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  1. What is it like to live in Ionia/Lowell Michigan: Grand Rapids: houses, unemployment rate (MI)
  2. moving to Detriot metro area: Detroit, Farmington Hills: rent, crime rate, buying - Michigan (MI)
  3. Lansing Area Kennels: Detroit, Howell: home, dog park, good quality - Michigan (MI)
  4. Moving to Flat Rock... What to expect?: Detroit, Taylor: hotels, neighborhood - Michigan (MI)
  5. Looking to move Niles to South Haven: Coloma: houses, property taxes - Michigan (MI)
  6. Michigan's first dark-sky park to get new observatory: Canton: 2015, construction (MI)
  7. Mushroom Hunting in Mesick or Boyne city?: Frankfort: live, land - Michigan (MI)
  8. Detroit Sampler: history, music, collection - Michigan (MI)
  9. Is living near Algonac a good choice?: Sterling Heights, Port Huron: home, good schools - Michigan (MI)
  10. Hair Places in Roseville: Detroit: price, haircuts, town - Michigan (MI)
  11. Is this area of waterford mi safe: Pontiac: crime, house - Michigan (MI)
  12. anywhere to go plinking near detroit metro area?: Troy, Midland: legal, land - Michigan (MI)
  13. Opinions on New Haven: Richmond, Clinton: loans, house, to buy - Michigan (MI)
  14. Are there Glasgow Rangers supporters in Michigan?: Detroit, Waterford: water, town (MI)
  15. Buck Up Everyone! Road To Hell Is being Repaved!: 2014, living - Michigan (MI)
  16. Sault Ste. Marie: Detroit, Mackinac Island, Lincoln: 2014, apartment complex, crime - Michigan (MI)
  17. Retiring to Mason, Michigan: Detroit, Lansing: for sale, condo, credit (MI)
  18. Car Shipping from Lansing, MI to Los Angeles, CA: transport companies, moving - Michigan
  19. Teaching jobs in the UP...: Marquette, Houghton: schools, area, county - Michigan (MI)
  20. Alaska to Michigan!: Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo: transplants, 2014, job market (MI)
  21. Muskegon to Kalamazoo, s?: Detroit, Grand Rapids: 2014, house, transferring to - Michigan (MI)
  22. Michigan drops off the Top 10 states for foreclosures list: Caro: real estate, new home (MI)
  23. Yooper to be added to the dictionary: Detroit: 2014, business - Michigan (MI)
  24. Northern Michigan University or Michigan Tech?: Detroit, Grand Rapids: credit, transfer, high school (MI)
  25. Novi to Dearborn?: Livonia, Farmington Hills, Canton: 2014, apartments, leasing - Michigan (MI)
  26. UK to Lansing: Detroit, Ann Arbor, East Lansing: movers, credit, home - Michigan (MI)
  27. Moving to Warren, MI from Chicago, IL: Detroit, Sterling Heights: rental, houses - Michigan
  28. Lansing resources for abused women: housing, campus, shelter - Michigan (MI)
  29. Metro areas with the most satisfied residents: Detroit, Grand Rapids: 2014, bankruptcy - Michigan (MI)
  30. Searching for my brothers: Grand Rapids, Taylor: offer, how to, great - Michigan (MI)
  31. Lansing needs a forum: Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo: traffic, creek, quiet - Michigan (MI)
  32. Extending an existing Well 200-400 ft. to new home: rent, how much - Michigan (MI)
  33. Bunkers in South-western part of Virginia: military, area, corporate - Michigan (MI)
  34. Milford, Brighton, Howell: Royal Oak, Novi, Fenton: rentals, schools, live in - Michigan (MI)
  35. months to default: rent, lawyers, buying a house - Michigan (MI)
  36. Moving to Michigan: Detroit, Alpena, Petoskey: low crime, camping, living in (MI)
  37. Relocating to Detroit Metro Area in September: where to go?!: Ann Arbor: real estate, apartment complexes - Michigan (MI)
  38. school districts and communities in Kalamazoo County: Portage, Vicksburg: house, safe area - Michigan (MI)
  39. BAKER COLLEGE Applicant That Needs Help Picking Housing Area for School.: Detroit: credit, loan - Michigan (MI)
