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  1. Is portland good for young kids? toddlers?: Happy Valley: neighborhoods, activity - Oregon (OR)
  2. Dmv -wow!: Portland, Lake Oswego, Cedar Hills: home, live, drivers license - Oregon (OR)
  3. Giant redwoods (pics): Portland, Beaverton, Beaver: to buy, high school, living - Oregon (OR)
  4. Moving to Portland, Or: Gresham, Beaverton: renting, crime rate, unemployment - Oregon (OR)
  5. Weekday vs. Weekend: Portland: unemployment rate, offices, parks - Oregon (OR)
  6. Did watch the Simpsons last Sunday?: Portland: living in, beach - Oregon (OR)
  7. Moving to Portland and looking for a job: colleges, income - Oregon (OR)
  8. Skydive Mollala Thurs 13th of May: people, looking for - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  9. Cougars: Portland, Lake Oswego: condos, college, bars - Oregon (OR)
  10. Forbes says housing prices in Portland will fall further: Eugene: sales, real estate - Oregon (OR)
  11. Southwater Front = Condo Canyon?: Portland, Canyon City: rental, condos, houses - Oregon (OR)
  12. Environmental jobs in Portland: school, university, disposal - Oregon (OR)
  13. What do you think are Portland's favorite warm winter getaways?: Bend: hotel, budget - Oregon (OR)
  14. Holgate and SE 122nd Ave - what's it like?: Portland: violent crime, loan - Oregon (OR)
  15. Parking in Nob Hill: Portland, Beaverton: real estate, apartments, condos - Oregon (OR)
  16. Gay friendly??: Portland: living, move to, area - Oregon (OR)
  17. Organic/Biodynamic gardening family looking for home/land near Portland- advice?: Gresham: broker - Oregon (OR)
  18. Whats the best pig out place in Portland?: Halsey: house, prices - Oregon (OR)
  19. recent college graduate looking for an entry level job in portland: office, best - Oregon (OR)
  20. Source for safe communities: Portland, St. Helens: move to, suburban, area - Oregon (OR)
  21. Is it difficult to find work downtown? for a student?: Portland: apartments, rental market - Oregon (OR)
  22. Life in the Pearl District?: Portland, Medford: apartment complex, renters, condo - Oregon (OR)
  23. Thoughts on Laurelhurst?: Portland, Burns: transplants, apartments, rental - Oregon (OR)
  24. Has ever lived at The Maples between...: Portland: apartment complex, homes - Oregon (OR)
  25. Moving to Portland with baby: Hillsboro, Tigard: apartment, to rent, co-op - Oregon (OR)
  26. the cheapest school to get a bachelor's?: Portland: credit, transfer to - Oregon (OR)
  27. Is Oregon a hotbed for high school football?: Portland, Beaverton: theatre, college - (OR)
  28. seeking lots of room near/in Portland... help?: Happy Valley, Burns: apartment complexes, renting - Oregon (OR)
  29. Music Teaching Jobs?: school, centers, budget - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  30. Neighborhoods to Avoid: Portland, Beaverton, Beaver: rentals, mover, condo - Oregon (OR)
  31. $550-$600 Apartment Budget Need Area Suggestions: Portland, Beaverton: apartments, renter, crime - Oregon (OR)
  32. Portland moving: Burns: sales, apartment, rental market - Oregon (OR)
  33. Recreation at Portland lakes and the coast: Gresham, Astoria: school, live in - Oregon (OR)
  34. Portland 10th best large city for jobs??: Beaverton, Beaver: job outlook, to move - Oregon (OR)
  35. Moving cost from FL to OR: mover, how much, storage - Portland, Oregon
  36. new to the forum!: Portland: apartment, lease, condo - Oregon (OR)
  37. Unemployment numbers. Choice?: Portland: sales, apartment, to rent - Oregon (OR)
  38. real estate offers: Portland, Beaverton, Beaver: for sale, real estate market, apartment - Oregon (OR)
  39. Best way to find deals on flights to Portland: Medford: prices, airports - Oregon (OR)
  40. Neighborhood for commuting FROM Portland?: Eugene, Sherwood: rentals, how much, transfer - Oregon (OR)
  41. Gated Communities or large Lot Communities?: Portland, Hillsboro: for sale, real estate, houses - Oregon (OR)
