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  1. Buying a house in Cedar Rapids: neighborhood, new construction, price - Iowa (IA)
  2. Two questions about Iowa(recycling and cell phone coverage): stores, deposit (IA)
  3. Look'n for a Dirt Floor Bars in Iowa: Benton: motels, club (IA)
  4. Neighborhoods in Davenport: Iowa City, Bettendorf, Washington: crime, roughest, houses (IA)
  5. Thinking of Moving to NW Iowa: Sioux Center, Hull: fit in, salons, real estate (IA)
  6. Favorite Eats in Cedar RApids: Marion, Center Point: house, live, mall - Iowa (IA)
  7. Moving to Dubuque (need Gyros places: live in, restaurant - Iowa (IA)
  8. Finder's fee - is it legal in Iowa: real estate, licensed (IA)
  9. Short-term move to Iowa?: Des Moines, Davenport: for rent, low crime, school (IA)
  10. NCAA Leanings - State of Iowa: college, black, teams (IA)
  11. Whats Fort Madison like?: Burlington, Colo: for rent, house, transfer - Iowa (IA)
  12. do you pay sales tax on real estate: insurance, house - Iowa (IA)
  13. Living In Dubuque Without A Car; Is It: apartments, low crime - Iowa (IA)
  14. Atrazine in drinking water: Colo, Union: home, purchase, live - Iowa (IA)
  15. help looking for two families in knoxville: Indianola, Colo: phone, lookup - Iowa (IA)
  16. Realtor for Iowa City and Cedar Rapids: for sale, real estate (IA)
  17. Iowa Roads?: Des Moines, Iowa City, Clinton: home, buy, maintenance (IA)
  18. I Need on cedar rapids ia asap: high school, moving to - Iowa (IA)
  19. Possibly moving from Dallas, Area to quad cities area (Iowa) for job offer. Is cost of living higher?: Des Moines: sales (IA)
  20. OK salary to live in Davenport?: Muscatine, Perry: rental, lofts, homes - Iowa (IA)
  21. Ex-player charged in slaying of Iowa coach: Mason City: crimes, house (IA)
  22. Roberts' around Pleasant Plain: Fairfield, Jefferson: tree, area, cemetery - Iowa (IA)
  23. Cedar Rapids Surrounding Communities: Which are the best?: Marion, Hiawatha: best schools, to live in - Iowa (IA)
  24. 72 hour notice for relocation-Is this legal?: Grant: apartment, rent, landlords - Iowa (IA)
  25. The Nicest Place to Live: Iowa City, Dubuque: houses, neighborhoods, college (IA)
  26. about Harlan or Oakland?: Council Bluffs: rentals, houses, neighborhoods - Iowa (IA)
  27. Gay marriage in the Heartland: home, school, live - Iowa (IA)
  28. what is the town with all the flags?: Brooklyn: homes, store - Iowa (IA)
  29. Anything on Le Mars sounds too good to be true: Plymouth: best towns - Iowa (IA)
  30. Age Deadline for Kindergarten enrollment?: Davenport: school district, law, moving to - Iowa (IA)
  31. Moving to Davenport soon: Bettendorf, Colo: apartment complex, leases, crime - Iowa (IA)
  32. Davenport - MLS: homes, realty, office - Iowa (IA)
  33. Looking for a Headstart: Iowa City, Coralville: fit in, chapel, loans (IA)
  34. Boone City, Iowa: Des Moines, Ames, Ryan: rich, businesses, town (IA)
  35. Cedar Rapids Flood-- 1 Year Later: Des Moines, Waterloo: loft, how much, houses - Iowa (IA)
  36. Archie Brooks International Airport: Des Moines, Waterloo: live, building, paid - Iowa (IA)
  37. Need apartment in Dubuque, help: apartment complexes, rentals, condo - Iowa (IA)
  38. Visiting us! Help: Iowa City, Ames: university, to live, gay-friendly (IA)
  39. Mt Vernon named 1 of 10 Coolest Small Towns in America: Mount Vernon: moving, budget - Iowa (IA)
  40. Dubuque.. need help: Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Iowa City: low crime, college, casino (IA)
