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  66. Do Alligators as in the reptile live in Montgomery area or just S. and East? - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  67. Bir: Birmingham, Hueytown, Talladega: homes, school, to move - Alabama (AL)
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  69. I live in Mobile but from ATL but i get the feeling i would like BHAM more than Mobile: Birmingham: high school - Alabama (AL)
  70. Waterford. Calera, AL: Chelsea: for sale, foreclosures, HOA - Birmingham area, Alabama
  71. Cable and Internet: Calera: move to, best, areas - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  72. Cedar shakes...asking for trouble?: new house, roofing, maintenance - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  73. Downtown Ghost Walk: Birmingham, Moundville: 2013, middle school, closing - Alabama (AL)
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  79. Car Paint Shop Recommendations in Bham?: Birmingham, Bessemer: how much, to live in, price - Alabama (AL)
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  81. Where are the people spaces downtown?: Birmingham, Lynn: buy, theatre, school - Alabama (AL)
  82. Oxford area questions: Birmingham, Homewood, Anniston: condo, homes, neighborhood - Alabama (AL)
  83. Is B'ham going to have a murder every day?: renting, home - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  84. Foxchase?: Birmingham, Hoover, Columbiana: for sale, house, neighborhood - Alabama (AL)
  85. Trouble making friends with people in Alabama: Birmingham, Huntsville: renting, house - (AL)
  86. Greystone Crest. help: Birmingham, Mountain Brook: house, living, restaurant - Alabama (AL)
  87. Questions about Eva, AL for my Personal Documentary: Huntsville, Section: live, shop - Birmingham area, Alabama
  88. Best private school in Birmingham, Alabama: Hoover, Homewood: private schools, vs., catholics - (AL)
  89. Metro Area Interstate Repaving: Trussville: airport, car, county - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  90. Leer Tower has been sold......: Birmingham: 2014, apartment, condos - Alabama (AL)
  91. For the ladies....: Anniston, Saks, Belk: stores, company, place - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  92. Tuscaloosa: PNC ATMs located near Univ. Town Center?: university, distance - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  93. Rental ( or Real Estate) Shortage- Downtown Lofts and Over the Mountain: Birmingham: sales, 2014 - Alabama (AL)
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  95. Can Recommend a Rental Realtor?: Hoover, Pelham: apartments, rental market, home - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
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  97. Home Inspector recommendations: Birmingham: American, great, roof - Alabama (AL)
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  99. Hoover gets rid of school buses: 2013, apartment complexes, move - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  100. Moving to Birmingham with a young family....: Hoover, Homewood: apartments, rental - Alabama (AL)
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  104. How to make it big in Birmingham: food, business - Alabama (AL)
  105. Birmingham has the largest home value increase in the state.: Huntsville: 2015, credit - Alabama (AL)
  106. Hotel needed for football weekend in area of Tuscaloosa: Hoover: hotels, shop - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  107. Moving in August. Need to buy furniture for appt: Birmingham: rent, Home Depot - Alabama (AL)
  108. Looking for a home with a great view in the B'ham area: Southside: real estate - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  109. move to Childersburg area. ?: Talladega: apartments, for rent - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  110. Middle and High schools-Mountain Brook, Hoover, Homewood Private: Valley, Brookwood: fit in, 2014 - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  111. Moving near Glen Iris Park area?: Birmingham, Trinity: for sale, hair salon, apartment - Alabama (AL)
  112. Diamonds in Birmingham: Where to get my engagement ring?: Vestavia Hills: auction, shop - Alabama (AL)
  113. Auto Tag: Birmingham, Vestavia Hills: insurance, to buy, licenses - Alabama (AL)
  114. Does one know where this church is: Birmingham, Cullman: homes, construction - Alabama (AL)
  115. Transfer of Car Tag: Bessemer, Columbiana: sale, lease, insurance - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  116. Which suburban cities are currently declining?: Birmingham, Huntsville: for sale, real estate, apartments - Alabama (AL)
