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  1. Moving to Gaylord: Traverse City, Otsego: ski resort, rental market, houses - Michigan (MI)
  2. The Big 3 bailout passed: Detroit: insurance, loans, homes - Michigan (MI)
  3. Natural Gas Prices up 21% this Winter: home, wages, bill - Michigan (MI)
  4. Great Michigan Vacation: Detroit, Dearborn, Marquette: homes, college, live in (MI)
  5. News, GM to build $370M engine plant in Michigan.: Flint: to buy, live (MI)
  6. Holly Schools..: Grand Blanc, Mason: houses, school district, subdivisions - Michigan (MI)
  7. information on temp agencies: house, employment, college - Michigan (MI)
  8. Automation Alley: Farmington Hills, Troy, Novi: universities, live, centers - Michigan (MI)
  9. Christmas bazaars in Northern LP?: Alpena, Cadillac: schools, live in, best - Michigan (MI)
  10. Buying a home in Kalamazoo--Miller Rd.: Portage: for sale, job transfer, neighborhoods - Michigan (MI)
  11. to buy a house...or not to buy a house...: Lansing: rent, mortgage - Michigan (MI)
  12. Thetford Township Cemetery: Clio: county, road, street - Michigan (MI)
  13. Bad Mortgage?: foreclosure, refinance, credit - Michigan (MI)
  14. Cass County: high school, college, prices - Michigan (MI)
  15. Searching for Trevor Holbrook Waterman: Flint, Lapeer: living in, suburban, best - Michigan (MI)
  16. Back Home: renting, house, living in - Michigan (MI)
  17. House painters in the SE area?: Ann Arbor, Grosse Ile: cheapest, office, company - Michigan (MI)
  18. much do you pay a babysitter ??: daycare, house - Michigan (MI)
  19. ROZSA CENTER @ MTU looks amazing: Houghton, Hancock: school, live, retirement - Michigan (MI)
  20. When should I go North this fall?: Traverse City: best time, trees - Michigan (MI)
  21. Land Contract/Property Tax Issues Kalamazoo County: real estate, foreclosure - Michigan (MI)
  22. Most Random Thing Ever: Midland, Eagle: casino, shop, bus - Michigan (MI)
  23. Anbody selling cheap cars in the Kalamazoo/Portage/Battle Creek area: college, transportation - Michigan (MI)
  24. Looking for clay modeler: Bellaire: live in, money, company - Michigan (MI)
  25. Richland, Michigan Move: Kalamazoo, Portage, Sparta: homes, transfer to, schools (MI)
  26. SS Edmund Fitzgerald: Hudson, Peck, Allen: wedding, live, beach - Michigan (MI)
  27. Moving from Kalamazoo into Battle creek OR Marshall areas: Lansing: apartment complexes, rentals - Michigan (MI)
  28. GLBT Support In Michigan?: Detroit, Grand Rapids: high schools, college, to live (MI)
  29. Wellston, Cadillac, Manistee qs?????: place to live, car wash, friendly - Michigan (MI)
  30. recommendations on Moving Companies: Novi, Auburn Hills: mover, house, closing - Michigan (MI)
  31. Michigan Property Tax Assessment: assessor, mortgage, appliances (MI)
  32. Do NOT buy a vehicle from Williams in Traverse City: Midland: lawyer, buying - Michigan (MI)
  33. Home History: house, buyers, living - Michigan (MI)
  34. Moving to the Soo: Sault Ste. Marie: real estate, employment, school - Michigan (MI)
  35. move: Mount Pleasant, Traverse City, Mesick: sex offenders, schools, university - Michigan (MI)
  36. Bad credit need apartment in oakland county: apartment complex, rent - Michigan (MI)
  37. west mich or north mich: Muskegon, Ludington: home, living in, moving to - Michigan (MI)
  38. Advice needed .... urgent: Utica, Shelby: home, restaurants, zip code - Michigan (MI)
  39. Ford to cut another 10%: Detroit, Saline: loans, house, buying - Michigan (MI)
  40. Horrible schools: Lansing, Pontiac, Romulus: homes, middle school, college - Michigan (MI)
  41. Houses to rent in Three Rivers, MI: for sale, rental - Michigan
