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  1. Best place to dine out for Thanksgiving Dinner: Tulsa: living in, areas - Oklahoma (OK)
  2. Christmas Decorations & Events to Do in Tulsa: Norman, Broken Arrow: sale, to rent - Oklahoma (OK)
  3. Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty-Tulsa: Wayne, Sharon: university, live, price - Oklahoma (OK)
  4. Moving to Tulsa.... Help!!!!: Peoria: best cities, apartments, rentals - Oklahoma (OK)
  5. Tulsa County Taxes: Broken Arrow, Wagoner: house, deductible, property tax - Oklahoma (OK)
  6. Pampered Chef: Tulsa: store, rated, party - Oklahoma (OK)
  7. Best 'Take Home' Thanksgiving Dinner - help!: to buy, clothes - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  8. Relocating to Tulsa: Broken Arrow, Bixby, Jenks: houses, school district, colleges - Oklahoma (OK)
  9. Great Get Away Spots For Tulsa Oklahoma: Bartlesville, Okmulgee: rent, hotels - (OK)
  10. Apartment or rental that will accept pit bulls?: Tulsa, Stratford: insurance, houses - Oklahoma (OK)
  11. Safe to walk to work downtown?: Tulsa, Cheyenne: apartment complex, low crime, hotels - Oklahoma (OK)
  12. Only Negative Comparisons between Tulsa and Wichita.: Kansas: metro, area - Oklahoma (OK)
  13. Tulsa Now.: taxes, bills, repairs - Oklahoma (OK)
  14. Good self-storage facilities in Tulsa?: Elgin, Washington: apartment, to rent, condo - Oklahoma (OK)
  15. Thanks OK. for Your Superbowl Contributions: Tulsa, Ada: place, American, hockey - Oklahoma
  16. Union or jenks?? Who will win the big title??: Tulsa: transfer to, school districts - Oklahoma (OK)
  17. Are there other Drum and Bugle Corps in Oklahoma?: Tulsa: live, military - (OK)
  18. Tulsa, OKC rank high on national performance list: Oklahoma City, Howe: move, rankings
  19. Chicken Fried Steak, best it Tulsa area: restaurant, business - Oklahoma (OK)
  20. Free things for Veterans in recognition of their service (this week): Tulsa: Home Depot, military - Oklahoma (OK)
  21. TULSA Is The New Headquarters Of ARENA 1 Football.............: work, boat - Oklahoma (OK)
  22. Possibly Moving to Owasso... HELP: houses, food, suburban - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  23. Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters: Tulsa: stores, square - Oklahoma (OK)
  24. Perc test in Wagoner County: land, application, how far - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  25. Tulsa Christmas Parade...: Broken Arrow, Sapulpa, Owasso: cost, winter, town - Oklahoma (OK)
  26. do tulsa hurricane fans hate utep or whick conference usa team do u hate the most?: schools - Oklahoma (OK)
  27. Need a great steak in Tulsa: Sapulpa, Drumright: houses, live, price - Oklahoma (OK)
  28. Wagoner and Bartlesville Homes: Tulsa, Disney: crime, good schools, college - Oklahoma (OK)
  29. Salvation Army bell ringers: Tulsa, Jenks: unemployment rate, stats, donations - Oklahoma (OK)
  30. Center of the Universe: Tulsa, May: airplanes, train, title - Oklahoma (OK)
  31. Would you rather stay or leave if you were going to medical school?: Tulsa: schools - Oklahoma (OK)
  32. Nice Tulsa apartment to live in while commuting to Stillwater?: Broken Arrow: apartments, moving to - Oklahoma (OK)
  33. How to help others this holiday season, without spending money: Tulsa: sales, coupons - Oklahoma (OK)
  34. Young Professional Moving to Tulsa: Where Should I live??: Broken Arrow: apartments, neighborhoods - Oklahoma (OK)
  35. Few Tulsa Questions: Stratford, Howe, May: car rental, rental, hotel - Oklahoma (OK)
  36. Tulsa's Downtown: May: lofts, hotel, casinos - Oklahoma (OK)
  37. Schools Closed!: closing, live, dangerous - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  38. Traffic: Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso: places to live, commute, best to - Oklahoma (OK)
