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  1. Need advice from people who have grown cactus.: growing, south, freeze - Garden
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  5. Better Homes and Gardens Patio Set .: spring, purchase, winter
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  8. FREE subscription to Organic Gardening Magazine: violet, price
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  12. South Georgia Spiders and Ant Infestation: exterminator, bugs, cat, trees - Garden
  13. Lawn Service: green lawn, grass, back yard, weeds - Garden
  14. Safe ivy?: growing, city, Boston, Charleston - Garden
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  16. Ferns in Wildflower garden: flower, hostas, how to, leaves
  17. What can i do?: flowers, grown, nursery, plants - Garden
  18. Winter Aconite - Containment???: flowers, lawn, grow, 2014 - Garden
  19. What to do with old Pine Bark Mulch: lawn, landscaping, manure - Garden
  20. Does know?: trees, birds, house - Garden
  21. News, Ark. man digging in garden unearths cannonball.: neighbor, Virginia, home
  22. My Rose Garden: grow, Rose Bushes, spring, city
  23. marigolds for morning sun: flowers, grow, front yard, northern - Garden
  24. Garden virgin- help!: Hydrangea, spring, planting, summer
  25. Happy Earth Day!!!!!: palms, trees, vines, vegetables - Garden
  26. Weed-n-Feed: lawn, growing, grass, yard - Garden
  27. used the Hound Dog Weed Hound Weeder? DANDELION REMOVAL: grow, grass - Garden
  28. Need suggestions for year round color in landscape.: flowers, grow, Dogwood - Garden
  29. Mystery Daffodils: flowers, grow, tree, squirrel - Garden
  30. wasp traps: insect, yard, spring, fruit - Garden
  31. Somebody help me: grow, concrete, frost, plant - Garden
  32. Shade loving plant - what is it?: growing, violet, perennials - Garden
  33. What kind of shrub is this?: flowers, backyard, spring, fruits - Garden
  34. Good soil for flower gardens: flowers, growing, fertilizers, manure
  35. Levelling the ground: grass, back yard, cut, best - Garden
  36. Lawn building advice?? (Fertilizing, seeding, mold killing): growing, grass, trees - Garden
  37. Is the maple tree dead?: landscaping, backyard, fencing, summer - Garden
  38. What Is Best and Most Effective Way to Remove Quackgrass?: flowers, lawn - Garden
  39. help me kill Dallis Grass...: lawn, growing, trees, vines - Garden
  40. You just never know....: grown, plant, sale, best - Garden
  41. Orange trees & succulent ground cover: weed, water, San Diego, mulch - Garden
  42. Purple Martin House: flowers, growing, Clematis, 2014 - Garden
  43. Chinch bugs?: insect, pets, dogs, natural - Garden
  44. tomato plants: flowers, lawn, grown, fertilizers - Garden
  45. mailbox plants: grow, Clematis, autumn, nursery - Garden
  46. Bluestone Perennials: nursery, plants, sale, price - Garden
  47. What is this plant/bush?: landscaping, hostas, yard, weeds - Garden
  48. How do I start/plant bamboo cuttings in the southwest?: grow, plants - Garden
  49. Apple tree fungus?: landscape, trees, squirrel, front yard - Garden
  50. What kind of tree is this?: fruit, growth, bush, water - Garden
  51. ground cover advice needed: flowers, lawn, growing, Ground Covers - Garden
  52. Yellow Daisies: plant, perennials, seed, new - Garden
  53. How to keep hydrangeas blue: flowers, grow, yard, nursery - Garden
  54. Seeking pest control & rotten tree advice!: grass, trees, insects - Garden
  55. Garden weeds seen from space: crops, new
  56. Garden in zone 8: flowers, landscaping, growing, flowering trees
  57. caladiums: flowers, grown, hostas, squirrel - Garden
  58. Flowers for the inexperienced gardener: grow, grass, Ivy, tomatoes
  59. Need help with landscape design - bushes: flowers, Arborvitae, trees - Garden
  60. Stop squirrel digging: landscape, growing, cats, trees - Garden
  61. Worm from garden soil indentification: flower, bug, trees, tomato
  62. Seeking advice: lawn, trees, front yard, planting - Garden
  63. Uh oh, did I just kill my Clematis?: flowers, growing, Hydrangea - Garden
  64. What are seedlings?: grown, leaves, plants, pepper - Garden
  65. Has Planted Stevia?: grow, leaves, frost, planting - Garden
  66. Lily of the Valley: flowers, growing, north, south - Garden
  67. help for gas trimmer: grass, buy, bush, cutting - Garden
  68. Another what plant is this: flower, trees, leaves - Garden
  69. How do you keep squirel away from your garden?: flowers, squirrel, backyard
  70. Pine Straw in DE: weeds, leaf, weed, bulb - Garden
  71. Horsetail--eradication, eviction, destruction, extermination....whatever: landscaping, south, pets, weed - Garden
  72. Homemade Aqua Globe or other self-watering devices: cut, planter, ground - Garden