  42. ISP in Portland: apartment, rent, credit card - Oregon (OR)
  43. great date ideas for an out of towner?: Portland: home, school - Oregon (OR)
  44. Portland, OR vs. Los Angeles, CA taxes: buy, income - Oregon
  45. Moving 2 Portland- Are there Relaxed, Cute Neighborhoods- Near PSU?: apartment complex, to rent - Oregon (OR)
  46. Catholic elementary school suggestions: Portland, Beaverton: kids, orthodox, good - Oregon (OR)
  47. Apartment rents change daily. Why is this?: Portland, Beaverton: apartment complex, leasing agent - Oregon (OR)
  48. Neighborhood Recommondation for Job in Wilsonville - Young Professional!: Portland: apartment, to rent - Oregon (OR)
  49. moving from Michigan to Portland?: gas, money, dog - Oregon (OR)
  50. Willamina armwrestling tournament: event, about - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  51. Good Neighborhoods to check out: Portland, Lake Oswego: best neighborhoods, sales, real estate - Oregon (OR)
  52. Light Rail Questions?: Portland: 2013, neighborhoods, living - Oregon (OR)
  53. downtown tonight: Portland: live, work, festival - Oregon (OR)
  54. returning! Hook me up with ...(I promise I searched the forum first) - thanks!: Portland: apartment - Oregon (OR)
  55. Black Barbershops: Portland, Beaverton, Dallas: living in, restaurants, prices - Oregon (OR)
  56. Portland / Washington Co Apartments: Beaverton, Tigard: neighborhood, living in, price - Oregon (OR)
  57. Visiting in July: Portland, Phoenix, Donald: how much, hotels, home - Oregon (OR)
  58. Portland versus Vancouver (WA): sales, sales tax, living - Oregon (OR)
  59. Commuting btwn PDX and L.A. - advice? experience? crazy?: Portland: spring break, rent - Oregon (OR)
  60. Cross Country move to PDX, ADVICE, !: Portland, Gresham: real estate, apartments - Oregon (OR)
  61. im looking to move near portland oregon looking for places to rent, having no luck finding listings of homes for rent: Beaverton: for sale by owner - (OR)
  62. Job prospects for in the health industry...: Portland, Beaverton: live in, cost - Oregon (OR)
  63. Used Car Dealerships in Portland, Oregon?: Dallas, Sandy: for sale, buying, prices - (OR)
  64. Meeting 30-something, non-hipsters in Portland: live, moving, clubs - Oregon (OR)
  65. Sellwood bridge traffic: Portland: home, school, to live in - Oregon (OR)
  66. beaverton apartments: Tigard, Cedar Mill, Oak Hills: crime, appliances, houses - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  67. coming from the SF bay area: Portland, Eugene: sales, apartment complex - Oregon (OR)
  68. Good neighborhoods for young-ish people (late 20s, early 30s): Portland: lease, living in - Oregon (OR)
  69. Thinking about moving to portland, a few questions: fit in, job market - Oregon (OR)
  70. Best areas with culture and shopping just outside Portland/Southern Orgeon?: Eugene: upper-class, to rent - Oregon (OR)
  71. Hospitals near Beaverton: Portland, Hillsboro, Aloha: job market, school, college - Oregon (OR)
  72. Teen Jobs in Portland metro area?: school, restaurants, legally - Oregon (OR)
  73. Hat tipped to AGG truck driver!!!: Portland, Burns: how much, neighborhood, drivers - Oregon (OR)
  74. bookstores?: Portland: neighborhood, live in, car - Oregon (OR)
  75. Commute from West to East?: Portland, Gresham: to rent, homes, school - Oregon (OR)
  76. Part-time/temp work outlook: Portland, Clackamas: good credit, loan, attorneys - Oregon (OR)
  77. The Mystery Boom: Portland: live in, rail, yard - Oregon (OR)
  78. do you pay taxes when you buy a car in Washington while livinging in Portland?: sales - Oregon (OR)
  79. Pearl District vs. Lake Oswego: Portland, Clackamas: loft, condos, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  80. 3 Guys, 2 Dogs and a Dream: Portland, Beaverton: apartment, home, employment - Oregon (OR)
  81. recommendations for a restaurant on the coast?: Portland, Newport: house, restaurants - Oregon (OR)
