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  13. Dogs and Fall (post yours): natural, best, Dallas, leash
  14. My new little man Zaiden: shih tzu, poodle, puppies, best - Dogs
  15. News, Ten dogs that changed the world.: terrier, wound, canine
  16. News, Dog Fighting For Life After Rescuing Owner From Deadly Snake Attack.: pitbulls, bite - Dogs
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  19. skijor?: train, kids, cross, best - Dogs
  20. so cute!!: puppy, stop - Dogs
  21. Whining tonight: Analysis for Dog Whisperer(s) ?: how much, toy - Dogs
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  24. Runt syndrome?: vet, cough, adopted, kennel - Dogs
  25. News, Bullet Meant For Dog Kills Owner.: aggressive, training, neuter - Dogs
  26. News, Dog gives up life to save man from fire.: rescue, puppy - Dogs
  27. Happy Thanksgiving...: eat, stop, hair, doggie - Dogs
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  33. News, Dog's Best Friend: Willie Nelson.: Georgia, fight - Dogs
  34. elf yourself: kids, people, doggie, family - Dogs
  35. What my dog does when faced with BSL: poodles, spaniel, breeds - Dogs
  36. News, Vick faces $900,000 bill for dog care.: keep, Atlanta, man - Dogs
  37. How pet food companies weld their marketing power: diet, breeds, problems - Dogs
  38. Speaking of Pit Bulls.. Need Help.: pitbulls, Staffordshire Terrier, skin - Dogs
  39. Pit Bull PSA's hit the airwaves: terrier, outside, store, Georgia - Dogs
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  43. 130+ Happy Dogs: canines, beach
  44. Less interest in his food than ours: how much, training, diet - Dogs
  45. News, Broward County sheriff's deputy shoots Dalmatian.: barking, teeth, shots - Dogs
  46. Great Rescue News!!!: lab, toy, adoption, kids - Dogs
  47. MRSA...the new, resistant staph infection: bite, vets, train, surgery - Dogs
  48. News, World's tallest dog meets world's smallest dog.: chihuahua, Great Dane, hair - Dogs
  49. Pimp Your Pics - Dogs
  50. puppy + separation anxiety: how much, terriers, poop, vet - Dogs
  51. Need advice: collars, cats, cheap, cheapest - Dogs
  52. News, Tossing dog off balcony gets man 3 years in jail.: poodle, terrier - Dogs
  53. Has this ever happened to yours?: vet, stomach, diet, effects - Dogs
  54. Luv A Bully March *Pics*: aggressive, pups, cocker, breeds - Dogs
  55. dog tree faces: labs, bird, feeder, ears - Dogs
  56. Do Veterinary Schools have Clinics?: vet, cost, best, Texas - Dogs
  57. Where do you go if you think you dog has Star: paws, cats - Dogs
  58. So what are you and your kids up to?: clean, surgery, puppies - Dogs
  59. extra doggie: toy, puppies, cage, allowed - Dogs
  60. Dog scratching at ears: clean, vet, shaking, cleaning - Dogs
  61. I'm College student and need a home for my dog for six months: breeder, husky - Dogs
  62. Help Need on dangerous dog laws, BSL, in Flagler county, FL...: pitbull, Staffordshire Terriers - Dogs
  63. Unneutered males. Whats your experience.: how much, bite, vet, breeder - Dogs
  64. Aaaack! 4 lb weight gain in 3 weeks??: how much, poop, vet, stomach - Dogs
  65. How to tell if your rescue dog was abused?: pitbull, shepherd, vet - Dogs
  66. Best coverage for fleas?: vet, heartworms, cost, adoption - Dogs
  67. What is your dog scared of?: clean, sheltie, kids, noise - Dogs
  68. I need advice on a dog attack???: how much, shepherd, bite - Dogs
  69. American Staffordshire rescue: pitbull, shepherd, bulldogs, shepherds
  70. Does your dog get jealous?: toy, sheltie, cross, pups - Dogs
  71. Pictures, pictures, pictures! Dogs and kids!: pitbull, aggressive, children, pups
  72. Biting Dog Problem: pitbull, lab, bite, vet - Dogs
  73. What are you getting your dogs for christmas?: teeth, cost, noise
  74. Why do people still go to Puppy Stores????: breeders, adopting, neutering - Dogs
  75. Pitbull allowed in houston apartment: bulldog, boxer, Staffordshire Terriers, training - Dogs
  76. Average Housebreaking Age: how much, shepherd, lab, clean - Dogs
  77. Pitbull: shepherd, labrador, Staffordshire Terriers, retriever - Dogs
  78. Feeding dog table food...: how much, golden retriever, rottweilers, bite - Dogs
  79. Do you ever just let your dog walk you?: how much, poop, training - Dogs
  80. What would you do?: terrier, bite, toy, wound - Dogs
  81. After Portia's surgery: pitbull, shepherd, poodle, vet - Dogs
