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  1. entertainment: Corvallis, Albany: rating, summer, festival - Oregon (OR)
  2. Can suggest newspapers for classifed ads in Oregon coastal town,: shop (OR)
  3. What can you tell me about Hood River?: Portland, Troutdale: houses, employment - Oregon (OR)
  4. [Help!]Rentals in Albany, Oregon: house, price, relocating to (OR)
  5. possibility of teacher pension transfer to Oregon?: home, purchases (OR)
  6. Allergy Questions for Eugene/Corvallis: Salem: allergies, legally, pollution - Oregon (OR)
  7. Mothers Day Ride: Corvallis, Newport, Lincoln City: shop, best, driving - Oregon (OR)
  8. Agness, Oregon help: Gold Beach, Rogue River, Powers: camping, live in, store (OR)
  9. Median temperatures, rain, land,: Portland, Bend: to buy, schools, minimum wage - Oregon (OR)
  10. DBA/IT Jobs in Medford, OR: headhunters, houses, living in - Oregon
  11. Grants Pass area cycling?: living, safer, move to - Oregon (OR)
  12. Extended Stay Hotels on Oregon Coast?: Toledo, Bandon: rentals, vacation home, discount (OR)
  13. Ontario, OR: sale, real estate, lease - Oregon
  14. MD to OR: Medford, Ashland, Jacksonville: to rent, house, salary - Oregon
  15. Questions about Albany, Jefferson, Lebanon and Sweet Home: Salem, Corvallis: renting, crime - Oregon (OR)
  16. Thinking of moving from Canada to the Oregon coast: Canby: rental, how much (OR)
  17. Moving to E. Oregon..: Joseph: for sale, buying, prices (OR)
  18. portland or eugene (or Seattle) from cenral IL: Springfield, Bend: renting, house - Oregon (OR)
  19. homeschoolers out there in Oregon?: homeschool, move to, phone (OR)
  20. (Organic) Farming in S.Oregon?...: Medford: for sale, high crime, loan (OR)
  21. Philomath, Or: Salem, Corvallis, Albany: sales, loan, houses - Oregon (OR)
  22. Living inland while still enjoying to the beach: Portland, Eugene: Home Depot, tech jobs - Oregon (OR)
  23. fishing and sailing: Portland: club, vs, move to - Oregon (OR)
  24. Sales Tax and environment: Portland, Beaverton: new house, landscaping, schools - Oregon (OR)
  25. How hot does it get in the summer in Albany?: Corvallis: live, history - Oregon (OR)
  26. How Windy is the Oregon Coast?: Portland, Bend: power lines, house, live (OR)
  27. Recommend time to visit PNW: Portland, Ashland: for rent, house, to buy - Oregon (OR)
  28. Is southern Oregon for us?: Medford, Bend: real estate, new home, college (OR)
  29. Elephant Garlic Festival: Coos Bay, Hood River, Bandon: locations, place, towns - Oregon (OR)
  30. Roundtrip in Oregon for Dutch Family in Summer !: Portland, Eugene: renting, how much (OR)
  31. Looking for extended stay motel in West linn or Oregon City area: Tigard: hotel (OR)
  32. Renting in Mill City/Stayton?: Salem: apartments, rental, houses - Oregon (OR)
  33. Help Planning Trip: Portland, Bend, Hood River: moving to, beach, trees - Oregon (OR)
  34. Corvallis or Eugene?: Beaver: school, university, live - Oregon (OR)
  35. is there a place there?: Ontario, Burns: price, horses, retirement - Oregon (OR)
  36. DRY CLEANING STICKER SHOCK - HELP! :eek:: Salem, Marion: price, areas - Oregon (OR)
  37. Need Hayden Homes,River Crest,Roseburg: insurance, buying a home - Oregon (OR)
  38. Flooding in Roseburg area?: insurance, houses, buy - Oregon (OR)
  39. Weather: Bend, Coos Bay, Astoria: school districts, live, move to - Oregon (OR)
  40. Grants Pass- bankrupt?: Roseburg: live in, moving to, deal - Oregon (OR)
  41. Midwest to Western Oregon: Corvallis: high school, living in, stats (OR)
  42. Thinking of heading north...: Eugene: for rent, school, university - Oregon (OR)