  40. Dog-Friendly Hiking in Metro Detroit: Farmington Hills, Novi: moving to, bikes, dog parks - Michigan (MI)
  41. Dewitt schools - help me decide: Okemos, Haslett: house, neighborhoods, high school - Michigan (MI)
  42. what do u think about this michigan design?: Wolverine: 2014, university - Michigan (MI)
  43. Trip Advice: Midland, Traverse City, Alpena: campground, live, vacation - Michigan (MI)
  44. Lawyer recommendations?: Southfield: real estate, foreclosure, tax - Michigan (MI)
  45. Moving from Los Angeles county looking to land in Battle creek or kalamazoo: Detroit: crime - Michigan (MI)
  46. Detroit Progress Videos: to move, rail, suburbs - Michigan (MI)
  47. Insurance companies= crooks: Lansing, Grant: car insurance, loan, house - Michigan (MI)
  48. Worth it to change residency to Michigan?: car insurance, credit (MI)
  49. Might move near Hale, MI: East Tawas, Mio: real estate, how much, vacation home - Michigan
  50. Grand Rapids number one in summer job outlook: Detroit: 2014, home - Michigan (MI)
  51. Box turtle: live in, eat, relocate - Michigan (MI)
  52. Husband would be joining FORD in dearborn and we would be shifting along with our kid ( 6yrs Old): Detroit: 2014 - Michigan (MI)
  53. Best areas for Software Development work?: Detroit, Grand Rapids: buying, college, wage - Michigan (MI)
  54. Wings of Wonder: Traverse City, Empire: university, to move, beach - Michigan (MI)
  55. TRENTON, MI - help with: Midland, Lincoln Park: apartments, rentals - Michigan
  56. What are the best mall cafeterias in Michigan?: Grand Rapids, Lansing: movie theater, luxury (MI)
  57. Wyandotte/Trenton, Michigan Questions: Midland, Holland: apartment, rentals, crime (MI)
  58. Drivers license reenstated: Lansing: how much, living, costs - Michigan (MI)
  59. Thinking of moving to Marquette near NMU: Gwinn: live, stores - Michigan (MI)
  60. Land survey cost?: how much, costs, estimate - Michigan (MI)
  61. Allergy Sufferers: Caro: allergies, living, ticket - Michigan (MI)
  62. The weather was no nice a few days ago. Where is it like that all year?: Nashville: appointed - Michigan (MI)
  63. Can you go to San Francisco from Ann Arbor by Megabus?: cheaper, connection - Michigan (MI)
  64. Michigan raises minimum wage to $9.25: Republic: 2014, house, to buy (MI)
  65. Commuting from South Bend to Benton Habor: Grand Rapids, Holland: apartments, lease - Michigan (MI)
  66. Video, On Lake Superior, a little ice didnít stop people from celebrating Memorial Day this holiday weekend.: Marquette: photos - Michigan (MI)
  67. Medical facilities in Escanaba: Marquette, Gaines: home, purchase, place to live - Michigan (MI)
  68. Commuting from SW Michigan to Chicago, Daily?: Ann Arbor, Dearborn: house, transfer (MI)
  69. Land Contract (interest) in Michigan: real estate, insurance, broker (MI)
  70. New to Michigan - north of Detroit - fenton: Flint: to rent, low crime (MI)
  71. salted roads: Detroit, Saginaw, Bay City: live, floors, move - Michigan (MI)
  72. There are more jobs in Michigan now: Detroit, Grand Rapids: 2014, loans (MI)
  73. Michigan unemployment rates 2013: Detroit, Grand Rapids, Warren: metro area, area, cities (MI)
  74. Moving can't decide Sterling Heights or Berkley.: Detroit, Troy: houses, neighborhoods - Michigan (MI)
  75. subdivisions in Michigan: Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing: homes, neighborhood, buying (MI)
  76. Summoned for Jury Duty but moved out of state: Muskegon: transplants, lawyer - Michigan (MI)
  77. Have you ever been to Grand Island?: Ann Arbor, Munising: 2013, theater - Michigan (MI)
  78. Perc Test-- Ingham county: pay, counties, free - Michigan (MI)
  79. Marketing schools in Michigan? Wayne State University???: Detroit, Ann Arbor: student loan, find a job (MI)
