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  1. Stupid Tax Office Tricks: 2015, home, buying - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  2. main differences between public and private schools?: Houston, Dallas: homes, employment - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  3. JW Marriot Resort: allergies, restaurants, food - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  4. Mix 96.1 now 96.1 Now SA: Houston: program, compared, difference - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  5. Selecting a private school: San Antonio, Alamo: daycare, school district, live - Texas (TX)
  6. Mattress Disposal: San Antonio, Anton: live in, bill, donations - Texas (TX)
  7. Call 311 to report missed trash pickup: San Antonio, Howe: neighborhood, schedule, garbage - Texas (TX)
  8. Latvian translator: Houston, Austin, Center: association, American, good - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  9. Where to find pork cheeks/jowls: San Antonio, Cooper: refrigerator, gas, best - Texas (TX)
  10. What happened to dirty restaurant reports?: San Antonio, Anton: inspections, live - Texas (TX)
  11. Triple A baseball and MLS soccer can both work: Mission: move to, county - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  12. San Antonio's Housing Market Ranked # 1 Overvalued market: Houston, Dallas: 2014, new home - Texas (TX)
  13. New Cajun restaurant in San Antonio: Bandera: contractor, restaurants, prices - Texas (TX)
  14. Selling a TX registered car out of state: vehicle registration, buyer - San Antonio, Texas
  15. AAA local vs AAA in other regions...: live in, zip code - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  16. Right Turn on Red: Howe: middle school, subdivision, legal - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  17. SA safest place to online date-report: San Antonio, Anton: violent crime, stats, ranked - Texas (TX)
  18. Does a Helotes address need a garage sale permit?: San Antonio: sales, HOA - Texas (TX)
  19. New Braunfels ISD versus Comal ISD versus SCUISD: San Antonio, Canyon: house, safe neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  20. Peach places around San Antonio, need advice!: Fredericksburg, Helotes: sales, gardens - Texas (TX)
  21. Solar powered attic ventilator installation: house, transfer, maintenance - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  22. Theater Rental in San Antonio: Center, Josephine: offices, culture, American - Texas (TX)
  23. Indian community Apartments in san antonio: apartment complex, homes, buy - Texas (TX)
  24. American Airlines in Mud at SAT: San Antonio, Anton: inspector, firms, photos - Texas (TX)
  25. Want a small aluminum deck with ramp for my stoop - where to look?: how much - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  26. Patio Metal Railing, Pest Control and Yard work: San Antonio, Blanco: home, landscaping - Texas (TX)
  27. Relocating to Texas: Austin, Nacogdoches, Center: 2014, apartment complex, rent - San Antonio, (TX)
  28. Lost puppy valencia subdivision: dogs, female, Sunday - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  29. Need a watch appraised in SA....: Austin: insurance, cost, appraisal - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  30. Living in San Antonio: Houston, Dallas: best neighborhoods, neighborhoods, roofing - Texas (TX)
  31. SSFCU ATM Dispensing $50 Bills?: Houston, San Antonio: credit, neighborhood, costs - Texas (TX)
  32. Remington Medical Resort???: San Antonio, Anton: business, different, change - Texas (TX)
  33. Advanced Smile Care - Dr. Crouch - Sedation Dentistry: San Antonio: move, offices - Texas (TX)
  34. Tennis instructor recommendation: Center: high school, prices, club - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  35. Good automotive AC shop: Alamo, San Pedro: shops, dryer, cars - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  36. I need a $100 dollar loan: Roma: credit, companies, pay - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  37. New to Rogers Ranch / Shavano Park - pediatric dentist: Houston: insurance, live - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  38. 2017 UTSA Football: We Got the Power: Houston, Waco: vs, year, good - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  39. Harvey Simulation: San Antonio, Medina, Anton: construction, live, housing - Texas (TX)