  43. Oregon Road Trip, Overnight Tent Camping?: Bend, Albany: hotels, buying, beach (OR)
  44. Molecular Biology/Retrovirology Jobs?: Portland, Eugene: school, universities, pharmacy - Oregon (OR)
  45. How About OREGON STATE BEAVER BASEBALL ? ? ?: Grants Pass: house, move to, area - Oregon
  46. Job Market: to live, move, recruiter - Oregon (OR)
  47. Another Californian escaping to central Oregon: Bend, Ashland: transplants, apartment, vehicle registration (OR)
  48. Things to See - Artificial: Portland, Eugene: houses, buy, theater - Oregon (OR)
  49. know of a city that fits my criteria: Portland: low crime, house - Oregon (OR)
  50. Things to See - Natural: Portland, Bend: living in, beach, activity - Oregon (OR)
  51. Where do we move in Oregon?: Portland, Salem: how much, new home, to buy (OR)
  52. social butterflies in lake oswego area?: Tigard, Tualatin: house, buying - Oregon (OR)
  53. Corvallis Neighboorhoods: Monroe: apartments, neighborhoods, school - Oregon (OR)
  54. Tualatin vs. west linn: schools, living in, cost of - Oregon (OR)
  55. Oregons Coastal Housing: Coos Bay, Newport, Lincoln City: for sale, real estate, to rent (OR)
  56. Oregon Radio Stations: Portland, Bend, Roseburg: community college, live, station (OR)
  57. rent a Car: rental, insurance, home - Oregon (OR)
  58. NY transplant.....teaching jobs?????: Eugene, Lebanon: fit in, buying, school - Oregon (OR)
  59. Need help finding kid-friendly places: Portland, Eugene: waterpark, house, school - Oregon (OR)
  60. Lincoln City, with it?: hotel, restaurants, shops - Oregon (OR)
  61. CA Valley Girl soon to be engaged & move to OR?: Portland: low crime, new house - Oregon
  62. Relocation to Corvallis - great opportunity or gamble?: Eugene, Salem: apartment complex, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  63. what to do in Florence/OR dunes: Reedsport, Winchester Bay: camping, live - Oregon
  64. Can Help!: Portland, Phoenix: rentals, credit, motel - Oregon (OR)
  65. Astoria, Oregon ... What's up?: Springfield: rentals, mobile home, buying (OR)
  66. from having visited Pacific City: Beaverton, Hillsboro: to live, price - Oregon (OR)
  67. help need !!!: Portland, Tigard: condo, place to live, moving to - Oregon (OR)
  68. Unemployment benefits in OR, questions?: school, college, income - Oregon
  69. San Francisco to The Gorge - Quincy, WA in 2 days: Eugene: distance, locations - Oregon (OR)
  70. Oregon not Home Sweet Home: Joseph: transplants, crime, to live (OR)
  71. Tech Job Market in Oregon? Thinking about moving without a job: Portland: house, salary (OR)
  72. Trying to get a good idea of cost of utilites in Roseburg area.: appliances - Oregon (OR)
  73. Job offer in Roseburg..should I take it?: Portland, Eugene: spring break, low crime - Oregon (OR)
  74. Massage Therapy in Oregon?: Portland, Eugene: real estate, crime, home (OR)
  75. jersey to oregon: Portland, Astoria, Seaside: condos, houses, employment - Oregon (OR)
  76. Fairview area?: Portland, Beaverton, Beaver: apartments, houses, schools - Oregon (OR)
  77. Gathering Information: Portland, Salem, Tigard: homes, private schools, college - Oregon (OR)
  78. Place to live in Newport, OR?: Waldport, Depoe Bay: apartments, rentals, crime - Oregon
  79. Relocating To Medford, Help?: Grants Pass, Jacksonville: fit in, school, moving - Oregon (OR)
  80. live in Dallas, Or?: Salem, Monmouth: real estate, daycare, new home - Oregon (OR)
  81. Odd photo request: Central Point, Brookings, Reedsport: live, club, garden - Oregon (OR)
  82. Coastal Transportation: Portland, Astoria, Newport: casino, buses, airport - Oregon (OR)
