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  1. Is abortion murder?: legal, death, government, children - Great Debates
  2. 99ers efforts misguided? How can we cut them off as humanitarians? Solutions?: unemployment, minimum wage - Great Debates
  3. What's the difference between a debate and a discussion?: solutions, problems, problem - Great Debates
  4. The IDEAL Bank/Monetary system: dollars, economy, money, depression - Great Debates
  5. Car Pool Lanes: Two Persons OR Two Licensed Drivers?: unemployment, compared, Seattle - Great Debates
  6. May we post about hot button news stories and legal issues?: poll, American - Great Debates
  7. Social Media Revolution - Government & the People: Congress, enemies, terrorism - Great Debates
  8. Was the first U.S. moon landing fake?: flag, - Great Debates
  9. If Native Americans starts to lead America since now: Mexican, soldiers, Canada - Great Debates
  10. important race relations.: statistics, racism, crime, ideologies - Great Debates
  11. Is A Reasoned Discussion About Guns: legal, health care, regular - Great Debates
  12. So I was walking along the National Mall...: controversial, leader, parties - Great Debates
  13. Confiscate all guns: illegal, drug, weapon, deaths - Great Debates
  14. Is it better to ban gay marriage outright than grant it on an insecure basis?: legal, drug - Great Debates
  15. All rational americans support gun control....: Iraq, legal, weapons, free speech - Great Debates
  16. What do you think of the Cuba travel embargo, and who ignore it?: Iran, Palestinian - Great Debates
  17. Racism towards whites - does it exist?: suspect, conspiracy, Hispanic - Great Debates
  18. Crime of being HIV+: lawyers, carry, laws, pregnant - Great Debates
  19. U.S. support for Israel--how much is too much?: employment, Palestinians, middle east - Great Debates
  20. Woman kills dog because......: Jesus, Chicago, prison, world - Great Debates
  21. Stop having children in your 40s: high school, parties, financial, retirement - Great Debates
  22. Man fired from job from wearing Packers garb.....: legal, Denver, Chicago - Great Debates
  23. Prejudice toward the South: generation, racist, Alabama, brainwash - Great Debates
  24. Why do folks idealize animals/nature so much, as virtuous?: drug, abortion - Great Debates
  25. think US economy will NOT improve and doubt gov will do anything useful: unemployment, minimum wage - Great Debates
  26. Are the speech police coming?: Rush Limbaugh, Congress, enemies - Great Debates
  27. What percentage?: Congress, legal, drugs, statistics - Great Debates
  28. Traditional Cultures and the Amish: racism, brainwash, states, religion - Great Debates
  29. A limit on growth?: holidays, healthcare, economy, education - Great Debates
  30. Poor are needed in a captialistic society inorder for their to be a middle or rich class: minimum wage, lawyer - Great Debates
  31. Are the media and anorexic models responsible for eating disorders amongst women?: heroin, accuse - Great Debates
  32. Are old people worthy of more respect than young people?: generation, wisdom - Great Debates
  33. What do you think of men's rights activists?: attorney, solution, how much - Great Debates
  34. What will life be like after we run out of oil?: how much, companies - Great Debates
  35. Why is incest wrong?: generation, illegal, how much, homosexual - Great Debates
  36. Are there too many College grads? Are there jobs for them all?: employment, Baby Boomers - Great Debates
  37. Time for a new calendar?: Christmas, how much, Jesus, education - Great Debates
  38. If all our wants and needs were provided for free: cost, money - Great Debates
  39. Cheerful subject: Should Society Change Ways to Deal With The Dead?: death, how much - Great Debates
  40. Would you donate if................: suspect, death, parties, doctor - Great Debates
  41. Why live and let live it so hard?: examples, religion, world - Great Debates
  42. Do you love your state more than your country?: Congress, legal, independence - Great Debates
  43. Has the time of Libraries come to an end?: salary, how much, cost - Great Debates
  44. Climate Refugees: borders, states, Florida, million - Great Debates
  45. Should Food Stamps/Welfare be to unemployed single people?: NAFTA, unemployment - Great Debates
  46. Was the past really innocent compared to today, or does it only seem that way because it's no longer relevant?: generations, statistics - Great Debates
  47. Does America deserve a middle class?: salaries, statistics, Canada - Great Debates
  48. Would a unified CAN/USA be a good thing?: Canada, independence, dollar - Great Debates
  49. PepsiCo puts an end to chewing by 'drinkifying' food: interview, New York, kids - Great Debates
  50. What do you think of transgender people?: insurance, cost, government - Great Debates
