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  75. This would be considered an act of war: illegal aliens, Afghanistan, Mexican - Illegal Immigration
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  78. Why is the reconquista movement taboo?: Aztlan, Palestinian, middle east, enemy - Illegal Immigration
  79. NO INJUNCTION IN OKLAHOMA, Adios Illegals: illegal immigrants, laws, activist, Mexican - Illegal Immigration
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  81. Another reason: born, law, Spanish, job - Illegal Immigration
  82. We are Nican Tlaca, the Indigenous People !: middle east, born, immigrate - Illegal Immigration
  83. Germs and Viruses can be brought in too by Illegals…: medical, illegal immigrants - Illegal Immigration
  84. Without illegal immigration and cheap Chinese Imports we would have 1970s style inflation: illegal immigrants, fast food
  85. Watch Nightline now:: illegals, prison, president, - Illegal Immigration
  86. Oklahoma law concerning illegal immigrants: laws, activist, minutemen, work - Illegal Immigration
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  88. Poverty Stricken Immigrants flooding Italy at rates higher than America: born, illegal immigrants - Illegal Immigration
  89. News, The best-kept secret: Enforcement actually works.: illegal immigrants, laws, poll - Illegal Immigration
  90. News, Immigrant nannies, cooks often abused.: born, illegal immigration, Mexican, wages
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  93. How much Money being sent back to Mexico now?: drivers license, website, illegal aliens - Illegal Immigration
  94. News, Rancher sees benefit from a fence.: illegal, prison, Mexico - Illegal Immigration
  95. 30% of illegal workers test 'positive' for TB: born, illegal immigrants, christmas - Illegal Immigration
  96. Riots and crime will occur if employers fire illegal aliens in mass due to State Laws (e-verify): medical, visa - Illegal Immigration
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  102. Do you know that English is NOT the official language of the US: illegals, Spanish - Illegal Immigration
  103. Immigration chief suspended (after saying sorry) for 'offensive' costumes at her party: prison, American - Illegal Immigration
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  105. News, Criminals go to extremes to hide identities.: illegals, laws, Mexico - Illegal Immigration
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  117. Would a national ID help?: certificate, visas, drivers license, birth - Illegal Immigration
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  121. Will the world ever be ready to allow free flow of people?: Putin, immigrants - Illegal Immigration
  122. Nearly One Million Sex Crimes Committed by Illegal Immigrants: license, laws, interviews - Illegal Immigration
  123. News, An illegal immigrant is in jail without bond after he allegedly hit a Conroe woman crossing.: medical, illegals - Illegal Immigration
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  126. Immigration and Affirmative Action: illegal immigration, employment, immigrate, Republican
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  129. Los Angeles is GONE. LA Times says blacks must go.: born, illegal immigration
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  188. news, Miss. group says Klan is wrong messenger in fight against illegal immigration.: campaign, highway
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