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  1. English Bulldog Wrinkles Care: clean, vet, breeder, prescription - Dogs
  2. Saving Michael Vick's dogs: pitbulls, training, adopted, euthanize
  3. Shelter Dogs: lab, golden retriever, vet, toy
  4. The 6 Month Mark (Tons of Britches pics): aggressive, adopt, kids - Dogs
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  11. News, Lapdog Gnaws Off Sleeping Owner's Toe.: miniature, dachshund, year - Dogs
  12. Meet Winn-Dixie....i mean Louis!: bites, toy, rescues, breed - Dogs
  13. Cold Tail Syndrome or Cold Water Tail Syndrome: vet, symptoms, natural - Dogs
  14. . Heat and dogs is dangerous: shih tzu, bulldogs, terriers, rescues
  15. do dogs all of sudden become stupid?: how much, train, rescue
  16. Barking Early Morning: kids, noise, normal, neighbors - Dogs
  17. with Sentinel tablets for dogs?: vet, heartworms, costs
  18. 10 Weeks & Night Time Potty?: clean, poop, vet, train - Dogs
  19. 10 Week Check Up: vet, breeder, training, vaccines - Dogs
  20. Update on Jackson: vet, surgery, rescue, cross - Dogs
  21. Calling All Dog Lovers: Help Jackson a Flood Victim: vet, surgery - Dogs
  22. My furbaby Boston Terrier was attacked tonite-did i handle this right?: pitbull, boxer - Dogs
  23. link to coat color: aggressive, husky, black, cocker - Dogs
  24. APBT vs AST: pitbull, terrier, kennel, cross - Dogs
  25. what kind of breed is my terrier?: vets, spaniel, breeders - Dogs
  26. manic licking: how much, yorkie, chew, walk - Dogs
  27. Shots for Dogs: vet, training, rescue, symptoms
  28. How can I make my foster dog more comfortable: how much, bite, barking - Dogs
  29. Cute Video: boxers, puppy - Dogs
  30. NJ dog lovers... urgent home needed: puppy, shelter, ears - Dogs
  31. Excellent article on Grief and loss of a pet...: adult, home, keep - Dogs
  32. Best Friends Petition Encourages Obama to Adopt a Homeless Dog: work, family - Dogs
  33. Sculpture Dog Cake - CUTE!: how much, cost, work - Dogs
  34. Cocoa Mulch toxic to dogs: lab, cats, ears, eat
  35. Max and Millie: rescue, walk, ears, year - Dogs
  36. Fostering dogs: how much, boxer, clean, treatment
  37. Storm Defender Cape for storm anxiety: vet, training, rescue, chew - Dogs
  38. Dog yard in rural area?: border collie, lab, aggressive - Dogs
  39. Petition to encourage Obama to adopt his next family dog: rescue, best - Dogs
  40. JRT owners: yorkie, barking, pomeranian, rescued - Dogs
  41. Is this normal??: vet, breeder, wound, neuter - Dogs
  42. Teddie's Fun Filled Day: toy, barking, test, hair - Dogs
  43. Information For Dogs. TOXIC PLANTS FOR DOGS.: vet, skin, diarrhea
  44. Sing your dogs to sleep!: barks, puppy, ears,
  45. My Dogs are killing the grass -- Help!: border collie, golden retriever, black
  46. Favorite Dog Health & Nutrition Care Books: training, natural, vaccination - Dogs
  47. jusy got 3 yr old dog-not spayed and biting-help?: rescue, adopt, maltese - Dogs
  48. we've been busy but we haven't forgotten you all: vets, cost, kennel - Dogs
  49. 4th of July post: lab, kennel, outside, safe - Dogs
  50. Help!: terrier, vet, shaking, infection - Dogs
  51. FDA seizes dog food....: diet, Alabama, feeding, Illinois - Dogs
  52. No Kill Shelter --- Help Lexie the Aussie: border collie, shepherd, vet - Dogs
  53. News, Michigan Animal Shelter Euthanizes Wrong Dog.: ears, cage, Nashville - Dogs
  54. Help Is Needed For Important Dogs!!!: allowed, sold, work
  55. News, DNA tests sniff out mutts' breeding.: border collie, chihuahua, black - Dogs
