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  1. Need help with our home search in the B'ham area: Hoover: houses, neighborhoods - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  2. Birmingham from West Palm Beach, FL. Help: Hoover, Southside: hardwood floors, apartments - Alabama (AL)
  3. School Districts for kids w/ Autism: Homewood, Mountain Brook: homes, budget, relocating to - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
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  5. Birmingham #6 ranked Brain magnet city in America: Huntsville: cities, drain - Alabama (AL)
  6. Norman Rockwell towns left in AL?: Birmingham, Mobile: real estate, restaurants - Alabama
  7. 220 electrical outlet in Homewood: Birmingham: how much, buy, contractors - Alabama (AL)
  8. crestwood signs: Birmingham: city hall, neighborhoods, purchasing - Alabama (AL)
  9. Helena or hoover for relocating northerners?: Birmingham, Pelham: apartments, houses, neighborhoods - Alabama (AL)
  10. Homewood: Valley, Lakeview: apartments, safe area, good schools - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  11. Mechanical Engineer job hunt: design, relocation to, firms - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  12. New Birmingham brewery: Huntsville, Gadsden, Holt: neighborhood, living in, restaurant - Alabama (AL)
  13. Red Mountain Park: Birmingham: health, area, business - Alabama (AL)
  14. Project Ensley Works: What would you do?: Birmingham: houses, residential - Alabama (AL)
  15. Family and I relocating to Brimingham, offer advice.: Birmingham: fit in, transplants - Alabama (AL)
  16. Forest Park: Birmingham, Homewood, Mountain Brook: real estate market, renting, houses - Alabama (AL)
  17. Which School???: Birmingham, Hoover, Homewood: house, neighbourhoods, private schools - Alabama (AL)
  18. Where can I recycle electronics for money?: Hoover: buy, movies - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  19. Birmingham Apartments: Hoover, Homewood, Mountain Brook: apartment complexes, rental, low crime - Alabama (AL)
  20. Moving from NYCtoBirmingham: Homewood, Mountain Brook, Southside: loft, houses, magnet school - Alabama (AL)
  21. Greystone builder problems?: HOA, new home, buyer - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  22. Birmingham's coolness factor, is it important to you?: Huntsville: loft, college - Alabama (AL)
  23. Roofing contractor?: Birmingham: insurance, how much, new construction - Alabama (AL)
  24. Cemetery Preservation - Endangered historic graveyards: Birmingham, Rosa: maintenance, most dangerous, safest - Alabama (AL)
  25. Tree Removal: Birmingham: gardens, area, engineering - Alabama (AL)
  26. Regional growth:Who to idolize?: Birmingham, Huntsville: how much, homes, neighborhood - Alabama (AL)
  27. relocation to metro B'ham, job in Childersburg: Birmingham, Hoover: foreclosures, to rent - Alabama (AL)
  28. mccalla area: Birmingham, Hoover, Bessemer: car insurance, violent crime, houses - Alabama (AL)
  29. Job in Gadsden, live in Birmingham Metro?: Trussville, Childersburg: buy, good schools - Alabama (AL)
  30. Need for interior painter and wallpaper removal: house, to buy - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  31. Schools in Tuscaloosa: Birmingham, Hoover, Northport: lawyers, best school, property tax - Alabama (AL)
  32. Good Resturant Open past 10pm on a Monday?: Birmingham, Homewood: pub, best - Alabama (AL)
  33. Birmingham's Highlights: Southside, Lakeview, Five Points: hotels, houses, theater - Alabama (AL)
  34. day old bread store or bakery outlet: Birmingham, Hoover: location, place - Alabama (AL)
  35. Sprint coverage around UAB: Birmingham: apartment, cheapest, office - Alabama (AL)
  36. Moving to Birmingham area: Hoover, Homewood: apartment, to rent, home - Alabama (AL)
  37. Curious about Birmingham Dome: layoffs, high school, taxes - Alabama (AL)
  38. what are the reasons to live in Birmingham ?: Hoover, Southside: loft, crime - Alabama (AL)
  39. Where can I buy 1/2 or whole side of processed beef?: Birmingham: organic, live in - Alabama (AL)
  40. More good news for Birmingham: Lakeview, Five Points: apartments, lofts, condos - Alabama (AL)
