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  1. I didn't know that: Armadillos carry and spread Leprosy: Arkansas, Kansas - Nature
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  4. Mother dolphin keeps her trapped baby alive: survive - Nature
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  8. Park Rangers out there?: look, Arizona, Minnesota - Nature
  9. Hummingbird nest: birds, spider, look, Arizona - Nature
  10. 160 lb python killed in neighborhood: Missouri - Nature
  11. Bangladesh 'tiger poachers' shot dead - Nature
  12. Video: cops pull a groundhog's head out of a can: Pennsylvania - Nature
  13. Ancient seeds yield interesting results - Nature
  14. Is need help with my hummingbird feeders: insects, birds, California - Nature
  15. Tour helicopters in national parks: noise, wildlife, wild - Nature
  16. New Mountain Lion kittens under study - Nature
  17. How to save and move mature trees: dog - Nature
  18. That's one HUGE and OLD Lobster: New York - Nature
  19. Great white shark rescued off beach: look, Florida - Nature
  20. Evolution Bird Nests: birds, eagle, pet, look - Nature
  21. puppies turn out to be BEARS.: dog, wildlife, pet - Nature
  22. Sturgeon Strike Kills Little Girl: Florida - Nature
  23. Lazy Hitchhiking Animals: insects, birds - Nature
  24. Video of Most Popular Nursing Home Resident Is a Slow-Moving 20-Year-Old - Nature
  25. Didn't Realize That Anything -- A Python -- Would Eat A Porcupine: coyote, eagle - Nature
  26. Don't mess with beaver dams: pet, wild, Oregon - Nature
  27. What you don't know about giraffes: wildlife, wild - Nature
  28. Parachuted mice hopefully will kill snakes: wildlife, wild, look - Nature
  29. Birds abandon rookery: Florida - Nature
  30. ............... Cowabunga ..............: Tennessee - Nature
  31. Black birds killing and decapitating sparrows?: feathers, look, Massachusetts - Nature
  32. Everybody likes belly rubs: pet, look - Nature
  33. Identifying A Bird Help: birds, Massachusetts - Nature
  34. News, Deadly New Virus Jumped From Squirrels to People: pet - Nature
  35. Grizzly Bear Slams Basketball-Sized Rock Into Glass At Minnesota Zoo. - Nature
  36. Lucky Leopard Happens Upon A Dead Zebra - Nature
  37. Mysterious Goose Sound, Is It Barred Owl?: birds, feathers, geese - Nature
  38. One of my favorite hikes: pet - Nature
  39. Remember Sand Dollars are living creatures - Nature
  40. And I coming home to a herd of deer in the garden was bad!: look - Nature
  41. First one ever photographed and then killed: birds, Washington - Nature
  42. The strange things which are considered sexy in the animal world: bugs, bunny - Nature
  43. The incredible nature photography of Louie Schwartzberg
  44. An Endangered Bee?: pet - Nature
  45. Man starts gas station blaze trying to kill spider with lighter: bug, spiders - Nature
  46. Nature's Eye Candy - Spring Sierra Wildflowers: birds, toad, California
  47. Lion killing dentist will not be charged - Nature
  48. Coral Garden - Nature
  49. 12 year old opens his own care facility for unwanted animals - Nature
  50. Croc leaps up to grab fisherman off his boat - Nature
  51. Wolf, coyote dog hybrid...coming to a neighborhood near you (and me): rabbits, wildlife - Nature
  52. Mosquito remedies: bug, look, Arizona - Nature
  53. Hyena Intelligence: dog, toad - Nature
  54. Fukishima swallowed by nature: wildlife, wild
  55. What kind of spider is this? Yellow+Blue, the size of my open palm!: bugs, spiders - Nature
  56. Total Lunar Eclipse September 27-28, 2015: look - Nature
  57. Wingless flies: insects, snakes, mice, snake - Nature
  58. Have You Met Johnathan? - Nature
  59. Click to see caterpillars transform: pet - Nature
  60. what is this bird??: birds, eagle, look, Maine - Nature
  61. Target Shooters Bring Mayhem to National Forests: bugs, pet, wild - Nature
  62. Not the first time we've heard of dolphins protecting humans from sharks - Nature
  63. Animal Life - City vs. Natural Area: rabbits, insects, birds - Nature
  64. Getting Rid Of Gnats In My House?: bugs, insect, look - Nature
  65. Kayaking with Orcas: wild - Nature
  66. Unfamiliar bird in our yard this morning: birds, robin, robins - Nature
  67. Live from the ocean ~ Big Blue Live: California - Nature
  68. Clueless tourists endangering sea turtles: wildlife, survive, wild, Florida - Nature
