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  2. Dog (pug) custody case resolved: legal, ears, year, stop - Dogs
  3. Fur picker-uppers for area rugs & dogs w/fluffy fur?: clean, husky
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  11. Gabriel and Stanley: allergic, cats, eat - Dogs
  12. News, Judge orders dog to leave US resort town.: chihuahua, biting, clean - Dogs
  13. Blind Dog: rescue, collie, Arizona, Phoenix - Dogs
  14. Do you know why a dog does not like to have his/her nails touched?: rescues, beagle - Dogs
  15. of the day: walk, eat, animals, owner - Dogs
  16. Should I be worried?: vet, diet, bones, biscuits - Dogs
  17. Need Advice....: vet, prescription, animal, control - Dogs
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  20. This could use your ...: poisoning - Dogs
  21. She is coming home one day earlier......: breeder, puppies, breed - Dogs
  22. Relocating from wisconsin to arizona with 2 mini pins: kids, best, ears - Dogs
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  25. News, Snuggies for dogs? The catwalk doesn't lie.: lab, New York, owner
  26. News, Milpitas man gets 25 years to life for dog slaying his third strike.: spaniel, children - Dogs
  27. Food aggression: shepherd, toy, training, teeth - Dogs
  28. Type of crate made a big difference: pitbull, training, puppy - Dogs
  29. VA Dog Found in OK 10 Yrs after Disappearing: rottweiler, vet, rescue - Dogs
  30. FL Rescue needed ASAP: skin, adoption, puppy, best - Dogs
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  33. So Stressed Out!!!: lab, allergic, vet, toy - Dogs
  34. Micro Chip: vet, breeder, cost, paws - Dogs
  35. Dogs and Pigs?: housebreak, skin, rescues, kids
  36. Man accused of drowning ex's dog: people - Dogs
  37. Puppy afraid of harness?: bite, training, outside, walk - Dogs
  38. My akita has diabetes: vets, diabetic, year, power - Dogs
  39. Sick Shih Tzu Help!: vet, breeder, stomach, symptoms - Dogs
  40. Lost Dog Gathers Clues to Find Family: breed, months, people - Dogs
  41. Wheezing dog: vet, rescue, allergies, cough - Dogs
  42. Vari kennel size for a weimaraner: free, safe, animal, work - Dogs
  43. Canine Car Sickness or Anxiety?: skin, rescue, shots, puppy - Dogs
  44. Pitbull BSL, Dandridge, TN: skin, outside, breeds, ears - Dogs
  45. Artifical Sweetners Killing Dogs!!: natural, ears, eat, popular
  46. 18 Cutest Puppies in the World: border collie, huskies, collie, kennel - Dogs
  47. chf meds: diet, failure, best, cats - Dogs
  48. Lab losing hearing --- glad I taught hand signals but didn't teach enough -- is it too late to learn more?: labrador, poop - Dogs
  49. Sick Boykin Spaniel: vet, skin, diarrhea, breed - Dogs
  50. Calling All Doxie Owners: Tell Me About Your Dachshund: how much, clean, vet - Dogs
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  52. PetSmart Friends & Family coupon: bought - Dogs
  53. Another adoption!: pitbull, chihuahua, surgery, sheltie - Dogs
  54. My dog hasn't lost her baby teeth and doesn't show signs of others :(: shihtzu, vet - Dogs
  55. How can a pet food producer do this?: ears, keep, chocolate - Dogs
  56. Care to venture a guess on the breed?: terrier, rescue, adopted - Dogs
  57. Leptospirosis: bite, clean, vet, skin - Dogs
  58. one can help this dog!: rescue, adopt, home, Alabama - Dogs
  59. Why do my chis lick their lower leg after getting a taste of peanut butter ?: allergies, muzzle - Dogs