  80. Job re-location to Port Huron..need advice on best places to live: Marysville: to rent - Michigan (MI)
  81. University of Michigan Dearborn vs Wayne State University: transferring to, schools (MI)
  82. Obama to build manufacturing institute in Metro Detroit: Canton, Republic: 2014, credit - Michigan (MI)
  83. Michigan = ice skating!: place, rules, dancing (MI)
  84. Michigan Everglades..18,000 square miles. Flows North.: Saginaw: area, market, sell (MI)
  85. Mountain Biking in Copper Harbor: restaurant, top, work - Michigan (MI)
  86. Michigan's new state capital:Mackinaw City/St. Ignace unite the Peninsulas?: Detroit: home, live in (MI)
  87. Sturgis for a retiree?: real estate, foreclosures, public schools - Michigan (MI)
  88. Is Lending a Hand Out in Michigan: Lansing: hotel, neighborhood (MI)
  89. 1040cr tax credit gone: Detroit, Republic: homes, to buy, schools - Michigan (MI)
  90. What a sterotypically Michagn weather day today: Grand Rapids, Ludington: 2014, area - Michigan (MI)
  91. Moving to Michigan. Working in St. Joseph, MI. Suggestions...: Kalamazoo: to live in, nightlife
  92. Pictures of what you can do with Potholes.: Detroit, Ann Arbor: 2014, construction - Michigan (MI)
  93. Commute Routes during I96 closings: Ann Arbor to Troy: Warren: home, school - Michigan (MI)
  94. Public school curriculum: Detroit: credit, public schools, gym - Michigan (MI)
  95. West Michigan Camping: Ann Arbor, Muskegon, Holland: to buy, beach, trailer (MI)
  96. I need a used car: buy, college, price - Michigan (MI)
  97. Michigan Unemployment rework: requirement, what does, qualify (MI)
  98. Best areas to live in Southwest Michigan?: Benton Harbor, St. Joseph: apartment, safe area (MI)
  99. Dearborn Heights?: Livonia: crime, houses, safe area - Michigan (MI)
  100. Is Traverse City a good place to retire to for a single woman in her 60s?: Petoskey: best towns - Michigan (MI)
  101. Wanted: a Lhasa Apso puppy (sorry, I want to target Michigan breeders): Detroit: homes (MI)
  102. How do you like living in Michigan?: Detroit, Grand Rapids: hotel, neighborhood (MI)
  103. Debating pros and cons of moving: Near family vs higher income: Grand Rapids: 2014, insurance - Michigan (MI)
  104. poshest towns/beaches in Michigan: Holland, Traverse City: 2013, homes, to buy (MI)
  105. 5000$ year old beater insurance: Flint, Pontiac: car insurance, credit, live - Michigan (MI)
  106. Ann Arbor or Grand Rapids for a family on a budget: Forest Hills: house, neighborhoods - Michigan (MI)
  107. Liberal Doctor Recommendation In Traverse City: safe, office, gays - Michigan (MI)
  108. Unions and Detroit are why Michigan's roads SUCK: Ann Arbor, Fowlerville: construction, schools (MI)
  109. Michigan Makes Top 10 List of Worst Schools in America: Detroit: 2014, preschool (MI)
  110. News Michigan Suburb Tickets People For Swearing, Fine Is $200: Detroit: 2014, skateboarding (MI)
  111. Gas Tax vs Toll Roads: Detroit, Plymouth: buying, construction, taxes - Michigan (MI)
  112. Photos of ruined Pontiac Silverdome are haunting, heartbreaking: Detroit: 2013, landlord - Michigan (MI)
  113. Moving to Detroit: St. Clair Shores, Royal Oak, Bay City: fit in, 2014, house - Michigan (MI)
  114. Quicken Loans - Dysfunctional Organization: 2013, college, move to - Michigan (MI)
  115. Michigan seeks visas to lure immigrants to Detroit: Republic: section 8, real estate (MI)
  116. where in the Muskegon or surroundings area is best to live, and raise kids?: Norton Shores: mortgage, homes - Michigan (MI)
  117. Michigan Bodies of Water - where is your nearest?: Flint: yard, bike (MI)
  118. Jackson, Michigan if is interested...: Detroit, Flint: how much, houses, school district (MI)