  69. bug ..strange: dog, pet, look - Nature
  70. The Consciousness of Trees - Nature
  71. Blue Whale Spotted During Live Newscast - Nature
  73. Need to kill Cane toads, aka 'Bufo marinus': birds, dog, destructive - Nature
  74. Extracting 50,000 bees from a home: California - Nature
  75. Mother rabbit attacks snake - Nature
  76. My dearset Ulmas ... emails to trees - Nature
  77. Megalodon? - Nature
  78. A Whale of a Rainbow - Nature
  79. Hummingbirds and bees - Nature
  80. 35th Anniversary of the eruption of Mt St Helens: volcanoes, look, Michigan - Nature
  81. Abandoned Fawn? No it is just Parked: look - Nature
  82. Flies sleep! Who woulda thunk? - Nature
  83. News, 4 reasons why feeding bread to ducks is not a good idea.: insects, birds - Nature
  84. Really Buff Kangaroo Moves Into Brisbane Suburb: dog, look - Nature
  85. Ive seen three of bulbous, slow black bugs in my room: insects, spider - Nature
  86. Animal control officer thinks she sees a tiger! - Nature
  87. Mystery deaths in Kazakhstan: Washington - Nature
  88. How Giraffes sleep: look - Nature
  89. Incredible wildlife photos from Finland: look - Nature
  90. Whirlpool in action: look, Louisiana - Nature
  91. Incredibly huge brown crab saved from dinner table: wildlife, wild, look - Nature
  92. Wild Giant Female Panda Killed for meat and Body Parts - Nature
  93. Kermit...Is that you?: look - Nature
  94. Mother and Baby Hummingbirds in Nest from Hatch to Fledge - Nature
  95. ............ Stag Party .................. - Nature
  96. Bomb-sniffing giant rats to the rescue: dog - Nature
  97. Deep-sea research submersible encounters huge sperm whale during a dive: survive, look - Nature
  98. Trees with white blooms: dog, wild, look - Nature
  99. Can identify this insect?: look - Nature
  100. Empty Landscape on the horizon: Washington - Nature
  101. More inter species love - Nature
  102. Carbon Dioxide Milestone - Nature
  103. Spring Fed ponds introducing turtles Leopard frogs Cattails: bugs, insect, birds - Nature
  104. Disappearing Lake Mystery- Lava Tubes: Oregon - Nature
  105. Lyrebird imitates everything he hears: birds - Nature
  106. There is no limit to the greed of man: birds - Nature
  107. What's killing bottle nose dolphins?: wildlife, wild - Nature
  108. Can you ID this tree? (Missouri Area): insect, dog, robin - Nature
  109. What kind of bird is that?: birds, look - Nature
  110. Largest great white shark ever videotaped underwater?: wildlife, wild - Nature
  111. 'Life Story': This Clip of a Free-Falling Baby Goose Will Crush You - Nature
  112. Fire Rainbow: look - Nature
  113. Animal Farm Takes In Rare White-Faced Deer: noise, look, Michigan - Nature
  114. Have you met, found or identified your Doppelganger?: look - Nature
  115. ................ A Stinky Situation........ - Nature
  116. Bee Thieves - Nature
  117. Fox hunting is no different than dog fighting: rabbit, insects - Nature
  118. Hippos, lions and wolves roam the streets: Georgia, Washington - Nature
  119. In Memoriam - Nature
  120. How cool is this???: look - Nature
  121. 3D Fake Rhino Horn to flood the market - Nature
  122. News, Wild bird kept as pet in Sweden had to be destroyed, officials said: wildlife - Nature
  123. Cat v. Cougar Staredown: dog, Colorado - Nature
  124. The Lingering Aroma Of Pepe LePew: turkey, Wyoming - Nature
  125. Ever seen a bird feed a baby of another species?: birds, mouse - Nature
  126. Against laws protecting animals: bugs, insects, eagle, destructive - Nature
  127. lonely croaking frog: snakes, snake, cold, wildlife - Nature
  128. News, Man arrested for letting deer live in his home: tame, pet - Nature
  129. Husband found nest of bunnies in back yard, what to do?: wild rabbits, birds - Nature
  130. Overpopulation and overcrowding threatening our natural resources: dog, wildlife, survive - Nature
  131. Can ID this spider: recluse, look, Florida, Maine - Nature
  132. ID This Insect !! What the Heck is This?!: bug, insects, windows - Nature
  133. Fruit Fly Infestation: bug, windows, cold, pet - Nature
  134. Why zoos are getting rid of peacocks: birds, noise, windows - Nature
  135. ID Snake: snakes, chicken, wildlife, pet - Nature
  136. I know crows are smart but not this: birds, feathers, dog - Nature