  51. new politically correct huck finn: soldiers, racism, Jesus, school - Great Debates
  52. Why are people so jealous/envious??: premium, examples, children, own - Great Debates
  53. Alliance to bring back manufacturing?: minimum wage, borders, revolution, solution - Great Debates
  54. Is it foolish to the relativity of morals?: ethical, regular, death - Great Debates
  55. Would you go to a Circus if you knew animals were abused?: generations, extremist - Great Debates
  56. Ethics and Morals: legal, poll, how much, insurance - Great Debates
  57. Will the poor in America ever be valued in the future?: fast food, generation - Great Debates
  58. Many freedoms in the USA are denied MAINLY because it is considered immoral! Should they be allowed?: Congress, illegal - Great Debates
  59. Communism: ideology, party, economy, government - Great Debates
  60. Insurance and Social Security Benefits: legal, premium, cost, politicians - Great Debates
  61. Requirements for a parenthood permit: drug, Christmas, insurance, abortions - Great Debates
  62. Reparations for past atrocities: controversial, racism, crimes, abuse - Great Debates
  63. Euthanasia is NOT playing GOD...: interview, ethical, legal, death - Great Debates
  64. are the dangers of smoking cigarettes over done?: poll, death, Obama - Great Debates
  65. Should we imprison with addictions?: illegal, cocaine, drugs, fence - Great Debates
  66. Sterilize everyone at birth?: Congress, generation, solution, abortion - Great Debates
  67. Should sidewalks be made smoke free?: legal, deaths, solutions, government - Great Debates
  68. Why Are Traditionalists So Culturally Insecure?: Mexican, drugs, statistics, Amish - Great Debates
  69. Horse Farms hiring illegals: unemployment, wages, global warming, Mexicans - Great Debates
  70. Law & Order: When The Elderly Commit Crimes: attorney, accuse, FBI - Great Debates
  71. A modest proposal: Smoke-free sidewalks: legal, health care, solutions, rating - Great Debates
  72. Japan Meltdown--Should Nuclear Energy be Banned?: generation, CNN, controversial, cost - Great Debates
  73. Is America in decline?: Corporate Profits, NAFTA, unemployment rate, wages - Great Debates
  74. Can Christians Be Both Christian and Pro-Capitalism?: middle east, legal, death - Great Debates
  75. Sexual Orientation As A Protected Class?: legal, wisdom, free speech, how much - Great Debates
  76. Alternative to China's 1-Child Policy?: wages, generations, Baby Boomers, independent - Great Debates
  77. We need more assistance for boys: employment, dollar, school, bias - Great Debates
  78. Why what is happening in Wisconsin is the tip of the iceberg of change...: Congress - Great Debates
  79. Is the idealized American lifestyle still valid today?: generation, Baby Boomers, how much - Great Debates
  80. Welfare/Charity only based on kindness/emotions? It does NOT benefit rest of society other way?: unemployed, controversial - Great Debates
  81. Busy moms think companies do not accomodate them.: how much, compare, parties - Great Debates
  82. Article: workers offered pay, perks, to stay healthy: unemployment, fast food, gallon - Great Debates
  83. What is wrong with US!?!?: gas prices, Israeli, ethic, Brown - Great Debates
  84. climate change or end times?: Al Gore, Israeli, regular, government - Great Debates
  85. Are debates really that great?: regular, suspect, rating, support - Great Debates
  86. How can we achieve world peace?: salary, Taliban, drug, brainwashing - Great Debates
  87. Pro-Creation, or empty nest?: abortion, cost, school, financial - Great Debates
  88. Is too much self-esteem a bad thing?: salaries, generation, Baby Boomers - Great Debates
  89. The Achievement Gap.Does the South do better at educating its black citizen better or more equally?: racism, private school - Great Debates
  90. Children Who Murder: death, fence, how much, violent crime - Great Debates
  91. Increase Immigration to End Housing Crisis: unemployment, illegal, Canada, economy - Great Debates
  92. You can never really go home again - agree or disagree?: interview, independent - Great Debates
  93. You can never go home again - do you agree or disagree and why or why not?: independent, cost - Great Debates
  94. Pirate ships on the high seas!: drugs, death, solutions, Somali - Great Debates
  95. The Organic Food Delusion: statistics, death, brainwash, fence - Great Debates
  96. Are Politics secular Religion ?: interstate, drug, accuse, brainwash - Great Debates
  97. College degrees, valuable education or piece for paper?: employment, wage, generations - Great Debates
  98. Doing community service to collect your unemployment??: minimum wage, premium, how much - Great Debates
  99. Should student loans be dischargeable in bankruptcy?: dollars, financial, education - Great Debates
  100. Has the US job market become to strict?: unemployment rate, illegal, companies - Great Debates
