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  35. Are there spiritual e-books available on Christianity & religious spirits?
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  61. A Very Touching Story of the Power of Giving: hell, testimony, woman - Christianity
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  69. if I know the body is the temple of the HS , and if I smoke...: hell, testimony - Christianity
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  80. Are YOU gonna be beheaded?: testimony, woman, churches, believe - Christianity
  81. The Great Lie: paradise, incarnation, punishment, doctrine - Christianity
  82. Human Trafficking and my Sister: women, churches, pray, Biblical - Christianity
  83. Sin is Sin is Sin is Sin.....: hell, church, believe - Christianity
  84. You Say . . .: doctrine, woman, scriptures, sinners - Christianity
  85. Obama reverses abortion-funding policy: women, Jewish, God, Christians - Christianity
  86. Did Jesus have lusts?: doctrine, woman, scriptures, pray - Christianity
  87. What does it mean to be BORN-AGAIN: Gospel, hell, woman - Christianity
  88. Who has heard the audible voice of God or an Angel???: woman, scripture - Christianity
  89. With out Faith is it to God?: Gospel, preacher, beliefs - Christianity
  90. 85% Christian my hiney: hell, churches, prayers, sin - Christianity
  91. Elder/ Pastor?: Gospel, doctrine, churches, preach - Christianity
  92. Prayer for work: believe, prayers, God, bless - Christianity
  93. Conclusion of the whole matter......................: punishment, Messiah, believe, Jesus - Christianity
  94. Child of God or child of the devil?: Gospel, messages, Sodom - Christianity
  95. Watch Out!!: Gospel, hell, abomination, church - Christianity
  96. Can explain this of Jesus?: paradise, woman, believe, prayer - Christianity
  97. God Hears The Prayers and Praises of the Upright: testimonies, abomination, doctrine - Christianity
  98. God tests our faith - have you failed?: paradise, Eden, testimony - Christianity
  99. When you're discouraged what Bible verses help?: beliefs, scripture, praying - Christianity
  100. How the great nation has fallen!: the passion, Gospel, church, preacher - Christianity
  101. Prayer Request!! For TheWordIsOnes' Mother...: prayers, Jesus, worship, blood - Christianity
  102. 1 John 2:1 If man sin we have an advocate....: lordship, unpardonable - Christianity
  103. Read it for Yourself-God Hates Divorce: testimony, woman, church, preacher - Christianity
  104. law for Gentiles?: Gospel, hell, church, Messiah - Christianity
  105. Who Will Enter Into His Rest?: paradise, testimony, woman, church - Christianity
  106. What Do You Have To Lose?: believe, prayers, Jesus, faith - Christianity
  107. What happens to non belivers?: tradition, messages, hell, punishment - Christianity
  108. Do you know what medicine I like the best?: woman, Jesus, quotes - Christianity
  109. True Christianity ...: doctrine, believe, scriptures, praying
  110. Explain it one last time?: Gospel, messages, zacharias, women - Christianity
  111. Prove All Things ---Spiritual Signs and Wonders: doctrine, believe, ritual - Christianity
  112. The Dissemblers Of Modern Christianity: tradition, Gospel, hell, women
  113. Is it Biblical for a Christian to Remarry after Divorcing a Spouse?: women, believe - Christianity
  114. Tell us what good things God has done for you.: church, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  115. The accidental Christian: Gospel, punishment, beliefs, scriptures - Christianity
  116. When a Jehovah's Witness Comes Knocking at Your Door...: traditions, Gospel, Jehovah's Witnesses - Christianity
  117. Does a christian commit sin?: lordship, punishment, believe, scriptures - Christianity
  118. All this talk of sin. LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD.: church, Deuteronomy - Christianity
  119. Did Moses write the 1st 5 books?: Deuteronomy, believe, Solomon, Bible - Christianity
  120. Who are people in Matthew 7:21-23?: lordship, doctrine, church - Christianity
  121. News, German pope becomes an embarrassment in homeland.: church, mystic, Jesus - Christianity
  122. Isn't our own death payment for sins?: crucified, Gospel, Jehovah - Christianity
  123. The Old uibble: We Are Not Under The Law: testimony, doctrine - Christianity
  124. What do you think God Thinks??: hell, doctrine, believe, pray - Christianity
  125. Pop culture and Crosses...: hell, women, Jesus, Bible - Christianity
  126. Sinneth NOT or Sinneth not HABITUALLY?: hell, woman, preaching - Christianity
  127. King David's willful sin: hell, testimony, abominations, punishment - Christianity
  128. Who Has no condemnation ?: crucifixion, doctrine, woman, church - Christianity
  129. To Whom This May Concern:: doctrine, preaching, believe, sinners - Christianity
  130. Stay out of the ditch: Gospel, doctrine, church, preach - Christianity
  131. Is Baptism Required for Salvation?: doctrine, church, believe, scripture - Christianity
  132. Phony Christians Exposed: Gospel, incarnation, Sodom, testimony - Christianity
  133. Tormented by a demon: messages, woman, churches, believe - Christianity
  134. No offense ::: testimony, doctrine, church, beliefs - Christianity
  135. People are missing the point: Gospel, believers, scripture, sinners - Christianity
  136. America the Fat!: hell, preach, believe, scripture - Christianity