  82. Portland #5 Fittest City: health, cities, great - Oregon (OR)
  83. garden sized plots in portland: Eugene, Salem: houses, neighborhood, live in - Oregon (OR)
  84. Pornland, Oregon. Really?: Portland: live, activity, ratings - (OR)
  85. Just how many, and where are all the Saturday Markets in PDX?: Portland: appointed - Oregon (OR)
  86. Unemployed in Portland (NPR Marketplace): Banks: foreclosures, job market, construction - Oregon (OR)
  87. Transplants from AZ, Idaho and similar: Portland, Beaverton: best city, sales, real estate market - Oregon (OR)
  88. Moving to Portland Oregon: Gresham, Oregon City: rent, homes, transfer to - (OR)
  89. What part of portland can I find the best balance between affordable-apartments & public transportation access?: Gresham: rental - Oregon (OR)
  90. Best place in PNW for self employed.: income, disposal - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  91. Gresham vs Troutdale: Portland, Clackamas: property taxes, to live, housing - Oregon (OR)
  92. Nice Video Portraying Portland: Beaverton, Lake Oswego: sales, to live in, shop - Oregon (OR)
  93. about schools IN Portland (not suburbs)...: transfer, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  94. Are malls accessible by train?: Portland, Beaverton: Home Depot, transfer to, to buy - Oregon (OR)
  95. Recommendations?: Portland: renting, hotel, price - Oregon (OR)
  96. Thinking of retiring in Las Vegas or Portland: Salem: fit in, short sale - Oregon (OR)
  97. Looking for a specific microbrewery: Portland: organic, live, restaurant - Oregon (OR)
  98. Portland Liberals: Eugene: college, taxes, live - Oregon (OR)
  99. Cheap housing 3 nights/week Portland: Eugene: school, live, commute - Oregon (OR)
  100. No Apartment Finders or Apartment Locators in PDX?: Portland, Eugene: real estate, apartments - Oregon (OR)
  101. recommended rental agency for Beaverton: Portland: real estate, rentals, condo - Oregon (OR)
  102. Portland/North Clackamas apartment listings?: apartments, rental, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  103. Portland high schools: Beaverton, Beaver: fit in, credit, homes - Oregon (OR)
  104. Hard to get a low-wage taxi job in Portland?: Green: to rent, unemployment rate - Oregon (OR)
  105. Working Gresham and live in Vancouver, WA: Portland: homes, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  106. Portland econ update: not horrible, not great.: Detroit: job market, live in - Oregon (OR)
  107. Visiting Portland for 1 Day???: Green, Sandy: credit card, hotel, live - Oregon (OR)
  108. Best Schools in Portland Area: Beaverton, Hillsboro: home, neighborhoods, buy - Oregon (OR)
  109. tips on finding a big/cheap/old 5 house in se portland: apartment - Oregon (OR)
  110. Subaru's: Portland, Green, Detroit: buying, camping, live in - Oregon (OR)
  111. What is a hipster and where are they in PDX?: Portland: apartment, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  112. Tigard/Hillsboro Areas: Portland, Beaverton, Aloha: houses, transfer to, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  113. Portland vs. Seattle - for car free living: Hillsboro, Union: car rental, best city - Oregon (OR)
  114. Moms with children moving to Portland: Sunnyside, Happy Valley: sales, mortgage, lawyer - Oregon (OR)
  115. 24 year old Austin girl looking into the Portland area: Tillamook: real estate, how much - Oregon (OR)
  116. Average looking Portlanders: transplants, living in, trendy - Oregon (OR)
  117. No Police in Oregon - Citizens Revolt?: Portland, Union: fit in, crime rate - (OR)
  118. HAP - HOUSING AUTHORITY OF PORTLAND (oregon): low income, section 8
  119. Commute from Newburg to Tualatin: Portland, Beaverton: real estate, foreclosures, credit - Oregon (OR)
  120. curious about several towns surrounding Portland: Gresham, Hillsboro: 2015, rental market, condo - Oregon (OR)
  121. Difficult decision to leave the Portland area: Medford, Bend: insurance, how much - Oregon (OR)
