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  3. I'm posting this link for one reason only: outside, man, beach - Dogs
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  12. Staph infection of the skin: allergy, vet, wound, allergies - Dogs
  13. No, puppy... the stairs move all by themselves - Dogs
  14. Don't get on your nice blue sweater (more pee humor): cross - Dogs
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  17. Epilogue - A Letter to My Dog - Dogs
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  19. Facebook helps reunite dog & owner - Dogs
  20. Finding a good doggie daycare: lab, clean, vet, pomeranian - Dogs
  21. Speaking of doggie daycares...: bite, clean, vet, skin - Dogs
  22. Medium to Large White Dog Breeds: pitbulls, shepherd, labrador, bulldogs
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  24. burial: labs, miniature, toy, adoption - Dogs
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  27. Dogs of Anarchy: yorkie, Hawaii, Boston, work
  28. Something to worry about - pythiosis: vets, rabies, ears - Dogs
  29. Potty Training vs Accidents: terriers, clean, train, dachshund - Dogs
  30. BBCA Reveals Show Pedigree Dogs Exposed: breeder, breed, people
  31. Recall: Blue Buffalo: symptoms, natural, puppy, best - Dogs
  32. Orijen 6-Fish Formula Feeder Reminder: best, food, cats, store - Dogs
  33. Blue Buffalo Food Recall: best, breed, adult, feeding - Dogs
  34. I can't imagine...: vet, rescued, ears, home - Dogs
  35. Yorkies and their teeth: clean, vet, cleaning, black - Dogs
  36. Comfortis: chihuahua, black, fleas, puppies - Dogs
  37. My dog has a crush on my neighbor: home, animal, yard - Dogs
  38. Dogs infested with unidentified!: vet, black, treatment, costs
  39. This is really happening: rescue, shelter, test, Idaho - Dogs
  40. Neighbor's Great Dane: barking, black, cross, outside - Dogs
  41. for dog trainers...: aggressive, train, rescue, adopted - Dogs
  42. War dog w/PTSD finds new home with family of fallen hero: labrador, wound - Dogs
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  44. Music for dogs: bites, year, stop, water
  45. Husky singing with auto-tune: normal, - Dogs
  46. Blue Picardy Spaniel: breeders, spaniels, breed, Canada - Dogs
  47. Does This Happen to ?: breeders, wound, pomeranian, training - Dogs
  48. Love (Faith) lost... and found again: Kansas, family - Dogs
  49. Do you ever wonder how a big dog can play with a little dog without hurting them.: shepherd, boxer - Dogs
  50. Reduced rate cataract removal.: terrier, vets, breeding, cataracts - Dogs
  51. worm problem: lab, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  52. Video, Dog Doesn’t Want To Shower, Plays Dead.: kennel, eating, year - Dogs
  53. Can Dogs Be Optimistic or Pessimistic?: train, mice, treatment, bones
  54. used VPI Pet Insurance??: veterinary, tooth, cross, work - Dogs
  55. Dog poop lights up dog park: test, California, Massachusetts, owner - Dogs
  56. Lost male Mini Pomeranian (Fontana - West Heritage): black, neutered, breed - Dogs
  57. Poodle gets needle after owner springs him from pound w/ lawnmower: rescue, shedding - Dogs
  58. miss jai's long lost cousin????: ears - Dogs
  59. NC State Vet School mistake could lead to change in animal law: how much, test - Dogs
  60. Crazy photo of my angel & devil: border collie, shepherd, black - Dogs
  61. HELP! My dog won't stop barking!: poodle, yorkie, best, walk - Dogs
  62. Hero Dogs of 9-11-01: paws, animals, work, prevent
  63. Treaty Park (Paws Dog Park): terrier, training, neutered, vaccines - Dogs
  64. EVERY home needs a Harvey...... - Dogs
  65. Need Cheap Yard Fence Ideas For Dogs: lab, beagle, cost
  66. Blood on my little dog's muzzle? HELP?: shih tzu, clean, vet - Dogs
  67. Urine Gone or Nature's Miracle: clean, black, odor, carpet - Dogs
  68. The best Animal Cops show: treatment, adoption, African, euthanize - Dogs
  69. Help, Dog is Scared of Cars: noise, pup, walk, neighbors - Dogs
  70. Crazy Pet Stunts: Simply Stupid or Death Wish?: eating - Dogs
  71. We need a happy story -- police SAVES dog: rescues, cross, shelters - Dogs
  72. Vet recommendation needed ASAP central CA: problems, home, California, San Jose - Dogs
  73. dog lovers & shaping mindsets (for lack of a better term): how much, skin - Dogs
  74. Bait dog story (what is wrong with people?): shepherd, stomach, puppy - Dogs
  75. Bringing in 2 more chihuahuas: breeders, pomeranian, black, rescue - Dogs