  119. Selling Home to Fast Home Offers for Cash: Northville: sale, real estate - Michigan (MI)
  120. Looking for a lesbian community: Detroit, Grand Rapids: houses, theatre, school - Michigan (MI)
  121. african american with work in flint: Detroit, Okemos: apartment, neighborhood, living - Michigan (MI)
  122. Where Are You Seeing Eagles?: Detroit, Southfield: house, live in, best time - Michigan (MI)
  123. I hate to say it, but I'm getting to like the snow.: Detroit: home, neighborhood - Michigan (MI)
  124. Gas Prices just ridiculous!: Flint, Grand Blanc: buyers, taxes, live - Michigan (MI)
  125. What school district and how many snow days?: Flint, Kalamazoo: 2014, school districts - Michigan (MI)
  126. Will Michigan secede from the union?: living, racism, rated (MI)
  127. What is Michigan's accent?: Detroit, Grand Rapids: fit in, transplants, home (MI)
  128. Favorite things about the U-P: Marquette, Escanaba: homes, wedding, camping - Michigan (MI)
  129. UP 2014 bug season prediction and Hiawatha Resort?: Traverse City, Alpena: house, wedding - Michigan (MI)
  130. does Michigan have 2+ story malls?: Grand Rapids, Sterling Heights: floors, stores, area (MI)
  131. Screaming insect/animal?: living in, noise, MBA - Michigan (MI)
  132. Michigan roads are a nightmare!: Flint, Lansing: luxury, maintenance, title (MI)
  133. 2013 MI population growth figures: Detroit, Grand Rapids: real estate, 2014, construction - Michigan
  134. Do you know middle age adults who never left the state?: Flint: live, law - Michigan (MI)
  135. Laid off Full Time Quit part time Job - Denied Unemployment - help: 2014, home - Michigan (MI)
  136. Almost had accident...: inspections, safe, moving - Michigan (MI)
  137. Move to Michigan in 2015: Detroit, Grand Rapids: for sale, real estate, rent (MI)
  138. New York License Plates?: Detroit, Farmington Hills: car rental, rental, home - Michigan (MI)
  139. Hamtramck -Detroit: neighborhood, tornado, living - Michigan (MI)
  140. Fast drivers in bad conditions-slow down people: Ann Arbor, Farmington: home, live - Michigan (MI)
  141. Do You Think 1.5 Acres is Big Enough to Have a Barn?: Detroit: for sale, house - Michigan (MI)
  142. Four dogs and two gay men: Flint, St. Clair Shores: hotel, house, income - Michigan (MI)
  143. Westnage exit in portage homeless folks?: Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor: 2013, rent, homes - Michigan (MI)
  144. Driving in Winter: Pontiac: to rent, how much, home - Michigan (MI)
  145. Driving a car better than your boss?: Detroit, St. Joseph: real estate, leasing - Michigan (MI)
  146. a move to Lapeer...: Flint, Grand Blanc: apartments, lease, insurance - Michigan (MI)
  147. Looking to Relocate: Detroit, Livonia, Roseville: apartments, job openings, transfer - Michigan (MI)
  148. Moving from the East Coast to Michigan, Iowa, or Minnesota: Detroit: short sale, real estate (MI)
  149. News with the repeal of Michigan Gay Marriage.: Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor: 2014, schools (MI)
  150. Why are the National Forest Police such strong and pestering presences in the Ottawa?: Houghton: camping, inspection - Michigan (MI)
  151. City to City Chain Game - play along!!: Lansing, Birmingham: home, to live in - Michigan (MI)
  152. Bigfoot Stories!: Livonia, Marquette, Birmingham: 2013, houses, buy - Michigan (MI)
  153. want to move to Michigan, good idea?: Detroit, Grand Rapids: low crime, home (MI)
  154. Job at University of Michigan Flint, where should I Live?? Family Friendly?: Detroit: appointed, crime (MI)
  155. Where in Michigan to move: Detroit, Flint: real estate, rental, home (MI)
  156. Still Happy GM Was Bailed Out?: 2013, layoffs, bankruptcy - Michigan (MI)
  157. Moving from Western Michigan to Southeastern Michigan: Detroit, Ann Arbor: house, construction (MI)