  40. Local relief folks....: Howe: money, metro area, locations - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  41. Heading to SA for the Labor day weekend: Houston, San Antonio: rental car, rental - Texas (TX)
  42. 'American Idol' cancels auditions in San Antonio, Houston: bus, safety - Texas (TX)
  43. Update and thanks for on 50s empty nester move: San Antonio: neighborhoods, gated - Texas (TX)
  44. Taiwanese resturant: San Antonio, Austin, Anton: university, restaurants, price - Texas (TX)
  45. Commute Time: Home to USAA: San Antonio, Spring: apartments, house, to live - Texas (TX)
  46. Commute Time: Home to Zachry Group: move to, areas, business - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  47. See's Candy North Star Mall: Austin: closing, price, military - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  48. Apartment in s.a. Recommendation: apartment complex, to live in, airport - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  49. Crabs: San Antonio, Anton: home, live, restaurant - Texas (TX)
  50. What do people do and/or would like to do for fun in Boerne in terms of businesses?: San Antonio: shop - Texas (TX)
  51. Stone Oak Middle & HS: rental, homes, neighborhood - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  52. Usaa job with dwi: Howe: credit, employment, contractor - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  53. Hotels in New Braunfels: Canyon Lake, Canyon: live, garden, budget - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  54. No more G.G. Gale ads on the radio: San Antonio: real estate, rooftop - Texas (TX)
  55. Good Ophthalmologist in San Antonio?: town, doctors, conditions - Texas (TX)
  56. Advice needed for housing San Antionio: San Antonio, Spring: home, construction, school districts - Texas (TX)
  57. Silver Queen Corn in Texas: yard, build, climate - San Antonio, (TX)
  58. Borgfeld / Timberwood park construction: Canyon: neighborhood, high school, subdivisions - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  59. Dollar General on Jones Maltsberger Closed: Schertz, Universal City: unemployment, landlord, closing - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  60. Electrician: Happy: house, price, licensed - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  61. Live oak, Selma, converse, universal city?: Schertz, Cibolo: to rent, houses, theatre - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  62. Pumping out the wells: live in, flooding, weather - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  63. Sa icons.......: San Antonio, Anton, Guerra: theatre, live, tickets - Texas (TX)
  64. Game of Twins: food, democratic - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  65. Working for CoSA: at-will employment concerns: Howe, Anton: sales, 2015 - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  66. Getting a teaching position in San Antonio area?: Austin: schools, moving - Texas (TX)
  67. Termite Warranty and Inspection: new house, buy, live - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  68. New Braunfels TX--How Often Do Home Foundations Fail?: San Antonio, San Marcos: house, buying - Texas
  69. Know This Local Phone Number?: home, cell phone, charge - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  70. Florio's Pizzare' -- Bandera and 1604: Alamo, Alamo Heights: appointed, house, theater - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  71. Do Road Construction Contractors Get Penalized?: house, subdivision, move to - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  72. Short term stay: San Antonio, Anton: apartments, rentals, house - Texas (TX)
  73. Good area near 1604 between 10 and 281: renting, houses, neighborhoods - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  74. Circle School parents? I have uestions!: how much, home - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  75. Run-off Election June 10: San Antonio, Medina, Early: 2015, mayoral, registered - Texas (TX)
  76. I'am Back: San Antonio, Anton: good, looking for, present - Texas (TX)
  77. front yard chain link fence: HOA, house, neighborhood - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  78. caves or underground places in San Antonio?: New Braunfels: home, bars - Texas (TX)
  79. San Antonio state senator indicted on multiple federal criminal charges: activity, money - Texas (TX)