  56. I'm new and was: prevent - Dogs
  57. My Dog Is Gone: vet, black, training, rescue - Dogs
  58. Looking for dog agility informtion ...: training, rescued, adopt, kennel - Dogs
  59. Intervertebral Disc: shih tzu, vet, stomach, symptoms - Dogs
  60. Urgent: Transport Needed from Charleston, WV to Lexington, KY: ridgeback, rescue, pups - Dogs
  61. Dog's Eye Problem: shepherd, lab, vet, treatment - Dogs
  62. VPI Pet insurance: vet, surgery, dachshund, problems - Dogs
  63. Swollen eye: allergic, poodle, bite, vet - Dogs
  64. Pit Bull Rescue/Atlanta, GA/DeKalb County: shepherd, vet, wound - Dogs
  65. Comedy, How Many Dogs Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?: border collie, shepherd
  66. Calling all creative people !: black, odor, bones, adopted - Dogs
  67. A Veterinarian cured me of taking my dog to future vets.: allergy, bite - Dogs
  68. do you recognize this kind of puppy? help): boxers, terrier, poop - Dogs
  69. The time has come; keep us in your thoughts: how much, clean - Dogs
  70. Your Rescued Dog Stories: border collie, shih tzu, terrier, rottweilers - Dogs
  71. *Update on Dubh* (lots of pics): how much, vet, wound, surgery - Dogs
  72. Would you have someone's dog put to sleep for biting your child?: shepherd, bite - Dogs
  73. Patellar Luxation: poodle, terrier, vet, toy - Dogs
  74. Siberian Huskies: how much, vet, kennel, cross - Dogs
  75. Favorite book about dogs and their relationships with their human owners?: training, best
  76. Changing dogs to outside only: labs, clean, black, skin
  77. Who hates...: pitbulls, shepherd, rottweilers, shepherds - Dogs
  78. leash training: train, adopted, noise, cross - Dogs
  79. tweezing ear hair -: shih tzu, poodles, clean, vet - Dogs
  80. Did you guys see this ...: home, allowed, people - Dogs
  81. Atlanta, GA Banned?: pitbull, allergic, stomach, adoption - Dogs
  82. heartworm: terriers, vet, heartworms, surgery - Dogs
  83. Puppy Liver Shunt - Very Sad: biting, vets, surgery, treatment - Dogs
  84. Best way to clean dog's teeth?: lab, bites, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  85. Recommended Bathing Products?: clean, skin, odor, natural - Dogs
  86. What's wrong with my dog?: chihuahua, patella, vet, surgery - Dogs
  87. New dog and water....: labrador, golden retriever, breeder, train - Dogs
  88. Changing dogs to completely outside dogs during the week?: labs, clean, cleaning
  89. Tracking chip for dogs?: pitbulls, poodle, boxer, vet
  90. Clipping nails...: vet, black, train, noise - Dogs
  91. Catahoula Leapord Dogs: shepherd, shepherds, barks, aggressive
  92. In a dogs world!: best, ears, eating, keep
  93. have Westie puppies/dogs?: how much, labs, terrier, patella
  94. Dogs Nail is hanging [HELP] [URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!]: vet, infections, vaccination, outside
  95. Crash course in Shih Tzus - Come In, TeddieX: how much, lab, poodle - Dogs
  96. Traveling with and w/o your dog?: how much, boxers, clean - Dogs
  97. help with personal experience: how much, vet, diet, beagle - Dogs
  98. do your dogs see you naked?: skin, stop, pound, family
  99. Can dogs have ADHD???: border collie, vet, breeder, barking
  100. Cost on Dental Cleaning for Dog?: bite, vet, surgery, teeth - Dogs
  101. Very Bad News my dog Gladys has died.: vet, best, ears - Dogs
  102. Need uick Advice On Dog Allergies - I Want Them To Keep Their Dog: labs, allergic - Dogs