  60. kitten and a 1 1/2 old dog..: aggressive, cross, pup, food - Dogs
  61. for Lab Owners..........: labs, allergic, black, food - Dogs
  62. How to get a dog to use a certain part of the yard...: shepherd, clean - Dogs
  63. Purebred.... This is true... but what kind of dog?: shih tzu, poodles, breeding - Dogs
  64. heard of a recall on Iverhart Plus?: vet, heartworms, rescue - Dogs
  65. Dog losing hair: vet, diet, fleas, chewing - Dogs
  66. Crate Training- Help!: clean, poop, housebreak, train - Dogs
  67. help with shih tzu: bulldogs, bite, vet, barks
  68. Cameroon Pet Scammers: English Bulldog, yorkies, breeders, puppies - Dogs
  69. Looking for Chiropractor or Acupuncture for dogs: veterinary, American, Dallas
  70. Changes: labs, dominant, chocolate, people - Dogs
  71. diarrhea and blood: yorkie, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  72. Dog Knocked Out?: lab, vet, toy, legs - Dogs
  73. Digging...yard...mud...anger: cost, paws, problems, Boulder - Dogs
  74. Dog Freckles?: terrier, vet, spaniel, black - Dogs
  75. News, Yellow Labrador mix survives being shot 4 times.: rescue, adopt, neuter - Dogs
  76. Nutro puppy food recall: how much, bites, veterinary, science - Dogs
  77. do you refer to your dogs as your kids?: skin, children, paws
  78. Itchy dog...scratching his fur off...: allergic, vet, training, diet - Dogs
  79. urgent help-sharpei puppy rash: Shar-Pei, allergic, bite, vet - Dogs
  80. My dog's Hansel & Gretel story: lab, shih tzu, clean, black - Dogs
  81. Lost Dog Gathers Clues to Find its Family: rottweiler, train - Dogs
  82. Just lost a foster dog - the puppies mom: clean, vet, spaniel - Dogs
  83. Would you bring a muzzled dog to the dog park?: aggressive, natural - Dogs
  84. Getting puppy to stop biting in play.: terrier, bite, toy - Dogs
  85. Proud of of the fur kids!: pitbull, wound, science - Dogs
  86. Just got a dog for my kids.: clean, vet, barking - Dogs
  87. Dogs on the hill...: pitbull, ridgeback, Shar-Pei, basenji
  88. Best guard dog breed is: pitbull, shepherd, shepherds, bite - Dogs
  89. My new baby....: home, bought, excited - Dogs
  90. What is your ideal little dog?: how much, bulldog, poodles, terrier - Dogs
  91. Dogs on a leash: pitbulls, labs, chihuahua, bite
  92. A bittersweet Rott story: rottweiler, pup, breed, ears - Dogs
  93. Adopted a new family member ourselves this time!: terrier, vet, black - Dogs
  94. My neighbor's dog died: lab, vet, rescue, best - Dogs
  95. Changing a dog's name?: lab, husky, black, rescue - Dogs
  96. Help Selecting Dog: how much, terrier, chihuahuas, bite - Dogs
  97. Time is out: veterinary, science, rescue, adopted - Dogs
  98. New Boxer puppy......: heartworms, rescue, adopt, paws - Dogs
  99. Housebreaking 2 shih tzus: clean, poop, cleaning, stomach - Dogs
  100. Flyball!: border collie, train, collies, ears - Dogs
  101. Is my Dog Crazy??: bites, clean, vet, spaniel - Dogs
  102. Pit bull ban in Broward county Florida???: pitbull, rottweiler, chihuahuas - Dogs
  103. Swifer Wet Jet Harmful?: clean, cleaning, puppy, ears - Dogs
  104. GIANT Dog!!!: how much, clean, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  105. My old boy - may be his time: vet, spaniel, surgery - Dogs
  106. House breaking Pugs: terriers, schnauzers, patella, clean - Dogs
  107. Four vets, and still no cure for puppy's diarrhea!?: poop, vet, breeder - Dogs
