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  25. Toy Fox Terrier: miniature, pups, best, furniture - Dogs
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  34. NEIGHBOR'S PIT BULL SAVES WOMAN from ABDUCTION: cross, safe, Grand Rapids - Dogs
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  39. That was good! - Dogs
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  53. man...: shepherd, boxers, terrier, aggressive - Dogs
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  61. Think I have a hankering for an English Bulldog: terrier, vet, breeder - Dogs
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  66. Tail Down: clean, vet, odor, outside - Dogs
  67. about adoption and housetraining: shih-tzu, clean, poop, housebreak - Dogs
  68. Recycling ick: clean, protein, ears, eating - Dogs
  69. News, Scientists claim to have cloned glowing dogs.: science, beagles, eat
  70. Animal Cancers: vet, vaccinations, Maui, sleep - Dogs
  71. Fight or Play: labradors, aggressive, neutered, dachshund - Dogs
  72. So what is it like to go watch a regular dog show?: toy, breeders - Dogs
  73. after puppy birthing: vet, puppies, claw, normal - Dogs
  74. Dogs doing tricks: home, mean, doggie
  75. Barking Dogs!: train, kennel, bird, outside
  76. Puppy Food Suggestions for Wheatens: bites, natural, best, ears - Dogs
  77. Life Lessons from the Family Dog: cancer - Dogs
  78. Flea meds, the good, bad and ugly: vet, fleas, cats - Dogs
  79. Meet Dazzle:): border collie, chihuahuas, breeders, aggressive - Dogs
  80. FDA is investigating Nutro for pet deaths and illnesses: gagging, schnauzer, spaniel - Dogs
  81. When do I switch from puppy chow to dog chow?: labrador, poop - Dogs
  82. dog acts weird after going to groomer: vet, barking, train - Dogs
  83. Inter-state car travel with dogs...are there rules?: vet, adopted, neuter
  84. Help - Heartworm Treatment??: labs, terrier, clean, vet - Dogs
  85. Need Advice for a Dispute: how much, breeder, black, skin - Dogs
  86. When Your Dog Dies, Is It Ok to Replace It With the Same Breed?: lab, terrier - Dogs
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  89. Is human shampoo for dogs?: clean, vet, skin, rescue
  90. My wife and I just got a Corgi!: puppy, people, stories - Dogs
  91. This is not a cheap GSD!: shepherd, poodles, shepherds, breeders - Dogs
  92. Flea Control - Dog & Home: bite, vet, skin, treatment - Dogs
  93. A random assortment of pix: Utah, white - Dogs
  94. Another tick: lab, vet, black, treatment - Dogs
  95. Going to buy a Rottweiler: poodle, breeder, skin, train - Dogs
  96. Foreclosure crisis costs rotties their home and family: lab, breeding, heartworms - Dogs
  97. Is this common after neutering?: poop, vet, skin, surgery - Dogs
  98. PETA discourages Octo-Mom from buying a dog: shepherd, shepherds, bite - Dogs
  99. Dogs & Blood: shepherd, yorkie, train, natural
  100. My sisters new pup: spaniel, black, spaniels, rescue - Dogs
  101. Female pitbull in heat and fighting with male: pitbulls, bite, vet - Dogs
  102. Dogs in Hotels - Tips?: poop, barking, prescription, noise
  103. An English Bulldog with black spots/Focal Alopecia (other breeds might have the same): shepherd, allergic - Dogs
  104. Do you have the cutest dog/puppy? City Data Pet Photo Contest: lab, shots - Dogs
  105. Old Dogs and Tumors: lab, rottweiler, vet, skin
  106. Aggressive Dog Needs Good Home.: bite, barks, train, rescue - Dogs
  107. at dog park: lab, walk, store, home - Dogs
  108. Does have dog who sulks?: border collie, labs, toy, husky - Dogs
  109. Quirky Chow Chows for owners!): terrier, biting, clean, poop - Dogs
  110. Two Weeks of Chaos>>>: clean, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  111. Dogs and Bumble Bees: lab, allergic, bite, vet
  112. Chemo for Mast Cell Tumor: tumors, vet, black, treatment - Dogs
  113. Bust out your funniest pics and the stories behind them...we all need a good smile days!: toy, mice - Dogs
  114. English Bulldog prices: how much, bite, breeders, rescue - Dogs
  115. What kinds of dogs have red noses?: golden retrievers, black, breed
  116. is my dog full pitbull terrier: vet, training, rescue - Dogs
  117. Does do rescue, pup, mean, owner
  118. cleaning teeth for my 7 years old dog: how much, terriers, vet - Dogs
  119. My puppy lab killed my chihuahua: labrador, bite, rescue, kids - Dogs
  120. Thinking about getting Shi-Chon...: shih tzu, allergic, poodle, yorkie - Dogs
  121. my seeking dog! help!: vet, barking, skin, training - Dogs
  122. Are purebreds really better?: vet, training, rescue, adopt - Dogs
  123. use dog diapers?: training, rescue, reactions, puppy - Dogs
  124. Moving tip from the US Army: vets, training, rescue, euthanize - Dogs
  125. Do you think I should do this?: pitbull, lab, puppy - Dogs
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  128. adopting!: shih tzu, chihuahua, housebreak, skin - Dogs
  129. Dog has eye problem: allergic, clean, vet, treatment - Dogs
  130. Back to 11 again. Sigh.: vet, wound, teeth, rescues - Dogs
  131. At what point to worry that dog isn't eating: how much, terrier, poop - Dogs