  73. Stuttgarter onions?: grown, vegetables, planting, eat - Garden
  74. News, Resonant voices may turn on plants.: flowers, tomato, leaf - Garden
  75. Sloe Berries: tree, plants, sale, invasive - Garden
  76. Its getting too tall! Corn Plant: growing, grass, vegetables, city - Garden
  77. Free Basil Seeds: grown, tomato, violet, plants - Garden
  78. Soil hardiness: growing, spring, azaleas, cold - Garden
  79. Dwarf Cavendish: grown, winter, bananas, outside - Garden
  80. HARDY Palm Growing - Fan AND Feather Leaf: palms, backyard, north - Garden
  81. curving Southern Live Oak?: growing, trees, spring, north - Garden
  82. Powdery Mildew on Peonies: trees, leaves, plants, water - Garden
  83. Flood Irrigation questions: vegetable, planting, summer, watering - Garden
  84. Rhododendron expertise?: spider, grow, violet, spring - Garden
  85. Star Magnolia: trees, nursery, plants, winter - Garden
  86. Bird nests: cats, trees, leaves, birds - Garden
  87. Cover peony during freeze?: Dogwood, peonies, trees, veggies - Garden
  88. How to grow pumpkin: growing, bugs, manure, grass - Garden
  89. Scotts or Commercial Fertilize job: lawns, fertilizing, grass, lawn - Garden
  90. Didja ever try Prickly Pear Cactus as a Veg?: crape, tomatoes, weeds - Garden
  91. Seed Trading on the Internet for almost FREE!!!!!: growing, Fruit Trees, containers - Garden
  92. Our 'lawn' has no grass: flowers, lawns, landscape, growing - Garden
  93. Plants and Freezing Weather: tree, hostas, leaves, frost - Garden
  94. Does Have a Saltwater Spa or Pool?: chlorine, ground, maintenance - Garden
  95. They're baaaaaaack!: spring, north, cold, summer - Garden
  96. Tomatoes not developing on the inside?: growing, palm, plant, water - Garden
  97. boston ferns: freeze, plant, planter, Florida - Garden
  98. feel overwhelmed by disaster property-what to do???: lawn, landscape, growing - Garden
  99. News, Vegetable gardens growing in popularity.: lawn, violet, backyard, south
  100. New seeds: flower, nursery, northern, cold - Garden
  101. Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter.: growing, strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers - Garden
  102. Climatis & a mail box: flowers, growing plants, Clematis, vines - Garden
  103. bitter green peppers?: water, new, year, lime - Garden
  104. USDA Web Soil Survey: violet, how to, plant, water - Garden
  105. Goji berry: growing, cat, planting, prune - Garden
  106. Bean pole teepee: grow, trees, containers, vines - Garden
  107. A Weed - Spike-Like: flower, growing plants, hostas, backyard - Garden
  108. I hate mice: cat, mower, spring, how to - Garden
  109. elevated veggie gardens: landscape, spring, city, plants
  110. Trees and watering: landscape, growing, fertilizer, yard - Garden
  111. Weed: lawn, fertilizer, grass, yard - Garden
  112. Does know the name of this Southern California vine?: flowers, grow - Garden
  113. Opinion about battery-operated Neuton lawn mower?: grass, yard, weeds, city - Garden
  114. How can I have successful seeding?: growing, grass, weeds, how to - Garden
  115. is my tree OK?: trees, yard, leaves, plant - Garden
  116. What is this, and should I keep it?: flowers, landscape, growing - Garden
  117. help my dogwood: grass, magnolia, trees, ants - Garden
  118. Fine hairy roots: flower, growing, grass, trees - Garden
  119. Sunny knockout redeems its good name: flowers, growing, containers, yard - Garden
  120. Cherry Laurels and Dogwoods: tree, containers, violet, squirrel - Garden
  121. Is government trying to get into gardening?: growing, tomatoes, backyard
  122. What types of Hydrangea have green flowers?: hydrangeas, vegetables, spring - Garden
  123. Shrubs for shade garden: flowers, growing, cilantro, trees
  124. had luck with the Topsy Turvy tomato plant thing?: grown, tomatoes - Garden
  125. Growing Large Watermelons: flowers, fertilizer, manure, vines - Garden
  126. A Thousand Daffodils: flowers, spider, trees, DayLilies - Garden
  127. What plant is this?: flowers, grown, Clematis, Dogwood - Garden
  128. Growing potatoes in containers: bugs, tomatoes, vegetables, pond - Garden
  129. Help with Gardenia: grow, Lilacs, spring, northern
  130. Garden Pictures.: growing, tomatoes, weeds, leaves
  131. Does have critters trying to nest in their potted plants?: flower, spiders - Garden
  132. Wascally Wabbits!!!: flowers, lawn, avocados, Hibiscus - Garden
  133. Killing/Preventing Bites of No See Um Pests: bug, Canada, north - Garden
  134. Planting fall bulbs in Spring? (zone 7b): spider, landscaping, grown - Garden
  135. Will fresh wood chips damage my plants?: Hydrangea, tree, hydrangeas - Garden
  136. pampas grass: lawns, spring, cold, planting - Garden