  108. Baby sitting...: toy, training, teeth, bones - Dogs
  109. Stray dogs EVERYWHERE! What can I do?: border collie, labs, bulldog
  110. Ive got a new puppy!: vet, toy, aggressive, husky - Dogs
  111. Does use......: boxers, bite, vet, prescription - Dogs
  112. I wanted to cringe and scream: goldendoodle, poodle, labradoodles, schnauzer - Dogs
  113. Chihuahua eats bugs: Shar-Pei, labrador, clean, rescued - Dogs
  114. My neighbors are abusing their dogs!: training, rescue, best, eating
  115. Designer Dog breeds: pitbull, border collie, labrador, poodle - Dogs
  116. Does go to dog parks?: poop, breeding, shaking, aggressive - Dogs
  117. My Boston Terrier won't stop peeing and pooping in the house!!: clean, vet - Dogs
  118. Do You Let Your Dog On Furniture?: lab, terriers, chihuahuas - Dogs
  119. have good luck with an anti-barking device ?: lab, bite - Dogs
  120. My dog leans... is something wrong?: border collie, vet, collie, bones - Dogs
  121. Ear Infection -- Other The Counter Treatment?: allergy, clean, vet - Dogs
  122. What's your dog going to be for Halloween?: breeders, barking, cost - Dogs
  123. Mange: chihuahua, biting, clean, vet - Dogs
  124. one help me figure out my dog's problem... so stressed: vet, stomach - Dogs
  125. Can tell me what breed my puppy is???: pitbull, Shar-Pei, lab - Dogs
  126. What to expect for your first vet visit...: how much, toy, teeth - Dogs
  127. Dogs, fleas, and houses: clean, vet, prescription, cleaning
  128. Would you feed your dog from your fork or spoon?: allergies, food - Dogs
  129. My dog gets car sick & we have a 6 hour drive: vet, stomach - Dogs
  130. New dog owner advice: how much, bulldog, terriers, poop - Dogs
  131. How often does a little dog need to eat?: how much, labrador, clean - Dogs
  132. Tough dog situation- I need advice!: shepherd, husky, legal - Dogs
  133. Should the little guy be put to sleep?: vet, surgery, costs - Dogs
  134. The life and times of Buddy the Pit Bull: chihuahuas, train, cross - Dogs
  135. Is there solution? - Puppies peed on all carpets: shih tzu, clean - Dogs
  136. My bulldog is driving me nutso schnauzers, clean, vets - Dogs
  137. News, Tibetan Mastiff 'World's Most Expensive Dog' With $582G Price Tag.: black, rescue - Dogs
  138. what are good dog breeds?: border collie, shepherd, labradors, poodles - Dogs
  139. one big - post your dogs and everyone will try to guess their breed mixes: lab, bulldog
  140. Did another transport today: vet, black, rescue, shots - Dogs
  141. My sweetie is not so sweet more: border collie, bites, poop - Dogs
  142. New Foster (Penelope): shepherd, vet, weight, home - Dogs
  143. How smart is your dog....: lab, poop, breeder, barking - Dogs
  144. Faceless friends: pitbull, shepherd, lab, poodle - Dogs
  145. Bored Dog in Hot AZ: border collie, stomach, black, training - Dogs
  146. Weimeraner puppy just found us!: training, paws, best, breed - Dogs
  147. Dogs Relieving Themselves on Other Peoples' Private Property: poop, fertilizer, outside
  148. dog on dog aggression, how to stop?: how much, lab, wound - Dogs
  149. Should I allow this, or try to discourage it?: toy, train, mice - Dogs
  150. Anyones dog not adjust to NC?: allergic, vet, science, skin - Dogs
  151. My sweet dog was mauled today :(: border collie, rottweilers, bite, vet - Dogs
  152. I am so proud of my lab! He saved a dog's life.: rescue, home - Dogs