  76. Dog taught to smoke cigarette: allowed, animals, people - Dogs
  77. World's tallest dog meets smallest dog: hair, owner, coat - Dogs
  78. Jimmy Stewart's video about his dog Beau: husky, training, natural - Dogs
  79. Biting/Peeing: shepherd, boxer, shepherds, bite - Dogs
  80. Puppy wines and barks nonstop to come in the bed: barking, training - Dogs
  81. Proper way to lift a large dog protecting it's spine: vet, beagle - Dogs
  82. Bark Off or Similar Product: barking, train, cost, noise - Dogs
  83. How do I teach my dogs not to be scared or aggressive toward high energy dogs they encounter?: spaniel, pomeranian
  84. Friend's Beautiful Writing on Animal Rescue: vet, kennel, bird, puppies - Dogs
  85. New OK Go Awesome Video Is Full of Awesome Dogs: rescue, size
  86. 2 of our former fosters were returned :(: terrier, chihuahuas, treatment, beagles - Dogs
  87. Dog Reunited After 7 years: owner, work, people, stories - Dogs
  88. Allergic Reaction to flea bites. Poor thing: bite, vet, heartworms - Dogs
  89. Skip TV tonight and watch this story with a happy ending: rescued - Dogs
  90. What would you do?: clean, poop, outside, illegal - Dogs
  91. Neurotic Dilemma: lab, black, teeth, adopt - Dogs
  92. Holistic treatment for canine epilepsy?: boxer, bite, vet, diet - Dogs
  93. One eye oozing and more pink than the other: vet, allergies, infections - Dogs
  94. Concerned about neutered pup...: vet, spaniel, cocker, ears - Dogs
  95. Dog Says Grace: test - Dogs
  96. Is it right to put an agressive dog down what if you bred the dog?: breeder, aggressive - Dogs
  97. Neutering: Have You Ever Regreted: bites, clean, poop, train - Dogs
  98. Annual Dental Cleanings for your Canine buddy: shepherd, poodle, vet - Dogs
  99. If you are on facebook: legal, skin, months, sick - Dogs
  100. Dog diet problem: allergy, vet, prescription, skin - Dogs
  101. Can advantix cause severe diarrhea?: bulldog, boxer, stomach, black - Dogs
  102. If only dogs could talk: skin, best, outside, problems
  103. Fingers crossed - ingested a drawstring: lab, poop, vet, stomach - Dogs
  104. my local petland is discontinuing the sale of puppies and kittens!!: training, rescue - Dogs
  105. Found Puppy: what could she be: shepherd, labs, puppies, best - Dogs
  106. Training Suggestions???: shepherd, terrier, bite, barking - Dogs
  107. Craigslist can be soooo depressing: clean, breeders, rescue, odor - Dogs
  108. The Kitchen: natural, pup, food, protein - Dogs
  109. Happy Birthday Artie!!: poop, eating - Dogs
  110. obsessive licking of... me! why???: shih tzu, vet, aggressive, treatment - Dogs
  111. Tramadol?: ridgeback, shih tzu, rottweiler, poop - Dogs
  112. help me determine my dog breed: shepherd, miniature, pinscher - Dogs
  113. Hills Science Diet: clean, vet, teeth, chewing - Dogs
  114. Have you traveled with a dog and used Motel 6? Know of something better?: shepherd, clean - Dogs
  115. I need your advice: lab, vet, wound, black - Dogs
  116. Jesse is cool beans: clean, cleaning, training, adopt - Dogs
  117. Citronella collar to stop Artie's barkfest early in the morning: barking, rescue - Dogs
  118. Sleeping all night: lab, shih tzu, chihuahua, chews - Dogs
  119. Miss Abby is 2!: vet, adopted, failure, puppies - Dogs
  120. Is this how all police dogs are trained?: shepherd, bite, train
  121. How Much Does Your Dog Weigh: shepherd, bulldog, golden retriever, boerboel - Dogs
  122. Family offers reward, seeks pellet gun shooter who killed dog: spaniel, barking - Dogs
  123. Artie's not eating... (and it has nothing to do with him being finicky): poop, vet - Dogs
  124. Dog chewing up floor! And wall! And everything!?!!?: lab, clean, poop - Dogs
  125. AKC vs CKC: boxer, terrier, bite, vet - Dogs
  126. Does Your Dog have Allergies Too?: allergic, boxer, vet, prescription - Dogs
  127. A little help !: poop, black, odor, westie - Dogs
  128. Antlers: natural, chews, best, medium - Dogs
  129. Dreifus, GSD: shepherd, training, best, breed - Dogs
  130. Training dog not to chase: bulldog, train, adopted, foods - Dogs
  131. Dogs that get along with kids and cats: border collie, labs, bulldog
  132. 93 dogs killed by commercial breeder, USDA does nothing: boxers, breeders, huskies
  133. My Mastiff is sick: labs, vet, ears, keep - Dogs
  134. Neighbors dog pooping in our yard: sheltie, cross, best, walk - Dogs
  135. Dog Smell: vet, skin, diarrhea, allergies - Dogs
  136. Which male puppy name out of my of favorites do you like best?: terriers, black - Dogs