  101. If the obesity epidemic does not abate, would you support curbs on fatty foods?: fast food, Obama - Great Debates
  102. The True Roots of Soul Food: Mexican, KKK, Jesus, accent - Great Debates
  103. Is Miller African-Centered Academy a racist school?: Hispanic, dollars, Pennsylvania - Great Debates
  104. Civil Rights vs Natural Rights: illegal, drug, independence - Great Debates
  105. Bullfights: Iran, death, fence, elect - Great Debates
  106. like more unreliable people are having more kids that responsibles ones: drugs, Obama - Great Debates
  107. Is everybody a little bit racist?: Mexicans, Marines, racism, how much - Great Debates
  108. The number one export for the U.S is ... Wealth.: gas prices, wage - Great Debates
  109. Privatization May Cost Us More: Congress, salaries, ethical, lawyers - Great Debates
  110. New Trend: Blacks now displaying Confederate symbol?: soldiers, serial killers, racist - Great Debates
  111. Is Mainstream Media Dividing Our Country More Than Politics?: Rush Limbaugh, Congress, interview - Great Debates
  112. Is the time for Democracy over in this country?: Congress, Baby Boomers - Great Debates
  113. Why do we allow the government to file charges in court?: illegal, drugs - Great Debates
  114. Has black America become a matriarchy?: statistics, high school, biased, economic - Great Debates
  115. health privacy laws...good or bad?: health care, solution, free speech - Great Debates
  116. An Idea for Reforming our social saftey net: unemployment, drug, Christmas - Great Debates
  117. Should there be Don't Ask, Don't Tell?: Iraq, drug, soldiers - Great Debates
  118. IVF, IUI, high-order multiples-selective reduction?: generations, drugs, holidays, abortion - Great Debates
  119. Should abortion for underage children require parental consent?: healthcare, Obama, brainwash - Great Debates
  120. The Earth....was it made to last forever?: state, billion, work - Great Debates
  121. Social Security Disability Benefits - Where Do You Stand?: employment, Congress, wage - Great Debates
  122. Is it time to end anonymity in responses to news on the net?: legal, CNN - Great Debates
  123. Rise of The Machines: Should Robots Be Taught To Trick Humans?: enemies, ethical - Great Debates
  124. Do we have souls?: death, children, workers, thoughts - Great Debates
  125. Group suicide to avoid capture in a war: ethical or not?: enemies, soldiers - Great Debates
  126. Crime and Punishment - A Hypothetical Situation: illegal, solution, education - Great Debates
  127. White Guilt; is it counterproductive?: Putin, Congress, middle east, generations - Great Debates
  128. Should sex offenders be castrated?: rating, carry, Montana, elect - Great Debates
  129. Prostitution should be legalized, taxed, and regulated: illegal, drug, parties - Great Debates
  130. Raising the retirement age...: unemployment, Congress, wages, salary - Great Debates
  131. I'm STRONGLY against the sex offender registries: drug, 18 year old, violent crime - Great Debates
  132. People with LARGE tattoos on their face, neck and hands -- is this a lifelong brand?: employment, pros and cons - Great Debates
  133. Internet Kill Switch : necessary?: enemies, generations, highway, death - Great Debates
  134. Do American legal principles effectively uphold a de-facto presumption of innocence?: attorney, holidays - Great Debates
  135. US Constitution---Because it's Law, or Because it's Good?: generations, ethical, Kennedy - Great Debates
  136. Do Americans really hate the English: enemies, Obama, politicians, examples - Great Debates
  137. Are we too Easy on Criminals?: drug, child predators, violent crime, elect - Great Debates
  138. Are people days too dependent on technology?: generation, suspect, how much - Great Debates
  139. United states of America - What´s the logic in that name and nationality?: Congress - Great Debates
  140. Children and Rated R Movies: school, tattoo, Houston, own - Great Debates
  141. The pros and cons of mind reading: legal, suspect, solutions - Great Debates
  142. Population: unemployment, generations, global warming, illegal - Great Debates
  143. Thoughts Needed On How To Safeguard Culture From Sabotage: death, racism, myths - Great Debates
  144. Should people collecting unemployment insurance benefits have to attend job search seminars?: wages, attorney - Great Debates
  145. Which takes priority -- secular law or freedom of religious expression?: interview, illegal - Great Debates
  146. Are video games really to blame for violence in teenage boys?: crime, school - Great Debates
  147. Why aren't there more African American billionairie's?: Congress, generations, attorney - Great Debates
  148. An epidemic of Narcissism: Reagan, death, Clinton, Kennedy - Great Debates
  149. Discovery of America - Correct use of word?: controversial, independent - Great Debates