  41. Cheap hotel off I-65: Birmingham: hotels, restaurants, garden - Alabama (AL)
  42. Hoover commute to Talladega??: Anniston, Pelham: home, neighborhoods, private school - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  43. Relocating from east coast.. what private schools are good in MB, Hoover, Homewood area: Birmingham: new home - Alabama (AL)
  44. Living in Montevallo, where to find meat and produce?: Birmingham: sales, buy - Alabama (AL)
  45. searching: Birmingham: living in, location, married - Alabama (AL)
  46. Weekend Sports Program for 5 years old: Birmingham, Hoover: YMCA, metro area, cities - Alabama (AL)
  47. Looking for a house to lease: Birmingham, Pelham: for sale by owner, real estate, rental - Alabama (AL)
  48. Just won a 1st place at Baker Arts Center National Juried Art Exhibition-YAHOO!: Birmingham: landscape - Alabama (AL)
  49. Speak Norwegian?: Birmingham: 2013, moving to, visiting - Alabama (AL)
  50. Prayers: place, control, complete - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  51. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: Birmingham, Mountain Brook: transplants, HOA fees - Alabama (AL)
  52. relocating to Birmingham...: Homewood, Vestavia Hills: fit in, apartments, hotels - Alabama (AL)
  53. Photos, Benjamin Russell Hospital for Children: Birmingham: building, pictures, town - Alabama (AL)
  54. Trying to decide between Riverchase (Spain Park) and Oak Mountain Schools: Hoover: apartments, houses - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  55. Let's try a poll ......: Birmingham, Mountain Brook: apartments, car insurance, houses - Alabama (AL)
  56. Moving to Birmingham, but still have to commute to Florence: Athens: home, to live - Alabama (AL)
  57. Got a job offer in Birmingham and have uestions: Hoover: sales, real estate market - Alabama (AL)
  58. Auburn Area - Looking for nice small town?: Birmingham, Phenix City: how much, home - Alabama (AL)
  59. lookingfor an apt in a good area: Birmingham, Alabaster: apartments, loft - Alabama (AL)
  60. Purchase of New Home & Consideration of Schools & Resell: Birmingham: for sale, apartment - Alabama (AL)
  61. Home Warranty: Birmingham: company, America, great - Alabama (AL)
  62. New Huffman High School: Birmingham: loan, house, school district - Alabama (AL)
  63. Traffic lights downtown: Birmingham, Trussville, Southside: how much, house, university - Alabama (AL)
  64. Where can I take lots of yard debris to dump?: Birmingham: live in, rated - Alabama (AL)
  65. Relocating to Birmingham? Suggestions for real estate?: Moody: for sale, lofts - Alabama (AL)
  66. Extended Stay Hotels: Birmingham, Bessemer, Pelham: transfer, restaurants, shop - Alabama (AL)
  67. I won a 1st place in the Oklahoma Friendly National Juried Art Exhibition: Birmingham: moving - Alabama (AL)
  68. Experience with Birmingham Credit Unions?: loans, home, to live - Alabama (AL)
  69. B'ham / Talladega forest area hotel suggestions: Birmingham, Huntsville: for sale by owner, hotels, house - Alabama (AL)
  70. Where are all the people?: Birmingham, Mountain Brook: appointed, loft, hotel - Alabama (AL)
  71. Pets per household?: Birmingham: apartment, landlord, health - Alabama (AL)
  72. Railroad Park is best new park in the country: Birmingham: credit, place - Alabama (AL)
  73. Living in a Downtown Loft?: Birmingham, Tuscaloosa: apartments, lofts, crime - Alabama (AL)
  74. Bluff park: Birmingham, Hoover, Section: crime, homes, find a job - Alabama (AL)
  75. Hunting Near Birmingham (Deer and Turkey Boar): sales, price - Alabama (AL)
  76. Just passing through... during rush hour.: Birmingham, Mobile: hotel, beach, vacation - Alabama (AL)
  77. Where to buy acreage close to bham: Birmingham, Gadsden: good schools, to live - Alabama (AL)
  78. Rental House Search in Birmingham: Hoover, Homewood: apartment, rentals, houses - Alabama (AL)
  79. Cheap lodging in b'ham for a group of college kids: Birmingham: rentals, condo - Alabama (AL)
  80. moving to birmingham: Decatur, Southside: lesbian, community, year - Alabama (AL)