  137. What are !?!?: spider, beetle, look - Nature
  138. Do You Talk To Plants?: bug, look - Nature
  139. Giant Bees.: insect, look, Kansas, Michigan - Nature
  140. Best Careers for Hiker and Nature Lovers: wild, look, Georgia
  141. What is the rarest animal that you have seen?: snake, eagle, wild - Nature
  142. Wild animals should stay in the wild: dog - Nature
  143. This spider made a HUGE web.... what is it?: spiders, pet, look - Nature
  144. Zoo dissects lion before children: snakes, snake, wild - Nature
  145. Bats are dangerous: bug, insects, raccoon, dog - Nature
  146. Identifying a Large Spider in North Georgia: bug, snakes, snake - Nature
  147. The Future of Humanity - Extinct or Progress: evolution, survive, pet - Nature
  148. Bed bugs in the garage only?! Is it ?: flea, beetle, survive - Nature
  149. Saw A Murder of Crows This Morning: bug, birds, noise - Nature
  150. Thoughts on Rewilding: Yellowstone, wildlife, survive, look - Nature
  151. Are Jackalopes real?: rabbit, bird, coyote, bunny - Nature
  152. Does know what type of bug is this?: bugs, insect, ant - Nature
  153. Wasps (and now horseflies!) mysterious attraction to my car??: bugs - Nature
  154. Rattlesnake bite kills man: insect, snakes, dog, Minnesota - Nature
  155. Bisexual ducks!: birds, turkey, dog, pet - Nature
  156. Black snake in the garage: birds, snakes, mouse, toad - Nature
  157. Do you believe in Animal Communication?: insects, leopard, survive, wild - Nature
  158. State of Emergency due to EPA ignorance!!!: wildlife, pet, wild - Nature
  159. Where the buffalo roam: rabbits, dog, Yellowstone, wildlife - Nature
  160. How do I deter hummingbirds?: gnats, wild - Nature
  161. Identify Spiders.: insects, look - Nature
  162. Is life with fleas inevitable??? I feel like never going to get rid of them. Help!: bugs, flea - Nature
  163. What're your thoughts on Giant Japanese Hornets?: bug, insects, eagle - Nature
  164. Hunter kills one of Zimbabwe's most loved lions: wildlife, pet, wild - Nature
  165. Does this sound like a cockroach? Could this be an indicator of a problem?: bugs, beetle - Nature
  166. Found a female black widow: bug, insects, snakes, spider - Nature
  167. Bird House: birds, survive, look - Nature
  168. Flea infestation- can they lay eggs in human hair? How do we get rid of suckers?: bug, insects - Nature
  169. My bird feeder is gone: raccoon, dog, Indiana - Nature
  170. Picked up on our Critter-Cam: raccoon, coyote, wildlife, wild - Nature
  171. This squirrel has earned nuts! - Nature
  172. Your Beloved Animals Just Might Make The Heaven Cut?: dog - Nature
  173. Feeling Sorry For The Wild Animals Effected By The Forest Fires?: rabbits, birds - Nature
  174. Disrupting Birds Nestbuilding: survive, look - Nature
  175. Caught this little arachnid today: spider, look, Maryland, Montana - Nature
  176. How Can They Live With No Head?!: snakes, snake, chicken - Nature
  177. Yellowstone Bison gores foreign exchange student: bugs, dog, tame, wild - Nature
  178. caterpillar fans out there?: evolution, survive, look - Nature
  179. PSA about Fawns (baby deer): look - Nature
  180. *** Yaks on a farm - Nature
  181. Frogs and Toads - Nature
  182. New Zealand's natural environment: Georgia - Nature
  183. Hot New Artiest is a BEAR! - Nature
  184. New Dinosaur species discovered: pet - Nature
  185. Have you ever heard a Mama Pig singing to her nursing piglets? - Nature
  186. How Did The Raccoon Cross The River? - Nature
  187. Maris the Beluga Whale Gives Birth in Captivity: pet, Georgia - Nature
  188. Sharks Must Be Cautious When Hunting Seals: leopard - Nature
  189. When a lion has a tooth ache - Nature
  190. Living Tides Documentary - Nature
  191. Wind Blows Crane Into Tiger Cage at Zoo: wildlife, wild - Nature
  192. Video, Hungry black bear scales electrical tower, invades raven's nest - Nature
  193. American Goldfinch afternoon - Nature
  194. This is how you properly thwart a bear attack - Nature
  195. Listening to nature
  196. Koko the 44 year old gorilla gets two kittens for her birthday: robin - Nature
  197. Do you know which animal is the most illegally trafficked? - Nature
  198. Nature imagery can reduce prison violence: Washington
  199. Monkey Drop Kicks A Guy Who Gave It The Finger - Nature
  200. Enjoy a few minutes of beauty and tranquility - Nature