  103. What's Your Favorite Breed Of Dog?: bulldogs, poodles, boxers, chihuahuas
  104. Over weight dogs: poop, vet, prescription, skin
  105. know what kind of dog this looks like: border collie, lab, bulldogs
  106. Can I do this without being sued???: vet, rabies, vaccination - Dogs
  107. Separation Anxiety: training, rescue, kennel, natural - Dogs
  108. Help, flea explosion! Hartz drops useless, will boric acid work?: allergic, bite - Dogs
  109. My dog is dying and may not survive the night: vet, collie - Dogs
  110. Britches went swimming!!!!: boxer, vet, rescue, beagle - Dogs
  111. We gave our dog to an elderly friend...and now we regret it!!!: how much, lab - Dogs
  112. Rimadyl: lab, allergic, boxer, vet - Dogs
  113. Shih Tzu/Chihuahua mix: clean, breeders, black, rescues - Dogs
  114. Kidney Failure in Mini Schnauzer: vet, skin, diet, infection - Dogs
  115. Dog questions.: biting, poop, vet, spaniel - Dogs
  116. anti anxiety med for getting groomed: bite, poop, vet, train - Dogs
  117. Banfield Animal Hospitals: shih tzu, clean, vet, schnauzer - Dogs
  118. News today on puppy mills: poodle, vet, breeding, stomach - Dogs
  119. Dog lost it's companion.: cataracts, skin, rescued, adopted - Dogs
  120. Pure Bred Dog Introduction. How much do you know?: border collie, shepherd, shepherds - Dogs
  121. RIP Shane Patrick: how much, collie, adopt, children - Dogs
  122. Roxy is going for a surgery.: clean, vet, stomach, treatment - Dogs
  123. German Shorthair Pointer: lab, chihuahuas, train, rescue - Dogs
  124. People that have no feelings about pets.: pitbulls, clean, vet - Dogs
  125. Need .?: poop, vet, heartworms, treatment - Dogs
  126. Doggy companionship and its effect on human's physical/emotional state: adopted, shelter - Dogs
  127. My dog went into heat help!: boxers, clean, vets, cleaning - Dogs
  128. Losing my 3rd mini schnauzer in a row - too young: clean, vet - Dogs
  129. New Foster Baby...: lab, black, rescue, beagle - Dogs
  130. Looking for an AKC name for our German Shepherd: shepherds, poop, breeders - Dogs
  131. Dogs & Fireworks: how much, lab, terrier, vet
  132. Border Collie Freaked out by boom-booms: breeding, shaking, skin, diarrhea - Dogs
  133. dominance problem: terrier, chihuahua, bite, shaking - Dogs
  134. Nerves, Stress & Hiccups: vet, breeder, kids, shots - Dogs
  135. Rant on Raw!: how much, shih tzu, poop, vet - Dogs
  136. Indestructible Toys?: toy, bones, natural, chews - Dogs
  137. Peak season for litters?: shepherd, boxers, clean, vet - Dogs
  138. Treating my Yorkie's Allergies: shepherd, allergic, terrier, vet - Dogs
  139. Everyone Crashed On a Hot Day: shih tzu, poodle, clean, poop - Dogs
  140. Ticks!: bite, vet, black, skin - Dogs
  141. Can Australian Shepherd be left alone 7 hours?: breeders, wound, train - Dogs
  142. Help, Boxer pup swallowed a pork chop bone!: allergic, boxers, poop - Dogs
  143. help us guess the breed of dog my sister adopted!: terrier, dachshund - Dogs
  144. soooo angry: husky, children, outside, spray - Dogs
  145. New puppy!: miniature, dachshund, walk, ears - Dogs
  146. my dog's potty training issue: clean, poop, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  147. Help getting my dog to stay out for more than 1 minute: barking, training - Dogs
  148. How to teach a puppy (or dog) bite inhibition...: lab, training, neutered - Dogs
  149. Snot Nose and shelter dogs...????: allergic, chihuahua, vet
  150. Night Time Crate Training: Golden Retriever: vet, schnauzer, barking, stomach - Dogs
