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  1. Are our massive immigration (especially illegally) costs worth it?: illegal immigration, healthcare, crime
  2. US Docs' Ads Target Expectant Mexican Moms: healthcare, education, United States - Illegal Immigration
  3. Investigation: Illegal Workers On Elmendorf AFB: illegal immigrants, laws, employment, Americans - Illegal Immigration
  4. Illegal Immigration and unemployment: illegal aliens, law, unemployment benefits, Americans
  5. Holiday Sale Benefits Unemployed Illegal Aliens: illegal immigrants, campaign, represent, Attorney - Illegal Immigration
  6. TSA Clears Illegal Aliens to Work at NY Airport: illegal immigrants, law, Mexico - Illegal Immigration
  7. Head of immigration attorneys afraid Illegals are being railroaded out of the US: illegal immigrants, laws - Illegal Immigration
  8. Churces being used to encourage illegal immigrants to participate in The Census: quotes, website - Illegal Immigration
  9. Nebraska to pull discounted tuition law for Illegal Aliens: visa, born, illegal immigrants - Illegal Immigration
  10. Utah tax payers on the hook for 4.5 million -- tuition for Illegal Aliens: laws, work - Illegal Immigration
  11. CA Pastor Accused of Student Visa Conspiracy: visas, legal, regular - Illegal Immigration
  12. Postville Detainees Embrace Role as 'Rights Advocates': visa, illegal aliens, activist - Illegal Immigration
  13. Merry Christmas, Everyone.....: taxpayer - Illegal Immigration
  14. Armchair deputies enlisted to patrol US-Mexico border: illegal immigrants, law, controversial - Illegal Immigration
  15. Georgia Law Cuts Free ESL Courses for Illegal Aliens: laws, Spanish, deport - Illegal Immigration
  16. What is your City doing to stop illegal immigration?: illegal immigrants, represent, Mexican
  17. Both sides agree that about 59 percent of Hispanic adults residing within the school district's boundaries 'noncitizens': green card, visa - Illegal Immigration
  18. Bill would give legal status to undocumented immigrants (Illegal Aliens): illegal immigrants, unemployment - Illegal Immigration
  19. Firm Hoarded Visas With Names From Mexican Phonebook: illegal immigrants, crime, Democrats - Illegal Immigration
  20. Ford Trucks being stolen to bring in illegals: illegal immigrants, Mexico, drugs - Illegal Immigration
  21. HR Scam Helped Illegal Aliens Take Jobs from American Workers: Reed, Americans - Illegal Immigration
  22. NH: Deportation Now Option for Inmates: visas, illegal aliens, prison, violent crime - Illegal Immigration
  23. Reaction to Democrat Immigration Bill: illegal immigrants, unemployment, Democrats, Americans - Illegal Immigration
  24. Speaker Pelosi to Shield Vulnerable Members from Controversial Votes: illegals, campaign, healthcare - Illegal Immigration
  25. Benefits law nets illegal immigrant suspects in Arizona): illegal immigrants, laws, spokesman - Illegal Immigration
  26. A Reprieve from Deportation: illegally, laws, education, USA - Illegal Immigration
  27. Cut-off date for amnesty bill: December 15, 2009: green card, legal, Democrats, states - Illegal Immigration
  28. Texas State law giving in-State tuition to Illegals challenged.: born, illegal immigrants, laws - Illegal Immigration
  29. Illegal Aliens Lose Lawsuit Against Atlanta Hospital: medical, Attorney, Americans - Illegal Immigration
  30. Former US Attorney says distribution of this phone could be a crime: illegal immigrants, prison - Illegal Immigration
  31. Illegals got jobs @ AF base in AK: illegal immigrants, salary, wage - Illegal Immigration
  32. N.M. Prison Clerk In Trouble For Calling ICE: illegal immigrants, laws, accuse - Illegal Immigration
  33. Stadium Officials Blame Contractor After Arrest of Illegal Aliens: laws, spokesman, workers - Illegal Immigration
  34. Immigration Bill an end run to the Health Care Bill?: McCain, illegal aliens - Illegal Immigration
  35. Come in from the cold: illegal immigrants, laws, unemployment, spokesman - Illegal Immigration
  36. MA: Brown wants to exclude illegal immigrants from wage abuse cases: law, wages - Illegal Immigration
  37. Navarrette: Dialing Up Disobedience - Enabling Illegals To Break The Law: illegal immigrants, soldiers - Illegal Immigration
  38. Mexico Is Pimping the U.S. (Recent comments from Mexican Ambassador): illegal immigrants, Mexicans - Illegal Immigration