  158. Heading to Michigan for a week: Grand Rapids, Muskegon: 2013, rentals, waterpark (MI)
  159. Senior homesick for Downriver Michigan: Detroit, Taylor: real estate, mover, condo (MI)
  160. To Condo or not to Condo: Waterford, Pontiac: for sale, apartment complex, renters - Michigan (MI)
  161. Bryan Cranston to be shot in Holland: theater, deposits - Michigan (MI)
  162. 'bout skeeters: Marquette, Traverse City, Houghton: wedding, college, live - Michigan (MI)
  163. What is going on with Downriver???: Detroit, Taylor: motel, houses, neighborhoods - Michigan (MI)
  164. Winter kill of Butterfly Bush and English Ivy??: crime rates, house - Michigan (MI)
  165. How to get people to move to Michigan?: Detroit: transplants, 2014 (MI)
  166. desire to move map... ?s...: Detroit, Flint: appointed, 2014, home - Michigan (MI)
  167. Need to leave quietly & swiftly...: Detroit, Lansing: mobile home, income, living in - Michigan (MI)
  168. Whispering Boss!!: live, law, legal - Michigan (MI)
  169. Moving to Warren from Seattle-->Best Housing: Detroit: apartments, to rent - Michigan (MI)
  170. about Cohabitation in Grand Rapids area: Detroit, Ann Arbor: fit in, best city - Michigan (MI)
  171. Are 4 wheel drives necessary in the UP?: Detroit, Houghton: living in, versus - Michigan (MI)
  172. should I stay in flint michigan or move to kansas city, missouri: Detroit: buying, living - Michigan (MI)
  173. Headline: Grand Rapids to the Koch Brothers: Oh no you don't!: Republic: 2014, renters - Michigan (MI)
  174. relocating to Michigan or Ohio (from CA): Detroit, Grand Rapids: to rent, how much (MI)
  175. Really pondering moving to michigan: Detroit, Dearborn: 2014, apartment, rental - Michigan (MI)
  176. Mackinac bridge: Alpena, Leslie: live, ferries, car - Michigan (MI)
  177. Thinking of moving to Michigan: Grand Rapids, Forest Hills: condo, new home, neighborhood (MI)
  178. Taking a Trip to Roseville: apartments, hotels, transfer - Michigan (MI)
  179. Two MSU living uestions: Detroit, Lansing: apartments, rental homes, condo - Michigan (MI)
  180. Letting someone stay with you, getting rid of their stuff: rental, house - Michigan (MI)
  181. Canadians living in Michigan Oakaland County?: best, area, moved (MI)
  182. Relocating to Portage, MI: house, schools, builder - Michigan
  183. This Makes Me So Happy: medical, money, expensive - Michigan (MI)
  184. Flint old timers-who remembers the McGee twins?: high school, town - Michigan (MI)
  185. News, Michigan Legislature bans 'retarded,' 'retardation' from laws: Detroit: 2014, renting (MI)
  186. Searchable database: How bad are YOUR (Michigan) roads?: 2014, county (MI)
  187. Michigan Native Earl Morrall Passes: Muskegon: live, area, great (MI)
  188. Mediator: live in, union, employee - Michigan (MI)
  189. Floor Hockey League in Bay City: summer, convert, rink - Michigan (MI)
  190. Kalamazoo Rentals for Large Dogs: Lakeview: apartments, live, time - Michigan (MI)
  191. Escanaba Realtor: Gladstone: schools, live, moving to - Michigan (MI)
  192. Classic traditions in Trenary MI: youth - Michigan
  193. I witnessed gas going down today: Petoskey, Munising: price, traffic, weekend - Michigan (MI)
  194. Vote for Saugatuck: 2014, living, coastal - Michigan (MI)
  195. Westland Mi h: buy, hottest - Michigan (MI)
  196. Super Zips - See how Michigan stacks up: 2013, zip codes (MI)
  197. Old Oakland Neighborhood in Lansing: moving to, distance, places - Michigan (MI)
  198. East Lansing/MSU apartments with pools.: apartment complexes, school, college - Michigan (MI)
  199. Looking for Tile Setting job Roscommon MI area trying to move near there: Haslett: company - Michigan
  200. Best wishes today for U-M, MSU: Sparta, Wolverine - Michigan (MI)