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  1. Grass: stomach, diet, odor, fertilizer - Dogs
  2. Update on my 12 year old Boston Terrier (who peed all over my house)...: cataracts, skin - Dogs
  3. Vectra 3D verses Comfortis: vet, ears, year - Dogs
  4. Dog scratching a lot, biting one spot on belly and it's red: clean, vet - Dogs
  5. Video, This is one Smart dog, the smartest dog in the world.: best, ears - Dogs
  6. Hurt doberman in La- help!: bite, vet, treatment, rescue - Dogs
  7. Good source for Haloween costumes?: adult, store, home, animal - Dogs
  8. have experience with Cushing's?: vet, black, surgery, treatment - Dogs
  9. News, Oldest dog Otto, nearly 21, still jumps on sofa.: breed, ears, average - Dogs
  10. High protein dog food causing farts?: border collie, allergy, vet, diet - Dogs
  11. Baxter - Dogs
  12. Video, HALO THE POOL PLAYING DOG.: outside - Dogs
  13. dog flu?: bulldogs, terriers, train, infections
  14. Best Dog Costumes: people - Dogs
  15. Cutest couple ever!: adopt, shelters, home, owner - Dogs
  16. What a brave dog...RIP Chief...: ears, Florida, animal, mean - Dogs
  17. News: Walking with shelter dogs better than friends for seniors: how much, shepherd
  18. One of my adopted dogs is a hero!!!: pitbull, adoption, home
  19. New doxie foster dog: housebreak, adoption, kennel, neutered - Dogs
  20. Can I use Advantage more often than once a month?: vet, treatment - Dogs
  21. Holiday decorations dogs and especially puppies - non abuse sad content: chew, home
  22. My Next Dog: shepherd, clean, teeth, adopt - Dogs
  23. Severe Separation Anxiety?: how much, vet, barking, black - Dogs
  24. News, Ventura County Police Dog Accidentally Inhales Meth.: veterinarian, german, year - Dogs
  25. Dog nips out of excitement: biting, toy, wound, aggressive - Dogs
  26. funny halloween story- brother's dogs ate pop rocks: doxie, ears, chocolate
  27. Free pet poison control number: vet, black, eating, Kansas - Dogs
  28. News, Dog saves family from fire after detectors fail.: border collie, shepherd, barking - Dogs
  29. Canine influenza: vet, symptoms, reactions, kennel - Dogs
  30. The newest to the crew: shepherd, terrier, adopt, neutered - Dogs
  31. Dog Bladder Stones??: yorkie, vet, black, train - Dogs
  32. warning about wire crates: training, kennels, pup, legs - Dogs
  33. Dogs that bark non-stop...: barking, training, symptoms, outside
  34. can a prey driven type of dog (ie:terrier) learn NOT to chase prey?: pitbull, chihuahua - Dogs
  35. News, Man rescues stray dog, but ends up with 10 pooches.: rescue, adopt - Dogs
  36. are you tired of my stupid dog questions s another one...: walk, ears - Dogs
  37. Ringo and Lucy: puppy, food, protein, eat - Dogs
  38. Low/No Cost Spay/Neuter clinics by state: training, solution, Utah - Dogs
  39. Help. Puppy is aggressive with small dogs: boxer, bite, vet
  40. Vet confirmed Horner's Disease: symptoms, testing, cancer, people - Dogs
  41. Alternative to Prednisone?: allergic, biting, vet, pomeranian - Dogs
  42. ? about care of a Shih Tzu: outside, solution, keep, year - Dogs
  43. Sharing: how much, collie, kids, cats - Dogs
  44. Home Again membership?: best, shelter, keep, implant - Dogs
  45. african painted dog pups at my local zoo: adopting, rabies, puppies - Dogs
  46. Nina Ottosson Plastic Dog Tornado: toy, pugs, best, ears - Dogs
  47. A Fosters concern ..: English Bulldog, yorkie, bite, vet - Dogs
  48. Need advice - naughty golden: vet, toy, collies, bones - Dogs
  49. love dogs..need help: breeders, rescue, kennel, neutered
  50. Strays to the Rescue - Dogs