  39. Amnesty Unlikely in 2010-Per Mexico: illegal aliens, laws, unemployment, Mexican - Illegal Immigration
  40. Italy - an example of unchecked illegal immigration: illegal aliens, crime, money
  41. Massachusetts: No “Illegal News.” Ominous.: McCain, illegals, democratic, Americans - Illegal Immigration
  42. Us green card lottery: Canadian, visas, middle east, website - Illegal Immigration
  43. Roits break out in Italy over Illegal Immigration: illegal immigrants, accuses, crime
  44. E-verify spreading , Texas up next?: drivers license, illegal immigrants, law, employment - Illegal Immigration
  45. Chain amnesties of the past - enough: illegal aliens, Reed, drugs - Illegal Immigration
  46. Candidates have lockjaw when grilled about illegal immigration: Republican, wages, democratic
  47. The big picture of the Illegal Alien bailout!: illegal immigrants, United States, citizens - Illegal Immigration
  48. (Mostly Illegal) Immigration cases at record levels in 2009: visa, illegals, accuse - Illegal Immigration
  49. Online immigration checks mandated in Lancaster, debated in Kern County (California): website, illegal immigrants - Illegal Immigration
  50. Another reason to close our southern border: Mexicans, deportation, USA - Illegal Immigration
  51. The new baby boomers? -- Illegal Aliens: birth, illegal immigrants, deport - Illegal Immigration
  52. 1500 cross a day, in wartime that would be a Batallion!: illegals, state - Illegal Immigration
  53. I'm part of the SCAM!!!: visa, illegals, wage, Americans - Illegal Immigration
  54. Slavery vs illegal immigration: state, country, generations, war
  55. $1.2M Stimulus Grant Brings Day Laborers Indoors for Job Training: immigrants, workers - Illegal Immigration
  56. Why did the U.S. Government turn it's back on Americans?: illegals, unemployment - Illegal Immigration
  57. Democrats Health Care-Immigration Deal to Overcome Key Sticking Point: illegals, law - Illegal Immigration
  58. Pro-Illegal Alien group sets up text warning system to aid Illegals in avoiding deportion: illegal immigrants, law - Illegal Immigration
  59. Illegal immigration is wanted by US businesses: NAFTA, illegal immigrants, laws
  60. E-Verify Eliminated in Amnesty Bill – “New” System Proposed: illegal aliens, law, employment - Illegal Immigration
  61. News, Controversial Law on Illegal Immigrant Youth to Take Effect.: illegal immigrants, San Francisco - Illegal Immigration
  62. Benefits Law Nets Illegal Alien Suspects: born, illegal immigrants, unemployment benefits, spokesman - Illegal Immigration
  63. Feds Seek Custody of Illegal Alien's Airplane: illegal aliens, fast food, drug - Illegal Immigration
  64. Lower unemployment by enforcing our immigration laws!: illegal immigrants, marriage, Americans - Illegal Immigration
  65. Court: Mass Criminal Immigration Hearings Unlawful: illegals, San Francisco, Mexican border, deported - Illegal Immigration
  66. We aren't all Xenophobes. Try this cool interactive tool.: illegal immigration, education, USA
  67. Illegal Alien workers first a free pass now get the boot.: deportation, United States - Illegal Immigration
  68. AZ News, Illegals applying for welfare to be reported.: Americans, workers, states - Illegal Immigration
  69. Off-Duty Cops to Monitor Construction Workers at Duval Courthouse Site: illegals, laws - Illegal Immigration
  70. News, Healthcare loophole benefits illegals.: Harry Reid, illegal immigrants, Reid, American - Illegal Immigration
  71. What it really cost us for Illegal Immigragration: born, illegal immigrants, laws - Illegal Immigration
  72. The war with Illegal Immigration has stepped up to the electronic age: interviews, Reed
  73. Reid Sees Votes in Immigration: Harry Reid, Pelosi, Democrats, Hispanic - Illegal Immigration
  74. Former Iowa Slaughterhouse Employee Gets 2 Years Probation on Immigration Conspiracy Charges: illegal immigrants, employment - Illegal Immigration
  75. County, Police Union in Showdown Over Illegal-Immigration Policy: illegal immigrants, laws, Clinton - Illegal Immigration
  76. South Florida Man Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison for Immigration Fraud: illegal aliens, American - Illegal Immigration
  77. Postville Workers to Share Their Stories On Stage: illegal immigrants, prison, Mexico - Illegal Immigration