  41. Questions About Burlington/West Burlington: apartments, job transfer, safe area - Iowa (IA)
  42. Moving to Davenport/ Quad Cities Area....Suggestions??: Bettendorf: apartment complexes, renting - Iowa (IA)
  43. dumont, ia?: Cedar Falls, Waverly, Hampton: buying a home, buying, live - Iowa (IA)
  44. Goodbye humidity, hello corn!: Dubuque: schools, living, moving to - Iowa (IA)
  45. Securitas Benefits: retirement, health, company - Iowa (IA)
  46. ? About Iowa Roads and Motels: Cedar Rapids, Mason City: hotels, purchase, live (IA)
  47. Theft of Time: attorney, office, schedule - Iowa (IA)
  48. dubuque, iowa apartments, help: rent, homes, live - Iowa (IA)
  49. Gay people are accepted in Dubuque: cities, place, quality - Iowa (IA)
  50. Nice Davenport/ Brettendorf Apartments: Bettendorf, Crescent: lofts, condos, credit - Iowa (IA)
  51. Dubuque for a middle-aged gay couple?: Des Moines, Davenport: fit in, neighborhood, living in - Iowa (IA)
  52. Racism in Dubuque?: Scranton: violent crime, credit, neighborhoods - Iowa (IA)
  53. Halloween in Iowa: Des Moines, Burlington, Centerville: how much, house, neighborhoods (IA)
  54. Garner, IA: Des Moines, Mason City, Northwood: for rent, daycare, house - Iowa
  55. Moving To Dubuque possibly Sageville: Grandview: crime rate, house, schools - Iowa (IA)
  56. Dubuque Loses 350 jobs: closing, location, America - Iowa (IA)
  57. 2010 Iowa Governor's Race: Des Moines, George: insurance, taxes, living (IA)
  58. Canfield Hotel??: Dubuque: apartment complexes, home, high school - Iowa (IA)
  59. What happened to the ethanol plant that was supposed to be built outside of Blencoe?: Colo: land - Iowa (IA)
  60. Trying to decide what area in Iowa is the best for us.: Des Moines: low crime (IA)
  61. University Ave in Dubuque?: Asbury, Alta: apartments, rental, neighborhood - Iowa (IA)
  62. Relocating to Marion, IA. advice?: Cedar Rapids, Dubuque: apartment complex, for rent, chapel - Iowa
  63. Mean Bean cafe? Dubuque (hours of operation?): Asbury: place - Iowa (IA)
  64. Wi-Fi hotspots (free)?? Dubuque: town, downtown, near - Iowa (IA)
  65. Moving To Boone/Ames Area: Craig: real estate, sublease, sublet - Iowa (IA)
  66. Looking for this type of store: Centerville, Exline: rent, shop, bill - Iowa (IA)
  67. I'm Relocating To Dubuque IA...I Need A House....: for sale, rent - Iowa
  68. Cedar Rapids vs Cedar Falls: Waterloo, Iowa City: university, to live in, shop (IA)
  69. Small cities and towns: Des Moines, Ames: for sale, low crime, home - Iowa (IA)
  70. There is NO free WiFi in downtown Dubuque: Grandview, Lincoln: crime, how much - Iowa (IA)
  71. Iowa Vs. Michigan: Craig: home, buy, military (IA)
  72. Brick Collecting in Iowa: Floyd: for sale, movers, house (IA)
  73. Burlington Iowa Pictures: houses, area, buildings (IA)
  74. on Sioux City: Hills, St. Paul: apartment complex, crime rate, felony - Iowa (IA)
  75. Kimberly Park and Colonial Court Apartments: Davenport, Hills: apartment complexes, living, moving to - Iowa (IA)
  76. Quad City children activities: Davenport, Iowa City: home, movies, taxi (IA)
  77. Davenport apartment rentals: houses, neighborhood, landlords - Iowa (IA)
  78. Dubuque - looking for contemporary Christian church: Des Moines: home, live - Iowa (IA)
  79. Help needed with birth certificate: Sidney, Malvern: live, law, legal - Iowa (IA)
  80. Moving to Fort Dodge: Webster City, Humboldt: real estate market, rental, waterparks - Iowa (IA)
  81. Moving to Ottumwa: Oskaloosa, Pella, Albia: crime, home, construction - Iowa (IA)
