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  11. Decrease or increase: vet, costs, test, diabetic - Dogs
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  17. Look at how big this German Shepherd Dog grew in only 8 months: shepherds, vet - Dogs
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  19. Like human, like puppy: Texas man with blind eye adopts one-eyed puppy: shepherd, adopt - Dogs
  20. Chinese medicine offers hope for this kind of cancer in dogs: food, ears
  21. He waited for you Shelter writes scathing letter to person who abandoned a dog: rescue, adoption - Dogs
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  30. The FIDO Project.Training dogs to be life savers: children, Georgia, people
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  35. Article on children, dogs, and management: aggressive, Great Dane, canine, attacks
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  37. San Diego Torn CCL: vet, skin, surgery, adopted - Dogs
  38. Arrow: shepherd, golden retriever, shepherds, aggressive - Dogs
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  43. Super Bowl Weenie Dog Races - Dogs
  44. man people suck sometimes: how much, boxers, chihuahuas, yorkie - Dogs
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  47. My dog ate poop.: stomach, prevent - Dogs
  48. Service dogs get own bathroom at major airport: outside, walk, grass
  49. how to get my daschund to shed weight fast?: how much, terrier, miniature - Dogs
  50. for Dogs: bulldog, vet, toy, barking
  51. Puppy's collar might have caused fire in home: Mississippi, hurt - Dogs
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  53. Dog won't jump anymore: chihuahua, vet, hurt - Dogs
  54. 9 year old lab/rottie with probable cancer diagnosis...: biting, vet, husky - Dogs
  55. Separation Anxiety When I Travel: border collie, biting, barks, training - Dogs
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  57. Eye boogers!: allergy, vet, skin, diet - Dogs
  58. Missing our Boxers!: pitbulls, skin, rescue, adopt - Dogs
  59. tried Neutricks with their senile seniors?: lab, vet, treatment - Dogs
  60. Sheltie mistakenly adopted by new family is back with original owner: border collie, collie - Dogs
  61. Now this is a REAL doghouse: pups, cage - Dogs
  62. New books!: vet, breeder, train, treatment - Dogs
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  68. Dog Fur Texture Changing: barks, science, teeth, rescue - Dogs
  69. My last day with Cerberus: how much, vet, shots, pup - Dogs
  70. Would a shiba inu be a good match fo anatolian shepherd?: yorkie, breeders - Dogs
  71. Lapaparoscopic spay: vet, surgery, outside, shelter - Dogs
  72. Discharge from eye: allergy, clean, vet, kennel - Dogs
  73. Wonderful Feel Good Story for West Coast Rescue: adoption - Dogs
  74. Victoria Stilwell: Should Dog Trainers Offer Guarantees?: training, problems, aggression - Dogs
  75. Old dog & cleaning up after him: training, adopted, dachshund - Dogs
  76. Pumpkin: border collie, how much, poop, vet - Dogs
  77. Homemade treat experiment: skin, training, tooth, cost - Dogs
  78. 8 year old dog: woke up to poop all over: vet, diet, diarrhea - Dogs
  79. 2nd Pet to Keep Dog Company While at Work: vet, barking, training - Dogs
  80. Let's not encourage this...: border collie, bites, collie, euthanize - Dogs
  81. Houla bullies, then nuzzles his brother: border collie, boxers, toy, barking - Dogs
  82. The dogs that protect Fairy Penguins
  83. Update on Obie: surgery, best, outside, walk - Dogs
  84. Stinky Fish Food: allergic, clean, skin, cost - Dogs
  85. Is this a bite or reaction?: vet, prescription, skin, diet - Dogs
  86. The hunter and the hunted: pups, safe, people - Dogs
  87. Daddy dog Hero saves his 10 puppies: rescue, humans, stories - Dogs
  88. Dog evolution: training, best, ears, Washington - Dogs
  89. Want another dog but have concerns.: train, chewing, children - Dogs
  90. Socializing and Barking: how much, bite, skin, train - Dogs
  91. Spindle cell tumor: bullmastiff, vet, cancer, year - Dogs
  92. Stubborn pupay won't potty train: clean, poop, puppies, outside - Dogs