  137. vines that will make it in zone 2-3: grown, Clematis, Honeysuckle - Garden
  138. looking for a thick, fast growing vine.: Arborvitae, jasmine, vines - Garden
  139. What is this tree?: palm, cacti, plants, best - Garden
  140. Red Bud: growing, fertilizer, Dogwood, trees - Garden
  141. Preventing Deer From Eating Garden: grow, trees, solar, tomatoes
  142. Curious -- what do you do when you have to move?: flower, growing - Garden
  143. Pachysandra, ticks, and my dog: flower, green lawn, grow, Ground Covers - Garden
  144. Tilling: grow, grass, backyard, weeds - Garden
  145. What is this bush? (Floridians should know): flowers, landscape, grown - Garden
  146. Reliable company for mail order shrubs/trees?: palms, nursery, planting - Garden
  147. How to get rid of Ivy?: growing, vines, leaves, plants - Garden
  148. Knockout Rose Photos: iris, growing, fertilizing, crape - Garden
  149. Perennial Dianthus: flower, growing, cypress, violet - Garden
  150. Suggestions for Clematis companion?: flowers, growing, peony, DayLilies - Garden
  151. How Do I Get Rid of IVY Growing on Brick House (moved from NYC forum): flower, landscape - Garden
  152. HELP! I need Crape Myrtle advice!: flowers, growing, tree, myrtles - Garden
  153. Sweet Corn Spacing: grow, containers, vegetable, worms - Garden
  154. Topsy Turvy: good or bad?: grown, trees, containers, tomatoes - Garden
  155. Reusing soil from a potted plant.: grow, containers, solar, vegetables - Garden
  156. Dog pee spots in grass: lawn, grow, backyard - Garden
  157. No leaves in sight on my cornus this normal?: flower, growing - Garden
  158. What type of pine is this?: growing, trees, cactus, north - Garden
  159. Help: flowers, landscape, grass, Ivy - Garden
  160. When do the trees green up in the Spring in your hometown?: weeping cherry, flower - Garden
  161. can tell me what shrub/bush this is?: flowers, butterflies, trees - Garden
  162. Rose Questions: flowers, growing, peonies, Canada - Garden
  163. Zone 4 Hydrangea: hydrangeas, yard, spring, leaves - Garden
  164. what to do about cat....?: cats, snakes, back yard, plants - Garden
  165. Allergy problems from what flowers?: lawn, landscape, Dogwood, Hibiscus - Garden
  166. Where'd my tulips go ???????: flower, squirrel, spring, plants - Garden
  167. Bird feeding photography experiment: lawn, northern, fast, summer - Garden
  168. Small Blue Spruce tree turning brown!: grown, trees, spring, south - Garden
  169. Carpenter Bees!!!: insects, spring, sweet, eating - Garden
  170. Are weeds?: flowers, growing, magnolia, butterfly - Garden
  171. Green peppers: growing, apple trees, tomato, planting - Garden
  172. Growing tomatoes upside down, done it?: flowers, bugs, trees - Garden
  173. Moles?: grass, insects, vegetable, worms - Garden
  174. Shrub lubbers unite: growing, grass, Ornamental Grasses, tree - Garden
  175. - Flowering cherry trees: weeping cherry, flowers, growing, grass - Garden
  176. Foxes howling: backyard, south, animals, fast - Garden
  177. My sunflowers :(: flower, growing, cats, front yard - Garden
  178. Dumb vegetable gardening .: flowers, growing, tomatoes, cucumbers
  179. DIY Landscaping? Need advice: flower, lawn, growing, manure - Garden
  180. Garden has hard crust!??: fertilizer, grass, veggies, weeds
  181. Starting a garden - necessary tools: lawn, irrigation, grown, bugs
  182. Where can you buy diatomaceous earth?: grow, fertilizer, bugs, containers - Garden
  183. I planted 200 flower seeds....only 1 grew!: flowers, iris, grow, fertilizer - Garden
  184. Virginia Creeper: landscape, growing, Ivy, trees - Garden
  185. What are: flowers, violet, yard, leaves - Garden
  186. Plant Exchanges over the Internet: grow, Dogwood, plants, bulb - Garden
  187. using compost: flowers, lawn, landscaping, grow - Garden
  188. Daffodils without flowers :-(: trees, DayLilies, yard, north - Garden
  189. Sudden death of willow tree: lawn, irrigation, bugs, grass - Garden
  190. Transplanting bulbs: flower, landscaping, Lilacs, vines - Garden
  191. tomato-stealing bichon: tomatoes, plants, dogs, eat - Garden
  192. Bush clematis: flowers, grown, year - Garden
  193. Ornamental Onions: year - Garden
  194. Cherry Blossom as a mulch: tree, large, year, acidic - Garden
  195. Need advice: Tomato/Cuke in same container: grow, fertilizer, leaves - Garden
  196. News, Thousands flock to Washington for cherry blossom festival. - Garden
  197. Yellow Plants in the California Desert: flowers, growing, bugs, butterfly - Garden
  198. Crocus as Winter Lawn in Phoenix: growing, mowing, spring, bulb - Garden
  199. Share your veggie garden pics?: flower, gardening
  200. Brick or cement wall in your garden...: strawberries, vines, tomatoes