  78. Report Exposes Two-Faced Anti-Worker Voting Records Of Staunch Immigration Opponents: house of website - Illegal Immigration
  79. Denver Weighs Random Immigration-Status Checks for Contractors: illegal immigration, unemployment, wages
  80. Nearly 300 univited aliens arrested in CA: document, news, taxpayer, San Diego - Illegal Immigration
  81. Report: Shifting Noncitizens to Faraway Detention Centers Unfair: illegals, law, prison - Illegal Immigration
  82. Obama Aunt Anguished by Separation: visa, illegal aliens, laws, christmas - Illegal Immigration
  83. Immigration agents arrest nearly 300 illegal immigrants with criminal records during three-day sweep in California: regular, officials - Illegal Immigration
  84. Man Sentenced After Leaving Water Bottles for Illegal Aliens: illegal immigrants, Spanish, American - Illegal Immigration
  85. Illegal Aliens' Kids Face Their Own Struggles: health care, giving birth, illegal immigrants - Illegal Immigration
  86. IA Student Drunk Driver Gets 1-Year Reprieve on Deportation to Mexico: illegal, Clinton - Illegal Immigration
  87. Tuition fee increases tied to Illegal Immigration: illegal immigrants, education, working
  88. Struggles of the Second Generation: born, illegal aliens, represent, Mexican - Illegal Immigration
  89. Paraguay Named Illegal Alien to NY Consular Post: visa, radical, working - Illegal Immigration
  90. Positive Illegal Immigration Articles: born, illegal immigrants, biased, accuse
  91. Children born in the U.S by Non-Citizen parents, Should NOT be citizens: visas, illegal aliens - Illegal Immigration
  92. Welfare Officials to Report Illegal Aliens: unemployment, ethic, wages, independent - Illegal Immigration
  93. Joe legal vs. Jose illegal: medical, illegal immigrants, immigrate, wages - Illegal Immigration
  94. Real immigration stories: married, illegal aliens, prison, employment - Illegal Immigration
  95. For Sick Illegal Immigrants, No Relief Back Home - Grady Hospital Follow-Up: medical, health care system - Illegal Immigration
  96. La Raza, Mexican terrorist organization: illegal aliens, laws, biased, Mexicans - Illegal Immigration
  97. DREAMies Begin Their Trek to DC: illegal immigrants, law, Mexican, Reed - Illegal Immigration
  98. Human Rights Activists Demand More Safety Measures at Canal: visa, born - Illegal Immigration
  99. Illegal Immigrants Is An Accurate Term: certificate, visa, birth, law - Illegal Immigration
  100. NY Mayor Bloomberg to Promote Immigration Reform: green card, 9/11, illegals - Illegal Immigration
  101. The use of American Slavery and the Civil Rights Movement to justify amnesty and illegal immigration.: health care system, Aztlan
  102. Somalis seek 'back-door' route to US: immigrants, immigrate, Mexicans, Native Americans - Illegal Immigration
  103. Senator Chuck Schumer to Lead New Effort at Immigration Reform: illegal immigrants, laws - Illegal Immigration
  104. Immigration Reform Needed to Avert Violence, Speaker Says: illegal immigrants, law, biased - Illegal Immigration
  105. AZ broke, bills Feds for Illegal Immigration: license, illegal immigrants, law
  106. Why do illegals want US to change?: multiculturalism, illegal immigrants, laws - Illegal Immigration
  107. Arrests up at the border due to document restrictions: visas, illegal aliens, Mexican border - Illegal Immigration
  108. Indigenous Immigrants will be counted in 2010 US Census: house of born, illegal immigrants - Illegal Immigration
  109. New AZ law requires public employees to report Illegal Aliens: visa, laws - Illegal Immigration
  110. in-state-tuition Bill dies in NJ: certificate, birth, illegal immigrants, American - Illegal Immigration
  111. Father Bascio: The Immorality of Illegal Immigration: illegal aliens, bias, accuse
  112. 8 anchor babies and 1 illegal Mom collects $1500 (each)(x8) a month: health care, born - Illegal Immigration
  113. If you cross the border............: health care, drivers license, illegal immigration, prison
  114. Reasons of anti-illegal sentiment: illegal immigrants, laws, Mexico, wages - Illegal Immigration
  115. Just and observing: Canadian, visas, illegal immigrants, laws - Illegal Immigration
  116. Activist Gives Latino Face to Fight Against Illegal Immigration: multiculturalism, Mexico, education
  117. How can be pro illegal?: illegal immigrants, wages, Reed, Democrats - Illegal Immigration
  118. Illegal Immigration - A Crime That Pays: American, border, labor