  122. PORTLAND, OR | SMART tower | 650ft | 16 fl | PRO: construction, income - Oregon
  123. Thinking about relocating to Portland and going to PSU: Lake Oswego: rent, how much - Oregon (OR)
  124. Working at OHSU in research labs - what's it like?: Portland: fit in, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  125. Reason for bad Portland traffic?: Hillsboro, Sherwood: hotel, house, to live in - Oregon (OR)
  126. How is the Amtrak Cascade and Coast Starlight route to SEA?: Portland: car rental, rental - Oregon (OR)
  127. less liberal schools or communities in Portland?: Eugene, Gresham: house, school district - Oregon (OR)
  128. Sacramento to Vancouver/Portland, Take 2: lease, how much, home - Oregon (OR)
  129. Diversity in Portland, OR: employment, neighborhood, landlords - Oregon
  130. Contemplating internal job transfer from FL to Portland?: Gresham, Beaverton: middle-class, sale - Oregon (OR)
  131. Baseball: Portland Beavers and PGE Park: Oregon City, Milwaukie: houses, live, price - (OR)
  132. towns that fit this description!: Portland, Eugene: universities, living in, restaurants - Oregon (OR)
  133. What I Love, Hate, Like, Dislike about Portland Oregon: Detroit: low income, houses - (OR)
  134. I'm stunned by descriptions of Portland on clarify.: Clackamas: extended stay, good credit - Oregon (OR)
  135. good family neighborhoods in SE Portland: Beaverton, Hillsboro: mortgage, houses - Oregon (OR)
  136. What Should I Know About Portland Before Moving?: houses, taxes - Oregon (OR)
  137. have a food cart?: Portland, Rainier: rent, condos, loan - Oregon (OR)
  138. Finding the sun?: Portland, Bend, Redmond: Home Depot, allergy, to live - Oregon (OR)
  139. opinions: Portland, Gresham, Beaverton: real estate, apartment complexes, crime - Oregon (OR)
  140. Boston to Portland, OR: job market, law school, living in - Oregon
  141. i hate cali: Astoria: pros and cons, live, move to - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  142. similarities between Portland and Berkeley?: Eugene: home, neighborhoods, to buy - Oregon (OR)
  143. Best way to go from Portland to Seattle?: Eugene, Aurora: to rent, hotels - Oregon (OR)
  144. Portland dethroned as world's most bike-friendly city: live, car - Oregon (OR)
  145. Which is more liberal Portland or Minneapolis?: Detroit: limousine, home - Oregon (OR)
  146. Portland or Seattle?: St. Paul: sales, to rent, day care - Oregon (OR)
  147. Art Scene and Cheap Raw Lofts: Portland, Burns: for sale, apartments, rental market - Oregon (OR)
  148. Gay Portland?: Clackamas, Burns: employment, neighborhoods, organic - Oregon (OR)
  149. Transplants that recently moved to Oregon: Portland: apartment, rental, houses - (OR)
  150. Is Portland right for us?: Eugene, McMinnville: fit in, real estate, rent - Oregon (OR)
  151. Commuting from Portland area to Salem: Beaverton, McMinnville: real estate, salary, living - Oregon (OR)
  152. Downsize now or wait for The Recovery ?: Portland: for sale, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  153. ? about relocating to Hillsboro: Portland, Union: sales, apartment, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  154. Portland Suburbs: Beaverton, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego: apartments, homes, job market - Oregon (OR)
  155. use car shipping services?: Portland: flat fee, movers, house - Oregon (OR)
  156. Rugged, outdoorsy types in Portland?: Bend, Hood River: apartments, home, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  157. Life in the NW District: Portland: apartments, neighborhood, college - Oregon (OR)
  158. Can help me with landlord/tenant rights?: Portland: apartments, renter - Oregon (OR)
  159. I found CANNOLI in Portland!!! (Hard to believe, I know): home, living - Oregon (OR)
  160. Advice on commuting to Beaverton and Portland living: McMinnville, West Slope: apartment, rent - Oregon (OR)