  39. Stuck in a small town(Want to move): Bartlesville, Owasso: rentals, good schools - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  40. Thinking of Rent to Own my home.: balloon payment, sale - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  41. Recent College Grad. Moving from D.C.: Tulsa, Langston: apartment complex, rentals - Oklahoma (OK)
  42. Need help!! recommendations for an auto insurance company!!: Broken Arrow: discount, cheapest - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  43. Corporation Commission votes area code overlay: Tulsa: schools, health, transit - Oklahoma (OK)
  44. Wanting to commute from Tulsa to I crazy?: Edmond: rental, insurance - Oklahoma (OK)
  45. Ice Storm (2010) coming in... (temp sticky): Tulsa: power lines, house, tornadoes - Oklahoma (OK)
  46. help me find my perfect apartment: Tulsa: apartments, rentals - Oklahoma (OK)
  47. What's being built?: Tulsa, Glenpool: city hall, community college, Walmart - Oklahoma (OK)
  48. Old Chicken Restaurant in Tulsa: Miami, Yale: elementary school, live, restaurants - Oklahoma (OK)
  49. Would I Fit In In Tulsa?: May: living, moving to, friendly - Oklahoma (OK)
  50. Westport on the River: Tulsa, May: apartments, leases, high crime - Oklahoma (OK)
  51. Housing Under $125K: Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso: new home, safe area, movie theaters - Oklahoma (OK)
  52. Moving to Tulsa Soon: sale, apartment complex, rentals - Oklahoma (OK)
  53. Music-lovers in Tulsa,: motels, buyers, school - Oklahoma (OK)
  54. Moving to Claremore....need advice: Tulsa, Jenks: homes, live, realty - Oklahoma (OK)
  55. MUST SEE - Rhema Christmas Lights Display - Broken Arrow: how much, live - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  56. Driving to St Louis from Austin Via Muskogee: Tulsa, Vinita: home, casino - Oklahoma (OK)
  57. Merry Christmas!: tree, love - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  58. Throw your opinions my way!: Tulsa, Claremore: homes, to buy, elementary school - Oklahoma (OK)
  59. Which real estate agency has the reputation for selling farm acreage: Tulsa: realty, land - Oklahoma (OK)
  60. Reality in Tulsa Oklahoma.: layoffs, live, station - (OK)
  61. Oklahoma Anti-Discrimination Act (Oklahoma Supreme Court reverses itself): Tulsa: attorney, cost - (OK)
  62. south east ok shuttle: Tulsa, Idabel: taxis, live, cost - Oklahoma (OK)
  63. she gets the knife..........: Tulsa, Howe: crime, legal, employers - Oklahoma (OK)
  64. Tax Rates: Owasso, Bixby: house, property tax rates, vs - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  65. What is the best Tulsa hospital for baby delivery?: Claremore: obgyn, hotels - Oklahoma (OK)
  66. Tulsa, OK - is it pedestrian friendly? Mostly car-oriented? How is the layout?: Bradley: university - Oklahoma
  67. Thinking of moving to Tulsa: Washington, May: apartments, condo, houses - Oklahoma (OK)
  68. Paul James: Tulsa: new house, buy, sell - Oklahoma (OK)
  69. Moving to Glenpool/Sapulpa from OKC: Good Schools for Kids?: Tulsa: renting, job market - Oklahoma
  70. Metropolitan Tulsa Dangerous Diesel Soot Levels: Kansas: pollution, rail, rich - Oklahoma (OK)
  71. HELP! Tulsa Wedding/Reception: May: to rent, how much, hotel - Oklahoma (OK)
  72. The Galleria apartment: Tulsa, Jenks: apartment complex, to rent, school district - Oklahoma (OK)
  73. One night in Tulsa: Jenks, May: hotels, luxury, restaurant - Oklahoma (OK)
  74. Tulsa's Next Tea Party: town, MBA, should - Oklahoma (OK)
  75. Vasectomy Referrel Request: Tulsa: specialists, doctors, good - Oklahoma (OK)
  76. looking into Tulsa as relocation destination: Broken Arrow, Owasso: for rent, houses - Oklahoma (OK)
  77. People who are out of work are volunteering: 2015, unemployed - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  78. Tulsa Oklahoma Makes The HONORABLE MENTIONED World Class Cities LIST: compared, state - (OK)
  79. !: Tulsa, St. Louis: vacation, things to do, winter - Oklahoma (OK)
  80. New TV Show: Two Wheel Oklahoma: bikes, road, program - Tulsa, (OK)
  81. Selling catalytic converters?: Tulsa: compensation, law, title - Oklahoma (OK)