  93. Blind, Sick, Elderly Dog Spends His First Christmas In A Loving Home: border collie, vet - Dogs
  94. Dog pooping in sleep need ideas for easy cleanup: shepherd, vet, training - Dogs
  95. All Military Service dogs will now be sent home upon retirement: work
  96. Woman who taped dogs mouth charged with animal cruelty: Cary
  97. Dog coughing advice needed: border collie, vet, heartworms, surgery - Dogs
  98. DROOL vs wood floors: lab, clean, adopted, puppy - Dogs
  99. Multiple squeak toys discovered in dog's belly: toy, aggressive, chew - Dogs
  100. Cooped up dogs?: schnauzer, toy, training, beagle
  101. A Dog Story with A Happy Ending: vet, wound, skin - Dogs
  102. Dog arthritis -- need advice,: shepherd, lab, laser, vet - Dogs
  103. a friend who adopted a dog: vet, cost, neutered, pup - Dogs
  104. What breed is this guy?: pitbulls, Staffordshire Terriers, vet, breeders - Dogs
  105. Needs a Job to Do: border collie, how much, shepherd, terriers - Dogs
  106. Leaving a dog home along for 12+ hours a day?: poodle, terrier, rottweiler - Dogs
  107. What kind of dog is this??: shepherd, boxer, Staffordshire Terrier, vet - Dogs
  108. attacks a dog before death: lab, bite, poop, vet - Dogs
  109. Close Encounter.....with a SKUNK!: shepherd, vet, barking, black - Dogs
  110. managed to stop counter surfing?: shepherd, train, children, effects - Dogs
  111. Do most male dogs mark in other people's houses?: border collie, shih tzu
  112. Dog Breed: border collie, shepherd, boxer, rottweiler - Dogs
  113. puppy tips?: border collie, how much, shepherd, shepherds - Dogs
  114. How long until new dog gets along with old dog: pitbull, how much - Dogs
  115. City auctiong dog instead of letting retired officerpartner buy him: how much, science - Dogs
  116. Someone gave avocado to my English Bulldog: bite, vet, diet - Dogs
  117. Our new dog is a complete NIGHTMARE.... I don't know what to do!!!!!: poop, train - Dogs
  118. Guess the Puppy Breed!: shepherd, terrier, husky, beagle - Dogs
  119. Yes or No: Pet insurance: vet, surgery, treatment, costs - Dogs
  120. Dog and Car: clean, cost, chewing, store - Dogs
  121. Puppy barks at every dog & person when on walks.: shepherd, barking - Dogs
  122. Think before you buy, people!: bulldogs, black, skin, neuter
  123. Active smart dog breed for city living - Border Collie, Toller, Aussie, Dalmatian, Pit Bull, Jack Russell? Help!: shepherd, labrador - Dogs
  124. Non-Barker: border collie, shepherd, labs, golden retriever - Dogs
  125. High Water Drinking & High Peeing ???: vet, symptoms, failure, food - Dogs
  126. 14 yr old BORDER COLLIE: vet, barking, treatment, rescue - Dogs
  127. My dog was bit: puncture wound: border collie, bite, clean, vet - Dogs
  128. Pit Bulls doing police work: pitbull, border collie, shepherd, boxers - Dogs
  129. Slow response from rescue organization: vet, breeders, prescription, adopt - Dogs
  130. Recommend Dog Food for Urinary Problems Without Chicken or Beef: bulldogs, allergic
  131. Dog (large breed) bed recommendations: allergic, vet, wound, cost - Dogs
  132. Why Are People Piercing And Tattooing Their Dogs?: illegal, weight, causes
  133. What breed is good for us?: shepherd, poodle, terrier, golden retriever - Dogs
  134. Doggie Daycare: how much, clean, vet, training - Dogs
  135. How many dogs do you have: border collie, lab, poodle, vet
  136. 20 years for dog fighting: bones, cross, food, illegal - Dogs
  137. what do dogs want?: toy, chew, cross, food
  138. service dog training and: how much, vets, breeders, train - Dogs
  139. Over weight dog. What worked for you?: daschund, vet, wound - Dogs
  140. Boarding a Dog for 3 weeks: border collie, toy, barking, collie - Dogs
  141. foster fail: lab, training, rescue, allergies - Dogs
  142. How to pick a dog from a shelter?: pitbull, poop, vet - Dogs
  143. Was it a right thing to have my dog uthanized?: vet, skin - Dogs
  144. i just want to scream at people: breeder, legal, skin - Dogs
  145. How many dogs have you owned and would you own thier breed(s) again?: border collie, shepherd