  119. A Woman Struggles Against The System to Remain in America: green card, visa - Illegal Immigration
  120. Solution to illegal immigration: laws, deport, solutions, workers
  121. Should we significantly loosen immigration laws for people from Haiti?: illegally, regular - Illegal Immigration
  122. Why bother with illegal immigration?: green card, born, illegal immigrants, unemployment
  123. Another illegal sob story, BUT,: 2013, medical, health care, visas - Illegal Immigration
  124. ALIPAC Supporters: We are Dropping Dobbs: McCain, website, illegal aliens, laws - Illegal Immigration
  125. Real problem with Comprehensive Immigration Reform will be huge increase in legal immigration: health care, visa - Illegal Immigration
  126. Grassley Warns: Immigration Bill With ‘Amnesty’ Has Little Chance: illegal immigration, laws, campaign
  127. What is good about illegal aliens?: positives, visas, Mexican, wages - Illegal Immigration
  128. Citizens Before Illegal Aliens: health care, illegal immigrants, healthcare, Americans - Illegal Immigration
  129. Bill O'Reilly and Lou Dobbs Discuss Immigration Reform: illegal immigrants, accuse, Mexican - Illegal Immigration
  130. Highschool football players convicted of simple assault in death of illegal immigrant: illegal immigrants, prison - Illegal Immigration
  131. Are most Mexicans you see really... illegally: multiculturalism, illegals, laws - Illegal Immigration
  132. Lives ruined by illegal immigration: illegal immigrants, laws, ethical, activist
  133. Grand jury investigating Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Hugo Chavez, illegal, law, border - Illegal Immigration
  134. Irish man illegally moving to new york: born, illegal immigrants, law - Illegal Immigration
  135. Former Racial-Profiling Critic Geraldo Rivera Now Supports Profiling Muslims: illegal aliens, parade, Afghanistan - Illegal Immigration
  136. Illegal Alien Facing Deportation Mounts Hunger Strike at White House: illegal aliens, employment - Illegal Immigration
  137. Assaults on Border Patrol Agents Increase Dramatically: enemy, illegally, laws - Illegal Immigration
  138. Judge Sides With Ohio Over Illegal Alien Drivers: drivers license, illegal immigrants, law - Illegal Immigration
  139. Would you become an illegal alien?: married, born, illegally, Reed - Illegal Immigration
  140. Central American Countries Submit “Immigration Reform” Proposal to U.S.: medical, Aztlan - Illegal Immigration
  141. California Newspaper says No Amnesty: illegal immigrants, unemployment, Mexican - Illegal Immigration
  142. More Than 40 Target Workers Quit After Questions About Immigration Status: illegals - Illegal Immigration
  143. Obama's healthcare plan to be extremely expensive if we don't curb illegal immigration: McCain, health care
  144. Illegals, and the crime drop paradox: born, laws, prison, Mexico - Illegal Immigration
  145. Pelosi to Illegal Aliens - You'll be getting coal: green card, birth, NAFTA - Illegal Immigration
  146. Bonafide nation wrecking organization: medical, website, illegal immigrants, laws - Illegal Immigration
  147. A Trail of Dreams: DREAMies Plan Walk from FL to DC – They no longer fear being illegal: born, immigrants - Illegal Immigration
  148. Speaking English can be fatal....: illegal, law, christmas, crimes - Illegal Immigration
  149. Latino Official Fights for Immigrant Rights: born, illegal immigration, laws
  150. What's the difference?: driver's license, illegal immigrants, laws, driver - Illegal Immigration
  151. Do you feel stabbed in the back by illegal immigration and the government's handling of it?: born, illegal immigrants
  152. Let’s Join Forces (Anti/Pro) to Attack Employers of Illegal Aliens: website - Illegal Immigration
  153. Another Amnesty Bill On The Way: illegal aliens, radical, Hispanic, dollar - Illegal Immigration
  154. Time to wake-up: 9/11, illegal aliens, law, conspiracy - Illegal Immigration
  155. Oklahoma did it: 2015, green card, driver's license, born - Illegal Immigration
  156. 370000 deportations this year, twice that of 1999: medical, birth, illegal immigrants, law - Illegal Immigration
  157. FL: Crackdown on Illegal Immigration: certificate, birth, illegal immigrants, laws
  158. Illegals Gang-Rape College Student - allegedly!: illegal immigration, laws, christmas, Mexico