  51. This picture is ADORABLE!: natural - Dogs
  52. help amazing aussie rescue: boxers, vet, breeding, adopted - Dogs
  53. Unleashed indoor dog park: pitbulls, outside, problems, home - Dogs
  54. Dog Names Votings for my 2 future Dogs: shih tzu, toy, breeding
  55. Interactive chocolate chart: how much, vet, pugs, effects - Dogs
  56. Service Dogs ??: labradoodle, spaniel, train, noise
  57. Stupid Pet Tricks - Dogs
  58. Woho found Sarge a forever home!: rescues, adoption, shelter, work - Dogs
  59. News, Boxer owner ordered to stand trial on animal cruelty charges.: hair, man - Dogs
  60. News, Life in dog years: Many pets living longer: lab, terrier, biting - Dogs
  61. Deadly dog flu is spreading: veterinary, symptoms, American, - Dogs
  62. 10 years ago at the humane society: pitbulls, training, adopted, cross - Dogs
  63. Pitbull ban squashed - Dandridge, TN: aggressive, rescue, adopted, best - Dogs
  64. Man used wheelchair to drag slain puppy: boxer, biting, year - Dogs
  65. Haha, Harper crying to take his bone out...: outside, work, behavior - Dogs
  66. Can I file a pet insurance claim? (Shelter Care): clean, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  67. Dog bad dream: barking, paws, puppy, outside - Dogs
  68. Vaccination: cough, kennel, rabies, puppies - Dogs
  69. News, Jackson kids make 2-legged dog their cause.: rescue, Los Angeles, animal - Dogs
  70. Video, Saint Bernard Harasses Students At Bus Stop.: bite, vet, skin - Dogs
  71. dog care: animal, information - Dogs
  72. dogs going nuts after a bath: clean, skin, puppy, outside
  73. Brownie Girl Who Had The Lipoma Surgery In July: how much, bulldog, vet - Dogs
  74. Puppy rewind: shepherd, poop, toy, housebreak - Dogs
  75. What breed is this dog?: people, doggie - Dogs
  76. Tax Breaks for PETS!!: rescue, euthanize, kids, shelter - Dogs
  77. Riding With Dogs.: barking, skin, westie, children
  78. This is an outrage!: vet, barking, train, collies - Dogs
  79. So I was told by my vet and pet sitter that my dog is sensitive: lab, bulldogs
  80. do transport?: rescue, euthanize, pups, best - Dogs
  81. Mutts: lab, bulldogs, boxer, beagle
  82. does have a radio type containment system?: shepherd, lab, chihuahua - Dogs
  83. Dog Keeps Getting Ticks - Revolution Doesn't Seem To Work. Ideas?: fleas, kennels - Dogs
  84. Congestive heart failure - how does it end?: terrier, chihuahua, vet - Dogs
  85. WHY does my puppy do this? WHY?!: clean, poop, breeders - Dogs
  86. We've adopted a Dachshund!: doxie, kids, weight, ears - Dogs
  87. Pit Bulls and Parolees...: pitbulls, terrier, breeder, rescue - Dogs
  88. What Bandit has taught me: lab, vet, rescue, adopted - Dogs
  89. honesty about your dogs: poodle, terrier, English Mastiff, rottweilers
  90. Dog was bitten by ants :(: how much, allergy, bite, vet - Dogs
  91. Dave Turns One......: shepherd, clean, cleaning, paws - Dogs
  92. I forgot what puppies are like... the panic set in!: vet, housebreak - Dogs
  93. Moments with Baxter -- break out the tissues for a beautiful story: year, bought - Dogs
  94. Dog Humor: best, cats, eating, hairs - Dogs
  95. Dog odor in home: skin, pups, cats, carpet - Dogs
  96. should I crate my dog while I'm at home?: chew, safe, senior - Dogs
  97. OT..PET peeve...: bite, barking, aggressive, skin - Dogs
  98. New and have a concerning small dog: chihuahua, bite, vet - Dogs
  99. Help with guard dog choices that are loving dogs: pitbulls, labrador, rottweilers
  100. Need suggestions about barking dogs: lab, legal, food, shelter
  101. ---No Graphic Titles: rescue, neuter, best, eating - Dogs
