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  12. TV Show “Behind Bars: Rookie Year” Filmed in New Mexico: Santa Fe: 2015, credit - (NM)
  13. Plaza Bonita in Santa Fe: Galisteo, Hope: cul-de-sac, for sale, homes - New Mexico (NM)
  14. with Rancho Viejo in 2015?: Santa Fe: home, landscaping, neighborhood - New Mexico (NM)
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  27. Recommendations for Gardeners/Landscapers: Santa Fe, Agua Fria: landscaping, maintenance, garden - New Mexico (NM)
  28. $250 for new locks?!: lease, attorney, house - Santa Fe, New Mexico (NM)
  29. Education: poverty, about, hear - Santa Fe, New Mexico (NM)
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  35. Chama in November: cabin, area, places - Santa Fe, New Mexico (NM)
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  38. shipping USPS to rural NM: Santa Fe: home, live in, delivery - New Mexico
  39. Services for toddler with ASD: Albuquerque, Santa Fe: preschool, live, pool - New Mexico (NM)
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  46. Cerrillos Road improvement project complete: Santa Fe, Hatch: real estate, 2013, rental - New Mexico (NM)
  47. Rumbling Noise in NW Santa Fe???: Los Alamos, Taos: 2014, water heater, tornado - New Mexico (NM)
  48. Terrain and goatheads?: Santa Fe, Pecos: fit in, co-op, neighborhoods - New Mexico (NM)
  49. City of Santa Fe Water ... joke: house, utilities, property - New Mexico (NM)
  50. Craigslist Scam Re Rentals: for sale, real estate, credit check - Santa Fe, New Mexico (NM)
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  52. Authentic art in Santa Fe?: Navajo, Hope: fit in, consignment, home - New Mexico (NM)
  53. 5-20 acres, off the grid, homesteading, unincorporated SF County property: Santa Fe: rentals, how much - New Mexico (NM)
  54. use Planet Fitness?: Santa Fe, Rio Rancho: university, allergies, live - New Mexico (NM)
  55. What neighborhood is St. Vincent's Hospital located in?: Santa Fe: neighborhoods, to live - New Mexico (NM)
  56. Santa Fe ranked sixth-best college town by research group: Albuquerque: 2015, university - New Mexico (NM)
  57. Indys, Nonpartisans, Libertarians in Santa Fe?: hotel, construction - New Mexico (NM)
  58. Business in Santa Fe: homes, buyers, new construction - New Mexico (NM)
  59. rideshare/train/transport from Taos to Albuquerque or ?: Santa Fe, Corona: bus, safe - New Mexico (NM)
  60. Laundry service in Santa Fe?: reviews, business, town - New Mexico (NM)
  61. Ghost towns near Santa Fe: Madrid: hotels, best, place - New Mexico (NM)
  62. Active Adult Communities?: Santa Fe: condos, homes, live in - New Mexico (NM)
  63. Recommendations for vacation: Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Taos: rental, hotels, school - New Mexico (NM)
  64. Living in Santa Fe without a car/Bike lanes/Veteran Services/healthcare/overall quality of life questions: Albuquerque: crime - New Mexico (NM)
  65. single and retired: Santa Fe: home, live, friendly - New Mexico (NM)
  66. $350,000 for New Home. Where?: Santa Fe, Agua Fria: real estate, co-op, neighborhood - New Mexico (NM)
  67. Looking for information about Via Caballeros, Santa Fe: neighborhood, to buy - New Mexico (NM)
  68. best way to find an apartment in santa fe and surrounding areas: Las Vegas: renters - New Mexico (NM)
  69. Moving, best location for retirement care or Disabled autistic daughter.: Santa Fe: section 8, living in - New Mexico (NM)
  70. Santa Fe - Good for raising family?: Albuquerque, Los Alamos: attorneys, houses - New Mexico (NM)
  71. casa solana/alegre: Peralta: neighborhoods, yard, area - Santa Fe, New Mexico (NM)
  72. what to do in Santa Fe at age 21: Albuquerque, Peralta: movie theater, restaurant - New Mexico (NM)
  73. Santa Fe Issues 1,000th Same-Sex Marriage License: 2014, home - New Mexico (NM)
  74. Patio Heaters in New Mexico: Santa Fe: homes, restaurants, club - (NM)
  75. I might be going to art school in Santa Fe…need help: Albuquerque: low income - New Mexico (NM)
  76. Whatever happened to the Eason house in Santa Fe? Did someone buy it?: ownership - New Mexico (NM)
  77. Fall Color left in Jemez / Turquoise Trail?: Santa Fe: drive, between - New Mexico (NM)
  78. Satellite or cable / sports bars?: Albuquerque, Santa Fe: home, movies, school - New Mexico (NM)