  42. cement statue places in TC.: Traverse City, Cadillac: camping, income, live - Michigan (MI)
  43. That s word: camping, living, beach - Michigan (MI)
  44. hunting in Champion: Marquette, Ishpeming: places, close to, small - Michigan (MI)
  45. Politics in Michigan: Flint: move to, best, locations (MI)
  46. Best Colleges & Universities?? students Flor-did-ian :D: Detroit: apartment, lofts - Michigan (MI)
  47. For who said Grand Rapids was doing well.: Detroit: layoffs, buying - Michigan (MI)
  48. AppleFest in Charlevoix: Kalamazoo, Boyne City, Central Lake: live in, food, weather - Michigan (MI)
  49. bailout: businesses, market, children - Michigan (MI)
  50. About schools in Michigan: Farmington Hills, Farmington: high schools, university, children (MI)
  51. For one year in America: hotel, home, high school - Michigan (MI)
  52. move to St. Ignace: Petoskey, Cheboygan: renting, find a job, schools - Michigan (MI)
  53. Holt or Mason - better?: Lansing, Kalamazoo: houses, neighborhoods, buying - Michigan (MI)
  54. Isiah Thomas OD: best, dental, career - Michigan (MI)
  55. Looking for a Traverse City based moving company: home, storage - Michigan (MI)
  56. activities in kalamazoo: Portage, Walker: loft, homes, theatre - Michigan (MI)
  57. After just looking on realtor dot com: sale, renting - Michigan (MI)
  58. Volunteer work around Michigan: Detroit, Kalamazoo: homes, middle school, live (MI)
  59. Can recommend a good local mover?: Auburn Hills, Utica: moving company, office - Michigan (MI)
  60. Kayaks: Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Holland: sale, to buy, prices - Michigan (MI)
  61. Auto Bail out: oil, money, business - Michigan (MI)
  62. west bloomfield daycare: Farmington Hills, Farmington: school, live, centers - Michigan (MI)
  63. 25 and need advice about a guardian: live in, jobs, doctors - Michigan (MI)
  64. 2009 - Summer Month or 2 in Michigan: Marquette, Sault Ste. Marie: apartments, rentals, condos (MI)
  65. Portage MI: Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Wyoming: to live, suburban, areas - Michigan
  66. Tattoo artist in southeast MI?: Ann Arbor, Taylor: live in, military, shop - Michigan
  67. News, It's corn day at the fair.: Detroit: building, schedule - Michigan (MI)
  68. wedding in lansing: East Lansing, Traverse City, Eagle: apartments, how much, weddings - Michigan (MI)
  69. Housing Prices -- still inflated? Further drops?: Detroit: bank owned, lender - Michigan (MI)
  70. Michigan in Pictures: Holly, Reading: big house, transfer, disposal (MI)
  71. Muskegon Heights.....: Norton Shores, St. Louis, North Muskegon: houses, to buy, middle school - Michigan (MI)
  72. Is it wise to invest in Pontiac real estate: Detroit: renters, high crime - Michigan (MI)
  73. Liquidation furniture stores?: Detroit, Westland, Kalamazoo: for sale, rent, house - Michigan (MI)
  74. Is Grayling really getting Six Flags?: Detroit, Gaylord: living in, move, park - Michigan (MI)
  75. Looking for culture in MI: Detroit, Grand Rapids: home, theater, magnet schools - Michigan
  76. Deer and Small game Hunting: Mason: spring break, home, high school - Michigan (MI)
  77. vintage appliance repair: Ferndale, Tekonsha: appliances, shop, electric - Michigan (MI)
  78. What kind of work is available in Cadillac, Mi.?: jobs, factory - Michigan (MI)
  79. German Shepherd apartment, Lansing and vicinity: East Lansing: sublet, apartments, rental - Michigan (MI)
  80. Salaries for nurses in Marquette: Detroit, Ishpeming: pros and cons, income, income tax - Michigan (MI)
  81. True U.S. Unemployment Rate at 15%: cost, manufacturing, oil - Michigan (MI)