  80. Good food stops in Schertz! Advice needed!: San Antonio, Universal City: house, school - Texas (TX)
  81. Historical maps: San Antonio, Live Oak, Anton: live, land, office - Texas (TX)
  82. Commute from New Braunfels​ to 1604 and 281: San Antonio, West: live, shops, moving - Texas (TX)
  83. Astronomical Events in San Antonio: calculation, complaints, humidity - Texas (TX)
  84. Bulverde vs Boerne - Best schools and other options?: Fredericksburg: transplants, for sale - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  85. Hunter's Creek 78230?: Center: apartments, crime, buying - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  86. san antonio qustion: move to, top, humid - Texas (TX)
  87. Construction at 1207 Richland Hills, Tara Subdivision: Cove: business, permits, development - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  88. Roofing ..: San Antonio, Anton, Happy: insurance, how much, house - Texas (TX)
  89. Background checks: San Antonio, Anton: best, schedule, probation - Texas (TX)
  90. quit claim deed: San Antonio, Anton: lawyers, house, transfer - Texas (TX)
  91. Happy hour spots for 30s-50s crowd?: Austin, Liberty: bars, friendly - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  92. Career advice. Can't seem to make a decision.: Howe: real estate, insurance - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  93. Moving to san antonio. What are good schools and safe neighborhoods?: Lubbock: to rent, house - Texas (TX)
  94. Video Game Tournaments: how much, area, place - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  95. Who's responsible for damage off diseased tree?: San Antonio, Anton: apartments, power lines - Texas (TX)
  96. Mail-in Prize From Local Car Dealer: buyer, design, market - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  97. Woodlawn Lake parking facilities?: San Antonio, Anton: safe, relocation, parks - Texas (TX)
  98. carpet disposal: Howe: how much, house, yard - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  99. San Antonio Area Population Estimates for 7/16: New Braunfels, Seguin: live, garden, castle - Texas (TX)
  100. Early Voting, Round 2: Center: 2015, county, place - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  101. Bambino huey dessert is back!: San Antonio, West: 2014, restaurant, law - Texas (TX)
  102. San Antonio Music Scene: Austin: station, radio, area - Texas (TX)
  103. New Jeep, looking for air conditioner installation service: San Pedro: promotional, to buy - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  104. New area code: San Antonio, Anton: required, phone, population - Texas (TX)
  105. Questions about San Antonio neighborhoods: for sale, homes, theater - Texas (TX)
  106. San Antonio, Houston or Dallas for African American single mom of one in her early 30s: Austin: job market, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  107. Househunting trip next week. Need advice on far west neighborhoods!: San Antonio: apartment complex, HOA - Texas (TX)
  108. Harvey...: San Antonio, Austin, Terrell: home, tornadoes, live in - Texas (TX)
  109. Thinking of applying to a job in San Antonio...: Alamo: amusement parks, health insurance - Texas (TX)
  110. Tap Water in San Antonio: West: apartment, home, to buy - Texas (TX)
  111. Toll fine from CA: credit, loan, lawyer - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  112. Electric Bill: 1 story vs 2 story homes: Montgomery: appliances, home builder, heat pump - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  113. Moving from Montana to San Antonio area: Mart: to rent, how much - Texas (TX)
  114. What about south of SA (e.g. Floresville)??: San Antonio, Alamo: houses, to buy - Texas (TX)
  115. Who do you like for mayor ?: San Antonio, Taylor: 2015, versus, bus - Texas (TX)
  116. Revisionist History Confederate Memorials: Houston, San Antonio: camp, subdivisions, fence - Texas (TX)
  117. AWACS on station over San Antonio: Austin, Laredo: home, military, train - Texas (TX)
  118. Relocating to San Antonio end of year: Santa Fe, Howe: renting, buying a home - Texas (TX)
  119. 50's empty nesters neighborhood questions...: San Antonio, Austin: house, neighborhoods, to buy - Texas (TX)
  120. drive-thru places for coffee besides Starbucks?: Alamo, Henderson: live, health - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  121. New Santikos entertainment complex coming to Cibolo: San Antonio, Alamo: house, theater - Texas (TX)