  159. Justice Sotomayor Uses Undocumented in Decision: illegal immigrants, biased, workers - Illegal Immigration
  160. A list of the Democrats supporting the latest amnesty bill for illegal aliens!: McCain, house of - Illegal Immigration
  161. 26% of Vehicles UNinsured in County: license, hiring illegals, law, drivers - Illegal Immigration
  162. Rep. Hunter: No amnesty: illegal immigrants, unemployment, Americans, solution - Illegal Immigration
  163. Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Nightline: illegal immigrants, law, racism, USA - Illegal Immigration
  164. Time Is Running Out for UIC Student Facing Deportation: illegal aliens, laws, activist - Illegal Immigration
  165. New Amnesty Bill: General Requirements: medical, Canadian, illegal - Illegal Immigration
  166. News Video, U.S. Firefighters losing jobs to mexicans.: born, illegal immigrants, Sanders - Illegal Immigration
  167. Mexican mayor complaining about the violence of illegals: illegal immigration, laws, Mexicans
  168. Terrorism and Border Security: middle east, illegals, Mexicans, extremist - Illegal Immigration
  169. Costa Rican Woman (Illegal) Sues NJ jail Over Health Care: illegally, prison - Illegal Immigration
  170. Demand the termination or resignation of Janet Napolitano!: visa, illegal aliens, law - Illegal Immigration
  171. Our evil border fence: medical, visa, illegals, Mexico - Illegal Immigration
  172. way Illegals will cost CA over 1 Billion on healthcare: medical, illegal immigrants - Illegal Immigration
  173. Open borders: NAFTA, laws, bank account, Mexico - Illegal Immigration
  174. Obama's Shamnesty Program: birth, illegal immigrants, unemployment, activist - Illegal Immigration
  175. Mass Firings – The New Face of Immigration Raids: visa, illegal aliens, activist - Illegal Immigration
  176. Who, What, Where, Why, How, Should... Lame title, but read anyways.: visas, born - Illegal Immigration
  177. Immigrant Group Collecting Signatures for Immigration Reform: illegal aliens, campaign, christmas - Illegal Immigration
  178. Utah law has teeth: illegal immigrants, crimes, American, USA - Illegal Immigration
  179. Letter from my Local Dept. of Social Services -: green card, certificate - Illegal Immigration
  180. Salvation Army Drops Social Security Rule for Toys: illegal aliens, christmas, regular - Illegal Immigration
  181. U.S.-born kids may be 'victims' of aid law (of illegals in Arizona): naturalization, illegal immigrants - Illegal Immigration
  182. If most illegal aliens are amnesty, who will do the terrible jobs they use to do?: illegal immigrants, unemployment - Illegal Immigration
  183. Thailand has the right Idea: enemies, illegal aliens, laws, regime - Illegal Immigration
  184. U.S. population at 308 million and growing: born, illegal immigrants, how much - Illegal Immigration
  185. Mexican Illegal attempts to get financial aid in the US: married, illegal aliens - Illegal Immigration
  186. Makes one think: health care, drivers license, enemies, illegal immigration
  187. The Immigration Reform Standpoint: website, illegal immigrants, laws, represent - Illegal Immigration
  188. Do you think it's too late?: medical, 9/11, born, illegal immigrants - Illegal Immigration
  189. Are Children of Illegal Aliens Bankrupting Maryland?: medical, health care, born - Illegal Immigration
  190. The UK feeling Illegal Alien woes: illegal immigrants, jobs, news - Illegal Immigration
  191. News, Unmanned Drone To Patrol Border Area.: Canadian, illegal, Mexican border - Illegal Immigration
  192. Change the numbers!: USA - Illegal Immigration
  193. Judge Curbs Movements of Embattled Politician: illegal immigrants, salaries, holidays, Christ - Illegal Immigration
  194. New immigration bill makes it all but impossible for States to manage Illegal Aliens.: border, security - Illegal Immigration
  195. Illegal Alien = a scramble for the voting block?: illegals, news - Illegal Immigration
  196. In down economy, Arizona has fewer births: born, illegal aliens, laws - Illegal Immigration
  197. End of the line for Alien smugglers: illegal aliens, Louisiana - Illegal Immigration
  198. Illegal Immigration causes stir on both sides of the fence: American, border
  199. ACLU -vs- AMERICA: anti-American, news - Illegal Immigration
  200. Healtcare Bill: Does It Or Doesn't It ?: health care, illegal immigrants, USA - Illegal Immigration