  153. I have the perfect dog...or do I?: how much, barking, skin - Dogs
  154. My dog won't pee when it's raining- Help!: poop, rescue, biscuits - Dogs
  155. Puppy Crate Training/Separation Anxiety: shih-tzu, poodles, clean, poop - Dogs
  156. know what i need to do to ship a puppy from the UK to Hawaii..: breeders, train - Dogs
  157. I've always been a cat person...: shedding, kids, cross, best - Dogs
  158. Friend w/no dog knowledge: boerboel, train, rescues, adopt - Dogs
  159. Need advice, backyard kennel: shepherd, shepherds, poop, chew - Dogs
  160. Does Your Dog Have Strange Food/Drink Preferences?: skin, eat, keep - Dogs
  161. Begging for table scraps: beagle, adopting, puppies, food - Dogs
  162. Missouri fighting ring raid: labs, clean, breeding, aggressive - Dogs
  163. 5 month old puppy barking early in the morning.: golden retriever, bite, breeder - Dogs
  164. Behavior: vet, training, paws, puppies - Dogs
  165. For people who think they have to get rid of their dog because of the new baby: clean, training - Dogs
  166. Help!!! 15 YO daughter came home with a dog!!!!: surgery, rescue, bones - Dogs
  167. Would you?: terrier, golden retriever, breeders, aggressive - Dogs
  168. Need Advice about Re-homing Older Dog: how much, vet, surgery, rescue - Dogs
  169. Warning: Peach Pits and Dogs Don't Mix: vet, surgery, food
  170. A collar that doesn't cause sores?: chihuahua, vet, beagle, chews - Dogs
  171. meet davey-long-legs: labrador, allergy, poop, vet - Dogs
  172. Shock collars LOL: barking, skin, train, puppy - Dogs
  173. Relocating from Texas to Massachusetts with 2 dogs: lab, bulldog, vet
  174. Help!!!: vet, rescue, Great Dane, outside - Dogs
  175. Friend left his Pitt.: pitbull, barking, black, training - Dogs
  176. My one year old boxer poop.: vet, food, eating - Dogs
  177. my dog dilema: labrador, retriever, vet, black - Dogs
  178. Simple jobs to give a dog (working dog breeds): vet, toy, train - Dogs
  179. Dog hit and run: Shar-Pei, labradoodle, legal, black - Dogs
  180. If a dog eats a rat that been poisoned ? ? ? ?: vet, bones, best - Dogs
  181. help name this new cutie!: terrier, vet, adopting, ears - Dogs
  182. Our honeymoon phase is definitely over: clean, poop, train, biscuits - Dogs
  183. Puggle: bulldog, boxer, clean, breeders - Dogs
  184. Our progress!: spaniel, barking, training, pup - Dogs
  185. read if you are an owner of a dangerous breed: black, ears - Dogs
  186. Denver's Pit Bull Row: ridgeback, golden retrievers, boerboel, bite - Dogs
  187. Introducing....: rescue, adopt, neutered, euthanize - Dogs
  188. stitches ... .but we just have to go to the beach!!!: clean, vet - Dogs
  189. Best way to transport dogs, cats, and bird across the country?: bulldogs, vet
  190. Chiuahuah births: lab, chihuahua, vet, toy - Dogs
  191. household pollutants and pets: work - Dogs
  192. people should not be allowed to own dogs: pitbulls, aggressive, train
  193. Puppy size: skin, puppies, shelter, eating - Dogs
  194. support group for with deceased pets: Charlotte, owner - Dogs
  195. puppies and kittens: animals, work - Dogs
  196. News, Puppy survives week in rabbit hole.: rescued, England, animal - Dogs
  197. News, Court denies appeal in dog case.: training, ears, North Carolina - Dogs
  198. A Hero Dog: wound - Dogs
  199. News, Boarding your dogs? Find out if they need a flu vaccine.: veterinarians, canine
  200. Dog Food: brand - Dogs