  81. We got our......: Bessemer: house, maintenance, tax - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  82. Hewitt-Trussville High school: Homewood, Mountain Brook: real estate, apartment complexes, low crime - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  83. Avondale area?: apartment complexes, to rent, crime - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  84. Best Places For Country Cooking w/ Meats & Fresh Veggies/BBQ & Homemade Sides Near Homewwod>?: Homewood: venue - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  85. B'Ham Sunday Newspaper: Crossword Puzzle: Birmingham: recycling, famous people, people - Alabama (AL)
  86. Birmingham's New Entertainment District??????: Morris: hotel, homes, contractor - Alabama (AL)
  87. What happened to the ABC 33/40 website?: for sale, working, address - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  88. Carrington Lakes - are there train tracks: homes, neighborhood - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  89. Moving company: Birmingham: movers, residential, charge - Alabama (AL)
  90. What about Odenville: Hoover, Homewood, Mountain Brook: apartment, buying a house, neighborhoods - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  91. What is the best time of year to visit Birmingham?: Talladega: race, humid - Alabama (AL)
  92. drivetime in birmingham: sales, office, company - Alabama (AL)
  93. from MD??: Birmingham, Montgomery, Hoover: crime, house, employment - Alabama (AL)
  94. crestwood neighborhood birmingham, al: Homewood, Trinity: crime, house, neighborhoods - Alabama (AL)
  95. Which Hoover subdivisions have pools? I've decided this is a must have!: bedroom - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  96. Looking for a good LMT: Birmingham: locations, therapist, out of state - Alabama (AL)
  97. To who live in the city of Birmingham..: quality of life, living - Alabama (AL)
  98. Traffic - where is it heavy?: Homewood, Alabaster: university, living, shop - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  99. Recommendations for good Barbershops around downtown: Birmingham, Cahaba Heights: theatre, school, trendy - Alabama (AL)
  100. non traditional church service times: catholic church, area, schedule - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  101. SW Metro vs East Metro: Tuscaloosa, Bessemer: waterpark, hotels, restaurants - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  102. Looking for a place in Birmingham......: condos, homes, high school - Alabama (AL)
  103. Needed - GREAT Family doc/pediatrician - Beckwith Wiedemann syndrome: Birmingham: insurance, live - Alabama (AL)
  104. Does know if of the burbs (Hoover, Vestavia, ) are doing Halloween on Sat. instead of Sun?: child - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  105. What TV channels do you get WITHOUT cable in Birmingham?: Southside: apartment, stations - Alabama (AL)
  106. Lakeview District: Birmingham, Five Points: condos, neighborhoods, cinema - Alabama (AL)
  107. Jefferson County: Birmingham, Hoover, Homewood: credit, buying a home, neighborhoods - Alabama (AL)
  108. Looking for this service in Birmingham or close.: transfer, discount - Alabama (AL)
  109. Hit by uninsured driver: insurance, license, cars - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  110. Birmingham metro area growth since WWII: manufacturing, medical, areas - Alabama (AL)
  111. Extended Stay Hotel: Birmingham, Bessemer, Homewood: homes, price, suites - Alabama (AL)
  112. Have you heard of this real state firm: Birmingham, Berry: apartments, to rent - Alabama (AL)
  113. Pell City - Whatcha know, whatcha think?: hotels, theatre - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  114. Birmingham's Growth: Montgomery, Hoover: hotels, new home, construction - Alabama (AL)
  115. relocating: section 8, moving to, best - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  116. How is the Fairfield area?: Birmingham: neighborhoods, place to live, suburb - Alabama (AL)
  117. Happy New Year!: health, love, color - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  118. Roller Blading: Birmingham, Homewood: area, place, venue - Alabama (AL)
  119. Internet services in the Odenville/Springville area: house, neighborhoods - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  120. Birmingham to pay $75,000 to study port possibilities: Montgomery, Mobile: how much, cost of - Alabama (AL)