  82. News, Woman Stabs Dog That Attacked Her Cat.: aggressive, best, breed - Dogs
  83. When are stupid politicians going to learn!!??: pitbulls, lab, bulldog - Dogs
  84. Our dog bit my son: bites, vet, black, euthanize - Dogs
  85. Shock collars for excessive barking: best, cats, walk, store - Dogs
  86. Doggy Doo Doo etiquette: clean, poop, children, best - Dogs
  87. Boxer shedding ...: clean, vet, cleaning, skin - Dogs
  88. Fleas: vet, treatment, shots, best - Dogs
  89. Comments on Canidae Live Stages, Lamb & Rice formula: pitbull, labs, allergy - Dogs
  90. Hand Signals: spaniel, stomach, training, best - Dogs
  91. food?: how much, rottweilers, vet, diet - Dogs
  92. What would you do if your dogs tail needed to be amputated?: vet, surgery
  93. Toxicity of grapes/raisins in dogs: vet, aggressive, stomach, diarrhea
  94. Iggy tails!: training, adopt, neutering, shots - Dogs
  95. fenced in the yard, but my dog won't go out there!: border collie, toy - Dogs
  96. ohhh my gosh: train, children, cross, puppies - Dogs
  97. Remote trainers: experiences?: how much, terrier, wound, aggressive - Dogs
  98. Cut your dog's hair yourself?: how much, shih tzu, rescue, infections - Dogs
  99. Are most dog's Momma's Dogs ?: vets, breeder, adopted
  100. What kind of dog prances when they walk?: shih tzu, boxers, schnauzer - Dogs
  101. Pet insurance?: lab, clean, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  102. Which side do you prefer your dog to walk in relation to you?: breeder, pomeranian - Dogs
  103. Does your dog like to seek refuge under the bed/couch?: lab, terrier - Dogs
  104. Pictures with Santa: toy, cross, puppy, food - Dogs
  105. What breed is this puppy?: lab, boxer, black, puppies - Dogs
  106. how far does your dog run w/ you: pitbull, border collie, terriers - Dogs
  107. Who is your favorite famous dog?: border collie, chihuahua, clean - Dogs
  108. hydrogen peroxide for wounds?: tumors, clean, cleaning, skin - Dogs
  109. genes and coat color: Shar-Pei, labrador, retrievers, chihuahua - Dogs
  110. PetCo or PetSmart? Which do you prefer?: shih tzu, toy, skin - Dogs
  111. News, Police shoot and kill pitbull in Boston: pitbulls, labs, boxer - Dogs
  112. Aaaack! My dog is limping, now: vet, surgery, bones, paws - Dogs
  113. What is the best dog food you can get for your dog?: how much, allergic - Dogs
  114. help: clean, vet, black, infection - Dogs
  115. New neighbor in war zone: pitbull, clean, barking, cleaning - Dogs
  116. More Pictures - Doggie Clothing!: shih tzu, terrier, pugs, shots - Dogs
  117. Dancing Dog!: training, ears, keep, prognosis - Dogs
  118. help me name my new puppy: black, normal, patches - Dogs
  119. Best dog food for allergies?: lab, allergic, bite, clean - Dogs
  120. sick once a month and we don't know why: allergic, bites, clean - Dogs
  121. Another interesting video on dog attack styles/bite PSI: pitbull, shepherd, terriers - Dogs
  122. dog ate plastic wrap along with the cannolli: vet, stomach, symptoms - Dogs
  123. Pet Picture gallery: yorkie, vet, breeder, rescue - Dogs
  124. Lab drinks wife's HOTT bathwater????: pitbull, bite, husky, children - Dogs
  125. Eyes on you-funny dogs(pics): chihuahuas, huskies, shots, puppies
  126. Service Dogs!!: train, reactions, puppies, best
  127. Field Training: lab, terriers, retrievers, vets - Dogs
  128. Separation Anxiety: Quick tips? URGENT?!!: clean, poop, vet, barks - Dogs
  129. What breed for me?: ridgeback, border collie, shepherd, clean - Dogs
  130. Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Certification...: boxer, breeding, aggressive, training - Dogs
  131. Bought supplies today: clean, vet, prescription, housebreak - Dogs
  132. Endangered Breed Club: pitbulls, ridgeback, shepherd, labs - Dogs
  133. Can you guess the breeds.: terrier, spaniel, breeders, cross - Dogs
  134. What is your opinion?: bites, veterinarian, breeders, legal - Dogs
  135. What are good breeds for apartment living?: how much, poodle, boxer - Dogs
  136. Dog has 'allergies': Does diet help?: allergic, vet, symptoms, natural - Dogs
  137. biting dog: pitbull, poodle, chihuahua, bite - Dogs
  138. Puggies, Puggies, Puggies!! Who Loves Pugs??: shih tzu, shedding, allergies, westie - Dogs
  139. What are the Bully Breeds...: pitbull, ridgeback, English Bulldog, boxers - Dogs