  150. Should dogs and cats only be available through licensed and regulated breeders?: ethical, cocaine - Great Debates
  151. Arguments for a Military Draft: Congress, generations, drug, Afghanistan - Great Debates
  152. Halloween is a Satanic Holiday???: Christmas, holidays, Hispanic, rating - Great Debates
  153. Child Support: wages, Christmas, solution, how much - Great Debates
  154. Ideal Society: politicians, compare, economy, money - Great Debates
  155. Should Judges be Appointed or Elected? Partisan or Non?: interview, legal, impeachment - Great Debates
  156. Do you think men are generally more talented than women?: employment, deaths - Great Debates
  157. Christianization of secular events: school, money, program, state - Great Debates
  158. College Bullying?: generation, weapon, solution, high school - Great Debates
  159. for vegans and vegetarians who are that way for 'moral' reasons...: state, world - Great Debates
  160. The Great Electoral College Debate: Reagan, compared, party, carry - Great Debates
  161. Is there a connection between beautiful music and national temperament?: suspect, biased - Great Debates
  162. the fate of Humans: cost, states, million, world - Great Debates
  163. Can liberalism save capitalism from conservatism?: unemployed, Reagan, polls, health care system - Great Debates
  164. Why are people (in general) so ignorant of weight issues?: drug, Christmas - Great Debates
  165. Black Friday madness: Christmas, conspiracy, death, solution - Great Debates
  166. $13.8 Trillion debt / Borrowing $.41 on every dollar spent . Where is America heading ?: death, how much - Great Debates
  167. Should this be allowed?: racist, free speech, KKK, elect - Great Debates
  168. Is Evolution Racist?: generation, lawyer, racism, Missouri - Great Debates
  169. How many of you out there ,believe that ppl allow theirselves to be victims of scammers ?: lawyer, financial - Great Debates
  170. Should the death penalty be re-introduced??: accuse, healthcare, solution, violent crime - Great Debates
  171. The United States or United Kingdom: greater contribution to culture in the past 200 years?: fast food, legal - Great Debates
  172. Rational Suicide - Can a mentally healthy, sane person reason to commit suicide?: pros and cons, solution - Great Debates
  173. End of Free Internet: US Senate Committee Approves Internet Blacklist Bill: Al Franken, illegal - Great Debates
  174. Why do people want a cure for cancer, AIDS, diseases: generations, conspiracy - Great Debates
  175. Fast food versus Fortune five hundred: minimum wage, Indiana, companies, dollar - Great Debates
  176. Why is Africa still poor?: regular, racism, Somali, how much - Great Debates
  177. Prostitution.....should it be legalised?: illegal, drugs, poll, parties - Great Debates
  178. Getting a convenience divorce to game the welfare system: employment, Reagan - Great Debates
  179. Is it right to boil animals alive, part 2: examples, claim, mortality - Great Debates
  180. Bullying - is it just a fact of life?: solution, high school, elect - Great Debates
  181. Is this a test?: best, differences - Great Debates
  182. USAs Great Stagnation: wages, generation, Mexican, stats - Great Debates
  183. Do black people who use the n-word perpetuate racism?: Mexican, claim - Great Debates
  184. A hole in our education system: fast food, Iraq, generations, how much - Great Debates
  185. Supreme Courts Opinion on protesting at military funerals: Congress, enemy, legal - Great Debates
  186. is it right to boil animals alive to eat?: elect, problems, world - Great Debates
  187. How come so much research goes into breast cancer but not prostate cancer?: Congress, drugs - Great Debates
  188. Why is the USA unable to complete large public infrastructure projects?: interstate, gallon - Great Debates
  189. The obesity epidemic: fast food, gallon, generation, legal - Great Debates
  190. When will we enter a type 1 (Planetary) civilization? Have we: Iran, March - Great Debates
  191. The American dream. What do you think?: wages, salaries, illegal aliens - Great Debates
  192. Prison marriages: lawyer, death, crime, money - Great Debates
  193. The Myth of Wealth Redistribution.: ethic, suspect, revolution, dollars - Great Debates
  194. WB City Council Bans Smoking in City Parks & Public Square: legal, deaths - Great Debates
  195. What have we become?: Rush Limbaugh, Congress, global warming, CNN - Great Debates
  196. Are parents or schools the problem with our education system?: regular, how much - Great Debates
  197. Will the Age of Consent ever be raised beyond 18?: legal, soldiers, education - Great Debates
  198. No Child Left Behind???: minimum wage, Reagan, Indiana, how much - Great Debates
  199. Is national loyalty outdated in the era of the new global elite ?: economy, CEO - Great Debates
  200. We can show our support by doing this can't we?: laws - Great Debates