  102. For the love of a dog....: rescued, neighbors, keep, elderly - Dogs
  103. There should be a dog rental service! :): shelter, walk, - Dogs
  104. a little vent about pet owners: how much, pomeranian, children - Dogs
  105. Meet our Calendar Girl!: retriever, skin, diet, rescue - Dogs
  106. Can a dog not like a certain person's ethnicity?: boxers, biting, barking - Dogs
  107. Retraining a dog to not sleep in my bed: how much, clean, train - Dogs
  108. Strange encounter at the dog park: bulldog, breeding, barking, aggressive - Dogs
  109. Fear of dogs: labrador, clean, aggressive, cleaning
  110. What Breed of Dog is this?: bullmastiff, English Mastiff, cross, weight - Dogs
  111. dog and cats sometimes spit up yellow bile: clean, vet, stomach - Dogs
  112. If I Didn't Have a Dog: how much, poop, veterinarians, rescued - Dogs
  113. Merrick puppy food: $26 for 15#, is that about right?: how much, costs, bones - Dogs
  114. Artie's poop!!!: how much, vet, stomach, chewing - Dogs
  115. Do you have a raincoat for your dog?: labs, skin, doxie - Dogs
  116. Fattening up Kota.: vet, aggressive, rescue, bones - Dogs
  117. Training Treats: bulldogs, train, bones, chew
  118. Pets can catch Swine Flu!!: retrievers, vet, train, canine - Dogs
  119. my vet said Sugar was a pit mix, anything special I need to know?: boxers, terrier - Dogs
  120. Rescue folks - let's see them fosters!: shepherd, lab, poodle - Dogs
  121. Need of Your BRILLIANT Suggestions: border collie, labs, clean - Dogs
  122. Gas...worse with older/middle aged dogs?: shepherd, bulldog, poop
  123. My dog hates certain breeds of dogs: pitbulls, how much, lab
  124. where did you get your dog?: shepherd, labrador, schnauzer, breeder - Dogs
  125. Dog getting fixed, need advice: how much, lab, bulldog, boxers - Dogs
  126. Moving a dog to the Caribbean: lab, retrievers, skin, costs - Dogs
  127. Update on my dog (red patch).: vet, skin, training, teeth - Dogs
  128. So...I've been thinking about adding to our family: wound, black, adopt - Dogs
  129. Dog urine.....sub flooring?: clean, treatment, odor, puppy - Dogs
  130. Can a country dog become a house dog?: clean, poop - Dogs
  131. Beesley made friends with a tick...: gagging, bite, clean, vet - Dogs
  132. Bad fleas!: bite, vet, cost, best - Dogs
  133. Clean dog is a happy dog... ok a clean dog just doesn't stink more :p: allergy, huskies - Dogs
  134. we go again: Yes... Artie's poop: vet, diet, food - Dogs
  135. Cost of Boarding: clean, vet, kennel, best - Dogs
  136. Dog ate tin foil: clean, poop, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  137. how much do dogs cost days?: poodles, terriers, vet
  138. Dog scared of dog house?!: chewing, paws, noise, food - Dogs
  139. experts on dog behavior out there?: labrador, barks, aggressive - Dogs
  140. Funniest Thing(s) Your Dog Does on a Regular Basis!: bulldog, clean - Dogs
  141. I think we failed the home visit :(: how much, vet, training - Dogs
  142. Sharpei behavior,food aggression..: aggressive, skin, teeth, rescue - Dogs
  143. JUMPING AND NIPPING (help): labs, bites, huskies, training - Dogs
  144. News, Foster dog dispute hits Internet.: cost, adoption, kennel, food - Dogs
  145. Dressing up our pets: cost, cross, shelter, ears - Dogs
  146. Does my Unknown Dog Breed needs a friend?: barking, train, adoption - Dogs
  147. So upsetting....: pitbulls, Staffordshire Terriers, golden retriever, aggressive - Dogs
  148. Can Humane Society Give address out legally???: legal, natural, breed - Dogs
  149. Dogula needs your vote: beagle, cats, test - Dogs