  83. Teaching in Oregon...good idea or bad?: Portland, Medford: for sale, house (OR)
  84. Long Weekend: Portland, Eugene, Bend: how much, tax, shop - Oregon (OR)
  85. Medford area economy & relocation?: Portland, Bend: insurance, job market, wages - Oregon (OR)
  86. moving from Redmond to Willamette Valley: Salem, Bend: fit in, rentals, taxes - Oregon (OR)
  87. Opinions wanted: Portland, Eugene, Salem: lawyers, employment, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  88. Thinking of relocating to Oregon: Portland, Beaverton: insurance, houses, unemployment rate (OR)
  89. Milwaukie, Or: rentals, low crime, house - Oregon (OR)
  90. Help! a move to Medford area. Cost of living: sales - Oregon (OR)
  91. Shipwreck Exposed on Beach: Bend, Coos Bay: area, summer, worth - Oregon (OR)
  92. Affordable safe neighborhoods?: Portland, Eugene: rental, crime, how much - Oregon (OR)
  93. Rentals near Lakeview: Klamath Falls, Paisley: home, income, living in - Oregon (OR)
  94. Planning on relocating to Seaside area: Portland, Astoria: spring break, rent, job market - Oregon (OR)
  95. Where in the northwest is there both sun and overcast skies?: Bend: fit in, school - Oregon (OR)
  96. Southern Oregon-Bear Creek Park Pics: Medford: movies, live, family friendly (OR)
  97. sunshine48: Medford, Bend, Grants Pass: new home, to buy, theater - Oregon (OR)
  98. Happy Easter To Everyone!: rain, family, friends - Oregon (OR)
  99. Western Oregon _ Thoughts???: Eugene, Bend: good schools, university, living (OR)
  100. Astoria: theatre, living, move to - Oregon (OR)
  101. Milwaukie..? Desirable?: Portland, Gresham, Tigard: apartments, crime, homes - Oregon (OR)
  102. Cottage Grove or Santa Clara???: Eugene, Junction City: crime, houses, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  103. Wilsonville..need feedback: Portland, Salem, West Linn: low crime, homes, safe area - Oregon (OR)
  104. Interested in Happy Valley: Portland, Salem: short sales, 2014, foreclosures - Oregon (OR)
  105. Wasco Oregon: Portland, Milwaukie, Rufus: living in, wealthy, discount (OR)
  106. Grants Pass - Rogue River Area???: Bend, Ashland: home, employment, to buy - Oregon (OR)
  107. Astoria Seafood & Wine Festival April 27-29: Florence: houses, live - Oregon (OR)
  108. Portland, OR/Bend, OR: Klamath Falls: real estate, rent, condos - Oregon
  109. Looking for cabin this summer. Help!: La Pine, Oakridge: to rent, restaurant, cost - Oregon (OR)
  110. where to move in eastern wash or oregon?: Portland, Pendleton: low income, crime - Oregon (OR)
  111. Education/Crime/Unemployment: Bend, Albany: unemployment rate, school district, live - Oregon (OR)
  112. Hello gardeners: Corvallis, Albany: house, to live, garden - Oregon (OR)
  113. Walking to grocery Astoria, Coos Bay, Toledo?: Bend, North Bend: to live, shop - Oregon (OR)
  114. How much does it snow in Grants Pass?: Medford: to live, shop - Oregon (OR)
  115. Cloudiest areas/towns in SUMMER: Portland, Eugene: living, shops, safe - Oregon (OR)
  116. movies that depict life in Oregon ??: Portland, Eugene: house, neighborhoods (OR)
  117. Growth Boundaries---Success or Failure?: Portland, Tualatin: middle-class, transplants, condos - Oregon (OR)
  118. Cheap Places to Live in Oregon: Portland, Salem: apartment, rent, mortgage (OR)
  119. Is it hard to find a decent job in Grants Pass or Medford?: transplants, insurance - Oregon (OR)
  120. In search of the Real Klamath Falls...: Medford: low crime, buy - Oregon (OR)
  121. Oregon Ducks/ Oregon State Beaver most fans?: Portland, Eugene: luxury, school (OR)