  79. French bistro restaurant in Santa Fe Outlet Mall: location, drive - New Mexico (NM)
  80. Moving to Santa Fe for Graduate School: crime, neighborhood - New Mexico (NM)
  81. air conditioning - Yes or No?: Albuquerque, Santa Fe: houses, closing, allergies - New Mexico (NM)
  82. Attractions for the older adult in Santa Fe, NM?: Chimayo: restaurants, activities - New Mexico
  83. Dermatologist in Santa Fe: Albuquerque, Clovis: dermatologists, insurance, bill - New Mexico (NM)
  84. Family of four looking to relocate to Santa Fe from the PNW...: Albuquerque: rental - New Mexico (NM)
  85. The Santa Fe Plaza Bandstand Off-Limits: 2014, permit, garbage - New Mexico (NM)
  86. Nava Ade's unbuilt middle section: house, neighborhood, construction - Santa Fe, New Mexico (NM)
  87. Humidifiers!: Santa Fe: evaporative, dry, water - New Mexico (NM)
  88. Full Time Jobs in Santa Fe: rent, find a job, high school - New Mexico (NM)
  89. Caja del Rio Road Construction: Santa Fe, Cochiti: 2013, live, fence - New Mexico (NM)
  90. I will be visiting next week: Santa Fe, Chimayo: hotel, live, restaurants - New Mexico (NM)
  91. Apartments For Seniors: Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Rio Rancho: rental homes, low crime, townhouses - New Mexico (NM)
  92. Swallow nest prevention ideas?: Santa Fe, Hope: area, building, cheap - New Mexico (NM)
  93. prefab housing: best, builders, rural - Santa Fe, New Mexico (NM)
  94. Areas where we can have chickens and a pig: Santa Fe: rental, homeowners association - New Mexico (NM)
  95. House heat source: Santa Fe, Hope: best neighborhoods, real estate, HOA fees - New Mexico (NM)
  96. Bouche Bistro Restaurant: Santa Fe: prices, food, dining - New Mexico (NM)
  97. Cost of Utilities: apartment, electric bill, electric - Santa Fe, New Mexico (NM)
  98. Spiral fluting columns for pergola: Albuquerque, Las Cruces: general contractor, designs, teach - Santa Fe, New Mexico (NM)
  99. Neighboorhoods: Santa Fe, Agua Fria, House: condo, how much, houses - New Mexico (NM)
  100. Higher Property Taxes: For laptops and Ipads: Santa Fe: home, transfer - New Mexico (NM)
  101. Talavera / Glassware Outlet / roadside stand in Santa Fe?: Albuquerque, Taos: home, buy - New Mexico (NM)
  102. Cool Show: Santa Fe: loft, design, oil - New Mexico (NM)
  103. Accepted job offer in Santa Fe, I now need help finding a 1BR apt/house/studio near Airport Rd: San Juan: rentals - New Mexico (NM)
  104. Casa Alegre or Casa Solana?: Santa Fe: for sale, houses, neighborhoods - New Mexico (NM)
  105. Ikea delivery service: Albuquerque, Santa Fe: renting, condo, buying - New Mexico (NM)
  106. Type of car to have in Santa Fe/Los Alamos?: Albuquerque: camper, to live in - New Mexico (NM)
  107. No NM Trip: Santa Fe, Tucumcari: tornado, camping, live - New Mexico
  108. Rodent damage to vehicle: Santa Fe, Rio Rancho: home, living in, cabins - New Mexico (NM)
  109. universities in Sante Fe area?: Albuquerque, Santa Fe: school, bus, train - New Mexico (NM)
  110. Double Dragon Chinese Restaurant Busted!!!: Santa Fe, Rio Rancho: restaurants, zip codes, legally - New Mexico (NM)
  111. Great Restaurant??: Santa Fe: restaurants, food, visiting - New Mexico (NM)
  112. Rural areas near Santa Fe?: Edgewood: loan, how much, buying - New Mexico (NM)
  113. Rodent Problems in Eldorado or Rancho Viejo?: Santa Fe: houses, living - New Mexico (NM)
  114. Antique Shops Santa Fe: Albuquerque: price, moving to, best - New Mexico (NM)
  115. Window installer santa fe: loan, house, contractor - New Mexico (NM)
  116. How to Deal with Vendor - Not Delivering or Answering: mattress, credit card - Santa Fe, New Mexico (NM)
  117. Tierra de Zia condos: for sale, 2013, apartments - Santa Fe, New Mexico (NM)
  118. Aspen Vista Trail: Tesuque: 2013, live, parking - Santa Fe, New Mexico (NM)
  119. Recycling - Buckman Road transfer station: Dexter: pickup, square, good - Santa Fe, New Mexico (NM)
  120. Does Santa Fe have a decent underground aquifer or water issues GPM with private well's?: live in - New Mexico (NM)
  121. Santa Fe - #1 in U.S. For.....Shopping!: 2013, buy - New Mexico (NM)
  122. from Nambe or Pojoaque?: Santa Fe, Corrales: crime, houses, neighborhoods - New Mexico (NM)