  82. Moving to Tulsa: Broken Arrow, Bixby, Jenks: apartment, to rent, condos - Oklahoma (OK)
  83. moving to Tulsa area in August: Broken Arrow, Owasso: apartment complex, to rent, home - Oklahoma (OK)
  84. Tulsa residential off your garden!: yard, pictures - Oklahoma (OK)
  85. Moving to Tulsa in 2 weeks: for rent, houses, job market - Oklahoma (OK)
  86. Drug Stores: insurance, warehouse, Walmart - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  87. One night in Tulsa: May: neighborhood, restaurant, place - Oklahoma (OK)
  88. Vacation ideas in Tulsa??: Claremore, Woodward: houses, restaurants, shop - Oklahoma (OK)
  89. Who's enjoying spring?: garden, yard, trees - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  90. Does have an orthodontist referral?: Tulsa, Broken Arrow: school district, living in, friendly - Oklahoma (OK)
  91. Apartments along Hwy 75: Tulsa: income, venue, development - Oklahoma (OK)
  92. Moving to Tulsa from San Antonio, TX?: Broken Arrow, Sapulpa: apartment, to rent - Oklahoma (OK)
  93. Seeking Duplexes: Broken Arrow: real estate, apartment, rentals - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  94. Indoor R/C flying site: Tulsa: insurance, schools, storage - Oklahoma (OK)
  95. Like so many others I have relocation 's: Tulsa: apartments, neighborhoods - Oklahoma (OK)
  96. Union football games: Broken Arrow: school, radio, ticket - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  97. Exercising in summer heat: bike, best time, humidity - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  98. Christmas pet boarding: Tulsa, Coweta: motel, suites, place - Oklahoma (OK)
  99. HELP: Need a good OB/GYN in Tulsa: obgyn, insurance - Oklahoma (OK)
  100. moving to muskogee: Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Stillwater: real estate, apartment, rentals - Oklahoma (OK)
  101. Best bar to watch NFL Sunday ticket in Tulsa?: neighborhood, restaurants - Oklahoma (OK)
  102. Looking for an affordable place to learn martial arts: Tulsa: transfer, school - Oklahoma (OK)
  103. Should The U.S. Coast Guard Place A Coast Guard Base At The Port Of Tulsa: Oklahoma City: money - (OK)
  104. Fishing spots around Tulsa?: Skiatook, Mounds: rent, buy, shops - Oklahoma (OK)
  105. Fall Foliage information: yard, tree, places - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  106. A little 411: Tulsa, Owasso, Sand Springs: for sale, real estate, renting - Oklahoma (OK)
  107. Boise State And Tulsa University Nationally Televised Football Game: universities, live - Oklahoma (OK)
  108. Algerians in Tulsa: telephone, population, society - Oklahoma (OK)
  109. 2010 California Marriage Protection Act..Banning Divorce: Howe: area, place, homicides - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  110. Looking to invest in properties!: Tulsa: short sales, foreclosures, moving to - Oklahoma (OK)
  111. We need a recommendation for an auto-mechanic!! Help!!: Bixby: prices, shop - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  112. I know- more ?'s about moving to Tulsa: Broken Arrow, Owasso: home, neighborhoods - Oklahoma (OK)
  113. Trying to come home!: Tulsa, Owasso: lease, crime, buying a home - Oklahoma (OK)
  114. Two Wheel Oklahoma - Saturdays at 9AM: Tulsa: buy, working - (OK)
  115. Nice Oklahoma Drive.: Sapulpa, Tahlequah, Okmulgee: getaway, highway, year - Tulsa, (OK)
  116. fireworks consumer types in tulsa: Muskogee, Bixby: sale, wedding, to buy - Oklahoma (OK)
  117. Support Locally Produced TV Show: park, corporate, state - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  118. 20 and 22 year old is tulsa for us?: credit, hotel - Oklahoma (OK)
  119. Fall colors?: Tulsa, Owasso, Tahlequah: live in, trees, hot - Oklahoma (OK)
  120. Tulsa to rehire 21 officers: horses, title, donated - Oklahoma (OK)
  121. Bald Eagles are Back!: Keys: yard, hear, weekend - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  122. Favorite Tulsa drives: Sand Springs, Chandler: house, neighborhoods, buy - Oklahoma (OK)