  122. Where is the Best Place to live in Oregon: Portland: best cities, low crime (OR)
  123. Most Dog-Friendly City?: Portland, Eugene, Bend: hair salon, wedding, elementary school - Oregon (OR)
  124. How many Californians have moved to Oregon?: Portland, Clackamas: sales, low crime (OR)
  125. Astoria: Portland, McMinnville, Coos Bay: real estate, house prices, employment - Oregon (OR)
  126. Oregon Jobs: Eugene, Grants Pass: how much, home, transfer to (OR)
  127. Friendly Oregonians?: Portland, Bend, Coos Bay: to live, moving to, vacation (OR)
  128. Moving to your beautiful state-need advice: Portland, Grants Pass: for sale, house, to buy - Oregon (OR)
  129. Where could one find at least 1-5 acres of land to buy at a reasonable price anywhere near Corvallis?: Albany: real estate, home - Oregon (OR)
  130. Coos Bay Family Life: Eugene, Bend: daycare, school district, living in - Oregon (OR)
  131. Gay in Rural Oregon: Portland, Eugene: school, living, zip codes (OR)
  132. The Good and The Bad of Ashland, OR: Portland, Medford: sales, real estate - Oregon
  133. FL family moving to Klamath Falls: Medford, Jacksonville: appointed, rentals, crime rate - Oregon (OR)
  134. Moving from Australia to Oregon ~ Grants Pass, Medford area: Corvallis: real estate, crime (OR)
  135. I just accepted a 90k a year job working the Gorge. Will I be able to afford housing?: Portland: foreclosure, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  136. On This Site Actually Live In Towns?: Portland: condos, motels - Oregon (OR)
  137. Affordable housing anywhere in the state?: Portland, Silverton: real estate, to rent, mortgage broker - Oregon (OR)
  138. good surf? good place to live?: Portland, Eugene: real estate, co-ops, houses - Oregon (OR)
  139. Eastern Oregon - Good place to live?: Pendleton, La Grande: homes, high school (OR)
  140. Medford/Ashland/Bend/Portland/Vancouver, WA.-Cost of living: sales, house - Oregon (OR)
  141. Brookings Or. know anything?: Woodburn, Redwood: real estate, broker, homes - Oregon (OR)
  142. Where is my Oregon paradise?: Portland, Eugene: condo, house, income (OR)
  143. The Coast: Portland, Bend, Coos Bay: how much, living, rated - Oregon (OR)
  144. about Southern Oregon: Portland, Medford: real estate market, crime, houses (OR)
  145. Coos Bay Area: Eugene, Bend, North Bend: home, transfer, college - Oregon (OR)
  146. this doesnt bode well: Portland, Eugene: buying, living, moving to - Oregon (OR)
  147. schools in Oregon???: Portland, Medford, Jacksonville: credit, homes, neighborhoods (OR)
  148. So, tell me about Brookings!: Portland, Eugene: rental, homes, buyers - Oregon (OR)
  149. Inconsiderate Californians: Portland, Eugene, Medford: school, living in, restaurant - Oregon (OR)
  150. Sales Tax When Buying A Car: insurance, home, schools - Oregon (OR)
  151. Oregon Spring: Eugene: school, live in, money (OR)
  152. Small towns in Oregon: Portland, Medford: homes, construction, living in (OR)
  153. does oregon have less sun than seattle? need to move out of seattle: Portland: rent, condo - Oregon (OR)
  154. Willamina armwrestling tournament: company, town, annual - Oregon (OR)
  155. Racial Diversity: Portland, Eugene, Salem: fit in, to rent, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  156. Moving to Oregon...: Medford, Corvallis, Grants Pass: home, transfer, neighborhood (OR)
  157. Are there moose in Oregon??: Eugene, Antelope: homes, live, relocate (OR)
  158. Creepy Crawlies in Portland and Eugene!!: Tigard, Oregon City: houses, neighborhood, buy (OR)
  159. Suggestions for Willamette Valley?: Portland, Eugene: hotel, house, camping - Oregon (OR)
