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  71. What do you like/dislike about living in Rancho Sahuarita?: Tucson: middle-class, waterpark - Arizona (AZ)
  72. De Anza Closed: Tucson: apartment complex, theater, closing - Arizona (AZ)
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  80. Medical Incompetence: fit in, health insurance, house - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
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  102. Storms!: tornado, food, trailer - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
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  112. Tucson Traffic v. Houston/Twin Cities Traffic?: living in, versus - Arizona (AZ)
  113. AZ in the top 10 as slowest growing median income: legal, vs - Tucson, Arizona
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  115. Rancho Sahuarita Cell Signals: Tucson, Pima: house, live in, store - Arizona (AZ)
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  117. Rio Nuevo - we go again!: Tucson: hotel, construction - Arizona (AZ)
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  119. o/~ Tell me why-y-y-yi-yi o/~: Tucson: hotel, house, scorpion - Arizona (AZ)
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  124. Lee St.: Tucson: rentals, crime, houses - Arizona (AZ)
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  128. Reid Park Zoo + Labor Day Weekend?: Tucson: appointed, schools, live - Arizona (AZ)
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  130. Decision made: Relocating to Tucson in the next few months.: Phoenix: eyeglasses, new home - Arizona (AZ)
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  135. Cox Channels: movies, living, station - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
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  141. I-10 widening project to be completed as early as late August!: Phoenix: gated, prices - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
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  144. walking tucson: Ajo: home, neighborhoods, university - Arizona (AZ)
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  147. A Public Service REMINDER to all Arizona Posters!: Catalina: school, live - Tucson, (AZ)
  148. Regina cleri seminary: Tucson: how much, land, teach - Arizona (AZ)
  149. Ok tucsonians(?) I need your help!: Congress: lease, crime, hotel - Arizona (AZ)
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  167. Hey Mr Tucson!: house, place, rain - Arizona (AZ)
  168. All I Can Say to Government anymore is: LOL!: Tucson: employment, neighborhood - Arizona (AZ)
  169. I Bet You Can't Derail this: Tucson: train, place - Arizona (AZ)
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  171. Serial Trolls: Infiltration of the Forums: Tucson: rating, recycle - Arizona (AZ)
  172. Thanks to all of you!: Phoenix, Tucson: rental, new home, landscaping - Arizona (AZ)
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