  123. Santa Fe Property Taxes Are Comparably Low: real estate, assessor - New Mexico (NM)
  124. Fire ants 2014: Albuquerque, Santa Fe: quality of life, live, gardening - New Mexico (NM)
  125. See ABQ Balloons From Santa Fe?: Albuquerque: 2015, house, live - New Mexico (NM)
  126. New Hospital Planned in Santa Fe: Albuquerque, Rio Rancho: insurance, home, construction - New Mexico (NM)
  127. Young woman possibly moving to Santa Fe?: Albuquerque, Taos: appointed, 2014 - New Mexico (NM)
  128. Los Alamos: Thinking of opening a new business. Hair salon. Advice needed!: Albuquerque: rental, houses - Santa Fe, New Mexico (NM)
  129. Which Cell Phone?: Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Alamo: appointed, hotel, new house - New Mexico (NM)
  130. Relocating to Santa Fe: Los Alamos, Alamo: real estate, rental market, insurance - New Mexico (NM)
  131. Wanting to stay in Madrid for one night in Oct: Albuquerque: rental car, apartment - Santa Fe, New Mexico (NM)
  132. Tarantula season!: Rio Rancho: houses, shops, spiders - Santa Fe, New Mexico (NM)
  133. Another Moving: Santa Fe, Tesuque, Reserve: apartments, rental market, condo - New Mexico (NM)
  134. Santa Fe, New Mexico is America's Paris France...: Madrid: sales, live - (NM)
  135. How Realisitic is a Daily Work Commute from Santa Fe to ABQ: Albuquerque: homes, buying - New Mexico (NM)
  136. Best affordable area: Santa Fe, Chama, Dora: for sale, rental, condos - New Mexico (NM)
  137. What are Rancho Viejo and Eldorado really like?: Santa Fe: fit in, real estate - New Mexico (NM)
  138. Move To Eldorado Concerned With Dust And The Water: Santa Fe: buying a home, buying - New Mexico (NM)
  139. Possibly Moving to SF.. Hard to Meet People??: Santa Fe: real estate, co-op - New Mexico (NM)
  140. Hatch Chiles: Santa Fe, Chimayo, Magdalena: fit in, 2013, houses - New Mexico (NM)
  141. Is New Mexico/Santa Fe a dog-loving place?: Albuquerque, Los Lunas: fit in, transplants - (NM)
  142. Best Way from Phoenix to Santa Fe in Late December: Albuquerque: versus, safer - New Mexico (NM)
  143. Want to spend a summer in Santa Fe: extended stay, 2013 - New Mexico (NM)
  144. Getting from the airport to the Santa Fe Plaza...: Albuquerque: chapel, hotels - New Mexico (NM)
  145. What are the best natural landmarks to see near Santa Fe?: Albuquerque: 2013, land - New Mexico (NM)
  146. Music Scene/Venues in Santa Fe: Albuquerque, Taos: house, theater, school - New Mexico (NM)
  147. could a large family fit into to Los Alamos?: Santa Fe: real estate, apartment - New Mexico (NM)
  148. Santa Fe you are amazing....: Taos, Pecos: houses, campsites, living in - New Mexico (NM)
  149. Calling All City Dwellers!: Santa Fe, Peralta: crime, houses, neighborhood - New Mexico (NM)
  150. Tv reception with an antenna: Albuquerque, Santa Fe: neighborhood, rooftop, live in - New Mexico (NM)
  151. Racism against asians and Homophobia in SF ??? - I'm an asian gay man.: Albuquerque: fit in, neighborhoods - Santa Fe, New Mexico (NM)
  152. Lots of questions about Santa Fe and that whole area: Albuquerque: real estate, rentals - New Mexico (NM)
  153. Best places to buy Hatch chiles in Santa Fe?: Albuquerque: fit in, 2013 - New Mexico (NM)
  154. Need from horsemen/women who've lived in NM: Albuquerque: rent, houses - Santa Fe, New Mexico
  155. Accepted Job Offer in Santa Fe - Moving Across Country - Advice Needed: Los Alamos: 2013, apartments - New Mexico (NM)
  156. Austin TX writer seeking a setting for a novel: Albuquerque: middle-class, real estate - Santa Fe, New Mexico (NM)
  157. Short Term Rental Property - Does Have Advice?: Santa Fe: real estate, rentals - New Mexico (NM)
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  159. Medical Care In The Santa Fe Area: Albuquerque: dermatologist, tax - New Mexico (NM)
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  163. Is the Velarde area really such a bad place to buy a house?: Santa Fe: transplants, lease - New Mexico (NM)
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  166. Fur Coats in Santa Fe: live, eat, cars - New Mexico (NM)
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  193. Skilled nursing / memory support care in Santa Fe: Albuquerque: living, cost - New Mexico (NM)
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