  140. Does your dog do this?: pitbull, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  141. Very Bad Day for our Rescue yesterday...: wound, beagle, adopted - Dogs
  142. Puppy Pics!!: teeth, chew, puppies, best - Dogs
  143. How often do you give your Dog a Bath?: lab, vet, spaniel - Dogs
  144. What an interesting color.: boxer, black, breeds, chocolate - Dogs
  145. Does your Lab stink?: labs, terrier, vet, science - Dogs
  146. on Black Russian Terrier: shepherd, poodle, shepherds, schnauzers - Dogs
  147. Bichon Aggression ?: ridgeback, poodle, yorkie, breeder - Dogs
  148. Happy Halloween!: poop, black, bones, ears - Dogs
  149. New rescue: Not really interested in the food: clean, vet, skin - Dogs
  150. Find a home, red flag.: how much, boerboel, clean, vet - Dogs
  151. Body Rub behavior: shih tzu, vet, black, skin - Dogs
  152. Leash pulling while walking: train, cross, collars, walk - Dogs
  153. Your loveable family dog, pictures...stories..: shih tzu, poodle, boxer - Dogs
  154. Dog is panting...sign of something: poop, vet, best, outside - Dogs
  155. Crate trained and housebroken but...: clean, housebreak, skin, train - Dogs
  156. Dog crate: Covered or uncovered (on the sides)?: skin, teeth, cost - Dogs
  157. Help - My sister's dog hates me!: shepherd, aggressive, teeth - Dogs
  158. It sounds like Premium/Holistic/Natural dog foods are the way to go: allergy, clean - Dogs
  159. Australian Sheperds!!!: bite, poop, toy, skin - Dogs
  160. Dog Toys made in U.S.A.: bones, chew, puppy - Dogs
  161. My min pin is mad at my bf: biting, skin, train - Dogs
  162. losing my patience with housebreaking: how much, poodle, clean, poop - Dogs
  163. Questions about chihuahua? longevity...: bite, barking, aggressive, teeth - Dogs
  164. My pug likes to eat my carpet: poodle, biting, clean - Dogs
  165. Vertical blinds and dogs: Am I just being paranoid?: rescue, chewing, best
  166. Old German Shepherd. Are her final days?: rottweiler, shepherds, clean - Dogs
  167. Rainy day activities??: border collie, lab, laser, toy - Dogs
  168. Psycho about ear cropping other things.: clean, breeders, cleaning - Dogs
  169. Best toys for a small dog: lab, rottweiler, bite, toy - Dogs
  170. Do you feel guilty when your dogs barks outside?: barking, training, adopt
  171. why would you want to have a pitbull?: pitbulls, border collie, lab - Dogs
  172. A Good Pit Bull Story...: pitbulls, shepherd, boxer, Staffordshire Terriers - Dogs
  173. why doesnt every pet owner spay/neuter?: how much, vet, breeding - Dogs
  174. Got Dog Food?: clean, poop, skin, mice - Dogs
  175. Lost/Stolen keep your eyes open: lab, breeding, barks - Dogs
  176. prong collar and no-bark collar: how much, barking, skin, training - Dogs
  177. Guess my heritage?: terrier, yorkie, skin, rescue - Dogs
  178. My dogs name is???????
  179. frontline ..: vet, skin, fleas, pups - Dogs
  180. Help...what's Wrong With My Dog???: allergic, yorkie, bite - Dogs
  181. Before and After Pics: pitbulls, natural, puppies, breed - Dogs
  182. 9 days after neuter and just now infected should i worry: allergic, vet - Dogs
  183. Going to switch to UltraPremium Dog food: pitbull, how much, stomach - Dogs
  184. To Rottie or not???: shih tzu, English Mastiff, golden retriever, rottweilers - Dogs
  185. boxer owners?: bulldogs, boxers, terriers, training
  186. Puppy biting: labrador, bite, toy, breeder - Dogs
  187. Mange in puppies....: vet, treatment, rescue, symptoms - Dogs
  188. Shampoo that has a long lasting scent: >2-3 days?: shihtzu, allergy - Dogs
  189. Fact or Fiction: Chocolate Is Poisonous to Dogs.: pitbull, how much, vet
  190. Traveling with dog. Is Delta airlines: vet, bird, rabies - Dogs
  191. Help-advice for our two fighting female weims...: aggressive, training, rescue - Dogs
  192. Fate of Vicki dogs: pitbull, aggressive, rescues, adopt
  193. Disturbing trend: allergy, poodle, terrier, vet - Dogs
  194. English Mastiff x Rottweiler Pup: bullmastiff, breeding, barking, skin - Dogs
  195. How do you get your dog accustomed to a doggy bed?: best, breed - Dogs
  196. How do you know if your dog is under voice control?: shepherd, bite - Dogs
  197. News, Abused Canine Rescues Owner From Burning Mobile Home Twice.: outside, shelter - Dogs
  198. News, Mayor Sues County Sheriff Over Dog Shootings.: Iowa - Dogs
  199. my puppy + kitty: best, greyhound, months, owner - Dogs
  200. News, Emergency Surgery For Pants- Eating Dog.: spaniel, allowed, England - Dogs