  82. MI contract laws construction-help!: insurance, lawyer, house - Michigan
  83. What does Mid Michigan need?: Grand Rapids, Flint: health insurance, employment, luxury (MI)
  84. Budget cut for salting and plowing: bars, car, weather - Michigan (MI)
  85. Moving to Mi. with homeschoolers: Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo: school districts, universities, live in - Michigan (MI)
  86. Another Cabelas?: Grand Rapids, Dundee: to buy, camp, taxi - Michigan (MI)
  87. Housing Prices in MI: Grand Rapids, Troy: appliances, house prices, unemployment - Michigan
  88. Michigan.. been gone over a month.. need a KK Update!!: Detroit: attorney, legal (MI)
  89. News, Man says he found dead shark in Michigan's Grand Traverse Bay.: Traverse City: live in (MI)
  90. I just bought a piano....: Utica, Shelby: for sale, store, MBA - Michigan (MI)
  91. Marquette: Major employers?: employment, public school, university - Michigan (MI)
  92. Moving to Michigan/ need help: Detroit, Grand Rapids: rental, crime, house (MI)
  93. How much for an a/c and landscaping work in Wash county?: sales - Michigan (MI)
  94. In Need: A fantastic Lake Orion (area) Realtor.: Wolverine: for sale, to rent - Michigan (MI)
  95. Will Michigan get a third strike?: real estate market, renters, houses (MI)
  96. Is Manistee good for business?: Ludington, Scottville: for sale, rental, credit - Michigan (MI)
  97. Property search SE Mi (Calhoun County - internet resources?: Eaton Rapids: broker, house - Michigan (MI)
  98. eviction insight: Haslett: apartment complex, rentals, how much - Michigan (MI)
  99. Day Trip From Howell: Detroit, Royal Oak: rentals, camp, shopper - Michigan (MI)
  100. U-m & msu: Lansing, East Lansing, Wayne: schools, universities, law - Michigan (MI)
  101. fall colors from Michigan :): Wyandotte, Trenton: trees, town, visiting (MI)
  102. Australians in SE Michigan?: Detroit, Ann Arbor: living in, moving to, medical (MI)
  103. Put An Offer In On A House In Houston, Texas: foreclosure, houses - Michigan (MI)
  104. Why is Jennifer Granholm so popular with the Democratic Party?: salaries, taxes - Michigan (MI)
  105. MI unemployment up again to 8.9%: Republic: foreclosure, condo, how much - Michigan
  106. 66,000 of Job loss if GM-Chrylser buyout happens!!: Detroit, Warren: for sale, house - Michigan (MI)
  107. Northern Mich University - Marquette: Grand Rapids: apartments, rentals, crime - Michigan (MI)
  108. Why and Where In Michigan?: Sterling Heights, Ann Arbor: sales, real estate, low crime (MI)
  109. How many people do you know who are out of work?: unemployment rate, to live - Michigan (MI)
  110. michigan auto insurance rates: Frankenmuth: car insurance, credit score, house - Michigan (MI)
  111. The Michigan Accent: Gaines: school, college, live (MI)
  112. What's your favorite campground/State Park?: Ludington, Michigamme: high school, camping, live - Michigan (MI)
  113. Strange Alcohol Law: Muskegon, Fremont: how much, buying, live in - Michigan (MI)
  114. Winter Weather or Toughen Up!: Grand Rapids: home, to live, cost of - Michigan (MI)
  115. If Prop 2 fails...: Detroit: purchase, law, plantation - Michigan (MI)
  116. Why'd you move where you did?: Detroit, Grand Rapids: low crime, houses, job openings - Michigan (MI)
  117. How is Battle Creek Doing?: Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo: low income, apartment complex, rental - Michigan (MI)
  118. Hand Map: live in, place, map of - Michigan (MI)
  119. Friendly Small Towns in Michigan.: Detroit, Lansing: for sale, apartments, rent (MI)
  120. Can't Make Friends in St. Joseph MI: Muskegon, Holland: fit in, movies - Michigan