  121. throw shade on Univ. of alabama,birmingham: Southside: how much, homes - (AL)
  122. What to do....: Birmingham, Black: home, neighborhood, place to live - Alabama (AL)
  123. Birmingham Railroad Park: approval, park district, area - Alabama (AL)
  124. Places of Interest in Birmingham: Tuscaloosa, Moundville: home, theatre, club - Alabama (AL)
  125. Hoover or Huntsville: Birmingham: crime, middle school, live in - Alabama (AL)
  126. Lakeshore Pkwy:The new 280?: Birmingham, Hoover: real estate, apartments, house - Alabama (AL)
  127. Birmingham Railroad Park Grand Opening: good, video - Alabama (AL)
  128. B vs. B !! Birmingham, MI versus Birmingham, AL: Auburn, Mountain Brook: crime, luxury - Alabama
  129. Bad news ladies: Birmingham: crimes, association, cities - Alabama (AL)
  130. Everybody accounted for???: Tuscaloosa, Mountain Brook, Warrior: neighborhood, schools, tornado - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  131. Inclusive Special Education in Vestavia Hills, Mtn. Brook, and Hoover areas?: Birmingham: houses, middle schools - Alabama (AL)
  132. How To Help In The Birmingham Area.: Tuscaloosa, Cullman: tornado, salaries - Alabama (AL)
  133. Possibly moving to the area: Birmingham, Hoover: loan, house prices, buying - Alabama (AL)
  134. Looking for a Nice Apartment in Birmingham Area: Vestavia Hills, Mountain Brook: apartments, for rent - Alabama (AL)
  135. Best places to grocery shop if you're a college student in Bham: Birmingham: neighborhood, buying - Alabama (AL)
  136. Homewood area apartments - advice: Birmingham, Center Point: for rent, how much, townhouse - Alabama (AL)
  137. Hoover or Vestavia: Birmingham, Homewood, Valley: apartment, how much, hotel - Alabama (AL)
  138. Birmingham City Schools: Hoover, Homewood, Mountain Brook: renting, house, neighborhoods - Alabama (AL)
  139. Gate City in the 1950s?: Birmingham, Irondale: home, neighborhood, school - Alabama (AL)
  140. Kind of an unusual ......: Birmingham, Hoover: suites, property, furnace - Alabama (AL)
  141. about Banks in Birmingham: Bessemer, Union: credit, loans, lawyer - Alabama (AL)
  142. Cockroaches in Birmingham area?: apartment, house, living in - Alabama (AL)
  143. Moving to B'ham - Need advice: To buy a foreclosed home or not?: Birmingham: condo, townhouse - Alabama (AL)
  144. Moving to Birmingham...: Tuscaloosa, Auburn, Homewood: apartment complexes, lofts, selling a house - Alabama (AL)
  145. Food by UAB?: Tuscaloosa, Five Points: house, restaurants, club - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  146. Are apartments along Homewood's Valley Ave safe?: Southside: lease, townhouses - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  147. What if Birmingham ...: Mobile, Huntsville, Hoover: real estate, loft, how much - Alabama (AL)
  148. Preparing to road test in Birmingham. Need help!: Hoover: house, to buy - Alabama (AL)
  149. Help.. Hoover or Trussville: Helena, Berry: fit in, transplants, rental - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  150. Jasper or Lincoln: Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile: fit in, to rent, how much - Alabama (AL)
  151. So, are your houses staying warm?: heat pump, live, price - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  152. Little nervous, is it a good move from NY to Birmingham?: Montgomery: renting, daycare - Alabama (AL)
  153. Recommended Restaurants?: Birmingham, Hoover, Homewood: house, university, camp - Alabama (AL)
  154. a move from NY suburbs to Birmingham: Hoover, Homewood: sales, real estate - Alabama (AL)
  155. Bank suggestions in birmingham area: Union: credit, buying, deposit - Alabama (AL)
  156. Good schools and kid friendly neighborhoods?: Birmingham, Hoover: house, to buy, new construction - Alabama (AL)
  157. General discussion: Birmingham, Hollywood: real estate, condo, homes - Alabama (AL)
  158. UAB school of medicine: Birmingham, Montgomery: mortgage, public schools, university - Alabama (AL)
  159. Are Alabamians pulling for the 12-2 Falcons?: Birmingham, Auburn: college, to live in - Alabama (AL)
  160. B'ham in the international spotlight: Birmingham, Talladega: appointed, schools, buses - Alabama (AL)
