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  1. How much governmental control makes for a socialist country?: unemployment, health care, insurance - Great Debates
  2. What is Freedom?: economic, vote, foreign, society - Great Debates
  3. WTF are they thinking??: generations, legal, regular, Canada - Great Debates
  4. is what I think is going to happen with the US economy: McCain, unemployment - Great Debates
  5. Our Mortgaged Future: salary, generations, ethics, accuse - Great Debates
  6. Smaller, Fisical Responsible Fed Gov (Balance Budget - get rid of DEBT): McCain, unemployment - Great Debates
  7. The Long Demise of Glass-Steagall: Congress, Clinton, Reed, lobbyist - Great Debates
  8. Capital punishment and the Supreme Court: legal, injection, lawyers, serial killers - Great Debates
  9. Tv: companies, school, bias, rating - Great Debates
  10. What if?: retirement, money, government, income - Great Debates
  11. Corporate Welfare - bailout - housing market?: salary, legal, dollar - Great Debates
  12. Debate tonight between Obama and McCain: enemy, insurance, voted, world - Great Debates
  13. Choices: Obama, layoffs, economy, carry - Great Debates
  14. Enterntainment and political awareness in America: Is the Roman Analogy in fact true?: McCain, Obama - Great Debates
  15. Taxes, the Economy and an Axiom: health care, insurance, retire, money - Great Debates
  16. America what is your opinions: Iraq, generation, nationalist, marijuana - Great Debates
  17. Short term economic effects: interstate, Reagan, illegal, Clinton - Great Debates
  18. Roosevelt's Speech is true today: gallon, generation, Pelosi, borders - Great Debates
  19. Current Econo-Melt excuse for Industrialized Nations: Al Gore, global warming, parade, legal - Great Debates
  20. Our Oil Addiction: Iran, Iraq, middle east, military - Great Debates
  21. your opinion about virtual adultery: dollar, murder, world, women - Great Debates
  22. Should the U.S. have a Parliamentary System?: Congress, Pelosi - Great Debates
  23. trivializing pain?: regular, death, compared, economic - Great Debates
  24. *****A Must Read For Great Debate Posters*****: polls, state, support - Great Debates
  25. Fuel: gallon, companies, cost, elect - Great Debates
  26. intolerance of intolerant: legal, nationalist, racist, party - Great Debates
  27. Is a completely one-sided ...: Israel, Canada, brainwash, biased - Great Debates
  28. The foreign policy teams.: John Kerry, McCain, Iran, Iraq - Great Debates
  29. The success of the Surge: McCain, Congress, Iraq, enemy - Great Debates
  30. API puts out The truth about Oil and Gasoline .: Congress, cost - Great Debates
  31. Are alternative lifestyles a source of progressive: drug, crime rate - Great Debates
  32. Special high standards apply in this forum - ALL posters MUST read this: politicians, elect - Great Debates
  33. With great power comes great responsibility?: death, Kennedy, speech, lobby - Great Debates
  34. Should the State (Government) be involvedwith who can, and cannot, be married?: legal, states - Great Debates
  35. My Initial Thoughts on Obama Presidency: party affiliation, Congress, Iraq, generation - Great Debates
  36. National Sales Tax: ethical, how much, money, government - Great Debates
  37. Why the election outcome has me sooooo upset: McCain, unemployment rate, Congress - Great Debates
  38. Death Penalty in the 21st Century: accuse, serial killers, statistics, crime - Great Debates
  39. Local Newspapers' Reader Reaction/Opinions: drug, Christmas, accuse - Great Debates
  40. Electoral College vs. Popular Vote: controversial, pros and cons, independent, biased - Great Debates
  41. Now That We Have a Black President Elect, Can We Abolish the NAACP?: multiculturalism, drug - Great Debates
  42. Do online forums contribute to the divisive nature of American politics?: death, racist - Great Debates
  43. Big 3 Again Beg For Money: unemployed, Congress, lawyer, health care - Great Debates
  44. Safe or Free?: radical, extremist, death, speech - Great Debates
  45. Reverse racism vs racism--why are people afraid to speak up?: McCain, illegal - Great Debates
  46. New Taxes I Could Live With: McCain, interstate, Iran, ethical - Great Debates
  47. Is a hotbed of libel and torts?: weapon, free speech, how much - Great Debates
  48. are morals an opinion?: legal, drug, solution, school - Great Debates
  49. Has music died.: party, elect, retirement, money - Great Debates
  50. Who is really enjoying this recession?: employment, gas prices, wage - Great Debates
  51. Lets get out of Afganistan too: Iraq, Taliban, illegal, drugs - Great Debates