  123. good restaurants downtown?: Tulsa, Peoria: house, suburbs, horse - Oklahoma (OK)
  124. Ten Career Choices That Doesn't Require College......: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: sales, real estate - (OK)
  125. Nelson's Buffeteria.....has been to Nelson's Ranch House since they opened?: Tulsa: live - Oklahoma (OK)
  126. Parks for toddlers in Tulsa: Yale, Hunter: YMCA, safe, station - Oklahoma (OK)
  127. Searching for rain barrels: Tulsa, Broken Arrow: quality, plastic - Oklahoma (OK)
  128. Tulsa Daycare: Bixby, Jenks, Wagoner: day care, homes, neighborhood - Oklahoma (OK)
  129. Dinner and Slow Dancing to take a date in Tulsa?: hotels, live - Oklahoma (OK)
  130. Tulsa Keeps getting better and better and better....Launching Business: Oklahoma City: foreclosure, city hall - (OK)
  131. Tulsa lakes and parks: to rent, home, neighborhoods - Oklahoma (OK)
  132. Midtown Safe??: Tulsa, Woodward, Jenks: renting, violent crime, homes - Oklahoma (OK)
  133. Job Search before Relocation: Tulsa: job market, transfer, schools - Oklahoma (OK)
  134. Need help Relocating to Tulsa: Claremore, Skiatook: RV park, to rent, house - Oklahoma (OK)
  135. Pagans in Tulsa?: fit in, home, university - Oklahoma (OK)
  136. Recommend a Computer Repair place??: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: 2014, mover, home - (OK)
  137. relocation to Tulsa OK: Broken Arrow, Jenks: apartment complexes, crime rate, houses - Oklahoma
  138. Tulsa Greenwood District and Black History Month: Commerce, Howe: homes, neighborhood - Oklahoma (OK)
  139. Tulsa Oklahoma Elevated Skyways And Gondolas: Francis, Orlando: hotel, live, restaurants - (OK)
  140. University of Tulsa/ Tulsa area: Temple, high school, live in, restaurants - Oklahoma (OK)
  141. Best progressive neighborhood in tulsa, objective answer: Norman, Broken Arrow: best neighborhoods, credit - Oklahoma (OK)
  142. How do I make friends in Tulsa?: Noble: salon, hairstylist - Oklahoma (OK)
  143. HELP: A move to Tulsa; but what school district?: Broken Arrow: apartment complexes, rentals - Oklahoma (OK)
  144. Do you ever get calls?‏: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: insurance, credit card, how much - (OK)
  145. Jack in the Box returning to Tulsa area: Broken Arrow, Cleveland: home, live - Oklahoma (OK)
  146. For Raelyn: Tulsa, Howe: live, train, commute - Oklahoma (OK)
  147. Prejudice?: Cherokee: statistics, Wal-mart, deal - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  148. Went to Nightmare at GUTS church tonight!!! Wow!!!: Tulsa: credit, house - Oklahoma (OK)
  149. Good Exit to Overnight in Tulsa?: Oklahoma City, McAlester: hotels, restaurants, price - (OK)
  150. So I have to ask...: Tulsa, Stillwater: sex offender, high school, live - Oklahoma (OK)
  151. 63 views and only 7 other than mine on the Husker/Sooner !!: Tulsa: college, living - Oklahoma (OK)
  152. Tulsa unhealthy?: Oklahoma City, Kansas, Corn: violent crime, subdivisions, living - (OK)
  153. How Southern is Tulsa??: Broken Arrow, Howe: transplants, home, school - Oklahoma (OK)
  154. Looks like my family is moving to Tulsa!:): Broken Arrow, Owasso: rentals, home - Oklahoma (OK)
  155. Tulsa Keeps getting better and better....BOK Center: Central High: sales, high school - Oklahoma
  156. Looking at downtown Tulsa...need help: Jenks, Washington: apartments, rentals, loft - Oklahoma (OK)
  157. Texting and driving: Washington: dangerous, legal, electric - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  158. Questions for Tulsa teachers: Yukon: middle-class, real estate, apartments - Oklahoma (OK)
  159. My opinion: Tulsans are the worst drivers i have seen!!: Washington: insurance, live in - Oklahoma (OK)
  160. Best time to move to Tulsa?: Broken Arrow, Claremore: movers, houses, school district - Oklahoma (OK)
  161. What do Tulsan love to eat?: Keys: houses, scorpion, restaurants - Oklahoma (OK)
  162. Organic grocery stores in Tulsa area?: Bixby, Allen: appointed, neighborhoods, buy - Oklahoma (OK)