  161. moving to alabama: Hoover, Bessemer, Alabaster: low crime, new house, neighborhood - Birmingham area, (AL)
  162. Is Five-points/Southside/Highland Park area a safe neighborhood? Will be working at UAB.: Birmingham: apartments, to rent - Alabama (AL)
  163. Mountain Brook or Highland Lakes HOA's Car Friendly?: Birmingham, Hoover: sales, houses - Alabama (AL)
  164. Moving to the area soon: Hoover, Bessemer: apartments, how much, schools - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  165. The Next Atlanta: Birmingham, Montgomery, Jackson: live, rankings, metro - Alabama (AL)
  166. s For Eating Around Homewood>?: Valley, Jackson: restaurant, store - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  167. present state of the economy in Birmingham: Detroit: unemployment rate, transfer - Alabama (AL)
  168. Who is your favorite news station?: Birmingham: design, car, rated - Alabama (AL)
  169. Is the south losing its' charm?: Birmingham, Hueytown: transplants, house, living - Alabama (AL)
  170. Unemployment in Birmingham Alabama: Bessemer: sales, job market, transfer to - (AL)
  171. Birmingham shrinks as other Alabama cities swell: Montgomery, Mobile: 2013, hotels - (AL)
  172. Warde Park?: Birmingham, Homewood, Valley: real estate, cheap apartment, loan - Alabama (AL)
  173. Traffic in Birmingham, AL: Hoover, Homewood: apartment complex, buy, theater - Alabama
  174. Hands: gay, video, latest - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  175. VW repair in B'ham (modern, water-cooled): shops, dealerships, good - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  176. Buying Foreclosed trailer lot redemption ?: mortgage, loan, house - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  177. Nature's Art: Birmingham: gay, photos, collection - Alabama (AL)
  178. Comparison between B'ham and Columbia SC: Hoover, Homewood: neighborhoods, live in, moving to - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  179. ATL Choreographer coming to B'ham: Birmingham: best, park, company - Alabama (AL)
  180. Camping at Oak Mountain: Hoover, Greenville: theater, school, live in - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  181. Furniture: to buy, places to go, places - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  182. It's Official: Trinity Hospital to Move: Birmingham, Irondale: neighborhoods, shoppers, move to - Alabama (AL)
  183. Brine on Birmingham-area?: weather, interstate, roads - Alabama (AL)
  184. Preschools in Helena: area, time, recommendations - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  185. Hunting Near BHM: Birmingham: price, club, safe - Alabama (AL)
  186. Best Christmas lights displays in stores or neighborhoods? We'll make the drive to: gardens - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  187. B'ham is open for business!!!: Birmingham: video - Alabama (AL)
  188. Springville: Birmingham: to rent, home, buying - Alabama (AL)
  189. Marguerite Harbert remains only Alabamian on Forbes' billionaire list: Birmingham: Home Depot, construction - Alabama (AL)
  190. Heatherwood Country Club: neighborhood, pool, housing - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  191. Auburn University: pictures - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  192. Gospel Singing: live, buildings, town - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  193. ypsilanti: looking for, friend - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  194. CNN filming in downtown Bham Today ( 2/3/2011): loft, rail, district - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  195. Vote for Bryant Denny on City vs. City main board!!: college, cities - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  196. Accounting and clerical jobs in Birmingham: best, looking for - Alabama (AL)
  197. Looking for this service in Birmingham or close.: shipping, people - Alabama (AL)
  198. Norman Rockwell towns left in AL?: Huntsville: restaurants, shops - Birmingham area, Alabama
  199. Good places to learn martial arts in Birmingham, preferablly near UAB - Alabama (AL)
  200. Go vote for Bryant Denny on the city vs. city main board!!: college - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)