastiff - Dogs
  185. Vick's Dogs need homes ASAP!: adopt, euthanize, puppies, shelters
  186. What type crate is best?: terriers, clean, vet, training - Dogs
  187. Local BSL Part Deux: pitbull, bulldog, bites, clean - Dogs
  188. Help-dozer!!!!!!!!!!!!: vet, adoption, rabies, kids - Dogs
  189. Leash Pulling, Barking, Lunging, Jumping...: poodle, schnauzer, train, puppy - Dogs
  190. about a fatty tumor-WWYD?: labs, tumors, vet, surgery - Dogs
  191. News, Infant apparently killed by pet dogs.: toy, wound, huskies
  192. Old dog barks and growls at other dogs for no reason: bites, barking
  193. News, Dog Soup - The Suggested Remedy For Stray Dogs - Ship Them To Korea.: how much, neutering
  194. Has heard of this breed??: bulldogs, poodle, terrier, vet
  195. New York News, Dog in SoHo hit with 100-volt jolt.: labrador, retriever - Dogs
  196. Dogs That Do Fun Stuff
  197. Michael Vick indictment...: breeds, weight, owner, fight - Dogs
  198. News, Dog Helps Searchers Find Owner Lost In Woods.: shepherd, german, New Hampshire - Dogs
  199. News, Vick case latest stain on pit bull's changing image.: pitbull, terrier - Dogs
  200. Saint Paul Pit bull: pitbull, poodle, toy, rescued - Dogs