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  66. Noah Knew [a new song inspired by the legend of Noah: world, feelings - Christianity
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  69. Why did Abraham tithe, if there were no commands telling him to??: Sodom, church - Christianity
  70. The holy spirit.: church, scriptures, Moses, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  71. Hard-hearted Hank: church, preacher, prayer, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  72. As a christian, do you ever think or care about this?: myth, Messiah - Christianity
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  80. would it still be Heaven to you if none of the people you loved on Earth weren't there?: hell, women - Christianity
  81. 2030 - the Return of Christ and the 1000 year Reign: Revelation, believe, Jesus - Christianity
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  86. The book of Isiah: Torah, Deuteronomy, Moses, Jesus - Christianity
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  88. Why was the hebrew word Ruach translated to spirit?: Holy Spirit, Bible - Christianity
  89. News, George Zimmerman: God Is The 'Only Judge That I Have To Answer To': paradise, hell - Christianity
  90. The Meaning of the Expression - 'The Word of God.': Gospel, Epistles - Christianity
  91. When was the original sin made up?: celibacy, woman, Moses - Christianity
  92. Heaven, who wants that??????: Gospel, believe, sinned, Christ - Christianity
  93. In [insert-your-denomination tradition, are Adam and Eve considered real people?: Lutheran, Mormons - Christianity
  94. Bereans noble character search the written Word .... mysticism is Satan's counterfeit message to search: Gospel, testimony - Christianity
  95. How to know if something is a Catholic or Protestant sin.: believer, scripture - Christianity
  96. Which online bible is considered the best?: prayer, Holy Spirit, translation - Christianity
  97. God loves everybody right ?: Gospels, hell, doctrine, Revelation - Christianity
  98. Transfiguration story: Gospels, believers, scripture, Moses - Christianity
  99. Jesus as being God in the flesh. May I ask . . .: Leviticus, churches - Christianity
  100. How does one become born again ?: Gospel, woman, Revelation - Christianity
  101. Passover Lamb vs Easter Ham: tradition, believe, disciples, Jesus - Christianity
  102. The Christian God - negligent / spiteful?: woman, churches, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  103. How to do a baptism?: Gospel, Jehovah, churches, believer - Christianity
  104. will this person be able to enter Heaven?: tradition, Gospel, beliefs - Christianity
  105. Is christen-zionist the same as an evangelist?: Gospel, messages, doctrine - Christianity
  106. Symbolism of the baptism.: traditions, ritual, Holy Spirit, Jesus - Christianity
  107. Orthodoxy (Eastern Orthodox; Orthodox Catholic): tradition, churches, agnostic, believe - Christianity
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  113. The treatment of Animals in the Christian Church - I am troubled.: Buddhism, presbyterian - Christianity
  114. Time to pull out your commentaries, folks!: woman, church, believers - Christianity
  115. Praying to Mary and Saints................: woman, church, believe, prayers - Christianity
  116. What does the lamb symbolize?: Leviticus, church, exodus, priest - Christianity
  117. The History of Christianity: tradition, messages, doctrine, church
  118. What is the redemtive theology of the exodus story?: paradise, Jehovah, Moses - Christianity
  119. Tell me about Sunday school.: traditions, Gospel, Lutherans, Jehovah's Witness - Christianity
  120. Messianic Jewish churchs: Torah, women, churches, Messiah - Christianity
  121. Romans 3:10 No one righteous, no not one . . .: zacharias, church, believe - Christianity
  122. If there is no Pre-Trib Rapture, are you prepared to go through the Tribulation???: testimony, woman - Christianity
  123. My issues with Christianity: Gospel, messages, hell, testimony
  124. Does God Tempt man?: Deuteronomy, believe, scriptures, Jesus - Christianity
  125. Book of life __one book or two?: churches, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  126. Do non-Catholics seek counsel with the minister?: Gospel, churches, preach - Christianity
  127. Why are people obsessed with the end times?: hell, abomination, preach - Christianity
  128. A Bible Doctrine Resource for students of Systematic Theology: church, believe, scripture - Christianity
  129. Matthew 16:18 Upon This Rock will I build my Church: hell, doctrine, Antichrist - Christianity
  130. The Sacrament of Confession: traditions, Gospels, doctrine, woman - Christianity
  131. Can someone explain to me the basics of how an Anglican Sunday service works?: tradition, Gospel - Christianity
  132. Planets: Revelation, believe, sin, Jesus - Christianity
  133. Something I read about Christianity.: woman, churches, Messiah, Jesus Christ
  134. What parts of the bible are inspired?: testimony, doctrine, believe - Christianity
  135. about God: church, believe, scripture, pray - Christianity