  132. hives - what to do: lab, allergic, terrier, bite - Dogs
  133. Barking Pug: vet, toy, black, diet - Dogs
  134. I need your advice: clean, vet, aggressive, cleaning - Dogs
  135. Dog falls overboard...found after 4 months!: diet, adopted, ears, eating - Dogs
  136. Adopted dog's and stories to go with them: shepherd, lab, poodle - Dogs
  137. 3 month old Pit Bull puppy threw up that smells and looks like feces: poop, vet - Dogs
  138. When you travel, what do you do with your dog?: border collie, yorkie - Dogs
  139. Puppy jumps on everything/!: lab, biting, black, train - Dogs
  140. Marcus Luttrell's Dog DASY: legal, kids, best, eating - Dogs
  141. Pit bull free spay / neuter: shepherd, terrier, chihuahua, vet - Dogs
  142. Lets Play Catch - Up *Photo Overload*: boxer, vet, pomeranian - Dogs
  143. about Crates: train, kennels, natural, chewing - Dogs
  144. On my walk this morning..: lab, boxer, black, training - Dogs
  145. Our memorial tattoos for Brooklyn...: how much, skin, cost, paws - Dogs
  146. Raw Food: clean, poop, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  147. Couple of food questions: retriever, allergies, costs, natural - Dogs
  148. Pictures of the Legend - BRITCHES: black, adoption, ears, home - Dogs
  149. Vaccinosis - reactions from vaccines: allergic, biting, vet, legal - Dogs
  150. Same sire - ok to breed?: breeding, science, puppies, testing - Dogs
  151. BREEDERS: What is your opinion of ..: clean, vet, toy - Dogs
  152. The Food Game?: boxer, vet, aggressive, rescued - Dogs
  153. Making sure you're ready for disasters: shih tzu, rescue, odor, kennels - Dogs
  154. for/about APBT breeders...: boxers, terriers, rescue, kennel - Dogs
  155. What would you do: shepherd, bite, barks, wound - Dogs
  156. Dog bites another dog, both on leashes, who pays bill?: how much, poodle - Dogs
  157. Culling: breeders, neutered, euthanize, puppies - Dogs
  158. Crossing Canadian/US border with my doggie: vet, barking, husky - Dogs
  159. Advice Would Be Greatly: allergy, laser, vet, toy - Dogs
  160. My boy got attacked at the dog park today: pitbulls, poodle, bite - Dogs
  161. Groomers or people who use them? ? about bad dogs: how much, poodle
  162. Issues With Shelters: shih tzu, golden retriever, vet, breeder - Dogs
  163. Free to a good home: vet, skin, adoption, neutering - Dogs
  164. Flying size pet IN CABIN!: allergic, Great Dane, problems - Dogs
  165. dog hacking, gagging and licking: bulldog, vet, stomach, rescued - Dogs
  166. who KEEP their dogs chained outside and away from the house...: shepherd, allergic
  167. Crating my dog?: train, treatment, adopted, natural - Dogs
  168. Do you believe that dogs can be sad?: lab, adopt, puppies
  169. Doggie Dreams: vet, barks, neuter, humping - Dogs
  170. My Puppy gets crazy and wild in the evening: lab, bites, clean - Dogs
  171. What's with Vets?: clean, vet, cleaning, teeth - Dogs
  172. Letting your dog die naturally versus putting them down: how much, vet, aggressive - Dogs
  173. Raw food for that feed raw): poop, black, diet - Dogs
  174. Food Aggression: shaking, training, kennel, neutered - Dogs
  175. Papillion?: yorkies, toy, spaniel, cross - Dogs
  176. Is a 2nd dog easier.. or more difficult?: shih-tzu, biting, clean - Dogs
  177. News, Woman to police: 'There's a dog taped to the fridge': chihuahua, rescue - Dogs
  178. difficult decision: shih tzu, poodle, vet, cataracts - Dogs
  179. Good ideas for traveling with a dog by car for a few hours: lab, English Bulldog - Dogs
  180. I wish dog names were more creative.: border collie, shepherd, lab - Dogs
  181. King Shepards: shepherd, lab, poodle, terrier - Dogs
  182. Becoming a Therapy Dog?: shepherd, aggressive, training, children - Dogs
  183. PIT BULL SAVES WOMAN & CHILD from ATTACKER: pitbull, poodle, adopt - Dogs
  184. Yes, this IS another about Artie's poop!: shepherd, boxer, clean - Dogs
  185. how can hate this abused breed??: pitbulls, aggressive, kids - Dogs
  186. Is is safe to feed raw bones?: vet, stomach, teeth - Dogs
  187. Breeder sells dog to the Vice President: bite, breeders, legal - Dogs
  188. First dog!: how much, breeders, adopted, cross - Dogs
  189. Purbreeds Type Founder Effect - Article: breeders, black, shelter, problems - Dogs
  190. You look sleepy - didn't you sleep well?: shepherd, lab, poodle - Dogs
  191. Recommendation for dog for someone with allergies?: labs, shih tzu, allergic - Dogs
  192. black stuff in dog's ear: clean, vet, shaking, cleaning - Dogs
  193. News, Divorced Couple Duke It Out Over Frozen Dog Sperm.: fight - Dogs
  194. Zoo too million $$$ contest results...: rescue, adopted, cats, keep - Dogs
  195. Do you have the cutest dog/puppy? City Data Pet Photo Contest: best - Dogs
  196. News, Organizers: Dog can play piano, mow lawn.: shepherd, paws, german - Dogs
  197. dogs with kidney disease - discharge after urination ?: vet, problems, yellow
  198. Canine Cushings Forum is down use this link: work - Dogs
  199. Need a veterinarian and a groomer: labradoodle, vet, cross, Chicago - Dogs
  200. Bo: puppy, white, people - Dogs