  121. Few questions about having a car in MI.: Detroit, Muskegon: car insurance, credit - Michigan
  122. casino in muskegon: good or bad: Detroit, Grand Rapids: crime rate, hotels, unemployment - Michigan (MI)
  123. Fall is .: Bay City, Frankfort: living in, safe, trees - Michigan (MI)
  124. Many have stated in other threads how beautiful Michigan is but: Detroit: home, subdivisions (MI)
  125. Apple orchards in the U.P, northern L.P.?: Marquette: co-op, organic - Michigan (MI)
  126. Michigan will recover...(I hope): Republic: codes, prices, safety (MI)
  127. Great Edmund Fitzgerald tribute video: living, dangerous, safety - Michigan (MI)
  128. Strange Racial: Detroit: home, neighborhood, buying - Michigan (MI)
  129. Need to move!- Lansing: Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo: apartments, rentals, condo - Michigan (MI)
  130. Lake communities: Holland, Traverse City, Manistee: homes, theatre, law - Michigan (MI)
  131. American Auto Industry: credit, house, to buy - Michigan (MI)
  132. Yorkshire pudding mix: cost, store, move - Michigan (MI)
  133. Loans to Big 3 = bailout?: Detroit: real estate, credit, home - Michigan (MI)
  134. Which Technical University is the best in Michigan?: Ann Arbor, Lawrence: credit, house (MI)
  135. How to find a home to buy on land contract?: Ann Arbor: real estate, mortgage - Michigan (MI)
  136. Is their a future for manufacturing after a Chrysler/GM merger?: Detroit: insurance, lawyers - Michigan (MI)
  137. Kalkaska: Traverse City, Kingsley: schools, to live in, to move - Michigan (MI)
  138. Seat Belt law: Standish: exemptions, live, delivery - Michigan (MI)
  139. I Love Michigan!!!!: Detroit, Flint, Ann Arbor: apartments, dorms, find a job (MI)
  140. I just of something that could help Michigan's economy.: Detroit: maintenance, quality of life (MI)
  141. Souvenirs: Detroit, Petoskey, Frankenmuth: houses, buying, shop - Michigan (MI)
  142. Interested in Michigan...suggestions?: Detroit, Grand Rapids: find a job, school, university (MI)
  143. Following too close ticket: live, dangerous, vs. - Michigan (MI)
  144. Rust Belt Alliance: Detroit, Grand Rapids, Flint: home, incomes, living - Michigan (MI)
  145. Devos says he won't run in 2010: Grand Rapids, Lansing: foreclosures, insurance, loans - Michigan (MI)
  146. Entertainment industry in Michigan: Detroit, Lansing: appointed, rent, unemployed (MI)
  147. Urban Pioneering,: Detroit, Grand Rapids, Flint: credit card, home, neighborhoods - Michigan (MI)
  148. Cost of complete house remodel: Detroit: for sale, countertops, assessor - Michigan (MI)
  149. Need cheap transportation ASAP: Lansing, Battle Creek: credit, buy, maintenance - Michigan (MI)
  150. still more cuts in SE Michigan: Chelsea: lawyer, home, living (MI)
  151. More of the same smoke filled resurants and bars: Detroit: how much, house - Michigan (MI)
  152. Snow!: Otsego: live, winters, work - Michigan (MI)
  153. Breaking news: appointed, cabinet, live - Michigan (MI)
  154. Millen gone: Detroit: live, bill, stations - Michigan (MI)
  155. Marquette housing: Negaunee: for sale, real estate market, rentals - Michigan (MI)
  156. Moving to Troy, MI: Sterling Heights, Farmington Hills: apartment complex, rent, how much - Michigan
  157. Out of state license plates in MI & Lansing: Grand Ledge: insurance, home - Michigan
  158. bad is the economy in Michigan?: Detroit, Grand Rapids: sales, real estate market (MI)
  159. How many remember the Michigan Drive-In's?: Dearborn, Adrian: buying, theater, camp (MI)
  160. Breaking a lease due to relocation by employer: Detroit, Saginaw: appointed, subletting - Michigan (MI)
