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  49. The Great Water Fountain: church, Kingdom, Biblical, God - Christianity
  50. Justice in truth (Isaiah 42:1-3: believe, verse, soul, people - Christianity
  51. Your Sincerity VS Jesus's: Gospel, believers, pray, sin - Christianity
  52. Church Removing Sprinklers That Doused Homeless, SAN FRANCISCO ARCHDIOCESE ACTS AFTER TV STATION'S REPORT: hell, Jesus - Christianity
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  54. Moriah = Nazoriah: Bible, Biblical, religion, Hebrew - Christianity
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  77. take me to churth, when I am alone: Gospel, woman, churches - Christianity
  78. Muslim Visitor in Church Today: Mormons, women, churches, beliefs - Christianity
  79. What was Jesus commanded?: believe, Kingdom, verse, Matthew - Christianity
  80. recognize birthdays or anniversaries in church?: churches, priest, worship - Christianity
  81. Catholic Nun, 70, gang raped in India: crucified, woman, praying, Jesus - Christianity
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  87. Does traditional Christianity cause insanity?: Gospel, hell, Revelation, preach
  88. Woe for the world, because the lust of it.: doctrine, women, sin - Christianity
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  90. A for Bible believing Devout Christians: hell, doctrine, Deuteronomy - Christianity
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  96. Serious What distinguishes a Fundamentalist Christian from other Christians?: myths, Revelation - Christianity
  97. Born from above=comes from heaven?: testimony, Holy Spirit, Jesus, verse - Christianity
  98. If i hold grudges, is this a sign that i never received the holy spirit?: hell, believe - Christianity
  99. Can we enter the kingdom of heaven if we are not committed to doing the will of god?: Micah, Gospels - Christianity
  100. Preaching to the Saved: Jehovah, doctrine, churches, preach - Christianity
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  102. Fundamentals 1 inerrancy: Gospel, doctrine, women, churches - Christianity
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  107. What (is) the Biblical Hell? Part 2: Gospels, punishment, church, believe - Christianity
  108. What (is) the Biblical Hell? Part 1: Gomorrah, Gospels, Sodom, punishment - Christianity
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  110. Creflo Dollar seeks $65M Jet for global missions...Does it really take this much to spread the Gospel???: churches, preacher - Christianity
  111. Do you follow the mammon or the Lord Jesus Christ?: Bible, worship - Christianity
  112. My brother is dying.: believe, prayers, God, blessings - Christianity
  113. Why do people say that rich people won't be able to enter Heaven?: church, Messiah - Christianity
  114. Saint Judas ?: Gospel, hell, myth, church - Christianity
  115. A Common Flawed Argument Made Against Christianity: hell, church, zealous
  116. Do not commit adultery: Gospel, Leviticus, women, Deuteronomy - Christianity
  117. Repent of Masturbation With His Help Or: Gospel, Leviticus, woman - Christianity
  118. Be Prudent, There are hypocrites in the Church: crucified, tradition, punishment - Christianity
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  120. Avoiding Drunkness & Other Sins With His Help Or: Gospel, punishment - Christianity
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  123. Ash Wednesday Again: Gospel, church, abstinence, believe - Christianity
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  125. God Healed Child?: woman, agnostic, beliefs, scripture - Christianity
  126. HONESTY That Unbelievers HATE ?: hell, women, church, Revelation - Christianity
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  129. Being saved: Revelation, believe, scripture, sin - Christianity
  130. Why?: myth, church, believe, Bible - Christianity
  131. Holy Martyrs of Egypt, pray for us and for your ISIS killers: paradise, Gospel - Christianity
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  145. Peggy's sies #7: Gospel, testimony, punishment, church - Christianity
  146. refining fire and continuous life: reincarnation, hell, punishment, women - Christianity
  147. God will provide vs Stocking up for winter: Gospel, church - Christianity
  148. What about the other Ten Commandments?: Deuteronomy, exodus, Moses, ritual - Christianity
  149. News, Couples Who Choose Not To Have Children Are 'Selfish,' Pope Says: celibacy, Gospel - Christianity
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  151. for non-churchgoing folks: crucified, Gospel, doctrine, churches - Christianity
  152. NASA predicts Next Blood Moon March 20 2015.: Gospel, agnostic, believer, praying - Christianity
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  155. Favorite Bible Passages: women, believe, pray, Solomon - Christianity
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  160. Charismatic way is not the way of the Spirit of truth: dogma, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  161. Who is really Running The Show?: dinosaur, church, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  162. Death--No Thoughts, No Consciousness, Nothing?: paradise, hell, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  163. Is it just me, or when churches liberalize to get with the times it actually makes them lose members?: Gospel, Lutheran - Christianity
  164. Peggy's sies #4 This one will throw you for a loop: believe, sin - Christianity
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  167. NASA predicts Next Blood Moon March 20 2015.: myth, church, believers, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  168. Christianity is a Lie, Full of Fables and Myths, But....: Buddhism, beliefs
  169. It's coming up on that time of year again....Lent: hell, churches - Christianity
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  171. about Jesus' resurrection: Gospels, women, church, believer - Christianity
  172. Are there Black Christians: Mormon, myths, church, believe - Christianity
  173. Studies Show that Premarital Sex Leads to Less Happiness in Marriage and Many Other Bad Outcomes: punishment, women - Christianity
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  176. Do you walk the narrow or the wide path?: myth, allegory - Christianity
  177. Matthew 13:24-50: church, Deuteronomy, believe, pray - Christianity
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  182. Peggy's sies #6 On rocking boats:: church, evolution - Christianity
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  184. Greater than John the baptist: women, Messiah, evolution, Holy Spirit - Christianity
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  186. Do people really find Gospel music joyful?: hell, believe, pray - Christianity
  187. Can a Christian believe in Astrology?: Gospel, Deuteronomy, Jesus, Bible - Christianity
  188. Peggy's sies #5 Atonement: Gospel, testimony, believers, scriptures - Christianity
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  190. Judas, will he be in Heaven or Hell?: church, Messiah, believe - Christianity
  191. Do not love the world: Jesus, Bible, vain, God - Christianity
  192. While Smiling At People In A Building Isn't It Time For Equal Yokes With 100% Bible Believers ?: churches, preacher - Christianity
  193. And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he pervert by flatteries: church, scripture - Christianity
  194. Ezion-Geber: Bible, Biblical, religion - Christianity
  195. Teen Stabs Jesus - A Message by Gary Amirault: Christian - Christianity
  196. Why Should Somebody Belong To Your Church ?: hell, woman, believe - Christianity
  197. Be Free Of Commitments/Promises & Rest In His Help Or: crucified, Gospel - Christianity
  198. Many who join them, will join them by flatteries (Dan 11:34): traditions, churches - Christianity
  199. Before You Say Somebody Is A Hyprocite Do You BELIEVE ALL THE BIBLE ?: church, sin - Christianity
  200. To Be Moral Is To Be Legal But How Legal Enough: women, church - Christianity