  52. End drug prohibition: Congress, Mexican, illegal, heroin - Great Debates
  53. Ebooks: cost, school, carry, elect - Great Debates
  54. mandatory service should it be required.: Israel, military, high school, education - Great Debates
  55. Parents have no rights to children's medical records: drug, health care - Great Debates
  56. On Being a Proud American: party affiliation, Iran, Iraq, regular - Great Debates
  57. A Case for Quieting The Use Of The Word Moral: Congress, ethical - Great Debates
  58. Mental or Physical? Which addiction is stronger?: heroin, drugs, regular - Great Debates
  59. Pros and Cons of National Health Care?: illegal, lawyers, premium - Great Debates
  60. Lower the drinking age to 18: legal, deaths, 18 year old, military - Great Debates
  61. Family Oriented Communities: school, examples, money, programs - Great Debates
  62. Why do you think guns rights have been restricted in the recent years?: violent crime, politicians - Great Debates
  63. I am more concern with fascism than communism: Congress, Iraq, interview - Great Debates
  64. Lie Detectors: lawyers, suspect, crime, military - Great Debates
  65. Would you support this kind of Constitutional amendment?: Congress, speeches, abortion - Great Debates
  66. Spreading the Wealth -vs- Faith Based Charities: Congress, generation, death - Great Debates
  67. why should fish eaters call themselves Vegetarians: activist, percentage, work - Great Debates
  68. Headed Towards a Revolution?: party affiliation, activist, radical, independent - Great Debates
  69. Best article on why we SHOULD save Detroit: employment, wages, Canada - Great Debates
  70. A Positive Strategy for Gun Owners under Barack Obama: McCain, party affiliation, Congress - Great Debates
  71. Why does obama think we need a national civilian security force?: Iraq, global warming - Great Debates
  72. Cloning: generations, ethical, soldiers, radical - Great Debates
  73. As American as.... Walmart?: Merry Christmas, happy holidays, healthcare, regular - Great Debates
  74. the Alpha type: leader, elect, status, female - Great Debates
  75. Are predominantly Catholic countries prone to poverty?: Iran, Iraq, wages - Great Debates
  76. Where are all the Merry Christmas cards: happy holidays, conspiracy, companies - Great Debates
  77. freight railroads and public financing: wages, gasoline, highway, how much - Great Debates
  78. Credit Amnesty: McCain, Congressmen, regular, insurance - Great Debates
  79. NPR today: Christmas, controversial, radical, extremist - Great Debates
  80. From an economic standpoint, why shouldn't prostituition be legalized?: illegal, drugs, regular - Great Debates
  81. What's wrong with being Elite ?: Iran, Afghanistan, Marines - Great Debates
  82. America the not so brave: Congress, generations, how much, politicians - Great Debates
  83. Black Friday: weapons, economy, Walmart, elect - Great Debates
  84. Why did civilizations create leadership positions?: generations, politicians, versus, elect - Great Debates
  85. The Future of Our Children.: premium, solution, high school, politicians - Great Debates
  86. Make a Wish/ Give Kids the World-- most worthy of causes?: generation, drugs - Great Debates
  87. What is your opinion of community healthcare, medicare, and medicaid?: minimum wage, legal - Great Debates
  88. Seperation of church and state and tax free churches: Congress, salaries, regular - Great Debates
  89. Legalized Heroin?: interstate, Taliban, illegal, drugs - Great Debates
  90. Official Language of the United States: legal, racist, high school, vote - Great Debates
  91. If you don't, would you do things if they were legal? (ONLY if you have NEVER done things): illegal, heroin - Great Debates
  92. Obesity in America- who is to blame?: fast food, wages, generations - Great Debates
  93. THE BORDER FENCE - Tear it down!: unemployment, Congress, Iraq - Great Debates
  94. Global Monetary System: Iran, Iraq, how much, Saddam - Great Debates
  95. A country bumpkin wants to know. . .: Canada, high school, party, Illinois - Great Debates
  96. the fairness doctrin: ethical, illegal, Pelosi - Great Debates
  97. Selfish America??: salary, ethics, statistics, death - Great Debates
  98. Is AIDS overblown?: Iraq, legal, lobby, dollars - Great Debates
  99. Merry Christmas versus Happy Holidays: lawyer, Jesus, parties, state - Great Debates
  100. Is politically correct really correct?: Mexican, Canada, Barack Obama, high school - Great Debates
  101. Bailouts Driving Me Nuts!: independent, companies, school, politicians - Great Debates
  102. Big Three to Big One?: companies, cost, elect, money - Great Debates