  82. Kellogg, IA: Marshalltown, Newton: house, neighborhood, safe - Iowa
  83. Iowa to eliminate Federal Tax Deduction: house, income, income tax (IA)
  84. community gardens in Cedar Rapids: Edgewood: rental, home, garden - Iowa (IA)
  85. lineville ia: Allerton: for sale, live in, ranch - Iowa (IA)
  86. Family activities/ day trips in Iowa- need ideas/ suggestions: Des Moines: amusement parks, theater (IA)
  87. Sioux City Colleges: theater, place to live, restaurants - Iowa (IA)
  88. RAGWEED POLLEN & Iowa: allergies, best place, place (IA)
  89. Cedar Rapids: After the Flood: hotel, houses, transfer - Iowa (IA)
  90. Relocating to Dubuque: Marion: how much, live in, moving to - Iowa (IA)
  91. Moving to Fairfield, Iowa: private school, place to live, Wal-mart (IA)
  92. Common industries?: Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City: insurance, university, manufacturing (IA)
  93. Dennison Iowa: Des Moines, Sioux City, Council Bluffs: homes, wedding reception, high school (IA)
  94. camping: Grinnell, Colo, Okoboji: swimming pool, farmers market, park - Iowa (IA)
  95. An overall idea of towns? Shenandoah, Red Oak, Glenwood: Bellevue: apartments, home - Iowa (IA)
  96. Moving back to Burlington..looking for home...Aug 09': Keokuk: to rent, crime - Iowa (IA)
  97. Everything and anything about Fort Dodge: Des Moines, Waterloo: apartments, crime, school - Iowa (IA)
  98. Marshalltown city???????: Des Moines, Washington: house, schools, living - Iowa (IA)
  99. seeking housing in Cedar Falls/waterloo area: Craig: sublease, 2013 - Iowa (IA)
  100. Iowa -V- Louisiana: Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City: hotels, houses, neighborhoods (IA)
  101. Iowa's Midwest Academy looking for or Comments: West Branch: school districts, live (IA)
  102. Burlington, Iowa? and Colleges...: Des Moines, Iowa City: low income, private schools, universities (IA)
  103. Property taxes in Iowa?: Des Moines: house, purchase, bankruptcy (IA)
  104. advice adhd testing: insurance, employment, design - Iowa (IA)
  105. : Charles City: shop, places, moved - Iowa (IA)
  106. Dubuque city wide sale: sales, activities, best - Iowa (IA)
  107. Rental comparison Davenport vs. IC: Iowa City, Bettendorf: apartment complex, rentals, credit (IA)
  108. Quad Cities Internet service: relocating to, phone service, DSL - Iowa (IA)
  109. Waterloo/ Cedar Falls area- smaller communities: Waverly, Evansdale: fit in, renting, house - Iowa (IA)
  110. MBA relocating from MA: Des Moines, Cedar Rapids: transplants, home, find a job - Iowa (IA)
  111. Looking for Pediatric Ophthalmologist (Ames): Iowa City: moving to, summer, to work (IA)
  112. Too bad Iowa still has State Tax: Nevada: sales, sex offenders (IA)
  113. Looking at Ingersoll/North of Grand: Des Moines, West Des Moines: for sale, renting, crime - Iowa (IA)
  114. Where is farmland near Iowa Amish settlements?: Des Moines, Oelwein: for sale, real estate (IA)
  115. Moving Cost?: Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City: sale, rent, movers (IA)
  116. Relocating - Des Moines or Iowa City?: Coralville: apartments, rent (IA)
  117. Worried in Davenport: Des Moines, Colo: foreclosure, mortgage, credit - Iowa (IA)
  118. Dyersville, IA-the good, the bad & the ugly??: Des Moines, Cedar Rapids: ski resort, rent - Iowa
  119. Looking for progressive school in quad cities: Davenport, Bettendorf: home, magnet school - Iowa (IA)
  120. Rudeness?: Des Moines, Dubuque: home, college, live - Iowa (IA)