  136. Psalm 137: church, Moses, prayer, Solomon - Christianity
  137. GRACE. . . . . . Understood: punishment, doctrine, believe, pray - Christianity
  138. Which church-societies believe they have the same God in real life?: beliefs, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  139. Where does it say about virtues?: Messiah, scripture, sin, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  140. Female Pastors: tradition, Gospel, women, church - Christianity
  141. Saved by faith.: church, believe, suicide, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  142. Temporal consequenses of sin.: punishment, prayer, Jesus, Bible - Christianity
  143. I need prayer: hell, church, after life, believe - Christianity
  144. List of rules of conduct from the bible.: Epistles, Leviticus, churches - Christianity
  145. Why did God choose Israel as His chosen people?: Gospel, myths - Christianity
  146. is Mark Burnett sincere?: Eden, crucifixion, believe, scripture - Christianity
  147. is it really true that most Christians won't make it to Heaven?: church, believe - Christianity
  148. Bible Upgrade Suggestions: hell, disciples, Holy Spirit, Jesus - Christianity
  149. how do we answer peope who say the Bible has vioence towards children: Gomorrah, Sodom - Christianity
  150. Sign posted behind pulpit for all to see!: hell, woman, churches - Christianity
  151. Fun Facts About the Bible: tradition, myth, woman, Messiah - Christianity
  152. Wedding-night: tradition, hell, woman, believe - Christianity
  153. Who wrote the Old Testament, and is it verbal inspired?: Micah, Torah - Christianity
  154. Heaven is for Real: believe, Jesus, Bible, creation - Christianity
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  165. Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will Be Done...: doctrine, Antichrist, Revelation - Christianity
  166. I Get Mad At God Over the Weather (Long Post): believe, sin - Christianity
  167. If Men wrote the Bible...: Messiah, Revelation, scriptures, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  168. When does the first resurrection occur?: Torah, paradise, crucified - Christianity
  169. Lent \ Good Friday ... why God nailed down the Truth because of hell and God's wrath over sin: crucified, Gospel - Christianity
  170. millennialism has historically been considered a heresy.: coffin, testimony, punishment - Christianity
  171. The Shortest Verse in the Bible;: paradise, believe, praying, sin - Christianity
  172. The direct relationship to God which the Protestants are supposed to have: church, scriptures - Christianity
  173. Son of God The movie.. seen it?: believe, Jesus - Christianity
  174. Naming your son 'Jesus': believe, Jesus Christ, translation, protestants - Christianity
  175. Was it Satan or God?: Gomorrah, Sodom, Messiah, exodus - Christianity
  176. What do think God meant when He declared: . . . .: Torah, Pentateuch, Gospels - Christianity
  177. Who did Satan Murder ?: scriptures, sin, Holy Spirit, Jesus - Christianity
  178. How do you comfort the family of an atheist who has passed away?: Gospel, church - Christianity
  179. Now the just shall live by faith (Heb 10:38): Gospel, believing - Christianity
  180. Did the Adam's have Children in the Garden: Eden, procreation - Christianity
  181. The Importance of Following God's Ordained Order Within the Family Unit: doctrine, women - Christianity
  182. A about absoultion before deathbed (Catholicism): paradise, church, beliefs - Christianity
  183. A about temporal sin.: traditions, punishment, women, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  184. News, Volunteers put together more than 2 million meals.: churches, pastor, sunday - Christianity
  185. Since You Accepted Christ How Are You A New Creature With Old Things Pass Away And How Are Things Becoming New ?: Gospel, testimony - Christianity
  186. What kind of writings are the Dead Sea scrolls? - Christianity
  187. hundredfold fruit - Christianity
  188. What Has The Holy Spirit Been Doing In Your Life Lately ?: testimonies, women - Christianity
  189. 4 Types of Worship: doctrine, pray, Jesus, vain - Christianity
  190. Worship Is and Can Be Dangerous Part 2: Leviticus, Revelation, prayer - Christianity
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  192. HOW MUCH Do Saints Need To Know Saints ?: women, church, preaching - Christianity
  193. How Is Jesus Christ The Head Of Your Life Today?: testimony, church - Christianity
  194. How do you think age is viewed in Heaven?: children - Christianity
  195. What is it like to be the wife or daughter of a pastor? - Christianity
  196. Grace Is Merciful And Conditional And Legal Still ?: church, preacher, believers - Christianity
  197. Dare To Be Elaborate How Their A Christian ?: testimony, church, Revelation - Christianity
  198. What God Do For You Beside Quiting Smoking And Being A Sweety And Tycoon ?: Bible, blood - Christianity
  199. Really Let All The Bible Plot Out Your Life For Today ?: church, Revelation - Christianity
  200. Worship Is and Can Be Dangerous Part 1: Leviticus, zealous, exodus - Christianity