  146. Golden Retriever Refusing to go on walks: vet, train, diet - Dogs
  147. Rude to bring your dog to someone's house without asking?: shepherd, chihuahua - Dogs
  148. If you use marijuana foods keep it away from the dog.: doxie, effects - Dogs
  149. Insulin Resistance: vet, skin, diet, cost - Dogs
  150. New deaf puppy: pitbull, bite, toy, skin - Dogs
  151. Bloodhound goes out to potty- winds up running half marathon race!: train, bird - Dogs
  152. A Chirsmas Puppy Shock.......: ears, home, neighbors, year - Dogs
  153. Dog had a nightmare?: shaking, noise, ears, normal - Dogs
  154. Post your pup's 2015 Xmas pictures!: lab, bulldog, pups, American - Dogs
  155. Fleas and ticks in rural area: shepherd, lab, clean, vet - Dogs
  156. Dogs excessive humping?: terrier, rescue, neutered, maltese
  157. The Truth About Amish Puppy Mills: vet, adopt, puppies, illegal - Dogs
  158. Kicking Up Dirt: lab, terrier, poop, children - Dogs
  159. should puppies be allowed to bite?: poodle, terrier, retriever, vets - Dogs
  160. My Dog follows me everywhere? Does she want to or does she feel obligated?: border collie, vet - Dogs
  161. Out-of-State Adoptions - Questions: poodles, clean, vet, breeder - Dogs
  162. Safe salt on ice for dogs?: paws, dachshund, best, walk
  163. Anatolian Shepherd puppies 4 weeks old: vet, children, breed, ears - Dogs
  164. Unbelievable stupidity: pitbull, how much, chew, puppy - Dogs
  165. Got bitten by a dog today: ridgeback, how much, bite, clean - Dogs
  166. The best dog breed for a family?: border collie, boxer, retriever - Dogs
  167. A reminder about Ham and dogs: how much, retriever, bites, diet
  168. What breeds do you see in this dog?: shepherd, black, adopted - Dogs
  169. Why you should never try to rehome your dog on Craig's List: how much, vet - Dogs
  170. Pet sitting BAD untrained labs.: barking, training, chew, best - Dogs
  171. Puppy: how much, allergy, vet, training - Dogs
  172. Bull Terrier Agression: vet, aggressive, stomach, skin - Dogs
  173. Can you recommend a good coat or jacket for small dogs?: poodle, clean
  174. New Puppy woes: clean, poop, vet, breeder - Dogs
  175. 2 year old Labrador suspected bone tumour: tumors, vet, wound, aggressive - Dogs
  176. Dog is having dirreah and vomiting: clean, vet, stomach, diarrhea - Dogs
  177. Should my dog be in an apt or house when in a blizzard?: poop, vet - Dogs
  178. Dog owners, is it worth the financial savings and hassle to live in and apartment/condo vs a detached home with a yard?: labs, poop - Dogs
  179. Taking your dog out to potty in 1-2 feet of snow.: poop, training - Dogs
  180. Moving my special puppy long distance-need guidance: shepherd, vet, breeder - Dogs
  181. Ever had a dog that doesn't bark?: bulldogs, poodle, chihuahua
  182. Yummy Dog Treats???: skin, natural, kids, food - Dogs
  183. Math Help: vet, cost, cross, breed - Dogs
  184. Pet bed/lounge: shepherd, yorkies, toy, rescues - Dogs
  185. Should I board my dog? Pet sitter? Stay with a friend?: vet, kennels - Dogs
  186. I'm walking my dogs and a dog gets out: bite, science, black
  187. I just emailed a foster about a dog.: breeders, rescue, adopt - Dogs
  188. Senior dog does not shiver. Does she need a coat?: vet, toy - Dogs
  189. Ever Had a Shiba Inu?: clean, breeders, aggressive, training - Dogs
  190. need help understanding ettiquette: clean, poop, train, rescued - Dogs
  191. a third dog....a German Shepherd: how much, lab, aggressive - Dogs
  192. Why the man who bred the first Labradoodle regrets it now: goldendoodle, cross - Dogs
  193. Bravo Recalls Select Chicken and Turkey Pet Foods Because of Salmonella: medium, liver - Dogs
  194. Dog goes for pee,ends up running 1/2 Marathon: puppy, dental, owner - Dogs
  195. Service Dog calms bride - Dogs
  196. Autism therapy dog returns home: yard, family - Dogs
  197. OTC anti-itch/soothing topical ointment?: treatment, infections, yeast, ears - Dogs
  198. How Dogs See with Their Noses- Alexandra Horowitz: canine, work
  199. Salt Dough Ornaments can be Deadly to dogs: kids
  200. Massage for Senior Dogs: cats, year, muzzle