  121. Shame on you, Iowa Supreme Court: health insurance, lawyers, buy (IA)
  122. Dubuque ranked in the top 8 in the country.: to buy, closing - Iowa (IA)
  123. Dining in Cedar Rapids: Leon, Badger: restaurant, price, places to eat - Iowa (IA)
  124. passing through...: Des Moines, Davenport, Iowa City: living, restaurant, shop (IA)
  125. Go hawks!!!: Waterloo, Monroe, Dysart: water, central, state - Iowa (IA)
  126. News, Trucker Snags Power Lines in Iowa.: Cedar Rapids, Bellevue: neighborhood, train (IA)
  127. Dubuque IBM: Colo: how much, place to live, restaurants - Iowa (IA)
  128. Council Bluffs Traffic Cameras: Des Moines, Davenport: house, live in, legal - Iowa (IA)
  129. Help! We are relocating to Dubuque!: Colo, Grandview: houses, neighborhood, school districts - Iowa (IA)
  130. Oh Lord!! We are moving to Dubuque, Iowa!: Cedar Rapids, Iowa City: renting, how much (IA)
  131. minorities: Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Davenport: how much, living, statistics - Iowa (IA)
  132. Relocation to Sioux City from California: Davenport, Le Mars: rentals, crime, Home Depot - Iowa (IA)
  133. Concerned about Moving Back: Davenport, Sioux City: crime, Home Depot, to buy - Iowa (IA)
  134. May Be Relocating to IA (Fort Madison vs Burlington): Iowa City: apartment, foreclosures
  135. Michigan to Southeast Iowa? ..: Cedar Rapids, Marion: sales, to rent, house (IA)
  136. Iowans' thoughts on gay marriage decision?: Ryan: legal, move, bill (IA)
  137. Congratulations Iowa!: Charlotte: transplants, rent, condo (IA)
  138. Iowa City vs. Dubuque: Des Moines, Council Bluffs: homes, neighborhoods, buy (IA)
  139. So Dubuque Is Very Catholic, But What Does That Really Mean?: Des Moines: neighborhoods, YMCA - Iowa (IA)
  140. Field of Dreams.....: crime, live, estate - Iowa (IA)
  141. Ames area or Cedar Rapids area?: Des Moines, Iowa City: apartment complexes, crime, home (IA)
  142. Iowa or Nebraska???????: Des Moines, Davenport, Iowa City: job market, university, property taxes (IA)
  143. Moving to Iowa City vs Davenport: Des Moines, Ames: best cities, apartments, rentals (IA)
  144. Economy in Ames and Iowa City?: Cedar Rapids, Ely: job market, law school, university (IA)
  145. have a recommedation for the best tattoo artist in Ames?: job market, shops - Iowa (IA)
  146. Former Governor Branstad Might Run Again, Hurray!!: Iowa City: health insurance, house (IA)
  147. I want to relocate my son and I to Iowa but unsure of where ideas?: Des Moines: appointed, crime (IA)
  148. Cyclones v Hawkeyes?: Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Sioux City: university, living, moving to - Iowa (IA)
  149. Michael Jackson Butter Sculpture...the madness: Des Moines, Waterloo: live, move, cars - Iowa (IA)
  150. Is it me or just the people I have talked to so far?: Des Moines: apartment, lease - Iowa (IA)
  151. The Chicago Factor: Are Transplants from Chicago Ruining Our State?: Des Moines: section 8, crime - Iowa (IA)
  152. DON'T LAUGH...... a vacation to Iowa!: Des Moines, Cedar Rapids: how much, hotel (IA)
  153. What would be the reason for this?: Iowa City: transplants, neighborhoods (IA)
  154. Iowa pronunciation -- Loess?: Monona, Hills: moving to, pronounce, state (IA)
  155. Renting in Dubuque on Iowa St: rental, high crime, houses (IA)
  156. Davenport It Is! Now Affordable Apartments?: Bettendorf, Perry: crime rate, townhouse, neighborhoods - Iowa (IA)
  157. Move to Iowa?: Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City: transplants, apartments, insurance (IA)