  103. With gas prices going back down...: gallon, middle east, generation, gasoline - Great Debates
  104. Vegitarian Hypocryts: extremist, how much, claims, alcohol - Great Debates
  105. Fruad in the MN US Senatorial Race?: Al Franken, legal, independent - Great Debates
  106. The Return of Rail Service: interstate, Congress, regular, Canada - Great Debates
  107. What Can Wal-Mart Do To Repair its Downtrodden Image?: minimum wage, drug, Christmas - Great Debates
  108. For the economy, we should...: employment, generation, illegal, heroin - Great Debates
  109. Will ronald reagan rise again in 2012?: McCain, unemployment, enemies, drugs - Great Debates
  110. ACORN: Good or bad?: ethics, accuse, Obama, dollars - Great Debates
  111. Why public education should be turned over to the private sector: drugs, regular - Great Debates
  112. a world with no boundaries: Congress, Palestinians, middle east - Great Debates
  113. What makes a good American?: lawyer, FBI, statistics, weapons - Great Debates
  114. The Color Of Fear: McCain, generation, drug, suspected - Great Debates
  115. Expressing Love: Words vs. Actions vs. Gifts: holidays, suspect, how much - Great Debates
  116. great depression part 2: salary, health care, highway, private school - Great Debates
  117. Is secession of the Blue States a possibility? What would happen if that should occur?: legal, Canada - Great Debates
  118. A of Choice: legal, death, Alabama - Great Debates
  119. Prostitution! How bad is it really?: illegal, drugs, regular, crime - Great Debates
  120. Did the Government cause the current Housing/Mortgage Crisis?: Ron Paul, Iraq, enemy - Great Debates
  121. Castle Doctrine (or it's not about hunting): illegal, suspect, death - Great Debates
  122. White Privilege. Why does it matter?: McCain, racist, Barack Obama, KKK - Great Debates
  123. Culture Clashes & Melting Pots....: generations, Israel, Afghanistan, stereotypes - Great Debates
  124. Whom is most to blame for The current Depression?: McCain, Ron Paul, - Great Debates
  125. If schools were privatized would you be able to afford an education for your child?: wage, salaries - Great Debates
  126. The Sky Is Not Falling Chicken Littlle: unemployment, gallon, Congress - Great Debates
  127. Social Security Questions: unemployment rate, Congress, wage, generations - Great Debates
  128. Homosexuality is it learned behavior or genetic ?: high school, examples, gay people - Great Debates
  129. educate me on the ramifications of a bail out vs doing nothing: unemployment rate, salaries - Great Debates
  130. Gulf of Tokin...: Congress, Iran, Iraq - Great Debates
  131. Do You Think America is Slowly Going Downhill?: McCain, unemployment, Congress - Great Debates
  132. Leaving pets behind during hurricanes?: death, solution, lobby, government - Great Debates
  133. Definitions and their impact: health care, how much, insurance, economic - Great Debates
  134. gun control: illegal, drugs, weapons, death - Great Debates
  135. open debates: Congress, Iraq, salary - Great Debates
  136. Health Care: unemployed, illegal, drugs, health care system - Great Debates
  137. Global Warming: controversial, Canada, independent, military - Great Debates
  138. American dependence upon foreign resources.: Congress, minimum wage, middle east, generations - Great Debates
  139. Pledge of Allegiance to State Flags: Alabama, school, states, California - Great Debates
  140. Left lane bandits!: highway, death, Missouri, examples - Great Debates
  141. Do you believe politics and religion are inseperable?: health care, abortion, party - Great Debates
  142. Would you consider dating a reformed sex offender of type? Why or why not?: elect, Arizona - Great Debates
  143. Obama will not be the first Black President!: Clinton, vote, children - Great Debates
  144. The population: independent, solution, school, Pennsylvania - Great Debates
  145. Should college students be allowed to vote?: generation, legal - Great Debates
  146. Is it fair that the top 5-10% pay the majority of taxes?: minimum wage, salaries - Great Debates
  147. Is America Really THAT Divided?: Rush Limbaugh, Iraq, poll, radical - Great Debates
  148. Should science be in the service of knowledge or in the service of human comfort?: ethical, dollars - Great Debates
  149. Is water a a public good or a commodity?: gallon, illegal, gasoline - Great Debates
  150. What happened to separation between Church and State?: revolution, school, examples - Great Debates
  151. What if Palin became pregnant in office?: McCain, Pelosi, Clinton - Great Debates