  122. Toyota dealers - especially to avoid ?: San Antonio, Boerne: how much, to buy - Texas (TX)
  123. Crawfish Boil-New SA Fad?: San Antonio, Austin: restaurants, bars, food - Texas (TX)
  124. Favorite Day Trip/Vacation Spots in Texas: New Braunfels, Kerrville: for rent, amusement parks - San Antonio, (TX)
  125. San Antonio, European?: Allen: neighborhoods, live, residential - Texas (TX)
  126. AT&T Fiber - Weird Rollout/Coverage = Frustrated!: San Antonio: 2015, apartment complex - Texas (TX)
  127. Huebner & Blanco Rd: San Antonio, Las Lomas: appliances, houses, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  128. SA spends 1 million on lawsuit with Firefighters: Houston, Detroit: health insurance, lawyers - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  129. Best NEISD schools for son with high functioning autism?: San Antonio: home, to buy - Texas (TX)
  130. Euros in San Antonio: Howe, Frost: home, shops, airport - Texas (TX)
  131. Where to buy: San Antonio, Blanco, Anton: houses, neighborhood, buying - Texas (TX)
  132. German supermarket chain Lidl buys more land in San Antonio: Houston: mover, buy - Texas (TX)
  133. What are San Antonio's chances of getting Amazon 2nd HQ?: Houston: income, quality of life - Texas (TX)
  134. HOA, NISD School, and city streets: homes, elementary school, taxes - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  135. IT Professional strongly moving his family to SA: Houston: fit in, crime - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  136. 10,000 Houston Refugees expected to arrive in San Antonio.: crime, townhomes - Texas (TX)
  137. New Braunfels Housing Costs: San Antonio, Austin: 2014, apartments, leasing - Texas (TX)
  138. Best area for single male in 30s: Houston, San Antonio: apartments, lease - Texas (TX)
  139. Benefits of San Antonion city living versus outside cities: Austin: apartment complexes, renting - Texas (TX)
  140. What are the most conservative parts of the San Antonio metro?: Seguin: transplants, taxes - Texas (TX)
  141. 104.5 flips to spanish: San Antonio, Anton: station, market, top - Texas (TX)
  142. What are they building on 1604/Culebra next to the Walmart?: San Antonio: real estate, hotel - Texas (TX)
  143. Your fav bottled/jarred store-bought salsa/hot sauce?: San Antonio, Anton: homes, buying - Texas (TX)
  144. Gas stations around San Antonio packed and lines formed: Seguin: attorney, home - Texas (TX)
  145. Post Gas Stations That Still Have Gasoline: station, location - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  146. What just happened to 103.3 FM?!?!: San Antonio, Anton: school, move to, station - Texas (TX)
  147. 2017 BCAD appraisals are out!: Houston: house, construction, living - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  148. Best barbacoa plate in the city?: San Antonio, Del Rio: home, buy, restaurants - Texas (TX)
  149. Alamo artifacts: San Antonio, Mission, Crockett: to buy, gardens, moving - Texas (TX)
  150. Best Bars to watch Spurs games?: San Antonio, Alamo: rent, hotels, layoffs - Texas (TX)
  151. Relocating from Dallas: San Antonio, Plano, Frisco: real estate market, established neighborhood, schools - Texas (TX)
  152. What’s Going Up at Stone Oak Parkway and Canyon Golf?: San Antonio: mattress, house - Texas (TX)
  153. AT&T door to door pushy person - or crook?: house, contractors - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  154. Scoping out San Antonio in one day: New Braunfels, Van: rent, loan - Texas (TX)
  155. Being single in San Antonio: Austin, Cove: 2014, college, camp - Texas (TX)
  156. Single black female thinking of relocating to Texas from Indianapolis: Houston: apartment, to rent - San Antonio, (TX)
  157. Downtown job - where to live? 500k budget: Houston, Alamo: new home, neighborhood - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  158. Castro Endorses Nirenberg: San Antonio, Taylor, Anton: rental car, sales, 2013 - Texas (TX)
  159. SA Annexation push: San Antonio, Donna, Alamo: 2015, apartments, homes - Texas (TX)
  160. Stop Blindly Voting for School Bonds: San Antonio, Anton: insurance, how much - Texas (TX)
  161. Two SAPD Policemen Shot: cars, office, mayor - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  162. SA Neighborhood with an Austiny vibe: San Antonio, Mission: affordable apartment, for rent, lofts - Texas (TX)