  117. Wildwood/Lakeshore Pkwy Development: Birmingham, Bessemer: apartments, homes, bankruptcy - Alabama (AL)
  118. Inclement Weather Action Plan and Prep: Birmingham, Mountain Brook: hotel, home, live - Alabama (AL)
  119. Bell's State of the City Address: Birmingham, Montgomery: appointed, 2014, transfer - Alabama (AL)
  120. Former Century Plaza: Birmingham, Huntsville, Mountain Brook: city hall, hotel, luxury - Alabama (AL)
  121. Alagasco building new operations center downtown: Auburn, Homewood: 2015, townhomes, construction - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  122. Why is there no good Mexican food in Birmingham............: Huntsville: houses, buy - Alabama (AL)
  123. No boom for BHam?: Birmingham, Montgomery: employment, neighborhood, construction - Alabama (AL)
  124. about ecology: Birmingham, Foley: house, to live in, shops - Alabama (AL)
  125. NPR Story on Birmingham: Carolina, Detroit: crime, unemployment rate, movies - Alabama (AL)
  126. Northwest Birmingham: Jasper, Gardendale, Graysville: sale, 2014, hotels - Alabama (AL)
  127. relocation to BHAM: Birmingham, Hoover: sales, apartment complexes, high crime - Alabama (AL)
  128. Looking to move to Greystone Crest area...: Southside: for sale, homes - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  129. 20th Street Through Downtown (Magic City Boulevard): Birmingham, Lincoln: how much, closing - Alabama (AL)
  130. Gay Life In Birmingham: Southside, Greensboro: homes, neighborhoods, school district - Alabama (AL)
  131. Discrimination!!! Credit Union refused to give my sister her money! WTF!: Banks: home, live - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  132. The Metamorphosis Continues: Birmingham, Mobile: 2013, apartments, lofts - Alabama (AL)
  133. What to do with 20/59 downtown?: Birmingham, Fultondale: neighborhoods, construction, cost - Alabama (AL)
  134. Traveling to New Orleans from Nashville - How to avoid Birmingham traffic: Tuscaloosa: construction, commute - Alabama (AL)
  135. Downtown, Midtown, Southside: Birmingham, Homewood, Powell: 2014, apartments, insurance - Alabama (AL)
  136. I-20/59....: Huntsville, Douglas: spring break, 2014, shop - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  137. i-20 permanent construction: Birmingham, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa: closing, live, law - Alabama (AL)
  138. Birmingham : 19th in Job creation.: Montgomery, Mobile: 2014, to buy, live in - Alabama (AL)
  139. Moving to Birmingham - Where should I live? Where should I AVOID?: Hoover: apartment complexes, rental homes - Alabama (AL)
  140. Wife pushing to move to Birmingham: Huntsville, Tuscaloosa: job market, salary, living in - Alabama (AL)
  141. Will Birmingham ever be a hip/cool mecca?: Montgomery, Selma: living, food - Alabama (AL)
  142. Real Estate types - does a pool add value in the B'ham market?: sale, insurance - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  143. Drinks?: Five Points: firm, place, town - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  144. U.S Rep Spencer Bachus calls it quits: Birmingham, Vestavia Hills: 2014, safe - Alabama (AL)
  145. Let's Liven Things Up: Birmingham, Bessemer: sales, city hall, neighborhoods - Alabama (AL)
  146. Uptown is moving Uptown............: Huntsville, Vestavia Hills: 2014, home, tenants - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  147. Where does BSC stand?: Birmingham, Montevallo: crime rate, student loans, homes - Alabama (AL)
  148. Alagasco's Bright Lights In The Skyline: Birmingham, Jackson: real estate, 2013, floors - Alabama (AL)
  149. 15 story $40 million dollar luxury apartment project planned for Highland Ave.: Birmingham: 2013, apartments - Alabama (AL)
  150. Birmingham and Bessemer operating with no deficit for 2022: Montgomery, Mobile: 2013, crime - Alabama (AL)
  151. Birmingham's Thirty Years Of Stupid: loft, movers, townhouses - Alabama (AL)
  152. Did Birmingham blow it again???: sales, hotels, home - Alabama (AL)
  153. Just got back from Birmingham (not impressed): appointed, credit card - Alabama (AL)
  154. Wishes do come true...........: Birmingham, Mobile: sale, neighborhood, restaurant - Alabama (AL)
  155. Birmingham for a young family (near UAB): Homewood, Vestavia Hills: for sale, rentals - Alabama (AL)
  156. Where do you envision 'INFILL DEVELOPEMENT along the lines of SOHO?............: Birmingham: lofts, home - Alabama (AL)
  157. Firehouse Subs in Southside is now open!: restaurant, nightclub - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  158. Future Growth in Birmingham Metropolitan Area: Tuscaloosa, Hoover: centers, design, housing - Alabama (AL)