  158. Modern Furniture Store: Davenport, Iowa City, Coralville: furniture stores, move, design (IA)
  159. Gay-friendly neighborhood in Cedar Rapids?: Iowa City, Coralville: fit in, crime, homes (IA)
  160. You have a beautiful state!: Des Moines, Hawkeye: credit, car, areas - Iowa (IA)
  161. Iowa State Fair for newbies: Hawkeye: buy, live, agriculture (IA)
  162. Why the gay marriage debate is over: Des Moines, Cambridge: home, neighborhood - Iowa (IA)
  163. 1st Winter in Iowa: What to Wear?: Des Moines, Davenport: for sale, where to buy (IA)
  164. Dubuque Police Scanner: Grandview: rental, crime, how much - Iowa (IA)
  165. Taxation by Speeding ticket: Iowa City: insurance, crime, home (IA)
  166. Iowa Parks and State Forests: Council Bluffs, Sidney: hotels, calculation, camping (IA)
  167. Iowa Fashion, Lifestyle, Consumer practices: Des Moines, Waterloo: upper-class, coupons, buying (IA)
  168. Not fitting in--sure hope someone can help me: Waterloo, Iowa City: fit in, best town (IA)
  169. Muslim Youth Camp: North Liberty: camps, land, near - Iowa (IA)
  170. Dubuque Residents' Thoughts of Their Local Newspaper: community, news - Iowa (IA)
  171. recommendations for good electricians in Boone or Ames?: water heater, hot - Iowa (IA)
  172. Collins Auction on May 30th, Estate or Cast Offs?: to buy, business - Iowa (IA)
  173. Cedar Rapids - I'm seeking a pediatrician: Waterloo: renting, live - Iowa (IA)
  174. Dumont, IA: house, moving to, relocating - Iowa
  175. Contemplating a relocation to Cedar Rapids....: schools, area, averages - Iowa (IA)
  176. Parkersburg - Pray for Coach Ed Thomas' Family: Aplington: place, friends - Iowa (IA)
  177. Sioux City -- ghosts?: best, area, cities - Iowa (IA)
  178. Quad City Pizza Recipe: Harris: yard, oven, great - Iowa (IA)
  179. Hancock Township Cemetery: Plymouth: charge, county, state - Iowa (IA)
  180. Missing Davenport Teen (1983) Remains Found in Texas: Colo: family, friends - Iowa (IA)
  181. Relocating to Iowa... thoughts on Cedar Bluff?: Cedar Rapids, Iowa City: homes, airport (IA)
  182. Looking to rent: Dubuque: live in, price, move to - Iowa (IA)
  183. Looking for rental house in Burlington Iowa: apartments, recommendation (IA)
  184. 100 year old mail found for Oskalooa family: Cincinnati: gay, market - Iowa (IA)
  185. Jerico Iowa Information: Harvey: house, to live, place (IA)
  186. Help!! Looking for Joanne Phipps Centerville Iowa: nurse, address (IA)
  187. Le Mars apartments: Colo: cheap apartment, how much, to move - Iowa (IA)
  188. Apartments in Glenwood, IA?: apartment complex, live, housing - Iowa
  189. Wanting to Rent : Davenport/Rock Island: apartment, lease, house - Iowa (IA)
  190. Beautiful Boone, Iowa!: rentals, military, moving (IA)
  191. Looking for Apartment for 3-months in Fort Dodge, IA: internship, job - Iowa
  192. Rental apt/house in Cedar Falls that takes small dogs: apartments, college - Iowa (IA)
  193. Walcott IA Jamboree, your experiences...: buying, driving, year - Iowa
  194. Few CB questions: HOA fees, how much, property tax - Iowa (IA)
  195. Land cost Vs Building cost: how much, buying, invest - Iowa (IA)
  196. Looking for studio apartment in cedar rapids: job, bedroom - Iowa (IA)
  197. Utilities, TV/Internet...: Dubuque: school, moving to, best - Iowa (IA)
  198. about Early Lease Termination in IOWA: credit, salary - Iowa (IA)
  199. River City Apartments in Mason City: out of state, about - Iowa (IA)
  200. artsy neighborhoods in CF/Waterloo??: store, moving, market - Iowa (IA)