  137. Perceptions: Gospel, hell, testimony, church - Christianity
  138. To Call Jesus the Only Begotten Son Means....: Gospel, doctrine, beliefs - Christianity
  139. My Testimony: Gomorrah, Sodom, churches, believe - Christianity
  140. Protestants say if you say the magic prayer you can go and murder someone and still be with Jesus.: crucified, believe - Christianity
  141. Why did god create us anyhow?: hell, sin, Jesus, creation - Christianity
  142. Quotes that Boost Your Spirit: messages, believe, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  143. Do You Believe in Eternal Punishment?: Gospel, hell, abomination, doctrine - Christianity
  144. The Word Trinity is not in the Bible: Jehovah, doctrine, women - Christianity
  145. HBO's Ted Haggard documentary: Gospel, Jehovah's Witness, Leviticus, church - Christianity
  146. The Mystery Of Christ In You --The Hope Of Glory: Gospel, doctrine - Christianity
  147. Indwelling of the Holy Spirit: believe, scripture, Moses, pray - Christianity
  148. Led By Satan: crucify, Gospel, hell, doctrine - Christianity
  149. Preach the gospel....why preach epistles?: Gospels, doctrine, women, churches - Christianity
  150. Sanctification: purification, hell, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  151. Ed Young on Steven Colbert Show: Gospel, church, preach, believe - Christianity
  152. The Definition Of Sin: Gospel, woman, zealous, allegory - Christianity
  153. is your church just a spritual health club?: tradition, Gospel, messages - Christianity
  154. Are you ready? we go...: churches, believe, Jesus Christ, Bible - Christianity
  155. Gift of the word of knowledge the same as instinct or six sense?: Gospel, church - Christianity
  156. An arab confederacy is forming with plans to wipe out Israel. Agree or disagree: prayer, Bible - Christianity
  157. Mother Church: doctrine, churches, beliefs, dogma - Christianity
  158. Church offspring: doctrine, churches, preacher, believe - Christianity
  159. What happens when a Christian Sins?: Gospel, punishment, doctrine, preaching - Christianity
  160. Women Pastors or Elders in Church: doctrine, churches, preaching, believe - Christianity
  161. News, Televangelism empire in chaos over family split.: Gospel, doctrine, Revelation - Christianity
  162. whosoever looketh upon a woman to lust...: hell, women, church - Christianity
  163. only one did not sin- Jesus: this is for sinners: crucifixion, Gospel - Christianity
  164. Someone explain to me...: Gospel, doctrine, beliefs, scriptures - Christianity
  165. What will you do when Chrisitianity is outlawed?: crucified, myth, woman - Christianity
  166. The Holy Spirit guides?: church, beliefs, scriptures, pray - Christianity
  167. Jesus is NOT coming back until the church is perfect!: crucifixion, hell - Christianity
  168. Adam and Eve's children.: Eden, Moses, Bible, creation - Christianity
  169. Sin and repent; sin and repent; sin and repent ...: Gospel, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  170. What are the qualifications for becoming a Church Elder/Pastor?: crucified, women - Christianity
  171. Christians should not listen to Rush Limbaugh!: Bible, verses, soul - Christianity
  172. WOW...This Statement Deserves a Whole New: hell, myth, believe - Christianity
  173. The Lord is One: Jehovah, myth, doctrine, scriptures - Christianity
  174. Why God?: believe, Jesus, blood, faith - Christianity
  175. Religious Confusion = Departure from the Word of God: Mormon, church, beliefs - Christianity
  176. How do you study the bible?: Epistles, church, believers, scripture - Christianity
  177. Who are the 144,000?: Gospel, messages, woman, church - Christianity
  178. The Gospel According To Ellen White: messages, hell, testimonies, woman - Christianity
  179. How can I bring my brother closer to the Lord?: testimony, myth - Christianity
  180. Have you actually read this Book: allegory, believe, Jesus, Bible - Christianity
  181. How Long is Your Worship Service?: church, preacher, prayers, Bible - Christianity
  182. Christian Music and making money from it?: tradition, Gospel, churches - Christianity
  183. Being a christian & rock music....: hell, church, Jesus, Bible - Christianity
  184. encourage, not discourage the brethren and the household of faith: Gospel, Epistles - Christianity
  185. News, Smoky Mountains' 'marrying minister' is retiring.: Nashville - Christianity
  186. Emergency numbers: sinned, Matthew, faith, God - Christianity
  187. The story of Jesus' birth: preaching, sin, Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost - Christianity
  188. My Prayer for 2009: women, prayers, sin, Jesus - Christianity
  189. News, Give A Little Bit Of Love To The Village Of Hope This Valentine’s Day.: mission, demons - Christianity
  190. News, Fuller, Co-Founder of Habitat for Humanity, Dies.: Christian, charity, people - Christianity
  191. Corpus christi!! - Christianity
  192. God keeps His Promises!!!!: tradition, hell, doctrine, church - Christianity
  193. 2/4/2009,Beliar (Belial) is the AntiChrist coming in the last hour. Agree or disagree - Christianity
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  196. Faith by Charlse Spurpeon: woman, believers, Jesus, Isaac - Christianity
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  198. Marriage Workshop at Saddleback Church, Lake Forest: ministries, married, attend - Christianity
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