  163. New Restaurant (W. Puck): Oklahoma City, Tulsa: restaurants, foods, business - (OK)
  164. Non-chain restaurants in Tulsa area?: Broken Arrow, Bartlesville: home, live in, prices - Oklahoma (OK)
  165. tired of the RAIN?: Washington: house, yard, health - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  166. Why don't Tulsa home/apartment owners advertise their rentals?: Bixby: real estate, apartments - Oklahoma (OK)
  167. TULSA OKLAHOMA Made The Honorable Mentioned WORLD CLASS CITIES LIST: Cleveland: to live in, dates
  168. Planning on Attending the State Fair This Year?: Tulsa: amusement park, costs - Oklahoma (OK)
  169. What accent would people have in the suburbs of Tulsa?: Broken Arrow: live in, shop - Oklahoma (OK)
  170. WNBA's Detroit Shock to move to Tulsa: moving to, arena - Oklahoma (OK)
  171. I Dream About Tulsa Having A Suspension Bridge...: Oklahoma City, Owasso: city hall, cost - (OK)
  172. Hold On To Your Seats Boys And Girls...............: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: apartment, to rent - (OK)
  173. Tell me why I should move to Tulsa?: Muskogee, Bartlesville: sales, condo - Oklahoma (OK)
  174. A Huge Thankyou to all that made my move a success!!!: Tulsa: how much, food - Oklahoma (OK)
  175. Less crime in Broken Arrow: Tulsa, Howe: low income, apartment complexes, homeowners association - Oklahoma (OK)
  176. for an Appraiser: Howe, Ames: hardwood floor, comparable sales, sales - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  177. Adopting THREE through DHS: Howe: renting, homes, school - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  178. Soonercare Dentists Don't Allow Parents into Exam Room with Kids: Tulsa: insurance, live - Oklahoma (OK)
  179. Tulsa Ranked As A Bicyclist Friendly Urban Area: Norman, Broken Arrow: attorney, college - Oklahoma (OK)
  180. Tulsa Brag: Muskogee, Miami, Woodward: home, university, living - Oklahoma (OK)
  181. Water stores in Tulsa?: Washington, Francis: houses, water heater, to buy - Oklahoma (OK)
  182. Smoking in Tulsa: Oklahoma City: home, restaurants, eat - (OK)
  183. Auto Insurance???: Tulsa, Liberty, Mutual: home, purchase, live - Oklahoma (OK)
  184. TULSA Is The 7Th Strongest Economy In The United States of America: Broken Arrow: sales, real estate - Oklahoma (OK)
  185. Crime Rate Falls In America Most Urban Cities But Remains High In TULSA....: Oklahoma City: how much, homes - (OK)
  186. The Incompetence of Tulsa City Government: May: sales, city hall, crime rate - Oklahoma (OK)
  187. Five guys, burgers and fries: Tulsa, Howe: houses, transfer, live in - Oklahoma (OK)
  188. Boycott Downtown Tulsa: Broken Arrow, Bixby, May: crime, taxes, dangerous - Oklahoma (OK)
  189. Robbery_Stolen Dog: house, pit bull, white - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  190. Catoosa housing information: Muskogee: apartments, mobile home, cheap housing - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  191. Daffies and Crocus Appearing: spring, green, about - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  192. Something special for Valentines Day.....: credit, cost, worker - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  193. Nice home on horse property for sale in Owasso: Tulsa: cul-de-sac, countertops - Oklahoma (OK)
  194. Child Care in Tulsa Area: Wagoner: preschools, counties, free - Oklahoma (OK)
  195. Owasso resident hopes to be in the starting field at Daytona International Speedway Saturda: Tulsa: car - Oklahoma (OK)
  196. Guttering: job, hiring, should - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  197. Wholesale Glass Supplier in Tulsa Area: price, near - Oklahoma (OK)
  198. Tulsa Keeps getting better....Arabian Horse Association: Stillwater, Blackwell: shop, arena - Oklahoma (OK)
  199. Tulsa Gun Show.[World's Largest]: live, remodel, center - Oklahoma (OK)
  200. It is down to the wire....Can help me,: Valentine's day, Home Depot - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)