  150. How much cheese is too much cheese?: bulldog, poop, pups - Dogs
  151. Meet Buddy!: rescue, cost, kids, puppy - Dogs
  152. Whats the best way of getting rid of fleas, ticks & others on dogs??: pitbull, allergic
  153. Dogs Driving me Batty!: bite, toy, stomach, training
  154. After Hours/Emergency Care: how much, lab, vet, treatment - Dogs
  155. Flying with a dog: how much, shih tzu, vet, barking - Dogs
  156. Best sofa material for house with dogs??: clean, train, collies
  157. barking at out of place objects: shepherd, puppy, walk, adult - Dogs
  158. How do you train your dog not to jump on people??: retreiver, puppy - Dogs
  159. Phenylpropanolamine for a Dog - Opinion: labs, poop, vet - Dogs
  160. Restricted breeds *sigh*: chihuahuas, barking, huskies, beagles - Dogs
  161. Can of you guess my dog breed?: how much, terrier, vet - Dogs
  162. Help! What's this growth on my bloodhound's face??: labrador, tumors, vet - Dogs
  163. What do you think this puppy is?: rottweiler, science, collie - Dogs
  164. Need help...: allergic, vet, stomach, training - Dogs
  165. Help! Is this the sign of a stroke?: labrador, vet, treatment - Dogs
  166. Dry Food: allergic, poop, vet, husky - Dogs
  167. a big dog with 2 very little dogs?: shepherd, labrador, chihuahua
  168. Dachshunds & Serious Back/Spine Problems: vet, shaking, train, surgery - Dogs
  169. Where do I purchase bones (dog chews) made in usa: clean, poop - Dogs
  170. Tear Stains: vet, prescription, maltese, tylosin - Dogs
  171. American bulldog: pitbulls, pomeranian, aggressive, rescue - Dogs
  172. We are getting Sugar, the Boxer mix cutie pie!!: science, train, diet - Dogs
  173. prey drive toward small dogs? oh no...: border collie, chihuahua, bite
  174. Big dog-Little cat: cats, walk, attack - Dogs
  175. I adopted a 4 year old German Shepherd, I think I made a mistake.: bite, spaniel - Dogs
  176. Should I do this (last second hail mary) (adopt ANOTHER DOG): poodle, poop - Dogs
  177. Adopted pit bull obviously fought in the past-HELP!: pitbull, terriers, vet - Dogs
  178. Shedding Help: shepherd, shepherds, science, teeth - Dogs
  179. people dumping their dogs in the park: lab, vet, skin
  180. Canine Temperment Test: terrier, bullmastiff, rottweiler, vet - Dogs
  181. How much was your adoption fee?: vet, schnauzer, breeder, training - Dogs
  182. Natural Balance?: allergic, chihuahuas, barking, stomach - Dogs
  183. A confusion.....: lab, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  184. How to adopt a dog: lab, terriers, chihuahua, vet - Dogs
  185. Taste of the Wild Dog Food: lab, diet, problems, eating - Dogs
  186. help w/ this Catch 22 Problem!: aggressive, skin, training, adopted - Dogs
  187. Picking the right dog food for Lab: shepherd, labrador, vet - Dogs
  188. Ringo + New Puppy: how much, labrador, yorkie, bite - Dogs
  189. My First Few Professional Pictures: rescues, shots, ears, year - Dogs
  190. Rehoming a dog: how much, lab, biting, vet - Dogs
  191. Help me figure out what kind of breeds my rescue dog is: pitbull, how much - Dogs
  192. Micro chip - how old?: how much, vet, cost, adoption - Dogs
  193. Owner will not train dog: bite, huskies, cost, cough - Dogs
  194. My Leashed Dog Was Attacked By Unleashed Dog: shepherd, rottweiler, biting - Dogs
  195. Dog Strollers: skin, walk, weight, ears - Dogs
  196. Trainer Sue Sternberg~Will Be on a Radio Show~Sunday 10/11/09 For Working w/Dogs: veterinary, rescue
  197. for Canidae!: cheap, feeding, stop - Dogs
  198. Dog Toys Co-op - Dogs
  199. Wysong dog food recall - Dogs
  200. I never responded: normal - Dogs