  159. Where is the nearest Indian Reservation to B'ham: Birmingham, Montgomery: 2013, rental - Alabama (AL)
  160. The Future of Birmingham Schools: Valley, Jackson: condos, credit, how much - Alabama (AL)
  161. Regions Field named 'Ballpark of the Year': Birmingham, Louisville: 2014, moving - Alabama (AL)
  162. Auburn Uni, Univ. of Georgia, UNC Chapel Hill: Athens: dorms, transfer - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  163. $50million va clinic and parking deck: Southside, Vincent: neighborhoods, construction, university - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  164. Shelby County Property Values: Madison, Alabaster: sale, real estate, 2013 - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  165. The Magic City Classic!!!: Birmingham, Montgomery: 2013, schools, stadium - Alabama (AL)
  166. The Magic City: Birmingham: neighborhoods, restaurant, money - Alabama (AL)
  167. Another Railroad Park?: Birmingham, Southside, Vincent: neighborhoods, schools, university - Alabama (AL)
  168. Have you ever been to a good restaurant ?: Birmingham, Montgomery: theater, restaurants - Alabama (AL)
  169. Downtown Apartments Units in the works: Birmingham, Vestavia Hills: fit in, 2013, rental - Alabama (AL)
  170. Why do people put down Birmingham, AL?: Homewood, Vestavia Hills: homes, neighborhoods - Alabama
  171. Black people in Birmingham: Hoover, Jacksonville: home, neighborhoods, theatres - Alabama (AL)
  172. Registering a vehicle - no driver's license: sale, apartment complexes - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  173. Birmingham loses SWAC title game, now SEC media days could be leaving: Huntsville: 2015, home - Alabama (AL)
  174. How do yall beat the heat: York: living, shops, airplane - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  175. Relocating to Birmingham in Next Month: Montgomery, Hoover: apartments, rental homes - Alabama (AL)
  176. looking for safe hotel area, homewood, al: Birmingham, Huntsville: crime, hotels - Alabama (AL)
  177. Cargo planes crashes at Birmingham airport: Huntsville: house, neighborhoods, calculated - Alabama (AL)
  178. What public transit could Birmingham support?: Bessemer, Homewood: house, transfer, taxis - Alabama (AL)
  179. wow..............VON MAUR, now open.: Alabaster, Carolina: sales, 2013, home - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  180. Milo's Hamburgers: restaurant, store, to eat - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  181. Quick Getaway away from Bham: Memphis: rental, live, restaurants - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  182. Birmingham's Little Italy: Hoover, Homewood, Vestavia Hills: 2013, houses, neighborhood - Alabama (AL)
  183. NY Times Article on Birmingham: Morris: 2013, movie theaters, living - Alabama (AL)
  184. know why Pinkberry in the Summit closed?: Birmingham, Athens: 2013, rent - Alabama (AL)
  185. Lawn service in the Calera area?: yard, paid, work - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  186. East 59 Coffee: Birmingham: 2013, house, business - Alabama (AL)
  187. Montgomery area - Hank Williams Museum: store, car, donation - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  188. HELP with finding apartments close to UAB: Birmingham, Homewood: 2013, lease - Alabama (AL)
  189. Restaurant in birmingham: hotel, restaurants, food - Alabama (AL)
  190. s for affordable but reputable privacy fence installers?: Springville: buying a house, buying - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  191. Are You Still Looking To Play College Baseball This Year?: school, vs - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  192. Major new visual arts space in the city ?: Birmingham: home, department stores - Alabama (AL)
  193. Burglaries in Gardendale and Morris area: Kimberly: property, looking for, around - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  194. Fresh market hits a home run.......................: Hoover, Brookwood: live, prices, shop - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  195. Whazzup with bikers crashing a play?: Birmingham, Brewton: 2013, theater, town - Alabama (AL)
  196. I have a solution for storms...: buy, store, social - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  197. Downtown Birmingham future?: 2013, living, renewal - Alabama (AL)
  198. la petite academy at Brookwood: reviews - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  199. Saturday night at ............LOS MUERTOS: Southside: neighborhood, trees, area - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  200. Panoramic View of Downtown Birmingham: 2013, new construction, complete - Alabama (AL)