  152. Is it 'war' in Iraq - or an occupation?: Congress, middle east, parade - Great Debates
  153. What if the Governor of Alaska was a man?: Limbaugh, McCain, gas prices - Great Debates
  154. The shut down of america: unemployment, drugs, extremist, 9/11 - Great Debates
  155. Pros and Cons Teen Pregnancy!: generations, high school, financial, education - Great Debates
  156. Should people that do unskilled but extremely dirty- ugly- boring jobs be paid more?: minimum wage, Afghanistan - Great Debates
  157. Self Reliance and Personal Responsibility: unemployment, interview, Canada, school - Great Debates
  158. Rewrite the Constitution??: interstate, Congress, legal, soldiers - Great Debates
  159. why wont they help?: Iran, Iraq, middle east, Israeli - Great Debates
  160. Why Are Sexual Orientations so Fascinating, Intriguing, or Inflammatory to People?: Kerry, crimes - Great Debates
  161. freedom vs. safety: ethical, legal, weapons - Great Debates
  162. Naziism and the right: enemies, legal, radical, conspiracy - Great Debates
  163. Medical-records database: Pro and Con?: Congress, legal, health care, suspect - Great Debates
  164. time to restructure American Capitialism?: health care system, Brown, Clinton - Great Debates
  165. do they have souls? how do they do it?: Iraq, middle east, soldiers - Great Debates
  166. Is there way to help our Ghettos?: parade, legal, drugs - Great Debates
  167. Is there a single reason pot should not be legalized?: illegal, drugs - Great Debates
  168. Va. pharmacy follows faith, no birth control sales: drugs, abortions, carry - Great Debates
  169. Does your states economics go hand in hand with it's political leanings?: unemployment rate, Congress - Great Debates
  170. Is America No Longer America?: party affiliation, Congress, minimum wage, illegal - Great Debates
  171. men and women shallow?: program, homosexual, firearms, attractive - Great Debates
  172. Dr. Phil Show about Fathers choice: legal, lawyer, abortion, school - Great Debates
  173. Are African-Americans the Best Athletes?: racist, economic, election, Illinois - Great Debates
  174. Welfare for life, or more crime?: unemployment, interview, illegal, drug - Great Debates
  175. Gas down 1 dollar/gal in last month: gas prices, gallon, gasoline - Great Debates
  176. Marijuana Laws?: illegal, drugs, March, Denver - Great Debates
  177. Should Euthanasia be legal?: Congress, illegal, death, Canada - Great Debates
  178. Does it really matter who is president?: McCain, Congress, Iran - Great Debates
  179. Why are serial killers and mass murders more prevalent in America?: legal, statistics - Great Debates
  180. Race in America: Why Don't We Get It: Clarence Thomas, generations, drugs - Great Debates
  181. is being selfish bad?: wisdom, party, vs, world - Great Debates
  182. Bottom Up Bailout: health care, suspect, solution, companies - Great Debates
  183. WHY .. why isn't the gov't and the banks working on what caused this in the first place: Pelosi - Great Debates
  184. Now that the bill was defeated... what are the options: economy, financial - Great Debates
  185. Can the economic downturn be beneficial for alternative energy development?: unemployed, gallon - Great Debates
  186. Should we increase the age required to get a Drivers license?: legal, highway - Great Debates
  187. African-American culture: Changes?: drugs, soldier, controversial, stereotypes - Great Debates
  188. The Vice Presidency, Dick Cheney, and Sarah Palin: McCain, regular, suspect - Great Debates
  189. Should students who come to class on time be rewarded, or should tardy students be penalized?: employment, high school - Great Debates
  190. Is owning a home a reward or a right?: wages, generation, economy - Great Debates
  191. Bering Strait Crossing: highway, economic, financial, education - Great Debates
  192. What are the most important discoveries of history?: weapon, vote, war - Great Debates
  193. Adolph Hitler in the 21 century: middle east, enemy, Israel, extremist - Great Debates
  194. Stereotyps or just the way it is: regular, radical, Denver - Great Debates
  195. Whats the latest facts about how long Social Security will last ?: Congress, Baby Boomers - Great Debates
  196. Can the world survive without formal credit?: cost, school, economy - Great Debates
  197. **** Presidential Election Poll******: states, vote, United States - Great Debates
  198. Economic Depressions: Their Cause and Cure: Murray, solution - Great Debates
  199. Which more closely matches our current problem?: government, depression, great - Great Debates
  200. FDA in China = Outsourcing 4Ever!: Obama, job, Bush, news - Great Debates