  160. Just came back from Oregon!: Portland, Troutdale: rich, area, waterfall (OR)
  161. Moving to Oregon Coast: Eugene, Newport: fit in, rentals, neighborhood (OR)
  162. Sadly, I must leave Oregon due lack of sunshine!: Portland: appointed, house (OR)
  163. How is the air quality in Grant's Pass?: Medford, Grants Pass: crime, Home Depot - Oregon (OR)
  164. Rain Lovers of the World Unite!: Eugene, Corvallis: transplants, live, mold - Oregon (OR)
  165. Newport, Oregon: real estate, crime, house (OR)
  166. lumber mill odors in Albany?: Corvallis, Millersburg: living, moving to, pollution - Oregon (OR)
  167. Corvallis: townhomes, safe area, living - Oregon (OR)
  168. Oregon Coast Family Vacation from Boise: Portland, Ontario: rentals, hotels, camp (OR)
  169. Coastal Living ... and Arthritis, Joint pain: Portland, Salem: home, pros and cons, moving to - Oregon (OR)
  170. Air quality in Oregon: Portland, Eugene: smog, vehicle, cottage (OR)
  171. Always seeking the truth: Portland, Eugene: low crime, Home Depot, to buy - Oregon (OR)
  172. Are there gang/ tagging problems in Albany/ Corvalis/ Lebanon areas?: Portland: high crime, school district - Oregon (OR)
  173. Oregon Graffiti: Portland, Bend, Klamath Falls: skateboarding, crime, school (OR)
  174. Corvallis vs Albany?: Philomath, Millersburg: crime, hotel, townhome - Oregon (OR)
  175. Hello to Ontario Oregon?Information: Nyssa, Vale: appointed, best town, sales (OR)
  176. Does Oregon have a mecca of single 30-somethings?: Portland, Bend: real estate, rentals (OR)
  177. Is Bend REALLY that much sunnier than Portland?: Eugene, Medford: renting, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  178. Possibly moving to OR from N. CA: Portland, Bend: foreclosure, new home - Oregon
  179. Where to go?: Portland, Eugene, Salem: where to stay, daycare, unemployment - Oregon (OR)
  180. Corvallis for Baby Boomers?: Portland: house, university, gated - Oregon (OR)
  181. Californians who've relocated to Oregon - weigh in: Portland, Eugene: sales, car insurance (OR)
  182. Eugene or Vancouver? Need your thoughts: Portland, Corvallis: affordable apartment, rent, condos - Oregon (OR)
  183. bike commuting from Beaverton to downtown's west side: biking, near - Oregon (OR)
  184. Ironside, Unity, Brogan area information: Baker City: buy, live, shop - Oregon (OR)
  185. Oregon Desert And Arizona High Mountains: Phoenix: ski resorts, live, land (OR)
  186. Ashland???: living - Oregon (OR)
  187. Moving fm. Central OR. to Southern OR.: Portland, Bend: living, relocate to - Oregon
  188. for people who leave Oregon in winter.: Portland: homes, elementary school (OR)
  189. Route from Portland to Bend?: Salem: renting, car, work - Oregon (OR)
  190. Baker City, Oregon: hotel, vacation, driving (OR)
  191. Oregon native looking for Sherman Co. land: Wasco: home, camping (OR)
  192. Hot springs around Oregon?: camping, expensive, summer (OR)
  193. Springfield vs Corvallis Schools: activities, relocating to, commute - Oregon (OR)
  194. Best Places in Grants Pass Area to take Pictures?: gardens, parks - Oregon (OR)
  195. TAG program: Bend, Talent: public schools, move to, best - Oregon (OR)
  196. Areas Surrounding Grants Pass: homes, highway, near - Oregon (OR)
  197. Moving to Medford Area: Coos Bay: lofts, safe neighborhoods, shops - Oregon (OR)
  198. apt's for rent in Toledo: apartments, school, area - Oregon (OR)
  199. Visiting Eugene, Corvallis, might move: Salem: to live, graphic design, areas - Oregon (OR)
  200. Memories: Grants Pass, Ashland, Lakeview: house, live in, park - Oregon (OR)