  163. Amazon Prime Air - Kelly Field Lackland: San Antonio, Schertz: HOA, cost - Texas (TX)
  164. San Antonians don't like one-story house?: San Antonio, Alamo: houses, neighborhood, living in - Texas (TX)
  165. Ingram Square Fire: Houston, San Antonio, Anton: warehouse, residential, station - Texas (TX)
  166. Texas State Dorm Help: Austin: dorms, high school, university - San Antonio, (TX)
  167. HEB Alamo Ranch...what is going in?: Austin: neighborhood, live - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  168. Live near downtown San Antonio? Would love to hear..: Alamo: crime rate, home - Texas (TX)
  169. Relocating family soon: San Antonio, El Paso, Alamo: apartments, to rent, condo - Texas (TX)
  170. USAA Pre-Employment Background Check? Relocation Package?: San Antonio, Anton: apartment, insurance, credit report - Texas (TX)
  171. Aldi?: Houston, Dallas, San Antonio: neighborhood, colleges, taxes - Texas (TX)
  172. Relocating from SF: San Antonio, Alamo, Terrell: apartments, live, young professionals - Texas (TX)
  173. Skylines: San Antonio, Austin, Canyon: hotel, rooftop, pool - Texas (TX)
  174. Korean restaurant in SA, !: Blanco, Anton: live, restaurants, garden - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  175. Where is Steve Browne?: San Antonio, Abilene: house, vacation, friendly - Texas (TX)
  176. Is 60K a year salary good for a single mom of one?: San Antonio: rent, buying - Texas (TX)
  177. Bulverde vs. Boerne vs. NEISD: Houston, San Antonio: homes, neighborhood, new construction - Texas (TX)
  178. Solar Panel advice: San Antonio, Alamo, Childress: leasing, insurance, credit - Texas (TX)
  179. 9 people dead after at least 39 were found packed in a sweltering tractor-trailer in San Antonio: landscaping, to live in - Texas (TX)
  180. Moving to SA from California: New Braunfels, Spring: sales, 2013, new home - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  181. HEB parking lot expansion on Hardy Oak comes to a halt: construction, subdivision - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  182. I filed for divorce: renting, rating, county - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  183. What is a reasonable fee to get a domestic violence charged expunged/removed off record in San Antonio?: Dallas: low income, appointed - Texas (TX)
  184. Is there a Main Street in San Antonio: Commerce, West: restaurants, shops - Texas (TX)
  185. What can you tell me about 2 locations: West, Shavano Park: low income, 2014 - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  186. Randolph wants me to voluntarily sell my property: real estate, renting - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  187. Looking for a job above medium wage (NW, 1604 area): West: insurance, theater - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  188. New indoor gun range coming to SA: Alamo, Selma: price, military - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  189. japanese restaurant coming Live oak: movies, kitchen, work - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  190. Real estate lawyer (litigator) needed: closing, litigation, area - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  191. Wrestling for kids...: live, area, places - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  192. Two Days left for early voting: Alamo, Center: 2015, school district, colleges - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  193. Bitterwood Ranch or Escalante apartments?: live, move to, health - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  194. Pool Fence - DIY or Professional Install?: buying a home, buying - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  195. How Many Major US Cities Would Fit inside San Antonio? [map]: Miami: estate, market - Texas (TX)
  196. COSA District 1 - thoughts on the run-off?: people, council - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  197. tree service or firewood service interested in selling unsplit logs?: trees, looking for - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  198. Need leads for interior paint and tile job...: companies, places - San Antonio, Texas (TX)
  199. St. Pius X Catholic School and St. Peter, Prince: San Antonio: catholic schools, living in - Texas (TX)
  200. What's being built on corner of Higgins and Stahl rd? (NE Side): San Antonio: neighborhood - Texas (TX)