  137. Chase experienced his first...: shepherd, chew, ears, water - Dogs
  138. Things you never imagined you'd do...til you had dogs!: gagging, laser
  139. I need to find a home for my 12 week old Female Min Pin: breeder, rescue - Dogs
  140. 's dog have problems from Walmart's Ol Roy dog food?: lab, vet - Dogs
  141. Food Storage: cost, best, feeder, medium - Dogs
  142. We had a prison break this morning: wound, shaking, neighbors - Dogs
  143. Diabetic dog now blind-need advice, support, tips: vet, barking, prescription - Dogs
  144. Puppy Mills: breeders, teeth, treatment, rescued - Dogs
  145. Why is she breeding and not spaying! This makes me mad!: bulldog, vets - Dogs
  146. Artie took it like a man: shepherd, shepherds, bite, poop - Dogs
  147. Old dog - fussy eater: vet, teeth, symptoms, chew - Dogs
  148. SE Texas Ticks: vet, symptoms, fleas, natural - Dogs
  149. help identify mix puppy: border collie, shepherd, terriers, clean - Dogs
  150. Vet for allergies: allergic, biting, clean, breeders - Dogs
  151. Vet Visit Tonight- Coughing/Wheezing: shepherd, bulldog, allergy, terriers - Dogs
  152. K9 officer dies in line of fire - local paper questions funeral costs: how much, shepherd - Dogs
  153. Stick vacuum that can handle dog hair?: how much, clean, black - Dogs
  154. Unique dog tricks: shepherd, labrador, poop, toy - Dogs
  155. And they call themselves a rescue???: poodle, golden retriever, veterinary, breeders - Dogs
  156. Too high adoption fees: lab, vet, breeders, rescue - Dogs
  157. When people do not heed the 'Beware of Dog' sign: shepherd, bite - Dogs
  158. Burglar Animal Cruelty: symptoms, shots, outside, breed - Dogs
  159. Venting: rescue, puppies, food, shelter - Dogs
  160. Dazzle and HIS cat: toy, noise, best, cats - Dogs
  161. A Letter to My Dog: border collie, vet, spaniel, barking - Dogs
  162. Thinking of trying a MUZZLE: bite, aggressive, training, cats - Dogs
  163. have an older large dog with an ACL tear, not surgically repaired?: lab, golden retriever - Dogs
  164. Knowing when its time to let go...: bulldog, tumors, poop - Dogs
  165. Dog OCD (venting): lab, poop, train, sheltie - Dogs
  166. Stupid Pet Photos: best, sleep, cold - Dogs
  167. dog food problems.: allergy, boxer, poop, vet - Dogs
  168. how do you punish your pooch: bite, barking, training, kids - Dogs
  169. Oh, yes, you guessed it... Artie's poop!: vet, diet, chew - Dogs
  170. Dog owners and barking...: lab, clean, poop, legal - Dogs
  171. Should I re-home my rescue Sheltie: shepherd, clean, vet, barking - Dogs
  172. Dogs being tortured -- Should I report it?: vet, barking, legal
  173. Small dog was bitten in neck last night.: clean, vet, wound - Dogs
  174. New dog....: skin, diet, beagle, kennel - Dogs
  175. Does your dog know when you are sick?: how much, shepherd, lab - Dogs
  176. For in rescue, in way, shape or form....: poodle, vet - Dogs
  177. Is your dog a stasher ?: spaniel, bones, chew - Dogs
  178. Flying with the dog - Advice: miniature, vet, rescue, kennel - Dogs
  179. Vestibular Syndrome - does your dog have this?: labs, golden retriever, poop - Dogs
  180. KAI KEN DOG - have one?: breeders, black, rescue - Dogs
  181. Ocean Chews: vet, cost, best, store - Dogs
  182. Sad reminder of time: terrier, husky, skin, treatment - Dogs
  183. Should we adopt a second dog?: border collie, vets, aggressive, cataracts - Dogs
  184. Amazing New Chewy: chews, pups, best, year - Dogs
  185. Sticking my toe in the water: lab, poop, stomach, bones - Dogs
  186. Getting a new dog- and renting: lab, vet, cost, adopted - Dogs
  187. Coyotes and dogs...: chihuahua, cost, outside, medium
  188. Dog vomiting: shepherd, lab, allergy, vet - Dogs
  189. I am totally screwed: natural, food, cats, store - Dogs
  190. Puppy savy dog accessory: science, Los Angeles, reviews - Dogs
  191. CCL repair: surgery, ears, leash, year - Dogs
  192. News, Canine model has time to help others.: labrador, poodle, labradoodle - Dogs
  193. Everyone needs a Harvey (commercial funny) - Dogs
  194. Urgent Need for Foster Homes for 72 Beagles Coming to Raleigh, NC: rescue, beagle - Dogs
  195. Cyclosprine use it?: vet, pound - Dogs
  196. My friend's recent rescue videos - Dogs
  197. Good News, Poodle alerts owners to fire.: Minnesota, sleep - Dogs
  198. Need advice little dog sometimes getting aggressive with bigger dog: shepherd, poodle - Dogs
  199. Blind Dog can see again..kind of: science, plastic - Dogs
  200. Can Dogs Sense Your Mood: sick