  151. A Translation Of Yankee Dogs To Southern Dawgs: shepherd, poodle, pinscher
  152. Tip of my dog's ear fell off!!!: vet, infection, puppy - Dogs
  153. Beauceron: how much, poodle, terrier, miniature - Dogs
  154. Worrying a bit to much?: vet, skin, training, rescue - Dogs
  155. Loose Poop: how much, bulldog, allergic, vet - Dogs
  156. guesses about the heritage of this mixed breed?: border collie, terrier, vet - Dogs
  157. Oklahoma Woman arrested for sex w/dogs: aggressive, euthanize, children
  158. cat scratch fever (or bartonella henselae): labs, bite, vet, teeth - Dogs
  159. Is it My dog doesn't bark......: Shar-Pei, vet, spaniel - Dogs
  160. My Heart Is Breaking: how much, allergy, breeders, skin - Dogs
  161. is Our New Baby: ears, year - Dogs
  162. do dogs get bored w/ routine?: barking, training, noise, outside
  163. Do you wipe down your pet after a walk?: poodles, clean, poop - Dogs
  164. Our Puppy is Home.....: toy, breeder, training, kennel - Dogs
  165. Our dog was attacked by neighbor dog-being around other dogs again?: rottweiler, vet
  166. I might be in trouble....: outside, treats, safe, keep - Dogs
  167. Strange Eating Behavior: allergy, biting, poop, vet - Dogs
  168. Crate training...separation anxiety..: golden retriever, poop, toy, barking - Dogs
  169. Chihuahua: vet, breeder, training, surgery - Dogs
  170. Dog ACL Surgery: boxer, yorkie, vet, schnauzer - Dogs
  171. moving 3 dogs cross country: pitbull, terrier, chihuahua, bite
  172. Video News, Neighbors Grab Video of Albuquerque City Worker Abusing Newly-Adopted Dog.: legal, stomach - Dogs
  173. People who dump their dogs: black, skin, rescue, beagle
  174. New, but older dog ...: labs, toy, black, adopt - Dogs
  175. ROFL, what is it about me and pitbulls?!: vet, skin, bones - Dogs
  176. What is a good,safe dry food?: Shar-Pei, allergy, vet - Dogs
  177. Snoring?: bulldogs, boxers, terriers, pugs
  178. Deep splinter in dog's paw: clean, vet, black, infection - Dogs
  179. Funny dog pictures: puppy, best, free, Florida - Dogs
  180. Basenjis: ridgeback, how much, shih tzu, boxer - Dogs
  181. Frontline reactions?: allergy, vet, skin, fleas - Dogs
  182. Greatest American Dog: border collie, boxer, schnauzer, spaniel - Dogs
  183. Crate Training.....Am I doing someting wrong?: boxer, bite, clean - Dogs
  184. FUN IN THE SUN (Picture over load): black, best, outside - Dogs
  185. Seeing people and their pets living in their vehicles: chew, food, shelters - Dogs
  186. Heartworm with nosebleeds!: vet, treatment, rescue, collie - Dogs
  187. Husband says NO to another dog: border collie, how much, train - Dogs
  188. Cooking dog food at home: terrier, vet, stomach, skin - Dogs
  189. Do you kiss your dog? Do you let your dog kiss you?: basenji, kennel - Dogs
  190. Our dog digs holes in our fence, what's a good cure?: vet, aggressive - Dogs
  191. Dog Diabetes: vs, disease, insulin, Walmart - Dogs
  192. News, Beagle from Queens found in GA and is reunited with his family: rescue, shelters - Dogs
  193. Can you believe this?: pitbulls, free, Oklahoma, owner - Dogs
  194. News, Canine cancer sniffer cloned.: labrador, retriever, puppies, humans - Dogs
  195. Pet care Indian Rocks, FL: free, year - Dogs
  196. tv dogs?: cats, animal, mean
  197. News, Dogs Used in Pornography Films to Be Spared Death.: best, Tulsa
  198. Readers show off their dogs at work.
  199. Pet areas at Toronto Pearson International Airport? - Dogs
  200. puppy vs. adult dog photo colletion: free - Dogs