  161. House sells for $1.75: Detroit, Flint, Saginaw: apartment, to rent, cheap house - Michigan (MI)
  162. Michigans Future: house, to buy, wage (MI)
  163. Is having a problem with Charter cable in northern Michigan?: Petoskey: how much, house (MI)
  164. red light cameras?: attorney, buying, construction - Michigan (MI)
  165. Internet connection in Upper Michigan - hey yoopers!: Marquette, Escanaba: house, university (MI)
  166. strip clubs in Marquette?: Gwinn: living, club, transportation - Michigan (MI)
  167. Help!!!! Does know a good family oriented neighborhood close to Big Rapids and Grand Rapids?: Kalamazoo: safe neighborhood, school districts - Michigan (MI)
  168. Selling My Home Land Contract in Michigan: Greenville: for sale, real estate (MI)
  169. Moving a little west from Port Huron area: Flint, Burton: fit in, for sale - Michigan (MI)
  170. Say Yes to Michigan!: Detroit, Franklin: home, universities, tornado (MI)
  171. Moving to lansing...where is a good area?: Saginaw, East Lansing: rentals, crime - Michigan (MI)
  172. small progressive Michigan towns: Detroit, Ann Arbor: sale, new home, neighborhood (MI)
  173. Democrats again?: Detroit, Wayne, Traverse City: credit, home, layoffs - Michigan (MI)
  174. Good places to park for a Michigan football game?: Ann Arbor: hotel, neighborhood (MI)
  175. Michigan Democratic Roll Call: Detroit, Jackson: how much, neighborhoods, buying (MI)
  176. Benefit of the tax increases?: Detroit, Clinton: sales, house, layoffs - Michigan (MI)
  177. Transferring to Southfield/Farmington area; suggestions on where to live: Detroit: houses, neighborhoods - Michigan (MI)
  178. Favorite Fall sites, smells activites...: Detroit, Franklin: home, neighborhood, school - Michigan (MI)
  179. Snow: Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Paw Paw: neighborhood, buying, live in - Michigan (MI)
  180. Moving to Flint Michigan: Detroit, Grand Rapids: apartments, rentals, loft (MI)
  181. How do you feel about the new Deer Feed Ban ?: purchase, school - Michigan (MI)
  182. How to Sell House when Upside Down: Lansing: for sale, real estate - Michigan (MI)
  183. Insight on Jackson Mutual: job, between, room - Michigan (MI)
  184. Macomb area housing costs: rent, house, school - Michigan (MI)
  185. Ogemaw County Rentals: Skidway Lake, West Branch: house, husband - Michigan (MI)
  186. Go Team Dan!!!!!!!!!!!!: Dearborn: teacher - Michigan (MI)
  187. Looking for places to stay around Saginaw: Frankenmuth, Vassar: apartment complex, places to live - Michigan (MI)
  188. News, Honoring outstanding Michiganians for the 30th year.: Detroit: metro area, paid (MI)
  189. moving to Mt Pleasant, Mi: rentals, house - Michigan (MI)
  190. Baby Sitter needed in Gobles Michigan: home, school, area (MI)
  191. Downtown Royal Oak Apartments: to rent, price, distance - Michigan (MI)
  192. Monroe, MI area short term/temporary housing advice: Ann Arbor: extended stay, apartment complexes - Michigan
  193. Your ballot: services, information - Michigan (MI)
  194. looking for apartment in Tecumseh, s??: apartments, estates - Michigan (MI)
  195. Skydiving and Go Karts: Detroit: metro, remodel, good - Michigan (MI)
  196. Suggestions?: Escanaba, Ludington: suites, to eat, best place - Michigan (MI)
  197. What happened to the threads about: moved, people - Michigan (MI)
  198. Does know a good construction atty?: Detroit: property, area - Michigan (MI)
  199. park with giant doll statues in Michigan: to work, young (MI)
  200. News, Health Plan of Michigan Ranked Nation's Best Medicaid Health Plans in 2008: Detroit: rankings (MI)