  161. Transplants generating business?: Portland: home, job market, place to live - Oregon (OR)
  162. Dallas ---> Portland: Beaverton, Beaver: for sale, hair salon, apartment - Oregon (OR)
  163. A troubled landlord : Eviction 72 hour notice process: Portland: rental, lawyer - Oregon (OR)
  164. Finding a restaurant service job...: Portland, Beaverton: apartment, rentals, how much - Oregon (OR)
  165. I Want to Swim in the Ocean: Portland: places to live, beach - Oregon (OR)
  166. Why not to move to Portland?: Milwaukie: appointed, transplants, real estate - Oregon (OR)
  167. Lake Oswego, Beaverton Elementary Schools and Commute to Portland Downtown: Tigard: apartment, rental - Oregon (OR)
  168. Let's Just Cancel Summer: Portland: sales, house, yard - Oregon (OR)
  169. the non-vacation vacation: Portland, Eugene, Beaverton: appointed, sales, apartments - Oregon (OR)
  170. Portland Restaurants: Gresham, Beaverton, Corvallis: theater, live, prices - Oregon (OR)
  171. Is portland a welcoming city for blacks!!!: Beaverton, Ashland: renting, home - Oregon (OR)
  172. Where are the Portland Do-Gooders? Oh, THE HUMANITY!: bus, parks - Oregon (OR)
  173. Driving time between Bethany and Milwaukie: Portland, Hillsboro: rentals, homes, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  174. Moving to Portland, looking for an apartment, but where?: Gresham: middle-class, real estate - Oregon (OR)
  175. Looking to move to Portland area: Eugene, Salem: rental, new home, layoffs - Oregon (OR)
  176. Health insurance recommendations (no political rants: Portland: buying, deductible - Oregon (OR)
  177. Cool, small walkable towns near Portland: Gresham, Hillsboro: upper-class, sales, hotels - Oregon (OR)
  178. After 34 Years, Goodbye Portland: new home, to live in, statistics - Oregon (OR)
  179. Moving to Oregon - Wilsonville, Hillsboro, West Linn?: Portland, Beaverton: apartment complexes, rent - (OR)
  180. What's with the begging kids downtown?: Portland, Eugene: middle-class, roughest, homes - Oregon (OR)
  181. Metro's Anti-Car Policies: Portland, Beaverton, Detroit: fit in, transplants, city hall - Oregon (OR)
  182. Why Is Portland Considered to be the Next Silicon Valley With Seattle?: Beaverton: how much, home - Oregon (OR)
  183. So why is the job market so bad?: Portland: credit score, college - Oregon (OR)
  184. Help me plan my trip: Portland, St. Helens: renting, hotels, house - Oregon (OR)
  185. Moving to Florida... advice???: Portland, Beaverton: condo, homes, construction - Oregon (OR)
  186. new orleans on the week of jan. 2004: live, business - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  187. Free Guide in Shanghai: Portland: hotels, university, live in - Oregon (OR)
  188. Guitar classes for adults?: Portland: school, time, recommend - Oregon (OR)
  189. commute from SE side/Clack Town Center area to Wilsonville?: gas, pay - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  190. MUSE in Portland: east coast, good, concert - Oregon (OR)
  191. Apartments near Beaverton Farmers Market: moving to, closest - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  192. Hot Springs?: Portland: area, worth, closest - Oregon (OR)
  193. Introducing The Black Key to Portland, OR - Portland's VIP Guide: salons, restaurants - Oregon
  194. Need short term furnished rental!: Portland: homes, safe area, safe - Oregon (OR)
  195. live in Portland Towers?: apartments, living, move - Oregon (OR)
  196. The Sheldon - 55+ co-op on the Northwest: Portland: construction, living in - Oregon (OR)
  197. Denson Acuff, long lost cousin searching for you: Harrisburg: should, color - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  198. New restaurant/lounge opening soon!: Portland: summer, materials, advertising - Oregon (OR)
  199. Trip to Portland end of July: Newberg, Cannon Beach: beach, winery, dinner - Oregon (OR)
  200. Rose Festival, Memorial Day weekend, Waterfront park - 2010: Portland: activities, top - Oregon (OR)